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Chapter 371: Rights to be Arrogant

Earlier, Xiao Chen had snubbed Jin Wuji. In Jin Wuji’s heart, he hoped that Bai Shuiheng would teach Xiao Chen a lesson.

However, Xiao Chen was Su Xiaoxiao’s friend. Furthermore, Yue Chenxi sat beside him. At this point, if he presented himself as straightforward and upright, he might catch the notice of the other party.

However, Xiao Chen completely ignored his intervention. He saw the purple electricity that faintly appeared around his challenger and immediately grew excited.

The other party was a swordsman who comprehended the state of thunder. Xiao Chen stood and looked at Bai Shuiheng. He said softly, “I accept your challenge!”

The state of thunder was the hardest state to comprehend. It was also the one with the strongest attacks compared to the other energy states.

The state of thunder did not have many tricks either. It relied on a pure and berserk attacking power. This was the purest attacking method of the natural world’s Heavenly Daos.

Since Xiao Chen comprehended the state of thunder, he had not fought any cultivator who comprehended the state of thunder as well. Hence, Bai Shuiheng’s move interested him.

Bai Shuiheng said indifferently, “Your mouth is full of extravagant embellishments. I want to see what kind of strength you have. Don’t say that I bullied you with my Cultivation Realm. Rest assured; I will only use fifty percent of my strength to fight you.”

Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand and slowly walked to the empty space. He said indifferently, “There is no need to go to that trouble. Just make your move.”

“Very good. I want to see what gives you the right to be arrogant!”


An electric light flickered, and Bai Shuiheng drew his sword with lightning speed. Thunder roared in the board space, making the spectator’s eardrums tremble.

In Bai Shuiheng’s hands, his sword was like a rushing bolt of lightning the moment he drew it; it was incredibly resplendent.

Bai Shuiheng traveled a distance of a hundred meters with one step. He launched his sword, lit up with dazzling electric light, at Xiao Chen’s head.

This sword carried the speed and berserk nature of lightning. Before the sword arrived, it created a strong wind.

This made the hair of the people behind Xiao Chen flutter. They could not help but squint their eyes.

What a powerful sword. After not seeing Bai Shuiheng for a few years, his strength has grown again. This person is much stronger than Zhou Lingheng.

When the crowd saw the fast wind and shocking sword, they all exclaimed this in their hearts.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained unchanged. When the sword was about five meters from him, he used his right hand to draw his Lunar Shadow Saber with lightning speed.


The melodious sound of weapons clashing rang out. Most of the people could not see how Xiao Chen drew his saber. When they heard the clash, Bai Shuiheng had already taken five steps back. He wore a grave expression.

“What’s going on? How did this fellow draw his sword? Unexpectedly, I could not see it.”

“Strange, I did not see it either. By the time I heard the sound, Bai Shuiheng had already stepped back.”

Of the hundred people on the fourth floor, less than ten people saw how he drew his saber.

Xiao Chen had unsheathed his saber last but struck first. His speed instantly reached Mach 2. He used his stronger state of thunder to hit the weak point of his opponent’s Sword Technique, instantly breaking his opponent’s move.

Astonishment filled Jin Wuji’s face. He muttered, “What a strong state of thunder. He clearly only comprehended it to Small Perfection, but it is several times stronger than Bai Shuiheng’s. This person must have cultivated a high-rank lightning-attributed Cultivation Technique.”

Yue Chenxi asked softly, “Who is this? Does Young Master Jin know?”

Jin Wuji was mildly stunned. He did not except Yue Chenxi’s interest in this person. A cold looked flashed in his eyes as he said softly, “I do not know him. Miss Xiaoxiao brought him here.”

Yue Chenxi said, “Oh, let’s continue to watch!”

Xiao Chen looked at Bai Shuiheng and said indifferently, “Use your full power. Your state cannot compare to mine. You can only use your advantage in Essence to fight me. Otherwise, you will lose within ten moves.”

When the other person heard Xiao Chen say such shocking words in such a calm manner, they felt shaken.

When Xiao Chen said this, it did not feel inappropriate. His tone was very natural like he stated an unimportant fact.

Just based on Xiao Chen’s confidence, these people were already certain that he was not an ordinary Superior Grade Martial Saint.

“Arrogant. Don’t speak as if my defeat is guaranteed. Thundercloud Sword Chop!” Bai Shuiheng smiled coldly and rushed forward once more.

Thunderclouds appeared around Bai Shuiheng. Boundless electricity flickered in the clouds, cracking. The electricity in the clouds surrounded him.

As the thunderclouds churned, his aura rose relentlessly like a treasured sword being sharpened, waiting to be drawn.

When the crowd felt the might of this sword, their confidence in Bai Shuiheng rose. No matter how powerful his state was, a Superior Grade Martial Saint could not dodge this sword.


The sword light flashed, and Bai Shuiheng emerged from the thundercloud, moving like a bolt of lightning.


There was another melodious clanging of weapons. Most of the spectators still did not see Xiao Chen make his move. By the time they heard the sound, Bai Shuiheng was already flying backward.

