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Chapter 354: Arrogant Phoenix’s Passion Palace

“The people from the Holy Lands are indeed unfathomable; they are too strong.”

The sea of people in the spectator stands all looked up to the sky. When they looked at that beautiful scarlet Vermilion Bird, their gazes filled with zeal and reverence.

Compared to the others, Xiao Chen did not feel anything at all; he did not feel any pressure whatsoever.

Song Que had already shattered Xiao Chen’s Martial Spirit, and it hid within his three hundred odd acupoints; only the Qi Whirlpool remained. Hence, his expression was calm.

When Xiao Chen looked at the fiery-red Vermilion Bird, the corner of his lips curled up, revealing a hint of ridicule.

This is interesting. The moment they appear, they used the aura of a Holy Beast to scare everyone, informing everyone that they are the main characters in this event.

Now, it circles in the air, refusing to come down. Do they really enjoy the attention so much?


Five minutes later, the circling Vermilion Bird turned into a beam of fiery-red light and sped towards the platform. It landed within a breath’s worth of time.

Five people wearing long, red robes appeared before everyone. A golden Vermilion Bird was embroidered on the robes covering their entire bodies.

There were one old man and four youthful looking people, two men and two women. The men were very handsome, and the girls were pretty. They were pleasing to the eyes.

They did not emit any aura. The energy from the ten thousand meters descent perfectly infused into the ground, disappearing into the mountain.

This displayed the party’s powerful control. Xiao Chen was quite impressed by this. If it were him, he could not do it with that much ease.

The First Elder, Jiang Chi, hurriedly stood up; reverence filling his face. He looked at the old man with some anticipation and asked, “Elder Yan, how is the talent of our Young Pavilion Master?”

The old man with the surname Yan smiled faintly and said, “Excellent innate talent. She can cultivate in the Phoenix’s Passion Palace for three years. If her comprehension ability is high, it is possible she can become a core disciple of the Phoenix’s Passion Palace.”

Smiles filled the faces of all the elders of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Even the normally calm Jiang Chi wore a very excited expression.

“Many thanks, Elder Yan,” Jiang Chi cupped his hands and gave thanks.

“Greetings to Elder Yan!” all the Clan Heads and elders in the crowd on the platform quickly stood and greeted the Phoenix’s Passion Palace’s elder.

Elder Yan raised his hand and maintained his smile. It seemed like he was very easy going, but a hard to trace arrogance flashed in his eyes, “Everyone, there is no need to stand on ceremony. I am merely an outer sect elder of the Phoenix’s Passion Palace. Please, take a seat.”

When everyone returned to their seats, they discovered that the man from the Holy Land was more easy going than they had expected. Their opinions of the Holy Land improved.

However, Xiao Chen’s eyes were very sharp; he had picked up on the trace of arrogance in Elder Yan’s eyes. Furthermore, the arrogance of the youths behind him was even more obvious.

The Phoenix’s Passion Palace’s Elder Yan slowly sat down. Then, he said softly, “The purpose of our visit today is to help the Heavenly Saber Pavilion settle the hidden danger of the Spatial Crack.

“At the same time, I also want to see if there are any geniuses I can recruit in the Great Qin Nation. Hence, I presumptuously asked Elder Jiang to help me gather everyone.”

Feng Xuanyi asked, “Elder Yan, what are the criteria for the Holy Land’s selection? Will you explain it to us?”

Elder Yan replied, “It is almost the same as everyone expects. There will be a competition. This will allow us to witness the cultivators’ combat prowess. After that, we will check their innate talent. However, before this, there will be a test.”

“What test?” asked Feng Xuanyi.

Elder Yan looked behind him, and one of the youths stepped forward. “This disciple’s name is Luo Li. He is one of the top hundred outer sect disciples of my Phoenix’s Passion Palace. As long as they can endure ten of his moves, they will obtain the rights to participate in the competition. Otherwise, it would be problematic if there were too many people.”

When the crowds heard that they only had to withstand an outer disciple’s ten moves, they immediately sighed in relief. This person was only Superior Grade Martial Saint. There should be no problems lasting ten moves from him.

When Luo Li saw everyone’s expression, he smiled coldly to himself, This group of people is truly arrogant. Do they really think that it is easy to last ten moves from me?

Luo Li pushed off the ground and turned into a flash of red light before landing firmly in the arena.

Luo Li left a persistent trail of red light everywhere he passed. It was sparkly and looked very beautiful.

Elder Yan nodded and said, “Let’s begin. If you are confident in your strength, you may step forward and try. Those who last ten moves have the right to participate in the competition.

Although Elder Yan was not loud, he was strangely audible. All the cultivators in the spectator stands could hear him clearly.

As long as they could last ten moves, they would have the right to participate in the competition. When they heard this, almost all the cultivators were tempted. They were all very excited.

Although they knew that the disciples of the Phoenix’s Passion Palace were likely extraordinary, many of them felt that they could try lasting ten moves against him.


A gray figure descended from the spectator stands and landed firmly on the ground. This cultivator, confident in his strength, stepped forward to attempt the challenge.

