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Chapter 356: Boundless Fighting Spirit

Formless red flames covered Lou Li’s entire body. The temperature within the arena rose quickly. The Frost Iron coating the arena shimmered with heat.

Xiao Chen felt like the Windwalk Shoes were an oven; it was extremely unbearable for his feet.

The instant before Xiao Chen could use his Essence to protect his feet, a cool breeze blew within the Windwalk Shoes. The temperature immediately decreased.

He did not expect the Windwalk Shoes to have this function. This had helped Xiao Chen. When he noticed the situation, he stopped sending Essence to his feet.

“The Vermilion Bird sword Qi of this move contains my state at its peak. Let’s see how are you going to break this,” Luo Li challenged coldly as his aura reached his peak.

Luo Li’s entire being was a sharp, red-hot sword releasing its brilliance. Then, he pointed at Xiao Chen with two fingers.

A dark-red sword Qi quickly appeared and emitted a piercing sonic boom as it flew toward Xiao Chen. It was very close to reaching the speed of sound.

The dark-red flaming sword Qi that contained a state was incredibly sharp. Before it got near, Xiao Chen could feel how sharp it was.

Xiao Chen took a step back and dodged it with lightning speed. Xiao Chen decided to dodge this sharp sword Qi for now.

“Zi zi!”

A deep, thumb-sized hole immediately appeared where Xiao Chen had stood. It had unexpectedly pierced through the Frost Iron. The Frost Iron sizzled as steam rose from the hole.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Stands of arrow-like, dark-red sword Qi fell from the sky like torrential rain. Xiao Chen continued his retreat.

“Do you think you can escape? Ha ha! This move of mine has a total of 999 strands of sword Qi. Let’s see if you can escape. Just stand still and accept your death.”

When Luo Li saw Xiao Chen’s endless dodging, he laughed maniacally in the air as the Vermilion Bird behind him continued to flap its wings.

Xiao Chen watched as the Vermilion Bird flapped its wings; he was deep in thought. He muttered to himself, “So, that’s how it is.”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s foot sank down; he had already reached the edge of the arena. Everyone in the spectator stands felt their hearts leaped to their throats; the entire place fell into an eerie silence.

Could it be that Ye Chen will fail here? Everyone wondered, unsatisfied.

The state of thunder that gathered in the form of churning clouds. The crackles of thunder resounded relentlessly in the sky.

“Arclight Chop!” Xiao Chen shouted and swung his saber ferociously. The purple saber Qi flew out in the form of a long arclight. The target of the arclight was the image of the Vermilion Bird behind Luo Li.


There was a painful shriek as if lightning struck the Vermillion Bird. It immediately stopped flapping its wings.


When the Vermilion Bird received an attack, it was as if the attack had also landed on Lou Li. His fell heavily to the ground with a pale complexion.

The sword Qi that filled the air immediately vanished. Xiao Chen smiled faintly; his white robes fluttered gently in the wind as he walked forward.

“How hateful!” Luo Li growled when he saw Xiao Chen at ease. He violently smashed his right palm on the ground.

“Hu chi! Hu chi!”

Instantly, countless small, red fire birds flew out. They chirped endlessly. The red fire birds filled the air.

Each fire bird could easily blast apart a small mound. With such a large number, they could destroy a mountain.

“Wukui Transforms to Qi!”

Xiao Chen brandished his saber and continuously walked forward, step by step.

The divine Wukui Tree appeared from nowhere and turned into strands of dense, purple saber Qi. The purple saber Qi flew chaotically through the air, thoroughly shattering the fire birds into sparks.

Sparks filled the sky. Ear-shattering explosions rang above Xiao Chen’s head.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained the same; his speed was neither fast nor slow. His white-robes fluttered as he headed for Luo Li.

“Ha ha! You actually got so close to me. You think this is the end of this move? All Birds Revering the Phoenix, merge!”

The countless scattered sparks in the air immediately gathered at a particular spot. A horrifying aura permeated the area. A fiery-red Vermilion Bird quickly formed in the air.

“Qi Breaks Wukui, break!”

Xiao Chen’s expression remained the same, and he did not halt his steps. He made hand seals with his left hand, and the remnant purple energy in the air quickly gathered.

Strands of dense purple saber Qi flew with lightning speed before the Vermilion Bird could form. It only took an instant to shatter the form that Luo Li had just created.

This isn’t good, thought Elder Yan, who was on the platform, as he watched Xiao Chen advance slowly and calmly.

Elder Yan’s expression changed slightly. He immediately secretly communicated with the other male behind him, Luo Huang, Luo Li might experience his defeat soon. Prepare to make a move.

“Three moves have passed, and I have broken them all. Continuing would only be an embarrassment. I hope you can withstand my three moves,” Xiao Chen spoke calmly to Lou Li, who was in disbelief.

Luo Li had said similar things to the people he sent out of the arena earlier. When he heard Xiao Chen repeat it back to him, he felt humiliated.

“You think you have won already? I still have not used my Holy Might. How can a peasant like you understand the horror of the Holy Might?” Luo Li said with a savage expression.

Originally, Luo Li thought he could defeat his opponent without using Holy Might. That way, he could humiliate his opponent further. It looked like the one who humiliated, in the end, was himself.

