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Chapter 380: Acting Against One’s Interest

“Pu ci!”

The final cultivator dodged an attack from the Demonic Beast. However, before he could sigh in relief, a black dagger appeared at his back, piercing his heart.

That cultivator’s lifeforce drained quickly. His eyes widened in shock. He had been so careful, how did he still get sneak-attacked?

“Ka ca!”

Wu Shangxuan casually snapped that person’s neck and slowly slid his dagger out. He said indifferently, “After you reincarnate, don’t run into me again.”

When the Demonic Beast, which clung to life by a thread, saw his target disappear, its scarlet eyes immediately focused on Wu Shangxuan.

Wu Shangxuan smiled, and his left hand moved around gently. His shadow on the ground instantly transformed into countless black lines, flying up.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The black lines were like resilient, sharp arrows. They carried a strong force as they pinned the Demonic Beast to the wall, not allowing it to move.

Yang Wen knew the fight was over. He shouted a warcry and pushed Xiao Chen back with a palm strike. Then, he fled toward the door.

Xiao Chen dodged the palm strike. He originally planned to stick to his opponent. However, he paused for a moment.

Xiao Chen slowed and chased after Yang Wen, keeping a two-meter distance.

“Thinking of running?!” Wu Shangxuan’s figure turned into a black shadow and elongated. In an instant, he blocked the door and returned to his normal form.


Wu Shangxuan and Yang Wen exchanged a palm strike. The shockwave that ensued caused the treasure room to tremble continuously.

Wu Shangxuan only took a small step back. However, Yang Wen moved back five or six steps before he could stand firmly. It was clear that Wu Shangxuan was stronger than his opponent.

“You bullied me earlier when you had the advantage of numbers and felt fresh? Well, come again, you piece of trash!”

There seemed to be some history between the two of them. Furthermore, Wu Shangxuan had suffered some disadvantage and was humiliated by the other party.

At this moment, Wu Shangxuan did not keep his guard up. His use his full force and beat Yang Wen into a retreat as he laughed maniacally.

“Hu chi!”

A strand of saber light flashed by Wu Shangxuan; it was Xiao Chen coming over to help. Wu Shangxuan laughed coldly, What a fool; even with his imminent death, he still wants to help me.

Wu Shangxuan’s expression remained unchanged. He laughed and said, “Little Brother, aside from the treasures in the boxes, we will equally split these people’s possessions. Later, we have an opportunity to go to the main hall. Help me finish this person off.”

Xiao Chen sent out a strand of dense saber Qi. At the same time, he surreptitiously put a distance between himself and Wu Shangxuan as he broke Yang Wen’s palm wind.

Xiao Chen lifted his right foot slightly and smiled gently, “I will thank you in advance then, Old Wu.”

“Ha ha! There is no need to stand on ceremony; this is what you deserve…wu wu, you…”


Before Wu Shangxuan could finish speaking, Xiao Chen suddenly sent a sidekick at his lower jaw, nearly kicking the jaw from his face. He tumbled through the air.

This kick was not only heavy, but its angle and timing were also very precise. Just as Wu Shangxuan completely let down his guard, Xiao Chen made his move.

This completely took Wu Shangxuan by surprise. He had not expected Xiao Chen, who had seemed naive and foolish, to launch a sudden sneak-attack.

When this happened, Yang Wen was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

Yang Wen made full use of this opportunity and struck with Xiao Chen. He punched Wu Shangxuan’s chest and sent his attacker tumbling through the air.

“Boom! Boom!”

Two dull sounds came from Wu Shangxuan’s body. His internal organs shattered and he vomited a large mouthful of blood before smashing heavily into the wall.

“Good…good…good…White Robed Bladesman…I, Wu Shangxuan, will remember you. Just you wait.” Wu Shangxuan viciously said as he struggled on the ground.

Wu Shangxuan turned into a shadow once again and elongated toward the exit as if he tried to escape; he had executed that strange Movement Technique again.


An intense explosion came from the treasure room. The raging winds bounced throughout the spacious room for a long time, forming into a strong tornado.

Neither Xiao Chen nor Yang Wen chased after the injured Wu Shangxuan. They had used their full power against him earlier.

Both of them retreated a few steps. Yang Wen flung his hand for a moment; it felt slightly numb. He thought to himself, This punch actually had a hundred thousand kilograms of force.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Aside from your Essence being thicker than mine, your physical strength, states, and Cultivation Techniques cannot compare to mine. The Martial Techniques you have learned are similar to mine, peak Earth Ranked Martial Techniques. You may take one box and leave; don’t think of taking more than that.”

Yang Wen was stunned for a long time. He did not expect this youth to be so calm and cold.

Xiao Chen’s analysis was spot on; everything was as he had said. No wonder he was able to play Wu Shangxuan in the palm of his hands.

“You are indeed a hero of the youths. I, Yang Wen, admit my defeat.” Yang Wen did not waste any time and casually picked a golden box. He then retrieved the spatial rings of his companions and started to leave.

Xiao Chen released all his killing Qi. His scarlet throne trembled relentlessly. The pure state of massacre pressed on Yang Wen.

