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Chapter 264: The Stronger the Opponent, the More Excited I Will be

Liu Suifeng quickly rushed over. When he saw Jin Dabao pandering to Xiao Chen, he was extremely astonished. He did not expect the difficult-to-deal-with Jin Dabao to be able to show such an expression.


Up in the sky, inside a floating cloud, Yue Mingshan frowned slightly, “I can pretty much verify that he does not have an inherited Martial Spirit. However, he is mixing with the Golden Roc Merchant Association’s people. It seems like I can only wait for another opportunity.”

Inside the luxurious carriage, Xiao Chen and Jin Dabao were both sitting in front of a table. Compared to the outside decorations, the inside was much plainer.

Even though they were rushing along at a high speed, the carriage was extremely stable. Xiao Chen, who was sitting inside, did not feel any shaking.

Jin Dabao looked at Xiao Bai, who was sitting beside him, and smiled. He said, “This Xiao Bai is growing to be more and more lovable.”

“Pu ci!”

Just as Jin Dabao was stretching out his hand to rub its head, he was scratched viciously by Xiao Bai’s claws before he could touch it. He exclaimed, “You are still this fierce. Fortunately, this Fat Lord’s skin is very thick, so nothing happened.”

Xiao Chen laughed and asked, “How are your investigations into the Tianwu Emperor’s tomb?”

Xiao Chen had always been quite curious about the Tianwu Emperor’s tomb in the ancient remnant. However, he had not had any time to investigate. Coincidentally, he had met Jin Dabao. Naturally, he had to ask.

Jin Dabao stopped smiling and shook his head, “There is no useful news. I can only be sure that the corpse did indeed belong to the last Tianwu Emperor and Chu Chaoyun did take it away. After that, Chu Chaoyun was in closed-door training; he has only come out recently.” 

Xiao Chen had a grave expression. Honestly speaking, since he left Mohe City, he had rarely suffered a disadvantage. However, he not suffered disadvantages more than once at the hands of Chu Chaoyun.

Xiao Chen felt a deep fear toward this person. Hence, he wanted to hear news about him. He continued to ask, “How is his cultivation? Are there any definitive references?”

Jin Dabao said, “I did not see it personally but he is at the very least a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint. That golden coffin can definitely help a cultivator increase their speed of cultivation.”

Lying in the coffin can increase the speed of cultivation; this is very strange.

Xiao Chen felt suspicious and said, “How do you know?”

The fatty chuckled and said, “Don’t forget, this Fat Lord also obtained a piece of the coffin. After researching it for a long time, I am certain of this conclusion.”

Xiao Chen had a pretty deep impression of the golden coffin lid. When it was swung around, it looked very ordinary. However, his Spiritual Sense detected a fluctuation in space around it.

As it was swung around, it seemed like it broke through space and created an immature small realm.

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts and asked in a sullen voice, “Did Chu Chaoyun obtain the Heavenly Flame inherited by the Tianwu Emperor?”

This was the thing Xiao Chen was the most concerned about. Although it was only a tenth of the inherited Heavenly Flame, its might was still incredibly horrifying. If Chu Chaoyun could grasp it completely, it would be much stronger than Xiao Chen’s current Purple Thunder True Fire.

Xiao Chen was not afraid of Chu Chaoyun’s cultivation realm being higher than his. As long as it did not exceed it by an entire realm, with his combat prowess, he would not fear a peak Martial Saint.

However, if Chu Chaoyun grasped the Purple Thunder True Fire, then everyone would fear him. His talent, Martial Techniques, Cultivation Technique, and Martial Spirit were all amongst the peak of those in the same generation.

If he had completely grasped the Purple Thunder True Fire, then he could be said to be unrivaled amongst Martial Saints.

Jin Dabao had a grave expression as he said, “You best be mentally prepared. I estimate that he is already able to use a quarter of the tenth of Heavenly Flame at the very least. Furthermore, he probably has obtained the inherited Martial Technique of the Tianwu Dynasty—the Life-Extinguishing Blood-Reversing Swordplay.”

If it were in the past, Xiao Chen would be doubtful of the fatty’s words. However, now that he knew the fatty was the young master of the Golden Roc Merchant Association, he was very confident in him.

In terms of information gathering, even the royal courts of every nation would not be as well informed as these merchant associations. In doing business, information was the most important thing.

Suddenly, Jin Dabao seemed to have thought of something. “That’s right. You should be heading to Xihe City to participate in the Linlang Pavilion’s auction. Chu Chaoyun will be participating as well, you might bump into him there.”

Chu Chaoyun is going to participate in the auction as well, Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Suddenly, he had the feeling that this auction was going to be more complicated than he had imagined.

Xiao Chen cupped a palm over his fist and said, “Thank you. I will be careful and do my best to avoid him.”

The fatty laughed loudly and said, “No need to thank me. What kind of relationship do we have? Let me tell you some other news. The strength of your old opponents all soared suddenly.

“Duanmu Qing practiced her Profound Ice Incantation to the ninth layer. Her strength is now even more horrifying. Whoever who looks at her now will feel like they fell into an ice cave.

“Hua Yunfei’s Martial Spirit has already deeply awakened. His Bloody Death Sword Technique has been practiced to Great Perfection. He’s now turned incredibly sinister—extremely strange.

“Of course, the most horrifying ones are not these two. Instead, it is the Guiyi Marquis and Ji Changkong. In terms of gains, these two people have gained the most in the ancient remnant after Chu Chaoyun.”

