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Chapter 372: Yue Chenxi’s Martial Technique

The exchange of pointers continued; the atmosphere also became increasingly lively. After each fight, there was always someone in the crowd giving their opinions.

Of the groups, there were five or six people who caught Xiao Chen’s attention. These people had comprehended their states to Great Perfection. More importantly, they had infused their own unique insights.

For example, there was a Great Xia Nation swordsman who comprehended the state of wind. He had infused the traceless and formless characteristics into his Sword Techniques.

When that swordsman used his sword, it was traceless and hard to follow. He had merged it perfectly with his Martial Technique. At least, Xiao Chen could not detect any weak points.

There was also another Great Chu Nation cultivator. He had also comprehended the state of wind. However, the speed of the state of wind was not his main focus.

Instead, the Great Chu Nation cultivator focused on the forceful and berserk nature of the state of wind. He merged it into his own surging Sword Techniques.

When the Great Chu Nation cultivator made his move, strong winds howled and formed a horrifying storm. It was as if the sword winds had exploded.

There were even experts who had comprehended the state of water. They had infused the special characteristics of the eternal flowing water into their moves.

When they made their moves, they left no traces. The sharp sword lights looked as if they had appeared from nowhere. This made it hard for people to follow the move’s trajectory.

This was a great eye-opener for Xiao Chen. He even felt like he had gained some enlightenment of his own comprehension toward the state of thunder.

Xiao Chen had infused the state of thunder into his own Saber Techniques long ago. What he focused on was the berserk and violent nature of the state of thunder.

The lightning of the natural world also contained these two characteristics. When the clouds crashed against each other, it would continuously store energy and strike out, exhibiting the berserk and violent nature.

Compared to the other states, its attack power and destructive power were greater. Its weakness was the difficulty of chaining them together.

Such strong destructive power would exhaust a significant amount of Essence with every strike. Furthermore, one had to build momentum continuously. Hence, compared to the other states, there was a lack of continuity and flexibility.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Regarding the state of thunder, I can only see the simplicity of its berserk and violent aspects. I have also exhibited these two to their limits.

However, watching the cultivators present, they have comprehended different aspects of their states. It is clear that the state of thunder has different aspects as well.

It is sufficient for me to grasp these two aspects of the state of thunder and perfectly infused them into my Martial Techniques for now.

However, in the future, if I want to turn my state into a will; I will definitely have to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of thunder. Hence, I have to start preparing. I have to understand the state of thunder better.

The exchange of pointers continued. Jin Wuji had also participated. The strength he displayed lived up to the reputation of one of the Five Nation Youth Competition’s top hundred.

Jin Wuji had comprehended the sharp state of metal. Of all the states, regarding sharpness, the state of metal was the strongest.

The state of metal had a strong offensive power and an unparalleled sharpness. Few could defend against the might of Jin Wuji’s sword. He could pierce even the strongest defense.

Jin Wuji’s aura was like a sharp sword. The sword Qi that he sent out perfectly displayed this sharp characteristic.

That cultivator who comprehended the berserk aspect of the state of wind only lasted fifteen moves against Jin Wuji. He had pierced a small hole in the berserk sword wind and shattered the tiny tornado.

Of course, this was the result achieved after both parties suppressed their strength. If they fought at full strength, the fight would have lasted much longer.

A big fight between the two could easily destroy this restaurant made of wood.

When Jin Wuji selected this location, he wanted to instill in the cultivators some awareness to control their strength. Otherwise, if they fought at full strength, the situation could easily get out of hand.

“Brother Jin, I really respect your strength. Your rank in the next Five Nation Youth Competition should increase by ten,” He Huan, the swordsman who Jin Wuji defeated, admitted; he felt convinced about his loss.

Jin Wuji was very pleased in his heart. However, he still smiled and said humbly, “Brother He, you show me too much regard. Your state of wind is unique; it is much stronger than it was three years ago. If you can comprehend another aspect and infuse it into your Sword Technique, I would not be a match for you.”

He Huan cupped his hands and said, “Merging one aspect of the state is very difficult as it is. If I want to merge in another aspect, I would have to find another high ranked Sword Technique. At that time, if Brother Jin has any good Sword Techniques, we can make an exchange.”


The two stepped back. At this moment, most of the people had already exchanged pointers. Some people shifted their gazes to Yue Chenxi.

This was the disciple the Supreme Sky Sect was proud of. At the age of sixteen, she managed to rank within the top fifteen of the Five Nation Youth Competition. Now that a year had passed, it was unknown how much stronger she had grown.

