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Chapter 370: Proving Myself with the Saber in my Hand

“That’s right; he probably can’t even break through the huge waves. If he cannot even make it onto the Qianren Island, there is no point in making the gentlemen’s agreement.”

“Perhaps he is wise. He knows that his strength is low and is too embarrassed to say something.”

Seeing that Xiao Chen had refused to speak, the cultivators who found him an eyesore all mocked him.

If it were not for Su Xiaoxiao, they would have said even more horrible things. This was the reality of the Tianwu Continent. Without strength, regardless of wherever you were, others would not grant you respect.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He did not mind these words in the least. He merely grasped his Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand and stopped Ji Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao, who intended to speak up for him.

The best way to refute them was to prove his own strength with his the saber in his hand. Words were worth nothing; the saber was more direct.

Jin Wuji also felt displeased with Xiao Chen not making the gentlemen’s agreement. There are so many people who made the agreement already. Yet, you, a Great Qin Nation expert, did not.

It is clear that this fellow is not giving me, Jin Wuji, any face. However, he is the friend of Su Xiaoxiao. I cannot make my displeasure too obvious.

A smile appeared on Jin Wuji’s face. He said, “Since we all already made the gentlemen’s agreement, there is nothing else to say. Let’s start exchanging pointers, restraining ourselves as we do so. We will do this match by match. After that, the others will give their comments. That way, everyone can gain some comprehension.”

The moment Jin Wuji spoke, two people immediately entered the empty space in the center. After all the tables were removed, there was a lot of space. If it were a simple exchange of pointers, this would be more than sufficient.

“Both of you, remember to restrain yourself. Don’t injure each other and spoil the cordiality.” Since Jin Wuji was the host, he also functioned as the referee. When he saw people intending to exchange pointers, he reminded them to remain cordial.

“Ha ha, Brother Jin, rest assured. I, Liu Meng, know the limit. I will absolutely not injured Brother Zhou.”

“Brother Jin, rest assured. I will use, at most, fifty percent of my strength.”

The two people who came forward had gentle smiles and calm tones. However, the tension between them was clear; they intended to compete with each other, not giving way to each other.

Jin Wuji frowned slightly and returned to his seat beside Yue Chenxi; he said, “In that case, begin!”


The moment Jin Wuji spoke, the two made their moves. A fist and leg made contact in the air. An intense shockwave spread out, and they both retreated ten meters.

After a while, they leaped forward and continued fighting. A fiery-red light appeared on one of them, and a formless wind flowed around the other.

One of them had comprehended the state of fire, and the other, the state of wind. Furthermore, based on the situation, they had pretty high comprehensions.

They clashed with over a hundred moves, refusing to relent to the other. Finally, they moved back, about to make their real moves.

Liu Meng retrieved the huge saber from his back. The saber was three-inches-wide and two-meters-long. It was a ferocious, thick saber. With a thought, vibrant red flames covered the saber.

The cultivator with the surname Zhou took out two swords from his spatial ring and held them tightly. Unexpectedly, he used the rare twin sword style.

The twin swords were about 1.7-meters long and two fingers wide. They were completely snow-white and flickered with a cold light. Occasionally, a tiny tornado emerged from the blades.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two roared and charged at each other. The cultivator with the surname Zhou used the advantage of speed from the state of wind. He moved around Liu Meng and continuously sent out strikes at the latter, his twin swords dancing around.

Sword images moved around, forming a cage of light that enclosed Liu Meng. The cultivator with the surname Zhou was very fast, and with the advantages of the twin sword style, he suppressed Liu Meng until he could only make an occasional counter-attack.

Although Liu Meng made very few moves and spent most of this time dodging, whenever it looked like he was going to meet defeat, he would make an explosive move, neutralizing the finishing move his opponent had prepared.

Hence, for a period, no one could triumph over each other. Watching the situation, the cultivator with the surname Zhou seemed to have a huge advantage. Liu Meng could not keep up with his speed at all.

Jin Dabao introduced, “These two managed to make it into the second round of the Five Nation Youth Competition. The one with the saber is Liu Meng. The one with the twin swords is Zhou Lingheng. In their respective nations, they are top-notch experts. They are now Inferior Grade Martial Kings.

“Comparing to the talents in the Great Qin Nation, they should be about on par with Ji Changkong. However, the competition in their nation is more intense than the Great Qin Nation. Hence, they are now stronger than Ji Changkong.”

Xiao Chen nodded; he agreed with Jin Dabao’s opinion. The two had comprehended their states to Great Perfection. They were not far from reaching Consummation. However, it had not been easy for them to cultivate to this level.

“Who do you think will be victorious?” Jin Dabao asked as he watched the fight.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and said, “Probably Liu Meng. His comprehension of the state of fire is deeper. He already has a bit of his will infused in it. Every time he makes a move, he neutralizes the advantages his opponent gained using countless moves in a moment.

“On the other hand, Zhou Lingheng has only used the speed of the state of wind. There is no trace of his personal comprehension. I guess that the comprehension of his state has likely raised as a result of his master’s guidance and not something comprehended on his own.”

The state of wind did not only consist of speed. Xiao Chen understood this when he fought Murong Chong. The special characteristics of the state of wind were quick, faintly discernible, formless, flamboyant, and moving as one willed.