Xiao Chen felt suspicious and asked, “How so? Our gains are quite significant, could their gains be better than ours?”

The fatty laughed in disdain, “Our gains are considered nothing much. Let’s talk about the Guiyi Marquis first. This fellow obtained the inherited Holy Weapon of the Tianwu Dynasty—the Sky Splitting Sword.

“Originally, I thought it was just a damaged Holy Weapon missing its Daos, so I did not care for it. After all, even though such damaged Holy Weapons are rare, they are not worth much.

“However, now I know that this fellow was very lucky. That Sky Splitting Sword had been passed down from the first generation Tianwu Emperor until now. Its Daos were actually completely intact. Although some of it was lost in the past thousand years, it would be able to be recovered after ten years.”

The so-called ‘Holy Weapons’ referred to the weapons the Ancient Sages used. At that time, a cultivators realm was differentiated in a different manner than it is now.

The Ancient Sage was very different from the current Martial Sage. In terms of strength, the Ancient Sage was equivalent to the modern Martial Emperor. A Martial Sage would be nothing when compared to the Ancient Sages.

At that time, weapons were also ranked differently from the current method. They did not have the Heaven, Earth, Profound, or Yellow rankings for Spirit Weapons.

The Sages had comprehended some of the Heavenly Daos and every move they made, they would affect the laws of heaven and earth. Furthermore, since the weapons they used would bask in the natural laws of heaven and earth for a long time, they would slowly gain a trace of the Dao.

Although the Daos of these weapons were no longer complete after being passed down for ten thousand years, the essence of the weapons was not damaged at all.

When cultivators used the Holy Weapons, they would make use of these incomplete Daos. When they made a move, they could change the laws of heaven and earth slightly. When they were fighting, they could achieve unexpected effects.

However, because the Daos were not complete, it was extremely difficult to truly change the law of heaven and earth. Sometimes, unexpected situations might occur.

Succeeding once out of ten tries was pretty good already. However, if one had a Holy Weapon with complete Daos, then it would be a different story. It would be possible to succeed five out of ten tries.

If one was able to comprehend the Daos within it, every time they made a move, they could change the laws of heaven and earth slightly. This raised the strength of a cultivator to a horrifying level.

Fatty Jin took a sip of tea and continued, “As for Ji Changkong, his luck is even better. This fellow’s talent is simply too high. The Sage Dao Comprehension Picture has been almost fully grasped by him. Every move he makes, there is a slight trace of the Dao. Its effects are better than a Holy Weapon.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly; he was speechless. This was the so-called ‘fortuitous encounter.’ Although fortuitous encounters were hard to discern, it strongly relied on luck. It was something that truly existed.

In the same fortuitous encounter, some obtained nothing and even ended up feeding the Spirit Beasts, dying without a complete corpse. Some were very lucky, resulting in their strength soaring, letting them stand out from the crowd.

These were people with great luck. There were many strong people who had such encounters, turning the other cultivators in the same era into stepping stones. Furthermore, their fame ended up being passed down, never being forgotten forevermore.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, In two years’ time, I must defeat these people. Otherwise, I would never be able to compete with them in terms of luck.

Even if he had other fortuitous encounters, with good luck, he would not have much gains. In the long term, he would become the stepping stone for others.

Xiao Chen thought of something and said, “Going from your earlier tone, you don’t seem to be going to the auction in Xihe City.”

Jin Dabao nodded and said, “I have seen too many auctions and I can’t be bothered to go. If I really want to obtain some peak treasures, I will have to go the Ancient Desolate Lands’ underground auction or the top-notch auction conducted by the Great Jin Nation. That is the truly big stage. Let me tell you…” 

Seeing the fatty enter into sales mode, Xiao Chen knew that it would go on and on with stopping. So Xiao Chen quickly stopped him, saying, “Wait, you don’t have to tell me about that. Since you are not going to Xihe City, could it be that you really have goods that you are sending to the other nations by the Black Dragon River?”

Earlier, when Xiao Chen had some time, he had used his Spiritual Sense to scan the fatty’s golden boxes. In the end, he discovered that they were all empty, there was nothing in there at all.

Although the fatty had many Spatial Rings on his fingers, it would not be sufficient to carry goods. An ordinary Spatial Ring could only contain about several dozen square feet of space. If they wanted to carry a large number of goods, it would be impossible.

As for the top quality Spatial Rings, not to even mention their rarity, even the highest quality Spatial Ring only had several hundred square feet of space. It would still be insufficient to carry a large number of goods.

Hence, when the fatty said he was not going to Xihe City, Xiao Chen was quite surprised. Since he was not transporting goods or participating in the auction, then what was the fatty doing in the Devil Savanna?

The fatty smiled, “Of course it is impossible. I have not used the Devil Savanna’s trading route before, so I cannot take this route for now. My purpose in coming here is to investigate the legend of the Devil Savanna’s treasure.

Legend? Xiao Chen laughed involuntarily, “You came specially all the way to the Devil Savanna for a legend? Who are you kidding? There must be more to this.”

Fatty Jin said, “Naturally, there is some truth to this. In the past, there was a group of bandits there that caused terror on this Devil Savanne. The strength of the bandit leader was unfathomable. People estimate him to be at the very least a Martial Sage. If one wanted to use this trade route, one would have to pay him a toll.”

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