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Chapter 355: If I Say I Will Defeat You in One Move, I Will Defeat You in One Move

I’m finished, Ye Fan thought in horror. He paled, feeling like he was sinking into a deep abyss.


The flaming hurricane that filled the sky shattered Ye Fan’s now dim sword light. The horrifying energy struck Ye Fan without holding back.

Ye Fan vomited a large mouthful of blood. He was tossed high into the air. His skin charred black.

Just at this moment, a figure rushed out of the flaming hurricane and violently struck Ye Fan’s chest with his palm.

Ye Fan sustained further injuries. He vomited another mouthful of blood and fell outside the arena.

The boundless flaming hurricane scattered, and only an uninjured Luo Li remained, standing tall and proud.

“I told you I would defeat you in one move; next!” Luo Li’s arrogant voice resounded throughout the entire drill ground.

The sun blazed in the sky. The originally bustling drill grounds fell utterly silent; not a single person spoke.

When the crowd saw the severely injured and unconscious Ye Fan being carried away by a group of elders, they all felt fear. How is that an exchange of moves?

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, This person is too ruthless. Even if the flaming hurricane cannot be withdrawn after its launch, the final palm strike was completely uncalled for.

However, this person still made a move. It is clear that he wanted to beat him till he was half dead, not showing any mercy.

After the crowd went silent for a while, someone came down for the challenge. There would always be someone confident in themselves. To them, lasting ten moves did not look difficult.

Once they cleared the test, there was the possibility of joining the Holy Land. By then; they might even become as strong as Luo Li.

The person who came down was slightly stronger than Ye Fan. He had already comprehended the state of wind to Small Perfection. He managed to last nine moves with much difficulty.

He was only slightly injured and had exhausted a large amount of his Essence. However, he still had most of his strength. He thought happily, I only need to last one more move.

However, Luo Li simply smiled coldly. He released the Holy Might of the ancient Martial Spirit once again. His opponent’s Martial Spirit trembled, and his Essence became unstable. When a weakness appeared, he used the final move to send his opponent flying.

“Not even worth a strike; next!”

“Full of weakness; how unsightly! Scram!”

“You are a piece of trash, yet, you want to enter the Holy Land to cultivate? Get out!”

A continuous string of people came forward to challenge Luo Li. However, he defeated them all. Some managed to last for five moves before defeat.

Some people lasted for nine moves with much difficulty. However, during the last move, Luo Li released the Holy Might of the Vermilion Bird Martial Spirit.

When Luo Li used the Holy Might of his Martial Spirit, it caused his opponent’s Martial Spirit to tremble, and their Essence to be unstable. This resulted in his opponent’s move breaking.

Several dozen people fell like this. A significant number were outstanding talents of their regions. Their strengths were considered horrifying. However, none could last for ten moves against Luo Li.

Furthermore, the people who took up the challenge were severely injured; it was a tragic sight. When Luo Li made his move, he did not show any mercy.

As Feng Xuanyi watched, he could no longer bear it. He said to Elder Yan, “Elder Yan, this test seems a little too difficult. Since it is just a test, can the Holy Might be not used, testing them purely just on their strength?”

The others thought the same as what Feng Xuanyi voiced out. Without using the Holy Might, out of the people who challenged Luo Li earlier, at least ten would have lasted ten moves.

However, once Luo Li used the Vermilion Bird’s Holy Might, he was unrivaled within the same Cultivation Realm; he was practically undefeatable. Even an Inferior Grade Martial King, which was one cultivation grade higher than him, was not likely to be his match.

Elder Yan smiled faintly and said, “Everyone, the Holy Might is actually the most crucial part of this test. If they cannot withstand Holy Might, what is the point of accepting them into the sect?

“Furthermore, Luo Li’s Vermilion Bird bloodline is not from the direct line of descent. His bloodline is extremely thin; he is nothing within our sect.”

When Elder Yan said that, the crowd could not find a reason to rebut him. They could only contain their complaints in their hearts. Only he had the rights to make the selections for the Holy Land; how could they argue with him?

As they spoke, Luo Li’s palm strike shattered another disciple’s internal organs. Blood leaked out of his mouth as he tumbled out of the arena. It was a tragic sight; he was in an extremely miserable state.

When looking carefully, this person was the ninth rank on the Heavenly Saver Pavilion’s Wind Cloud List, Li Yuze. He did not even last until the tenth move of Luo Li.

“The strength of the Holy Land’s people are indeed horrifying. Even the ninth rank of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Wind Cloud List, Li Yuze, did not last ten moves.”

Many of the cultivators in the spectator stands recognized Li Yuze. They were all shocked.

Luo Li looked at this person indifferently and smiled coldly. He said, “Such strength ranks in the top nine in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? The Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s ranking is not worth much if such trash ranks on it.

When many of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s disciples heard this, their all flushed red. They felt humiliated and extremely angry.

They all wanted to jump down and teach this person a lesson. However, when they thought of his strength, they felt helpless.

“If Senior Brother Murong had not left, this person would not be so arrogant. Using the Holy Might is simply bullying,” many of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s disciples said angrily.