“Did I say you could take the spatial rings?” Xiao Chen’s cold voice rang out with the killing intent.

Yang Wen’s heart trembled. That pure state of massacre was like a large mountain pressing on his head. That killing intent made his breathing difficult.

This youth actually had another state. Furthermore, it was the difficult-to-comprehend state of massacre.

Thinking of this, Yang Wen gave up on his initial intentions and quickly left with the single box. He feared that he would not keep his life if he lingered.

Xiao Chen scattered the state of massacre. When he saw Yang Wen leave, he sighed in relief. He said indifferently, “The state of massacre is extraordinary. It unexpectedly managed to scare away a Superior Grade Martial King.”

Xiao Chen traveled with Wu Shangxuan for no more than an hour. However, he felt like it had been over half a month; it had exhausted him.

Acting against Xiao Chen’s own interest like that, competing with their wits, he was not used to this. However, he needed to learn this in this world. Otherwise, survival would be very difficult.

Fortunately, everything ended well; the matter resolved perfectly. Everything was within Xiao Chen’s control.

Xiao Chen quickly dealt with the Demonic Beast on its last breath before extracting its Demonic Core. Then, he focused his gaze on the remaining two golden boxes. He did not know if the items of the fifteenth layer would give him a pleasant surprise.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath. Then, he carefully walked over to the box on the left. Like the previous boxes, there were no traps.

Rows of Medial Grade Spirit Stones lined the inside of the large box. Because there were so many, a vast Spiritual Energy spilled out the moment he opened the box.

Xiao Chen’s face lit up with joy. He smiled gently and said, “There are, at the very least, two thousand in here. The harvest is pretty good. No wonder the killing outside is so intense.”

Xiao Chen counted the Spirit Stones carefully and found that they exceeded his estimation. There was a total of three thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The number was startlingly large.

Xiao Chen took out the Spirit Stones and placed them in his Universe Ring. Then, he focused his attention on the other box. He did not know what surprises this box would give him.


Xiao Chen gently pried the box open, giving off a creaking sound. The huge box was empty save for a set of black gloves lying in the corner.

The gloves were covered in dust and looked very old. Xiao Chen took them out doubtfully and gently wiped off the dust.

With the dust gone, Xiao Chen carefully inspected the gloves. The black gloves looked plain; they had no decorations.

The gloves were also rather thin, about as thin as a piece of cloth. When Xiao Chen touched them they felt cool to the touch but not like metal.

This soft sensation from the tough material was incredibly pleasing.

This pair should be a Secret Treasure. Going by their aura, they should also be a peak Inferior Grade Secret Treasure, similar to the inner vest I am wearing.

Xiao Chen erased the mark left by the previous owner and slowly placed them on. These gloves were half finger gloves; when he wore them half the length of his fingers were uncovered.

Xiao Chen felt a slight itch on the back of his hand for a moment before it faded. Then, he clenched his fist and casually punched the air.

Xiao Chen was astonished to discover that his attacking speed increased by another twenty percent. With the addition of the Clear Wind robes, that was a total of thirty percent.

Xiao Chen looked at the black gloves and said gently, “So, they are gloves that increase my attacking speed. The Windwalk Shoes increase my movement speed; the Clear Wind Robes increase all kinds of speed. This means that I have a full set of Secret Treasures that increases my speed for now.”

Xiao Chen said he had gathered a set for now because as cultivators increased their cultivation realm, Inferior Grade Secret Treasures would have a diminishing effect. Once he surpassed Medial Grade Martial King, there would not be much of an effect for him anymore.

Xiao Chen might enjoy a twenty percent boost now. However, when he became a Medial Grade Martial King, it would only become ten percent.

At that time, Xiao Chen would need to use Medial Grade Secret Treasures. However, Medial Grade Secret Treasures were very rare; it was difficult to obtain one.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and placed his right hand on the saber hilt. He focused himself and looked ahead; he planned to test out this Secret Treasure.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber quickly and used Drawing the Saber; he instantly achieved Mach 3.

The air sliced apart as if it were water. When Xiao Chen sheathed his saber, the torn air slowly flowed back together.

Before this, Xiao Chen had to use his full power and exhausted a large amount of Essence to achieve Mach 3 with Drawing the Saber.

With these black gloves, Xiao Chen only had to exhaust a small amount of Essence and casually use Drawing the Saber to achieve Mach 3 easily.

Secret Treasures…Secret Treasures…no wonder so many people go crazy for them. They would put in all their effort, killing others in the process to obtain them. A good Secret Treasure was extremely useful for a cultivator.

Xiao Chen calmed his emotions and took the spatial rings of the two cultivators on the ground. However, when he checked them, he only obtained a total of slightly over a thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The rest were either Inferior Grade Spirit Stones or useless to him.

However, Xiao Chen would not complain about the extra fortune he gained; he was satisfied already. Xiao Chen smiled faintly and made his way forward.

The sounds of fighting in the fifteenth layer slowly came to a stopped. It was clear that others had already cleared out the rooms on the fifteenth layer.


As Xiao Chen pondered, a loud sound suddenly came from ahead. A miserable shriek followed closely after; it was ear-piercing and incomparably mournful.

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