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Chapter 382: The Angry Seven-Headed Snake

Remaining in such a stalemate is not a solution, Xiao Chen thought. These people are shrewd and will not make a move until someone else does. I have to think of a way.

“Bai Lixi, weren’t you shouting earlier? Why are you silent now?” a peak Superior Grade Martial King mocked.

Bai Lixi laughed and said, “Do you think that, just because I look crude, I am a fool? Slaughterer of Thousands, Wang He, if you have the guts, why don’t you go first? I promise to help you.”

The few peak experts in the crows were more cautious than everyone had imagined. They would not make a move without some benefit. They were clearly anxious, but they refused to move.


Just at this moment, an arrow flew from the distant horizon. The arrow pierced through the air and gave off a sonic boom as it headed for the Seven-Headed Snake.

The arrow carried a strong force as it slammed into the Seven-Headed Snake’s neck, creating a bloody hole.

Black blood spurted. The power of this arrow unexpectedly broke through the Snake’s defenses.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Another three arrows flew through the sky as the crowd watched in astonishment. They slammed into the Seven-Headed Snake and left another three wounds.


The Seven-Headed Snake was thoroughly enraged. It quickly rushed in the direction of the arrow’s origins.

However, the archer hid behind the crowd. The Seven-Headed Snake could not avoid going through the crowd. Furthermore, the first group of people in its path was the group of peak experts.

The group of peak experts could not react in time. The Seven-Headed Snake’s huge body slammed through, forcing them to make a move.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Loud warcries came from the crowd. As the huge Seven-Headed Snake pressed through the crowd, it attacked indiscriminately. The few people immediately revealed their full power.

Strong winds blew; dust kicked up into the air; the ground trembled, and mountains shook. The place instantly became chaotic.

When they Seven-Headed Snake was struck, it forgot its original target. It opened its jaws and howled lividly.

The Seven-Headed Snake spat out a torrent of attacks of varying attributes; it could be ice, fire, poison clouds, and many others. It launched them into the crowd.

Every time the small-mountain-sized snake took a step, the ground would tremble with it. It crushed some unfortunate cultivators.

As the demonic snake kept the seven peak Martial Kings on their toes, they could not free themselves from the fight.

These people were the closest to the Seven-Headed Snake; they had also struck the Seven-Headed Snake the hardest. Naturally, the demonic snake would attack these people first.

Behind a rock in the distance, Xiao Chen slowly put away the Soul Slayer Bow. He smiled faintly and said, “That’s the way. We should deal with the demonic snake together before going in.”

The seven peak experts held on bitterly, and the other people slowly left the horrifying battlefield. Poisonous smog, chaotic fire and ice, and strong winds filled the space; it was not a place where they could stay.


A crafty cultivator wanted to use this opportunity to sneak into the herb garden and gain the initiative.

However, a huge axe flew over and chopped him in half at the waist. Blood spurted; he had no chance to defend.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

After that, several strands saber and sword Qi came flying at the severed body, turning it into dust.

The seven peak experts had made a move simultaneously as they defended against the Seven-Headed Snake.

“If anyone dares enter before this old man does, I will be the first to destroy him!” Bai Lixi roared as he summoned back the huge axe.

The other cultivators immediately felt fear in their hearts; they did not dare to try any more tricks. How could they defend against seven peak experts attacking at the same time?

Of the seven people, there were a few people who wanted to flee the fight in advance. However, every time they tried to do it, the others would stop them.

The Bloody Bladesman, Sun Guangquan, said indifferently, “Stop trying to play tricks. If everyone retreats, the Seven-Headed Snake will destroy the last person remaining. Just kill this demonic snake together first before making further plans.”

“Pu ci!”

Bai Lixi swung his huge axe violently. The pure force even tore the air in half, shattering the black flames the Seven-Headed Snake spat.

“If I find out who fired those arrows, if this old man does not tear him apart while he is alive, my name is not Bai Lixi. How dare he scheme against me?!”

Although the Seven-Headed Snake was very strong, with seven peak Martial Kings working together, that undefeatable and destructive aura was slowly beaten.

The seven used all sorts of strong Martial Techniques. The crowd finally gained a clear understanding of a peak Martial King’s strength.

After two hours, the odds of victory tipped in the seven peak experts’ favor. When several cultivators saw an opportunity, they joined the fray.

The entirety of the peak Rank 7 Demonic Beasts’ king was considered a treasure. These people who made a move were certainly thinking of obtaining parts of it.

As Jin Wuji looked at the gates of the herb garden, his gaze flickered with light. After hesitating awhile, he said, “Miss Yue, how about we enter now?”

Given Jin Wuji’s strength and status, he did not dare sneak in under the noses of the seven experts. However, Yue Chenxi was different.

Not considering Yue Chenxi’s strengths, the seven experts would not dare attack her, given her status.

Yue Chenxi smiled faintly when she realized Jin Wuji’s intentions. She said, “Don't be anxious; since I promised to help you obtain the Golden Flowing Light Fruit, I will do it.”


A loud resounding sound rang when Bai Lixi used his axe to chop off one of the Seven-Headed Snake’s heads.