The Vermilion Bird in Luo Li’s dantian cried out. Instantly, he fired a strand of powerful Holy Might at Xiao Chen.

“Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!”

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and instantly divided into nine. Nine cool breezes blew in the arena. Xiao Chen hid his killing Qi completely, not even killing intent could be felt.

How can this be? The previously always successful Holy Might was of no use at all. My opponent’s movements are completely unhindered. It does not look like the Holy Might has affected him at all.

Luo Li’s expression changed greatly. This is the first time he had felt horror. He quickly retreated, but the nine figures had already surrounded him.

The cool breeze hid the boundless killing intent; there was nowhere for Luo Lin to run.

The nine figures merged in the air, and the vanished killing Qi instantly and explosively appeared. It was overwhelming and covered the entire arena. There was nowhere to hide.

This was the first time Luo Li felt so close to death. Without his Holy Might, he was merely a top-notch genius. His strength was close to, or even slightly weaker, Duanmu Qing and the others.

Now that Luo Li’s Holy Might was ineffective, his thoughts become erratic. Furthermore, there was an overwhelming killing Qi stunning him.

The snow-white saber immediately lit up with a resplendent saber light. Then, it stabbed at Luo Li’s chest, ten centimeters from his heart.

This was Xiao Chen’s mercy. Otherwise, this saber would have pierced his heart.

The Vermilion Bird embroidered with golden thread on Luo Li’s long red robes suddenly lit up with a golden light. The golden light prevented Xiao Chen’s saber from penetrating his chest.

It is indeed a Secret Treasure. The Holy Land is really generous. Even the outer disciples have protective Secret Treasures, Xiao Chen thought to himself.

Color immediately returned to Luo Li’s pale face. He laughed loudly, “I almost forgot. I have a Secret Treasure; you cannot injure me. This long robe was made by imitating the forging methods for the ancient Secret Treasure, Gold Thread Jade Clothes.

“There is no point in explaining it to you; you are a country bumpkin from an inferior land. You probably do not even know what kind of Secret Treasure it is. Ha ha ha!”

Ignorant; the people from the Holy Land are unexpectedly ignorant, Xiao Chen was speechless. With a thought, he quickly released a strand of the state of massacre from the scarlet throne.

Luo Li’s smiled froze. A trace of red appeared on the dazzling purple saber light.

The saber tip easily sliced through his robe, and blood poured from his wound.

Luo Li grabbed the saber with his hand and panicked, “How can I be injured? This country bumpkin from an inferior land actually managed to injure me.”

“First move!”

Xiao Chen quickly drew back his saber. Blood dripped from his saber to the ground of the arena.


Xiao Chen raised his right leg and stomped down heavily. After the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art reached Consummation, this was the first time Xiao Chen had used the full power of his physical body.

Countless cracks appeared on the Frost Iron that coated the arena. The cracks extended quickly, and countless pieces of Frost Iron flew into the air.

The huge force threw Luo Li into the air. His complexion further paled, and he vomited another mouthful of blood.

This stomp contained 50,000 kilograms of force. If Xiao Chen had stomped on Luo Li’s chest directly, he could have shattered all of Luo Li’s organs, severely injuring him or even killing him.

“This is the third move; I will return to you a palm strike. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion is not trash. You do not have the qualifications to say that. As for you, without the Vermilion Bird Martial Spirit, you are trash, yourself.

Up, on the platform, Luo Huang’s expression changed. His pushed off the ground and transformed into a beam of red light, moving quickly. He shouted, “Stop!”

Xiao Chen ignored him and sent a palm strike at Luo Li’s chest. It launched Luo Li backward like a cannonball.

Luo Huang caught Luo Li in midair. However, he did not expect the force carried by Luo Li to be so ferocious. It was like catching a mountain.

A dull sound resounded from Luo Huang’s chest. He soared further up and then spun in the air, dissipating the force.


This time, the cultivators in the spectators stands no longer suppressed the excitement in their heart. They all shouted exuberantly.

Many of the cultivators who went earlier were sent flying by Lou Li with one palm strike. After that, they were humiliated.

Many people were stifled; they wanted to return these palm strikes to Luo Li. However, they were not strong enough.

With Xiao Chen’s palm strike and his earlier words, which they wished they could say, he helped them to vent their frustrations. After that venting, they felt incredibly comfortable.

On the platform, Liu Ruyue watched the white-robed Xiao Chen. A smile appeared on her face.

At a tea table not far away, Yun Kexin, wearing white robes, had a similar expression as Liu Ruyue’s as she watched Xiao Chen.

Yun Kexin revealed a faint smile on her delicate face. She said softly, “This is the brilliance of a true bladesman. Screw the Holy Land. If you humiliate me, I will pay it back tenfold or even a hundredfold.


Ten thousand meters above, in the clouds, a golden warship floating quietly. The golden banner on the bow fluttered. This was the largest flagship of the Imperial Dragon Legion.

The beautiful Princess Ying Yue stood on the deck. She wore golden Battle Armor and played with a wooden sculpture.

The girl depicted by the sculpture wore a red dress. She was a femme fatale imitated to perfection. This was especially so for her intelligent eyes; they brought the sculpture to life. This showed how exquisite this sculpture was.

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