When Yue Chenxi, who was beside Jin Wuji, heard this, a strange look flashed in her eyes. She gazed at Xiao Chen suspiciously. Based on what she knew, Zhou Lingheng’s state had, in fact, raised as a result of his master’s guidance.

“You are an insignificant Martial Saint. Since when do you have the qualifications to comment on the fights between Martial Kings? What reason do you have to predict Zhou Lingheng’s loss? If you don’t understand it, don’t speak nonsense. Be careful of biting your own tongue.”

When a cultivator on friendly terms with Zhou Lingheng heard what Xiao Chen had said, he immediately rebutted.

Another person beside him followed up, “Indeed. Zhou Lingheng is suppressing Liu Meng to the point where his ability to counterattack is limited. How can he be defeated?”

“Young Master Jin did not invite you to this gathering. You came uninvited, so please do not speak nonsense. Just sit there quietly and watch. Wait until you are a Martial King before you comment.”

Jin Dabao was frustrated and was about to curse them. Xiao Chen stopped him and said indifferently, “Zhou Lingheng will lose within three moves. Just ignore what they say.”

They were merely some dancing clowns; Xiao Chen could not be bothered with them. When the truth was revealed, they would end up slapping their own faces.

“Ignorant! How can Liu Meng emerge victorious in three moves?”

“Zhou Lingheng is currently suppressing Liu Meng. Liu Meng is struggling to counterattack. How can he lose, not to mention within three moves? Ignorant kid, I knew you were merely spouting nonsense.”

“This person had probably stayed in the Great Qin Nation for too long. He is not aware of the heights of heaven and the depths of the earth. He thinks that, after leaving the Great Qin Nation, he is still an outstanding talent.”

“The Great Qin Nation is the weakest of the five nations. Yet, he still has the gall to express his opinions here.”

The fight continued. The discussion had not distracted them. If experts at this level were so easily distracted by their external environment, then they would not be geniuses.

Zhou Lingheng moved his twin swords around and created strong winds from his swords. Once again, he suppressed Liu Meng completely while his momentum rose.

Just when Zhou Lingheng’s momentum was about to hit its peak, he focused his gaze and held his swords together. He prepared to enact the finishing move.


However, just at this moment, Liu Meng suddenly made his move. Once again, just as Zhou Lingheng’s momentum was about to reach his peak, he used a flaming saber Qi to force Zhou Lingheng’s finishing move back.

This was the third time. Liu Meng had broken Zhou Lingheng’s finishing move thrice. Furthermore, this always happened just before his momentum reached its peak.

Jin Wuji and Yue Chenxi both shook their heads at the same time. As the saying went, things did not happen three times without reason. After not succeeding three times, there was no more chance for victory; Zhou Lingheng was about to lose.

Damn it! He broke it again, frustration appeared in Zhou Lingheng’s heart. However, he did not mind it too much. His opponent could not catch up to him. He could build his momentum once again.


Just as Zhou Lingheng was about to start the assault again, Liu Meng suddenly laughed maniacally, “Brother Zhou, are you still thinking you have a chance? Rise!”

The aura that Liu Meng had suppressed exploded. Flames appeared at his feet and rose up. A sinister evil beast appeared above him. Its jaw hung open, and it clawed the air, its roar echoing throughout the room.

When the evil beast roared, Liu Meng’s state of fire raised to the limit. He immediately suppressed Zhou Lingheng, whose momentum was low. The state of fire rapidly suppressed the state of wind.

Soon, Zhou Lingheng was forced to a corner; he could not move. His expression changed, I’m finished. My state is suppressed, and I no longer have the advantage of speed.

Liu Meng hacked down, and Zhou Lingheng held his twin swords together to block the attack. However, his strength was weaker than Liu Meng’s.

At this point, Zhou Lingheng’s state was completely suppressed; he could not block the strike. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he bitterly held on.

“I admit defeat!”

Liu Meng shouted and stepped forward. The entire fourth floor shook. A huge force immediately knocked Zhou Lingheng flying, and he fell to the floor miserably.

Zhou Lingheng had been defeated within three moves. It was just as Xiao Chen had said. The people who mocked Xiao Chen paled and felt embarrassed.

“This kid actually guessed correctly? He is merely a Superior Grade Martial Saint!”

“It was a wild guess. Definitely a wild guess. If even we could not tell, how could he have done so?” The few people were depressed and said things to deceive themselves and others.

“Right, it must have been a wild guess. However, even so, I feel uncomfortable seeing him like this; he is too arrogant.”

“If it were not for Miss Xiaoxiao, I would not have endured his presence. I would make a move to teach this kid a lesson.”

“Hey, it looks like someone can no longer endure. Bai Shuiheng is already going up.”

A male dressed in white with a sword hanging at his waist walked over to Xiao Chen. He said indifferently, “I am Bai Shuiheng. I heard your evaluation earlier, and you seem to have some strength. I would like to seek your advice; is that possible?”

The fatty whispered, “This fellow is Zhou Lingheng’s good friend; he is probably here to help his friend to maintain his dignity. It is best to be careful.”

Jin Wuji, who sat in the middle, frowned slightly. He said, “Bai Shuiheng is just a step away from advancing to peak Inferior Grade Martial King. It's not very appropriate for you to spar with a Superior Grade Martial Saint; don’t you agree?”

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