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Chapter 381: Viciously Turning Against Each Other

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and quickly went to investigate what happened.

When Xiao Chen arrived at the origins of the sounds, he hid in a corner. Then, he stuck his head out to take a look. He saw two young cultivators standing at the doors.

One of them had a portion of his shoulder sliced off by a big saber. Fire still burned on the wound; he wore a pained expression.

“Liu Meng! Didn’t you make the gentlemen’s agreement before this? Saying that you would not sneak-attack us?” The injured person asked, dissatisfied, as he made a pained expression.

It turned out that Xiao Chen had met the two before. They were members of the outstanding talents Jin Wuji had gathered at the restaurant.

However, Xiao Chen only had a deeper impression of one of them. That was Liu Meng, who had fought against Yue Chenxi. He could not remember the name of the other person.

Liu Meng laughed, “Are you stupid? You really believed in that show? There are a total of six thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones in those three boxes. There is no point in splitting them with you. Furthermore, no one will know that I killed you. Just reincarnate as an ordinary person next time.”

“Pu ci!”

After Liu Meng spoke, he casually used his saber to finish of the other party. Liu Meng revealed a greedy smile and took the other party’s spatial ring.

After Liu Meng checked the spatial ring, he sighed, “This fellow does not have any Secret Treasure either. It looks like luck is quite important if I want a Secret Treasure. Still, there are some Rank 7 Pills. I shall go to the main hall to try my luck.”

After Liu meng spoke, he ignored the corpse, who was once his companion, on the ground and headed to the main hall with large strides.

Xiao Chen emerged from the shadows and looked at the corpse. A bitter look flashed in his eyes. The strong eat the weak; the human heart is unfathomable. This person learned this bloody lesson at the cost of his life.

Xiao Chen remembered that Liu Meng was the first person to make the gentlemen’s agreement. When he had been unwilling to make the agreement, the person on the ground was one of the first to mock him for it.

This scene of reality made Xiao Chen raise his guard higher. He quickly headed for the main hall, never removing his right hand from his saber hilt.

According to what Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense had picked up when he first arrived, the buildings in this main palace were arranged in circles. Furthermore, the further in the went, the small the circles became.

When they arrived at the fifteenth layer, there were only about seven treasures rooms left. This was quite obvious already. One must know that there were several hundred rooms in the outermost layer.

The center of the main palace contained a large main hall. This was the palace’s core. It was also the largest building in the palace.

All the buildings in the main palace were arranged in a mysterious formation. From a certain point of view, the main hall was the center of this huge formation.

This place should be more special than the rest. The best things are likely to be stored here.

Xiao Chen moved very quickly and arrived at one of the nine entrances into the main hall from the fifteenth layer. After he heard sounds echoing from ahead, he prepared to enter.

When Xiao Chen pushed the doors open and stepped in, he instantly felt dazzled. He only recovered his wits after a few breaths.

This main hall was already formed into a small realm. It was completely different from the original building. It had its own unique terrain. It even had its own sky and clouds; the air was extremely fresh.

The space was much larger than Xiao Chen had expected. It was simply unbelievable that the ground was made of solid soil.

Further away was a large garden; to be more precise, it was a herb garden. It was a herb garden of immense size.

Even from a far distance, Xiao Chen could smell the fragrance of herbs assaulting his nose. The fragrance was even thicker than the herb gardens he saw in the underground world.

From Xiao Chen’s angle, what he saw of the herb garden was merely the tip of the iceberg. However, every Spirit Herb there was at least a hundred years old.

In another corner, Xiao Chen could even see several precious and rare Spirit Herbs. They could be called natural treasures, Spirit Herbs of the peak quality.

Even Spirit Herbs of the lowest Rank would experience a huge rise in value if they could survive for a hundred years. Valuable treasures filled this garden.

However, there were several hundred cultivators gathered at the entrance to the herb garden.

Every cultivator eyes the garden’s natural treasures. However, no one was willing to make the first move.

“Five-hundred-year-old Silver-Gold Flame Flower, it can improve fire-attributed Cultivation Techniques by the equivalent of ten years of effort. That is really good stuff.”

“Three-hundred-year-old Ice Crystal Grass, it is the main ingredient in refining the Freezing Pill. Not only are there so many, but they are also so old.”

“I seemed to have seen a thousand-year-old ginseng. This is a great item for nourishing blood and Qi. It can only live for a thousand years. If it is not harvested soon, it will go to waste. How unfortunate.”

Sighs came from the crowd. However, no one was willing to make the first move. They simply waited outside the herb garden.

They had obviously arrived before a mountain of treasure, but they just waited. When things went against the ordinary, something must be wrong.

Even if there were a Demonic Beast or some sort of monster guarding the garden, there were three hundred people here. They were mostly Superior Grade Martial Kings, and there was also a significant number of peak Superior Grade Martial Kings.

There was also a bunch of young cultivators. Although they were only Inferior Grade Martial Kings, they had all comprehended states. They were no weaker than Superior Grade Martial Kings.

