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Chapter 1009: 1009
Chapter 1009 Time for the play to begin 2

They stayed to watch the both of them and those who were there were incredibly surprised . The expressions of Song Chang Jie, Zhao Xiang Riu and the others changed immediately .

Gao Zhi Hong flew over from the other side of the plaza . He even had a few guards by his side .

At the same time, a few other guards flew in from the outside and stopped behind Red, saying, “Leader, we have already gotten rid of all those from outside . ”

Red nodded before flying down, coming to land beside that person . She casually kicked him and looked at Zhao Xiang Riu, sneering, “Zhao Xiang Rui, you’re bold aren’t you! You even dare to do something like this . ”

Zhao Xiang Rui seemed terrified of Red . When he saw her cold expression interrogating him, he subconsciously started to sway .

“You were actually able to escape . ” Song Jiang said .

“We not only managed to escape, we even brought your men back so we could return them to you!” Red said .

“Who are these two?” Someone couldn’t hold their anger back anymore and asked .

“Who else could it be? Isn’t it the President and Subdivision Leader that you all heard earlier on!” Gao Zhi Hong flew in and landed besides Red . He kicked the man over and said, “Song Chang Jie, do you recognise your own man?”

Song Chang Jie steeled his expression and refused to speak .

“Come, teach us what you said earlier . ” Gao Zhi Hong said .

The man on the ground said nothing .

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“What, do you want to have a taste of my eighteen levels of torture?” Red looked at him out of the corner of her eye .

The person trembled and the struggle was clear in his eyes before he finally opened his mouth to say, “Chang Jie, I found a lead… the alchemy competition…”

That person had learned how to imitate Xia Zhang Tian’s voice, and recited his words from before .

Sima You Yue said in a lowered voice, “Is this ‘Red’ person very powerful? They seem to be afraid of her?”

“Red’s name is very renowned across the central realm . She is the leader of the safflower Sect . She likes Subdivision Leader, so she always follows him around . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“How did you find out?” Sima You Yue lifted her head and looked at her .

“Hehe, don’t you know that we have a very gossipy Master?” Han Miao Shuang said, “Everytime he comes here, he’ll tell us about every single fun event . Although there are many occasions where we don’t want to hear it . ”

“Then why are those people afraid of her?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Safflower Sect is an evil cult in the eyes of others . Red, in particular, is especially malicious and violent . The eighteen levels of torture have struck fear in the hearts of many . Hehe, there are many from the Pill Subdivision who are terrified of her!” Han Miao Shuang said .

“I really want to meet her!” Little Seven blinked her large eyes as she said .

“After you get to know her, you won’t want to know her anymore . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

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“Have you guys met before?” LIttle Seven asked .

“No, but we’ve heard Master talk about it . ” Su Xiao Xiao recalled the description that Xu Jin had given them and felt like puking .

Red’s eighteen levels of torture? Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows . She really did want to find out more about it .

After that person finished speaking, everyone onsite was stunned .

“Good on you, Song Chang Jie and Zhao Xiang Riu . You guys actually dared to do this . Do you take us for fools?!” Someone cursed .

“ISn’t it true, though?!” Little Seven muttered . If it were not because Red and the others revealed the secret behind the sound stone, these people would have believed it . If they were not fools ten what were they?

“If the President and Subdivision Leader are fakes, then where are they now?” Zhan Xing stood up and asked, “President and Subdivision Leader have not returned ever since they went to check out what happened outside the city . It’s been such a long time since then, we don’t know if they’re still alive or dead . This is a hard thing to say, but if they really are dead, then they position of President and Subdivision Leader would really be given to Vice President and Subdivision Vice Leader . Why would they do something like this?”

“Because they couldn’t kill us!” Gao Zhi Hong said, “All this time, they’ve been sending men after us to kill us . They wanted President and Subdivision Leader to die outside . Because they couldn’t kill us, they had no choice but to resort to this . ”

“Gao Zhi Hong, don’t slander us! You are clearly the one who has betray our guild and President, but you’ve actually turned it around and pinned this on us . ” Zhan Xing said, “President was with you when he went out and you were his personal bodyguard, but you actually came back alive . What does this prove? You better give us a proper report . How did you kill President and the others?”

“Such senseless framing!” Gao Zhi Hong said .

At this time, two people ran out from the outside . They came to Song chang JIe and whispered something into his ear .

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“They’re here?” Song Chang Jie immediately looked displeased, saying, “Go, call back the men from the Cloud Protection Unit . ”

“Yes, President . ” That person left after accepting the order .

“Gao Zhi Hong, on account of the fact that we have known each other for a few hundreds of years, I advise you to give up and let yourself get captured obediently . ” Song Chang Jie siad, “There are so few of you, you won’t be able to fight back . ”

“On account of the fact that we have known each other for such a long time, I will also advise you not to obstinately persist in doing things the wrong way . Just give yourself up . ” Gao Zhi Hong mimicked him, “We have already killed off your men, and all you have left are the ones in here . You are not our match . ”

“Gao Zhi Hong, don’t insist on being so shameless when I’ve given you a way out!” Zhan Xing pointed at Gao Zhi Hong’s nose as he raged .

“You have a lot of trash to say!” Red rubbed her ears as she said in annoyance, “Stop chirping around and wasting my time . I could just beat him up right now!”

Gao Zhi Hong saw that Red was fuming, and said, “It wasn’t me who started it, okay . ”

Red roller her eyes before turning to Zhao Xiang Riu and Song Change Jie, “Both of you . Are you going to surrender or not? If you’re not going to surrender, then I’m going to begin!”

After speaking, she didn’t wait for their replies before she started to throw hands .

The guards immediately started fighting, and all sorts of spirit skills were thrown around . The entire plaza was in chaos .

Sima You Yue was overjoyed . In this kind of chaos, nobody should notice what she was doing . If she secretly opened the door to the Little Realm, nobody should notice .

“Hide me for a while . ” She said to Han Miao Shuang and the others .

Han Miao Shuang, Su Xiao Xiao and Little Seven surrounded her to cover her . She looked around and, when she found that nobody was paying her any attention, took out that little fanned-door . She interrupted Xia Zhang Tian and Zhao Xiang Qi, who were in the midst of a conversation, by calling them out .


Xia Zhang Tia’s voice echoed through the plaza, and the battles ceased immediately .


“Subdivision Leader?”

When they saw the both of them appear onsite, everyone was incredibly surprised .

“Heya, you still know who your president is? Didn’t you acknowledge a new president already?” Xia Zhang Tian glanced sideways at those people . That irrepressible rage poured out in waves, causing many to lower their heads in shame .

He had a belly full of anger right now . No matter who he looked at, that person was an eyesore!

Based on his earlier plan, he should have appeared before the gathering . This way, he could appear in an eye-catching way . However, he didn’t think that the two of them would be quarrelling endlessly over the refinement of pills that they actually forgot about this entirely . As such, they could only appear in this way .

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