When Jiang Chi, who was on the platform, heard Luo Li’s words, his expression changed; it turned somewhat unsightly.

Elder Yan smiled and said, “Elder Jiang Chi, don’t pay him any mind. The youths often show off like that.”

When Jiang Chi saw Elder Yan siding with Luo Li’s words, he laughed embarrassedly and indicated that there was no harm done.

Then, he looked at Xiao Chen. After thinking for a while, he said, “Ye Chen, go and exchange moves with this brilliant disciple from the Holy Land. Just last ten moves and that will do.”

Last ten moves? Very well then, Xiao Chen looked at Luo Li who watched him with mocking eyes.

“Ye Chen, be careful,” Liu Ruyue said worriedly as she held Xiao Chen’s hand under the tea table.

Xiao Chen turned his head and looked at Liu Ruyue. His delicate and ordinary face contained no fear. He smiled gently and said, “It’s fine. He is not a match for me; I can defeat him in three moves.”

“Hu chi!”

Xiao Chen slowly stood and pushed off the ground. He turned into a beam of purple light and landed in the arena instantly.

“It’s Ye Chen. Ye Chen has stepped up. Without Murong Chong, Ye Chen can stand up for us.”

“Indeed. How did we forget Ye Chen? Ye Chen defeated Murong Chong; he definitely can last ten moves.”

“Ye Chen, don’t disappoint us!”

When the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s disciples saw the white-robed Xiao Chen land in the arena, their feelings of helplessness vanished, and they all grew excited. They all had not lost hope and shouted excitedly.

Li Yuze, who was below the platform, perked up when he saw Xiao Chen appear.

“He is Ye Chen? I have frequently heard his name in the Xihe Province recently. He killed that evil beast in the Black Dragon River.”

“At that time, not only did Ye Chen kill the Black Tuna Whale, but he also killed an expert of the senior generation, Yue Mingshan, who chased after him to kill him.”

“Previously, I had heard of a youth called Ye Chen. He traveled around and killed many high ranked Spirit Beast. It seems like this is that person.”

Now, the name ‘Ye Chen’ was no long unheard of like in the past. It now represented the top youth in the Xihe Province.

In many people’s hearts, he was the second Murong Chong or even someone who surpassed Murong Chong.

Xiao Chen remained calm; he ignored the voices of the crowd around him. He was not surprised at his fame. However, a fake name would forever be a fake name; there was nothing to rejoice or to be anxious about.

Luo Li smiled, and his handsome face revealed ridicule. He said, “It looks like you are rather famous. However, you are merely someone from an inferior place. No matter how strong you are there, you remain ignorant. Even a stronger talent than you is worth nothing in my eyes.”

Xiao Chen smiled and looked at Luo Li calmly. He said, “You are merely an outer disciple of the Holy Land that failed to enter the inner sect. Don’t think that you are a god. In my opinion, you are the one who is ignorant.”

Xiao Chen’s words seem to have struck one of Luo Li’s sore spots. Anger flashed in Luo Li’s eyes. He said coldly, “I will chase you from this arena in three moves.”

“Is that so? I seemed to have promised someone to defeat you in three moves as well,” Xiao Chen smiled.

Luo Li had a gloomy expression as he snorted coldly, “Arrogance!”


Luo Li issued a warcry, and a red flame immediately soared up from his feet. The flames circled him before taking on the shape of the Vermilion Bird. Then, he struck out with his palm violently.

This palm strike sent out countless streams of strong wind. The flames moved within the wind, and they turned into a flaming hurricane more than a hundred meters tall in the blink of an eye.

The flaming hurricane rearranged itself into a strange shape. When looking from far, it was clearly the shape of the Vermilion Bird.

Many experts had fallen to this move. Luo Li used the might of the Vermilion Bird to form a strong, destructive force.

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up, and he had a determined expression. He placed his right hand on the Lunar Shadow Saber and only drew his saber when the flaming hurricane was right before him.


Suddenly, a crack of thunder resounded in the calm sky. Purple lightning tore through the air and infused into the Lunar Shadow Saber.

The snow-white saber immediately flickered with a purple light. Xiao Chen dashed forward and hacked down.

The saber passed through the Vermillion Bird’s head. Xiao Chen intended to neutralize this move with a single attack.

This sharp saber contained the purest state of thunder. There was nothing this saber could not cut through.

“Pu ci!”

Everyone in the drill ground seemed to have heard the shriek of the Vermilion Bird in their minds. This flaming hurricane shattered.

The scattered wind and flames blew to the sides, striking the fencing around the arena, leaving only four charred pillars.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

After that, the four pillars shattered. They had been completely burned from the inside out. This showed how tyrannical the power of this flame was.

“Good!” the crowd cried out when they saw Xiao Chen easily break the Martial Technique Luo Li was so proud of.

When Luo Li saw his opponent break the Martial Technique he was so proud of so easily and decisively, his expression changed slightly.

Luo Li pushed off the ground and soared into the air. An image of the Vermilion Bird flapping its wings emerged behind him.

As the Vermilion Bird flapped its wings, Luo Li’s aura rose quickly. Soon, he reached his peak, and the state of fire rose to its limits.

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