When such a strong force gathered, even a peak Rank 7 Demonic Beast would fall swiftly.

They could handle one with numbers unless there were a Rank 8 Demonic Beast. It is the same principle as thousands of tiny trickles forming a large river which could break through a dam but not a mountain.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush to find the reason. Instead, he first examined the three hundred people around the herb garden.

For these three hundred people to make it here, their strength could not be underestimated. Aside from a few cultivators who were very strong, the rest had formed groups of four or five.

As Xiao Chen looked around the crowd, he noticed the presence of the Bloody Bladesman. He had grouped with five or six others of similar strength.

Due to their strength, they stood at the very front of the crowd; no one dared to stand in front of them.

There were experts who had gained fame a long time ago. Xiao Chen paid close attention to them. If he entered the herb garden, it would be hard to guarantee that he would not create conflict with them.

There was also one person Xiao Chen paid special attention to. It was the man with scars on his face who he saw earlier. This person wore dark clothing as he stood among the crowd.

The surrounding people subconsciously distanced themselves from him; they were clearly fearful.

If the Bloody Bladesman had not arrived in time, Xiao Chen might have to deal with this person ahead of time.

In the corner of the crowd, Xiao Chen also discovered Yue Chenxi. She stood beside Jin Wuji.

A few young cultivators also gathered around the two. They were mostly the outstanding talents that attended the previous gathering at the restaurant. Xiao Chen found Liu Meng among them.

Xiao Chen did a rough count and found about twenty or thirty people. Considering the strength of the group, this group should be the strongest.

Xiao Chen observed carefully, keeping an eye out for some people of note. He thought of how to deal with them if they created conflict.

“Why is a crowd of people dawdling here, doing nothing? Make way! Let this old man through to take a look.”

Suddenly, a large man appeared in another entrance to the main hall. He was stout and about two-meters-tall. Standing there, he was like a small hill.

There was a large axe on this person’s back. He had a squarish face and thick eyebrows. He had an unkempt beard and generally looked very coarse.

“It’s Bai Lixi, a famous expert of the Ancient Desolate Land. He cultivates his physical body and has impressive strength. He is about as strong as the Bloody Bladesman, Sun Guangquan. He is unexpectedly here as well,” someone, who recognized the large man, said softly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Every time Bai Lixi took a step, the ground seemed to tremble lightly. As he was very tall, he made the people in front of him look short.

The crowd took the initiative to make way for Bai Lixi. He laughed when he saw the Bloody Bladesman.

The Bai Lixi was slightly stunned before he smiled and said, “Old Sun, you are taking part in the excitement as well. Ha ha, there are so many old friends here. Let me see what is causing all of you here not to dare move forward.”

When Bai Lixi reached the front of the crowd and saw the scene at the gates, his previously loud demeanor went quiet.

After a long time, he shook his head bitterly and said, “Surprisingly, this thing guards the gates. No wonder none of you are willing to move forward.”

Xiao Chen was curious. He pushed his way through the crowd, quietly and slowly reaching the front. After a while, he finally saw the situation at the herb garden’s gates.

Xiao Chen could not help but take in a breath of cold air. He now understood why these people only looked at the large amount of Spirit Herbs but did nothing about it.

In front of the distant gates, there were dozens of corpses that no longer resembled humans. They looked miserable and bloody.

Behind these corpses, a demonic snake the size of a small mountain blocked the gates of the herb garden. This demonic snake had seven heads and four legs. Black scales, densely packed together like scale armor, covered the serpentine body.

Each of the snake heads hand a black crown. The snake occasionally opened its jaws and flicked its tongue out.

This was a Seven-Headed Snake that was as strong as a Rank 8 Demonic Beast. This demonic snake had even evolved.

Each of the Seven-Headed Snake’s heads represented an attribute. It could grow up to nine heads. At that time, it would become a Rank 9 Demonic Beast.

Furthermore, it would be the king of the Rank 9 Demonic Beasts, not just a regular Rank 9 Demonic Beast. Its strength was unrivaled within the same rank.

Although this demonic snake had only seven heads, it was still the king of Rank 7 Demonic Beasts. It was no weaker than a Rank 8 Demonic Beast.

Logically, this crowd could still deal with this Demonic Beast. However, whoever made the first move would be at a huge disadvantage.

When they entered the herb garden, they would suffer a disadvantage while fighting over for Spirit Herbs.

No one was that foolish or that kind. Hence, this resulted in the current situation where no one was willing to make a move.

Xiao Chen looked toward the other areas of the herb garden. He discovered a faint, thin barrier around the garden. This was the barrier created by a Martial Sage. It looked like there was only one way into the herb garden.

“We can’t just keep dragging this out. However about everyone make a move together? This Seven-Headed Snake has not matured yet; we can deal with it,” a Superior Grade Martial King in the crowd suggested.

Someone immediately laughed coldly and said, “Very well; how about you go first?!”

The person who spoke immediately fell speechless. Although he said they could deal with it, where would he find the guts to fight it? The several bodies on the ground were very good examples.

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