With one less head, the Seven-Headed Snake’s strength plummeted. The crowd continued to push it back, taking head after head.

Finally, the Seven-Headed Snake fell to the ground, feeling unresigned. When its huge body fell, the ground trembled one final time.

Cracks and scars covered the originally flat ground. There was also a large bottomless pit. It was hard to imagine that was once flatland.

A large number of cultivators who had been struck by the Seven-Headed Snake’s large-scale attacks frenziedly tried to recuperate. Those who succumbed to the poison smog were in ever more miserable states.

The poisoned people’s complexion turned dark, and their lips paled. They were no longer strong enough to enter the herb garden.

As for the person who caused all this, Xiao Chen, he had quietly slipped into the crowd. He silently watched the cultivators divide the materials from the Seven-Headed Snake.

The Seven-Headed Snake had seven different-attributed Demonic Cores. Naturally, they were divided among Bai Lixi, the Bloody Bladesman, and the other peak experts. The remaining people could only obtain the snake skin, scales, and crowns. However, these items were still quite valuable.

Bai Lixi obtained an earth-attributed Demonic Core. After he placed it in his spatial ring, he swept his gaze through the crowd.

This two-meter-tall, stout person looked very frightening when he wore a ferocious expression.

Bai Lixi scanned the crowd a few times and eventually fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen. He glared at Xiao Chen for a while before slowly making his way over.

“Make way for this old man!”

Bai Lixi roared angrily, and the cultivators in between Xiao Chen and him all moved aside, not wanting to anger him.

Bai Lixi walked to about five meters before Xiao Chen. He was a head taller than Xiao Chen, so he looked down and shouted in a deep voice, “Brat, were you the one who fired the arrow?!”

Bai Lixi’s voice was deep and forceful like a crack of thunder beside the ear. When most cultivators were shouted at like this, they would immediately be frightened and would not dare think of resisting.

Xiao Chen remained calm as he gently shook his head, “No!”

Bai Lixi said coldly, “You still dare claim it was not you?! When I looked at your earlier, your expression fluctuated. Then, you quickly hid it. If you weren't feeling guilty, would you do this?”

Xiao Chen’s expression remained unchanged. He looked up without fear at Bai Lixi and said, “What a joke. What do my thoughts have to do with you? If you have no evidence, stop speaking nonsense before me!”

Bai Lixi’s face became sullen, and he said, “I was fifty percent sure earlier; now I am seventy percent sure you are the archer.”

“If you want to prove it, take out your Spatial Ring. If you do not possess a bow and arrows, I will not cause any trouble for you.”

The other six peak Martial Kings looked over. When they heard Bai Lixi’s words, they were suspicious as well.

The other peak Martial Kings slowly walked over; they obviously wanted Xiao Chen to show them the contents of his spatial ring to prove his innocence.

When Xiao Chen saw this, his heart sank. If he entered a conflict with the seven peak Martial Kings, he did not know what he would do.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Xiao Chen’s head; he found a countermeasure. He pointed at Bai Lixi and shouted, “You claim I was the archer. So what?! I say that you were the archer!”

Bai Lixi said, “Nonsense, I was clearly standing in the front. How could it have been me?”

Xiao Chen smiled in his heart; Bai Lixi had fallen into his trap. He said softly, “Cloning techniques exist in this world, so that is not a valid argument. Unless you show us your spatial ring as well, you are a suspect!”

“Since you suspected me and I suspected you, as long as you open your spatial ring and it does not contain a bow or arrows, I will not seek trouble for you.”

Xiao Chen returned the words, unchanged, to Bai Lixi.

Every cultivator always had valuables or secret items hidden in their spatial ring. How could they simply show everyone the contents of their spatial ring?

As long as Bai Lixi did not dare show his spatial ring to everyone, Xiao Chen had no reason to do so either.

Bai Lixi turned sullen. After a long time of silence, he suddenly shouted, “Young Brat! So what if this old man has no evidence. Since when do I, Bai Lixi, need a reason to kill someone?!”

Bai Lixi used his right palm as a saber and hacked towards Xiao Chen’s head with immense force.

Bai Lixi focused on cultivating the physical body. For him to cultivate to peak Martial King, this palm saber was sufficient to hack apart city walls.

I was just waiting for you to make a move. Xiao Chen expression became focused; he was not surprised. He did not take a step back and held his arm up at a ninety-degree angle, blocking his head.


Bai Lixi’s palm saber struck Xiao Chen’s forearm. There was a clanging sound like two metallic objects striking each other. A visible shockwave swept through the surroundings.


The strong force was transmitted from Xiao Chen’s arm to his feet. The ground around him could not bear the heavy burden and crumbled. Rocks flew into the air, encasing the two of them.

However, Xiao Chen remained unmoving. He relied on his physical strength to block Bai Lixi’s strike.

“How is the physical strength of the White Robed Bladesman so strong? He can actually defend against a strike from Bai Lixi.”

“Bai Lixi was born without a Martial Spirit. He focuses on cultivating the physical body. His casual strike carries fifty thousand kilograms of force. Yet, Xiao Chen, a bladesman, dares face him head-on. How incredulous.”

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