“My name is Liu Meng; I would like to seek Miss Chenxi for your advice.” Finally, someone could no longer resist. Liu Meng stood up and expressed his intent to exchange pointers with Yue Chenxi.

Liu Meng was currently very nervous. The other party was from one of the ten great sects of the Great Jin Nation. She was the disciple of the Supreme Sky Sect’s Sect Master. She was famous, not only within the Great Jin Nation but also the entire continent.

Liu Meng was from a completely different circle than Yue Chenxi. Seeing her here was already a stroke of fortune for him.

Liu Meng was worried that Yue Chenxi would look down on his strength and reject him.

Yue Chenxi had an extraordinary temperament. She revealed a gentle smile on her pretty face as she said softly, “I do not dare claim to be able to advise. However, it is fine for us to exchange pointers with each other.”

Unexpectedly, Yue Chenxi agreed so easily. Some of the cultivators present immediately felt regret. If they had known, they would have asked her earlier.

Now, Liu Meng had taken the initiative. They could only stay to the side and watch.

Liu Meng cupped his hand happily and said, “Miss Yue, please!”

The fight between Jin Wuji and He Huan had already raised the atmosphere of this gathering very high. Now that Yue Chenxi would make a move, the true high point of this gathering approached.

All the outstanding talents of the various nations, who were seated on the fourth floor and against the walls, focused their gazes on the two people in the middle. They did not look away for a moment, even holding their breaths.

Xiao Chen was no exception. He had an intense interest in this Yue Chenxi from the Great Jin nation. He wanted to see what made this genius from the Great Jin Nation different.

Everyone witnessed Liu Meng’s strength during his previous fight. He was one of the few cultivators who had infused their own insights into their state.

He was qualified to have this exchange against Yue Chenxi.

The two bowed and paid respects to each other. Then, they slowly stood. When going against Yue Chenxi, Liu Meng did not dare hold back. He retrieved the massive, thick saber from his back and exhibited his state of fire.

An evil beast formed above his head. Liu Meng’s state of fire rose to its peak. Heat waves radiated throughout the entire area, making the air very dry.


Liu Meng’s saber carried the boundless flames as it attacked. Before he was near, the evil beast above him swiftly flew forward.

The pure state of fire had formed this evil beast; its might was extraordinary. When it attacked, even a Superior Grade Martial King had to be wary.

A smile appeared on Yue Chenxi’s pretty face, “Good move!”


Yue Chenxi clenched her dainty hands into fists. When she saw the evil beast surging closer, she did not dodge. Instead, she stepped forward and punched.

A spot of the dawn’s light appeared on Yue Chenxi fist. It was like the rays of the rising sun eliminating the final bits of darkness. It was resplendent and dazzling.

[TL note: Yue Chenxi’s name means the first rays of the morning sun.]

There was a surging energy as the light on her fist exploded. The ferocious, flaming evil beast instantly shattered into countless sparks. The immense force had not dissipated yet; it continued to move forward and attacked Liu Meng, who followed closely behind.

Liu Meng’s expression changed slightly. He quickly stopped moving and held his ground where he stood. He condensed his aura into a line and circulated all the strength of his body, using his saber to hack apart this fist wind.

The light on the fist wind scattered. It formed crystalline beads of light in the vast space of the fourth floor.

Yue Chenxi leaped into the air and attacked. She sent another punch flying at Liu Meng. The morning light in the fist wind was dazzling.

Under the glow of the faint golden light, a soft layer of light appeared on Yue Chenxi’s exquisite body; she looked divine and tyrannical.

It was hard to imagine that such a delicate girl with extraordinary temperament could actually emit such strong and tyrannical energy.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Li Meng exhibited his state of fire to its peak. Saber lights danced as he did his best to block the fist wind that descended from above.

Yue Chenxi did not even use her state. She merely relied on her dense Essence and tyrannical fist winds.

When Yue Chenxi punched the air, she released the light of the morning sun. She forced Liu Meng back, step after step; he had no way to retaliate.


Another fist wind struck Liu Meng’s saber. When the light exploded, he was knocked back by five steps. His complexion seemed somewhat pale.

Their difference in strength was too great. There was no way for Liu Meng to fight; Yue Chenxi was in a totally different class.

Liu Meng scattered his state of fire and returned his saber to his back. He smiled bitterly and said, “I lost. The fame of the Supreme Sky Sect’s Morning Sun Fist is well deserved.”

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