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Chapter 263: Seeing the Vulgar Fatty Again

On this particular day, the two of them swept up another group of bandits. After Liu Suifeng searched all the bodies, he said joyfully, “I originally thought that this Devil Savanna would be very dangerous. I did not expect that we would obtain so much unexpected wealth. The amount of Spirit Stones I’ve obtained is more than I originally had.”

Xiao Chen silently shook his head. It seemed like things were too smooth in the past few days, causing Liu Suifeng to be a little overconfident.

In reality, the Devil Savanna was filled with danger. It was far from what Liu Suifeng had said. If it were not for Xiao Chen, it would be impossible for Liu Suifeng to travel so far on his own.

Any single band of bandits would be able to kill him easily. Even Xiao Chen did not dare to let down his guard in this Devil Savanna.

In the past few days, he had personally seen with his Spiritual Sense a group of bandits led by a peak Martial King. It was likely that a regular elder of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would not be a match for him.

He had to say something to warn Liu Suifeng. Hence, Xiao Chen said, “In that case, you should continue this journey alone. That would save us the trouble of splitting the Spirit Stones.”

When Liu Suifeng heard that, he was immediately stunned. Then he thought about what he had said and felt that it was wrong. He said, “Ye Chen, don’t worry, I was just saying it. I am still clear on the situation here.”

Xiao Chen breathed out in relief. It seems like Liu Suifeng was a rational person; he understood when to advance and retreat.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

As the two of them were speaking, the breeze carrying the sound of killing to the two of them. Their expressions changed as they quickly stopped speaking and listened carefully.

Liu Suifeng said, “It sounds like merchants are being attacked by bandits. Should we go take a look?”

At the end of the of the Devil Savanne was the Black Dragon River which pierces through the Great Qin Nation. There was a huge harbor there that could carry the goods of the Great Qin Nation all over the Tianwu Continent.

Thus, there were many merchants in the Devil Savanna. During these days, the two of them had met many groups of merchants. When they ran into those who needed help, they would always lend a hand. That was why Liu Suifeng asked such a question.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “There is a small hill there. We should be able to observe the situation in front from there. We will decide after taking a look.”

As long as it was within their capabilities, Xiao Chen would do his best to help the merchants. However, if the bandit group was too strong, Xiao Chen would not be silly enough to risk his life; he was cautious in everything he did.

The two of them rushed to high ground and they saw the situation in front. It was indeed a group of merchants being attacked by about five hundred bandits.

The bandits were moving in an uninhibited manner. When they attacked the guards, the guards were unable to retaliate. All of them shouted very excitedly.

This group of merchants was rather strange. All the boxes and carriages were embossed with a glittering layer of gold; it was very dazzling under the sunlight.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng did not see the flags of a merchant association. This proved that they were simply a small merchant association, and so it was not important whether they showed their flag or not.

Liu Suifeng felt that it was suspicious. He said, “What’s wrong with this group of merchants? Why did they make themselves conspicuous? They are simply asking to be robbed. That group of bandits does not seem to be difficult to deal with. Should we help them?”

Xiao Chen felt it was incredibly strange as well. Most regular merchants would be very low key so that they would not attract the attention of the bandits. There were even some merchant groups who would make their carriages look very battered and broken down.

However, this merchant group was very different; from the boxes containing the goods to the carriages carrying the goods, they were embossed in gold. Even the saddles on the horses were made of pure gold.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and said, “This group of merchants is quite strange, let’s wait for a while!”

At this moment, the bandits had already pushed their way to the core position of the merchant group. There was an extremely luxurious carriage over there.

This carriage was pulled by five horses covered in pure gold. It took up the space of about ten square meters. The decorations, the handles, and even the wheels were made out of pure gold.

How extravagant…Xiao Chen shook his head. This was simply a moving treasury; it would have been a miracle if they were not robbed in the Devil Savanna.

“Hahaha! We hooked another big fish?” Suddenly, a vulgar voice came from the luxurious carriage.

“Hu Chi!”

A fat figure flew out from the window of the carriage. That person was holding a huge golden coffin lid in his hands.

The fat figure flashed in the air, his speed inconsistent with his figure—he was so fast it was unbelievable.


The coffin lid swept across in the air, and landed on the bandit leader. The saber the bandit leader used to block was directly smashed into pieces by the coffin lid.

The coffin lid carried a huge force as it smashed into the bandit leader, knocking him flying and causing him to vomit blood; he simply had no way to resist.

The fat figure smashed the coffin lid heavily onto the ground. It caused a loud explosion sound and the ground started to tremble.

The horses were immediately startled as the ground started to shake left and right. The bandits all fell to the ground. 

The fat figure shouted, “All of you! Stop pretending! Stand up for this Fat Lord!”

The bandits on the ground felt it was strange, Who is pretending? We really fell down, even if you did not tell us to get up, we will still stand up.

“Shua! Shua!”

However, something that shocked the bandits happened. The guards they had defeated earlier all stood up in vigorous and lively manners, like nothing had happened to them.