This was a very strange feeling. It clearly happened right in front of them, but they only saw it happen after they heard the sound.

Jin Wuji muttered, “Most people can only achieve Mach 2 after slowly accelerating. It is too difficult to reach that kind of speed in an instant. I wonder how he did it.”

The more Yue Chenxi watched Xiao Chen, the more interested she became. She said softly, “This is only a simple drawing skill. However, I have not seen many people practice to this level.”

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Bai Shuiheng made another three moves, but Xiao Cheng broke them all with one saber strike. Each time, Xiao Chen used his nearly perfect saber drawing skills. He always found the weakness in his opponent's move and broke it with a single strike.

“A strong state of thunder and a fast, seemingly perfect saber skills…he is the White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen!”

“That is definitely him. He has white robes and a saber with a blue strip of cloth on his forehead. Considering your earlier points and his dress, it must be him.”

Finally, some people in the crowd guessed Xiao Chen’s identity. However, many of them had not heard of the White Robed Bladesman before. So they asked about it.

These people’s nations were further away from the Great Qin Nation. The matters of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had not spread so far yet.

However, when they have heard Xiao Chen’s story, the earlier disdain many cultivators had for him disappeared, and their expressions turned grave.

If it were merely the case of defeating Duanmu Qing and the others, that was nothing. After all, these people’s strengths were not at the top. However, when they heard that Xiao Chen had easily defeated the outer disciples of the Holy Land, they could not help their astonishment.

Jin Wuji seemed like he was pondering. He thought to himself, So he is the White Robed Bladesman, Xiao Chen. I have finally met him in person.

“I have received five of your moves. It is time you receive one from me.”

Bai Shuiheng took soft steps back and continuously gathered his aura. He said indifferently, “Just one move? My defense is more than enough to withstand ten moves from you.”

Ever since Bai Shuiheng made his first move, Xiao Chen’s interest in him quickly diminished; he was disappointed.

Although this person had comprehended the state of thunder, he took the wrong path. He only chased after the strength of the state but did not focus on perfectly merging his state with his Sword Techniques.

Bai Shuiheng stopped at a rudimentary merging of his state into his sword Techniques. After he attacked, it seemed mighty, and his aura blazed. He could easily suppress a state of a similar level; he could even instant kill a slightly weaker state.

However, if Bai Shuiheng ran into a cultivator stronger than him, without merging his state into his Sword Technique, his move was full of openings.

This was why Xiao Chen could easily break Bai Shuiheng’s moves by only drawing his saber at Mach 2. If he fought another opponent, it would be very difficult to accomplish this.

Such an exchange of pointers was not very useful to Xiao Chen. So he sought to finish this as soon as he could.

“Zi zi!”

Bai Shuiheng used the electricity to layer three thick, electric shields around him. He had stacked them on top of each other.

The final layer stuck tightly to Bai Shuiheng’s skin. The purple electric light acted like a suit of armor.

“This Bai Shuiheng…he said he was not afraid, but look at him; he even used his clan’s trump card. He even used three layers of defense,” a few of the strong cultivators present mocked him.

Xiao Chen grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber tightly. He watched as Bai Shuiheng mounted his defense, waiting for him to finish.

Strands of red light came from the scarlet Massacre Throne in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness. It flowed through his meridians and infused into his saber.

The saber flickered with purple electric light. Then, it flickered between red and purple light. Xiao Chen pushed off the ground lightly and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, sending out a saber strike.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Saber Technique containing both the state of massacre and the state of thunder easily smashed through the three layers of shielding formed with electricity.

The saber contained a surging force; it managed to knock Bai Shuiheng flying, causing him to fall miserably to the ground.

“He actually managed to defeat Bai Shuiheng with one saber strike. The fame of the White Robed Bladesman is not in vain. He could easily rank among the top cultivators here.”

“It is hard to imagine that he comes from the Great Qin Nation. Bai Shuiheng’s defense was simply useless against him.”

“This sharpness of this saber strike was too astonishing. Bai Shuiheng was too arrogant.”

Xiao Chen defeated Bai Shuiheng with one saber strike. The people who mocked him earlier kept quiet; they did not dare slight him.

The people in the crowd all commented on the two’s fight. They made an objective evaluation of Xiao Chen’s strength.

As Xiao Chen had expected, in order to gain their respect, he had to use the saber in his hand. This was the most direct and most convincing method.

Xiao Chen faced Bai Shuiheng, who was getting up, and cupped his hands, “Thank you for going easy on me!”

Xiao Chen had held back with that previous saber strike. He did not infuse his state into the other parties body. Hence, the other party only suffered from some external wounds.

Bai Shuiheng felt somewhat embarrassed; he initially planned to help his friend to regain his honor. However, he was unexpectedly defeated in one move. He quietly returned to his seat.

“He has grasped the state of massacre. No wonder he can challenge someone near his cultivation realm so easily.”

Yue Chunxi watched as Xiao Chen returned to his seat. She thought to herself, Unfortunately, his cultivation is too slow. Furthermore, his state of massacre is not as perfect as his state of thunder.

He is weaker than expected. However, his potential cannot be underestimated.

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