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Chapter 373: Provocation; Straightforward Personality

Yue Chenxi slowly descended from the air. She immediately withdrew her strong aura. A gentle smile appeared on her pretty face, “Thank you for going easy on me!”

“The people from the top hundred are indeed absolute experts. Moving from the top hundred to the top fifty is a great hurdle. When comparing Jin Wuji’s strength with Yue Chenxi’s, the difference is clear.”

“Merely the strength of someone from the top fifty is already so powerful. How strong are the people from the top ten exactly? There are really too many geniuses in the continent.”

“Indeed, Liu Meng ranks with the top ten among us. However, he did not even manage to make Yue Chenxi use half of her strength. Even so, she managed to suppress him to the point where he could not retaliate.”

The short exchange between the two caused great waves throughout the crowd. They all marveled at Yue Chenxi’s strength.

This time, no one envied Liu Meng for being the first to exchange pointers with Yue Chenxi. It was not a glorious thing to be suppressed like that by a girl.

“White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, how about we exchange pointers?” Yue Chenxi smiled as she issued a challenge to Xiao Chen. The crowd was shocked.

The moment Yue Chenxi spoke, everyone present felt that it was incredulous. She actually took the initiative to challenge Xiao Chen.

The crowd felt that Yue Chenxi thought too highly of Xiao Chen. Although Xiao Chen was strong, in the crowd’s opinion, he was not the strongest. At best, he ranked within the top ten of the people here.

The positions of the two were completely different. One was the disciple of Sect Master from one of the Great Jin Nation’s ten great sects. The other was a sectless person from the Great Qin Nation.

No matter how the crowd looked at it, it should not be Xiao Chen who received the challenge. Hence, everyone felt it was odd. They also felt a trace of jealousy.

This was especially so for Jin Wuji. His earlier pleased expression faded completely.

Damn it! If she challenged anyone, it should be me. What qualifications does this Xiao Chen have to receive her challenge? Jin Wuji wondered in anger.

Honestly, Xiao Chen was quite surprised as well. Based on the strength Yue Chenxi had displayed earlier, she could rely on her pure, dense, and tyrannical Essence to defeat Liu Meng without the use of her state.

Xiao Chen was sure he was not a match for her. This was especially so when they had to limit their strength. This made things worse for him.

If this were a life or death battle, Xiao Chen might still stand a chance to create a situation where no one won.

Xiao Chen gently shook his head and said, “I am not your match in an exchange of pointers. Furthermore, there is no point in this.”

In front of the other party’s Morning Sun Fist, if Xiao Chen did not make his move without holding back, defense was impossible. He would be no better off than Liu Meng.

Such a one-sided exchange of pointers was meaningless. It would not further anyone’s understanding of the martial way. Hence, Xiao Chen could not be bothered to accept.

When Jin Wuji heard this, he quickly said, “Since Brother Xiao has admitted his inferiority, let’s leave it, Miss Yue.”

Yue Chenxi ignored Jin Wuji. She stared Xiao Chen, deep in thought.

Xiao Chen only said that he could beat her in an exchange of pointers. He did not say that he was weaker than her. In other words, he said this space is too small for them; there was no way they could battle without holding back.

Jin Wuiji watched as Yue Chenxi continued to stare at Xiao Chen and ignore him. He felt somewhat embarrassed; he felt that he had lost face.

Jin Wuji’s hatred for Xiao Chen intensified. This fellow had repeatedly placed him in a bad position. In the future, he had to find an opportunity to settle this account with him.


Just as Jin Wuji pondered, a large hole suddenly appeared in the roof above them. Yue Chenxi had flown out.

Despite everyone’s shocked gazes, Yue Chenxi had punched a large hole in the roof.

“White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, I understand what you mean. Do you dare come up now?” Yue Chenxi’s melodious voice rang from the roof.

Xiao Chen smiled to himself. Not only did this girl have a high cultivation, but she was also intelligent, and her personality was straightforward.

Because Yue Chenxi wanted to fight Xiao Chen, she did not hesitate to knock a hole in the roof of the restaurant. She did not care about what the others thought.

Xiao Chen quite appreciated such a personality. Since Yue Chenxi wants to fight, I shall give her a fight!


A purple light rushed up, and another large hole instantly appeared above everyone. The sun shone in; Xiao Chen had gone up as well.

“I understand now. They wanted to have a hearty fight. This place is too small and would not result in an enjoyable fight.”

“Since Yue Chenxi challenged Xiao Chen like this, Xiao Chen’s strength might be much stronger than we thought.”

“Ha ha, there is a good show to watch. Come! Let’s go out to watch!”

A group of cultivators jumped out of the window excitedly. They leaped to the top of the other buildings on the street, hoping to find a good vantage point.

“Young Master Jin, we are going as well. Are you coming?” Su Xiaoxiao asked softly as she looked at Jin Wuji.

Jin Wuji was now extremely depressed. However, he did not dare show it in front of Su Xiaoxiao. After all, she was someone that even his master did not dare disrespect.

“Miss Xiaoxiao, you should go first. I will come in a while, “Jin Wuji smiled embarrassedly.

Soon, only Jin Wuji was left on the vast fourth floor. He sat alone at the table.

Jin Wuji’s intention with this gathering was to increase his influence in the various nations. Especially since he managed to invite Yue Chenxi, his reputation would increase.