The auras coming from them were fierce and there was an ominous glint in their eyes. They were all giving off looks filled with malicious intent. These gazes made them look more like bandits than the bandits themselves.

The group of bandits slowly gathered together before discovering that they had already been unknowingly surrounded by the merchant's guards. They immediately started to panic.


Suddenly, the fat figure jumped and the coffin lid in his hand headed for the bandit leader who had just stood up.

Before the bandit leader could react, he was smashed to the ground again. Blood flowed from his head, and this time, he could not stand up again.

The fat figure trampled violently on the bandit leader who was trying to get up. The golden coffin lid was placed on the ground heavily as he cursed, “Did this Fat Lord say you could stand up? Yet you still stand up? I will trample you to death!”

There was a fierce look in the fat figure’s eyes as he swept his gaze around. When the other bandits saw the situation of their leader, they immediately understood what the fat figure meant. They all quickly prostrated themselves on the ground.

Suddenly the fat figure laughed loudly, “I now declare this to be a robbery. Aside from your underwear, leave everything behind.”

The situation changed instantly. Under the strong aura of the fat figure, the bandits on the ground did not dare to resist. They all prostrated on the ground obediently, not daring to move.

When they saw how the leader had ended up, to the point where he was being trampled on, they knew they could only admit their defeat.

After a while, a person quickly walked over. This person was the Manservant from White Water City in the past. He said, “Young Master, I have counted everything. There was a total of ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. If we included their other goods, the total would be fifteen thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

The fat figure frowned slightly and said something that made the bandits want to vomit blood, “Why is there so little? Did you do as I said? Have you checked their underwear?”

Up on the hill, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng were watching what happened. They both felt very astonished.

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile on his face. Coincidentally, he had to settle accounts with this fatty. He had not expected to bump into him here.

Actually, he should have guessed it long ago. Only the damn fatty, Jin Badao, would use such a gaudy and tasteless carriage.

Liu Suifeng felt like he was enlightened as he said, “So, it is the Jin Clan’s Jin Dabao. No wonder they were being so flamboyant. I actually misjudged them earlier.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was mildly surprised. He asked, “You know him?”

Liu Suifeng nodded and explained, “He is the young master of the Great Tang Nation’s top merchant association, the Golden Roc Merchant Association. They are one of the five great merchant association under the heavens, and they are in a similar position as the Great Qin Nation’s Feng Yu Merchant Association.

“The Golden Roc Merchant Association used to not have any fame in the Great Qing Nation. However, in the past few years, they established a connection with the Heavenly Craft Manor. They are now very active in the Great Qin Nation.”

One of the five great merchant associations; to think this fatty’s origins are so great, Xiao Chen sighed to himself when he heard Liu Suifeng’s explanation.

Xiao Chen had guessed his origins to be extraordinary long ago. However, he had not expected that his origins would be so shocking.

Liu Suifeng had a somewhat panicked look in his eyes. He said, “Ye Chen, we should leave quickly. This person does not have a good reputation. If he targets us, it would not be a good thing.”

Xiao Chen felt it was strange, so he asked, “Why?”

Liu Suifeng said, “His reputation in the Xihe Province is extremely horrible. According to rumors, the heir of the three noble clans of the Xihe Province’s Yan Clan was thoroughly humiliated by him in the Dongming Province. After he came back, he felt so humiliated and ashamed that he vanished.”

Xiao Chen sweated in his heart; this rumor was not just horrifying on an ordinary level. Yan Qianhe was clearly killed by him, yet the rumors turned it into disappearance out of shame.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “They are just rumors. Come, I have some accounts to settle with this fatty.”

Despite Liu Suifeng’s shocked gaze, Xiao Chen had already left the hill and was heading over quickly.

The fatty had a cocky smile on his face. However, when he accidentally noticed Xiao Chen rushing over, he was startled. He thought he saw wrongly. When he took another look to verify it, he quickly released the bandit leader and ran back.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

Xiao Chen shouted and then created a purple arc in the air, like a flood dragon moving in the air. With a ‘shua’ sound, he landed before Jin Dabao.

“Brother Dabao, we meet again. Don't you recognize me? Why are you running so fast?? Xiao Chen stood before Jin Badao and smiled gently.

Jin Dabao revealed an awkward smile and put the coffin lid into his Spatial Ring. He said, “I really almost could not recognize you, I thought it was some expert.”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Stop pretending. Ying Yue came to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion not long ago. Don’t you have something to explain?”

Jin Dabao put on a righteous expression and said, “That woman forced me, you have to believe me. She had dirt on me. I was forced into a helpless state, that’s why I said that.”

If I believed you, I’d be an idiot, Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him. He said, “I knew you would say that. Stop speaking nonsense. The sculpture actually sold for one hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones each, how many are you going to give me?”

Jin Dabao laughed embarrassedly, “What kind of relationship do we have? Talking about money will hurt our feelings. Come, let’s go into my carriage. Don’t say anything else, let me receive you properly.”

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