The gray-robed cultivator was only twenty years old. He had a squarish face, thick eyebrows, and large eyes. A two-meter-long sword hung at his waist. His gaze was focused, and he took strong strides. With one glance, it was obvious that he was an expert.

The person cupped his hands and said, “Ye Fan of the Xihe Province’s Flowing Cloud Sect. Please give me your advice.”

“So, it is the Flowing Cloud Sect’s Ye Fan. The Flowing Cloud Sect is considered a large sect within the Xihe Province. This Ye Fan is their top disciple. He should make the Holy Land’s people reveal some of their strength.”

“Ye Fan became a Medial Grade Martial Saint long ago. There should not be any problems with him lasting ten moves. If he fails, then more than half of us here would be eliminated.”

Some of the people recognized Ye Fan; they started to discuss with each other in soft voices.

Luo Li wore red robes, and his hair fluttered in the wind. A trace of contempt flashed in his eyes. He said indifferently, “You are not worthy of my advice. One move will be enough to defeat you.”

“How arrogant! Let’s see how capable the people of the Holy Land are.”

When Ye Fan heard his opponent’s words, he was livid. His placed his right hand on his sword hilt and quickly unsheathed it.

Ye Fan brandished his sword and sent out thousands of sword lights in a breath of time, launching them toward Luo Li in a torrent.

The afterimages of the sword were bright, and the wind was loud. Every strand of sword light contained a trace of cold Qi. With thousands of sword lights, there were thousands strands of cold Qi.

The temperature in the arena immediately plummeted. The cold Qi infused into the surface of the arena, coating it with a layer of ice.

“This is the Flowing Cloud Sect’s Icy Sword Shadow. It is a peak Earth Ranked Martial Technique. Unexpectedly, this Ye Fan had already cultivated it to Small Perfection. He can send out thousands of sword lights in an instant. Cold Qi covered these sword lights; this move is not easy to break.”

One of the elders from the Misty Sword Sect on the platform commented.

The Great Qin Nation’s Misty Sword Sect were experts on swords. Their insights of swords were much higher than ordinary people. Everyone agreed with the elder’s assessment.

The only Sword Monarch seated there, Feng Yuanyi, also felt that this sword move was not easy to break. Although Ye Fan had not comprehended the state of ice yet, based on the ice that covered the ground, it was clear that he was very close to doing so.

When the Phoenix’s Passion Palace’s Elder Yan saw this, he merely smiled; he was not worried at all.

Elder Yan thought to himself, If Luo Li cannot break this move, why would I even bother sending him, to embarrass himself?

As Luo Li watched the Icy Sword Shadow that filled the air fly at him, the corners of his mouth curled up. He revealed an expression of ridicule and said, “You have not even comprehended the state of ice, yet you dare try to show off here. Melt for me!”

After Luo Li spoke, a red flame rose from his feet. The flames rose from beneath his feet and spiraled around his body. Eventually, it turned into a fiery-red Vermilion Bird.

“Zi zi!”

An invisible heatwave surrounded Luo Li. The ice on the ground turned into steam in an instant.

After a while, the Icy Sword Shadow that flew at him slowly melted in the air. When they were ten meters from Luo Li, the cold Qi on the sword lights evaporated into steam.

When the cold Qi disappeared, the Icy Sword Shadow completely broke. All of the sword lights automatically vanished.

Everyone in the crowd was astonished, their mouths agape. They did not expect the thousands of sword lights to break so easily.

The crowd knew that the Icy Sword Shadow would not injure Luo Li. However, they did not expect it break before he even made a move.

Feng Xuanyi was enlightened, and he muttered, “A cultivator who has not comprehended a state and a cultivator who comprehended the state of fire to Great Perfection… Furthermore, he has the support of the Ancient Holy Beast. They are on completely different levels.”

Steam pervaded the arena, hiding Luo Li in mist.

“Hu chi!”

A fiery-red figure soared out of the steam and into the sky. He then transformed into a beam of light and headed for Ye Fan.


Before Luo Li got near, he sent out a palm strike. The wind from his palm strike struck the air, making it howl and turn into a violent hurricane.

He released a flame into this hurricane. In an instant, Luo Li’s palm strike created a large, flaming hurricane.

The flaming hurricane moved strangely; it looked like the silhouette of a Vermilion Bird. This palm strike may have looked simple, but it was full of profound mysteries.

When Ye Fan looked at the sky, at the flaming hurricane, his expression changed. He placed two fingers on the bottom of the sword’s blade and slid them up quickly.

As his fingers slid up, the light on the sword grew brighter. When his fingers moved past the tip of the sword, the sword light became boundlessly resplendent.

The sword light was 33 meters long and looked vast and mighty. It looked like it could scatter the flaming hurricane in the sky.

Suddenly, Luo Li, who was in the sky, let out a warcry, and the Vermilion Bird Martial Spirit in his dantian immediately released a melodious cry. A strand of Holy Might shot out at Ye Fan.

The Holy Might was vast and mighty; Ye Fan’s Martial Spirit could not help but tremble. His Essence immediately became unstable.

The sharp sword light showed signs of fading. The sharp sword light vanished after a moment.

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