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Chapter 374: Merging States

A few experienced cultivators evaluated as they watched the intense battle.


Xiao Chen chopped down and split another fist wind in half. He stayed where he was, without moving, like a tree holding up the sky, rooted to the roof.

“Hu chi!”

Just at this moment, that dazzling figure in the air flashed and disappeared. Not only did the light disappear, but Yue Chenxi’s exquisite body also disappeared.

That tyrannical aura also instantly disappeared. It was like Yue Chenxi vanished into nothing; it was very strange.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed. He looked suspiciously toward the front before he stabbed his saber forward.

Black light flashed on the saber’s blade; its snow-white body instantly became pitch-black.

The Heavenly Weapon reemerged. With a thought, Xiao Chen infused his Essence into the saber. A bright 6.6-meter-long saber light immediately formed.

Xiao Chen issued a warcry and thrust the Lunar Shadow Saber forward as if he tried to break through space.

“Very good; you correctly guessed my position. Now, it’s a matter of whether you can block this or not,” Yue Chenxi exploded with light as her melodious voice rang out.


Suddenly a resplendent light appeared in front of Xiao Chen. A fist wind exploded out from within the light, heading for the Lunar Shadow Saber while carrying a thick Essence.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two extremely strong forces exploded. The entire roof of the restaurant was immediately wrecked. Countless tiles and pieces of wood rushed into the sky.

Xiao Chen felt a huge and pure energy on his saber. This energy did not have any attributes; it only carried an extremely tyrannical aura.

This energy crashed around in the meridians in Xiao Chen’s arm. Even though Xiao Chen cultivated till the Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, it still pained his meridians.

Xiao Chen clenched his teeth. With a thought, the purple Qi whirlpool in his dantian rapidly spun.

The purple Essence liquid in the Qi whirlpool trickled out and flowed through Xiao Chen’s meridians before gathering at his right arm.

“Pu chi!”

After Xiao Chen broke through to Superior Grade Martial Saint, the purity and quantity of his Essence doubled. With a single thought, he could instantly gather a large amount of Essence.

Countless purple energy gathered and swallowed the Essence belonging to Yue Chenxi.

The gushing Essence did not lose any strength and continued to pour into the Lunar Shadow Saber. The originally dim saber light, suppressed by Yue Chenxi, brightened once again.

This knocked back Yue Chenxi’s energy. Xiao Chen took advantage of this chance to instantly merge in the state of massacre from the scarlet throne.

Instantly, the berserk state of thunder gained a resilient and unstoppable offensive attribute. The state of massacre and state of thunder merged once again.


Xiao Chen shouted, and a crackle of thunder came from the thunderclouds above him. The saber light struck out and forced Yue Chenxi to retreat.

Yue Chenxi revealed mild astonishment on her pretty face. However, more than astonishment, there was pleasant surprise. She revealed a faint smile and said, “He actually hid another type of state. However, this is not all the Morning Sun Fist is capable of. Scatter!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As Yue Chenxi retreated, hazy red clouds appeared behind her. As the clouds hid her body, she punched out three times.

These three punches had a vast light on them; they appeared tyrannical. Under the baptism of the red clouds, they looked immensely powerful as they surged forward.

Xiao Chen merged the two kinds of states and used the saber Qi tempered by the might of the Heavenly Weapon to break each of the punches.

Day breaks after the sun rises. This should be the might of the daybreak. What a tyrannical Fist Technique!

Xiao Chen thought to himself. He kicked a floating tile and chased after it. Yue Chenxi’s fist winds were ferocious. He could only stand a chance in close combat.

Within the hazy red clouds, Xiao Chen and Yue Chenxi darted around. Shouting could be heard from within the red clouds.

Occasionally, light exploded, or lightning flickered. The two became faster as time went by; fists flew and the saber flashed. In the blink of an eye, they exchanged more than a hundred moves.

Xiao Chen held his ground against that intense storm of fist wind. His saber Qi merged with the state of massacre broke through the opponent’s web of fists, somewhat threatening Yue Chenxi.

The scene of Yue Chenxi defeating Xiao Chen, which Jin Wuji hoped for, did not happen. Instead, they seemed to be on par, neither being snatching the victory.

“The White Robed Bladesman is indeed strong. He can fight the long-famous Yue Chenxi to this point. This is a remarkable accomplishment.”

“Indeed. The Morning Sun Fist is one of the rare tyrannical Fist Techniques. It is very close to being a Heaven Ranked Fist Technique. To force Yue Chenxi to use the power of daybreak, he is pretty good.”

“In the next Five Nation Youth Competition, this White Robed Bladesman might make it within the top hundred.”

When Jin Wuji heard the praises the crowd had for Xiao Chen, he felt even angrier. All of this should be his. However, Xiao Chen had snatched it away.


The red cloud in the air scattered. Xiao Chen and Yue Chenxi reappeared in everyone’s vision. The two appeared to be slightly injured.

However, they were only superficial injuries. It was clear that the two had held back. This was merely an exchange of pointers; there was no need to fight to the death.