可事情发展道这一步,完全超乎了他这个主角的掌控,However, Now that the situation had escalated, it was beyond his control, the intended main character of this ever.

All of Jin Wuji’s meticulous preparations ended up for someone else, allowing Xiao Chen to become someone the others looked up to. Instead, the rest had forgotten him.


Jin Wuji shattered the chair beside him with a palm strike. A venomous look appeared in his eyes. He said to himself, “I should go and take a look. I hope that Yue Chenxi would not pull her punches, making this Xiao Chen look like a clown. That will help me vent my anger.”

The restaurant where the gathering was held was the most bustling restaurant on the Green Wind Island. The area it occupied was the most bustling area within the city.

Because of the Savanna King’s treasure, a large number of cultivators had come to Green Wind Island. When Xiao Chen and Yue Chenxi appeared on the roof, they immediately attracted the attention of the large number of cultivators below.

After that, the outstanding talents of the various nations all appeared. This attracted more attention. Before the two started fighting, a dense crowd had filled the streets.

Furthermore, there was a continuous stream of people leaping on to the buildings of similar heights, wanting to discover what was happening.

“Who are these two people? How come they attracted so many spectators? I seem to see the Great Chu Nation’s Liu Meng among the crowd.”

“The Great Xia Nation’s Sword Maniac, He Huan is there too. There is also Shadowless Sword, Liu Xiaohe, and the Heavenly Sword Gate’s Jin Wuji.”

Everyone on the ground discussed what was happening. Although they could sense that the identities of these two were extraordinary, they would not attract the attention of so many outstanding talents. Otherwise, they could not figure out who they were.

This continued until someone clearly saw Yue Chenxi’s pretty face. He said in shock, “Yue Chenxi! Its the Supreme Sky Sect’s Yue Chenxi. She is one of the most famous outstanding talents in the Great Jin Nation. She became a Martial King at the age of sixteen. Unexpectedly, she came to the Green Wind Island.”

“No wonder she has attracted the attention of so many outstanding talents. So, she is Yue Chenxi. However, who is the male? For him to fight Yue Chenxi, he should be pretty strong.”

“The way he is dressed reminds me of the Great Qin Nation’s White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen. For him to perk Yue Chenxi’s interest, he should be the real deal.”

“However, even if he is the White Robed Bladesman, his strength and fame differ too much from Yue Chenxi’s.”

The crowd below finally figured out Xiao Chen and Yue Chenxi’s identities. Their interest in this fight soared. The crowd occupied every space on the surrounding rooftops.

Yue Chenxi looked at Xiao Chen. She revealed a faint smile and said softly, “White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen, are you satisfied now?”

Xiao Chen also revealed a faint smile on his calm face. He said, “Just call me Xiao Chen. There is no need to add the words ‘White Robed Bladesman’ every time.”

Yue Chenxi nodded slight and mumbled Xiao Chen’s name to herself a few times. After a while, she said, “Alright, I will call you Xiao Chen in the future. However, I still feel that adding the words ‘White Robed Bladesman’ make you sound more imposing.

“Ha ha! I am going to start. Don’t disappoint me, White Robed Bladesman!”

Yue Chenxi smiled gently and pushed off the roof. Her perfect body appeared in the air, and she gracefully clenched her fist.


The dazzling light of daybreak exploded in the sky. The ferocious and tyrannical fist wind headed for Xiao Chen from within the light.

Boundless thunderclouds quickly started churning in the sky above Xiao Chen. Crackles of thunder rang. Xiao Chen exhibited his state of thunder, infused with a strand of Holy Might, to its limit.


Following that, a bolt of lightning descended. Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber instantly and chopped the fist wind flying at him into half.

The divided fist wind brushed by Xiao Chen’s shoulders on both sides. Then, they blasted two huge holes in the roof. There were countless sounds of tiles shattering.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

A resplendent light lit up on Yue Chenxi’s body like the light that eliminated the final bits of darkness. Strands of light exploded out, and the intense fist wind started to spin quickly.

It looked like Yue Chenxi fired cannon shells at Xiao Chen, each faster and stronger than the one before.

Xiao Chen turned grave. His stood firmly on the roof without moving. He could not retreat at this moment. Otherwise, the torrent of attacks would rain down upon him.

Xiao Chen was as calm as still water, continuously executing Drawing the Saber. Each time he swung his saber it was like a bolt of lightning flashing, chopping the ferocious fist winds in half.

The berserk fist winds flew everywhere through the air. Occasionally, the light in the fist wind exploded, creating many holes in the broad roof.

The strong winds caused the shattered tiles to scatter.

Yue Chenxi gave off a dazzling golden light in the air. She looked like a miniature sun. When everyone looked at her, they felt a mild pain in their eyes.

“The Supreme Sky Sect’s Morning Sun Fist is indeed powerful. It can exhibit such might merely using the surging Essence. I wonder if she infused it with a state, how much stronger would it be?”

“However, this White Robed Bladesman is pretty strong as well. He has clearly only comprehended the state of thunder to Small Perfection. Yet the might of his state is more ferocious than a regular person’s Great Perfection state.”

“Each of his saber strikes reaches Mach 3 in an instant. With the aid of his state, he can unexpectedly block the Morning Sun Fist’s continuous strikes.”

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