Yue Chenxi stood upright in the air. She revealed a satisfied expression. She said softly, “Let’s consider this a draw. White Robed Bladesman, if you have time in the future, you can come to the Supreme Sky Sect to spar with me.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Next time, I will make you use your full strength. I will take my leave first.”

On the surface, the two had indeed fought to a draw. However, Xiao Chen knew that his opponent still had not used her state. Yet, he had already used both his states and still could not gain an advantage.

Calling it a draw took advantage of Yue Chenxi. Even Xiao Chen felt embarrassed. So, he quickly took his leave.

Yue Chenxi watched as Xiao Chen left. She muttered to herself, “When I came this time, First Martial Uncle told me to pay attention to the geniuses of the various nations. This Xiao Chen should fit the requirements.”

“Miss Yue, are you okay? If you are, we can discuss news about the Daybreak Flower in detail later.” Laughter came from next to Yue Chenxi. Jin Wuji had flown over with a smile on his face.

Yue Chenxi withdrew her gaze and smiled gently. She replied, “Many thanks for Young Master Jin’s concern. They are merely a few superficial injuries; they are not problematic.”

Yue Chenxi’s words were very simple. She always maintained a smile. When she spoke, she did so politely. However, this made Jin Wuju feel a sense of distance.

Jin Wuji wanted to shatter this distance. However, Yue Chenxi’s polite tone would always bring his efforts back to square one. This made Jin Wuji’s attempt to draw closer to her a failure.

The two descended from the sky and returned to the restaurant. Then, Jin Wuji generously compensated the restaurant for the damages.

The cultivators who attended the gathering slowly descended as well. After they spoke to the two out of courtesy, they took their leave.

All of Jin Wuji’s preparations had benefited someone else, greatly displeasing him. Fortunately, Yue Chenxi had not left yet. If he could establish some form of relationship with her, then what happened earlier would not matter to him.

Thinking of this, Jin Wuji decided to strike the iron while it was hot, “Miss Yue, there are some booths downstairs; let’s go down and have our talk!”

Yue Chenxi frowned slightly. A trace of disgust flashed on her face as she said indifferently, “We will talk again at night. I am a little tired now.”


It was difficult for Xiao Chen and the others to find empty rooms in this city. However, by relying on Jin Dabao, they managed to find three empty, good quality rooms in another restaurant.

The few sat at a tea table. Jin Dabao gently sipped his tea as he smiled, “Old Brother Xiao Chen, it seems like you are in the limelight again. You even managed to obtain a draw with Yue Chenxi, and she has such a high opinion of you. It is going to be hard for you not to be famous, even if you don’t want to.”

Xiao Chen felt doubtful. He asked, “Is this Yue Chenxi that famous?”

Jin Dabao smiled and said, “More than you think. In the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, she was one of the rare few that entered the top fifty. Furthermore, she was the youngest female contender. She has excellent talent and an extraordinary appearance and temperament. Her name is known throughout the continent.

“With news of your draw against her, I guarantee that there will be a queue of people, five kilometers long, wanting to challenge you if you go to the Great Jin Nation.”

This was unexpectedly such a problematic issue. Xiao Chen had not thought of this. However, he had no intentions of going to the Great Jin Nation for a very long time, so there was no need to worry about this for now.

“That’s right; are you here this time for the Savanna King’s treasure?” Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and asked.

Su Xiaoxiao nodded and said, “The main reason we are here is the Black Dragon Group’s matter. However, discussions are at a stalemate. So, we can go and try our luck.”

Fatty Jin took out a map and passed it to Xiao Chen, “The rough location of the Qianren Island is there. You should take a look. If you have this, you can study it. Ha ha! If you find anything worthwhile, remember to get my help.”

The group chatted for a while more before Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao took their leave.


When it was about midnight, Xiao Chen emerged from his state of cultivation. He carefully examined the map Jin Dabao gave him and compared it to the treasure map.

This was a sea chart. They clearly marked the blurry routes on the treasure map. When Xiao Chen looked at it, he understood everything.

After a long time, Xiao Chen put the map away. He said softly, “I will go and take a look tomorrow to see the huge waves. I wonder what kind of situation can result in a Martial Monarch’s difficulty of breaking through them.”


Early the next morning, Xiao Chen entrusted Xiao Bai to Su Xiaoxiao. Then he quickly headed for the east end of the Green Wind Island.

The Green Wind Island occupied the borders of the Boundless Sea. The surface of the sea there was not as calm as the coastal seas. There were the occasional strong winds and massive, surging waves.

Xiao Chen used the Gravity Spell to fly high in the air. He quickly moved forward, occasionally taking out the map to check his direction before continuing.

Along the way, Xiao Chen ran into many cultivators going the same way. These cultivators were mostly Inferior Grade Martial Kings. Occasionally, he saw a peak Martial King.

After an hour, Xiao Chen finally arrived at his destination. Many cultivators had already gathered there; they were all there to scout ahead.

Xiao Chen looked forward and took a deep breath.

He only saw huge waves rising to the sky, surging strongly. He could not even measure how high they were.

The walls of water pulled at their surroundings, forming ferocious undercurrents. Occasionally, huge whirlpools appeared.

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