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Chapter 265: Map, Treasure

“All the merchant associations which resisted did not have a good ending. He enjoyed a monopoly on this golden trade route. In the end, the amount of wealth he accumulated had reached an astonishing level.”

Xiao Chen bit his tongue, he was in disbelief, “A Martial Sage that did not focus on cultivating, and instead ran here to be a bandit? Do you think that is possible?”

When one reached Martial Sage, their standards were much higher than ordinary people’s. They viewed worldly goods very lightly. After all, they pursued the peak of the martial way. Very rarely would someone care about these material goods.

Fatty Jin said, “Why is that impossible. Back when the three great clans of the Xihe Province took out bandits in the savanna, do you think they were simply attacking the bandits? It was actually so they could obtain the map that was left. Even your Heavenly Saber Pavilion had sent people a few times before.”

When Xiao Chen heard the word ‘map’, he was startled. He asked, “He left behind a map? What do you mean? Can you give me more details?”

Fatty Jin thought for a while before saying, “All men will die someday. This is the same even for Martial Emperors. Naturally, Martial Sages are no exception. After this person died, he buried all the wealth he accumulated on an island within the boundless ocean.

“He left his descendants many maps. These maps listed the location of the island in detail. Furthermore, you can only open the door to the treasury if you have the map.

“Unfortunately, his descendants were too useless. Not long after he died, his descendant were all slaughtered by his previous enemies. Hence, the map was scattered all over.

“Once, someone obtained it and followed the map to find the island. However, stormy seas surrounded the island. Even a Martial King was not able to enter, so they could only watch without being able to do anything.

“Later on, someone coincidentally found out that the storms would go away for a period of time once every hundred years. Hence, the maps became useful again.

“The treasures in there were not placed together. Every time people went in, they were able to bring out large amounts of treasures. Of course, many people died in there.

“Now, this hundred year wait is almost over again. Hence, this Fat Lord intends to try my luck. I am already considerably slow. I do not know whether the three nobles clans managed to obtain the map when they attacked the bandits that time.”

Jin Dabao spoke slowly and tirelessly but his information was very well organized. The moment Xiao Chen heard them, he understood it.

I wonder if the map I have is the one the fatty is looking for? Xiao Chen thought for a while before asking, “How long more is it to the end of this hundred years?”

The fatty thought for a while before answering, “About a year. This Fat Lord intends to spend this year in the Devil Savanna. Even if I don’t find the map, I will be able to make some extra income.

There is still one year. In that case, there is no need to rush, Xiao Chen thought, I can put this aside for a while.

After traveling for half the day in the carriage, the pair parted with Jin Dabao. Jin Dabao continued his strategy of being live bait to attract more bandits and the pair headed to the exit of the Devil Savanna.

Along the way, Xiao Chen asked, “Suifeng, have you heard of the legend regarding the treasure map of the Devil Savanna?”

Liu Suifeng thought for a long time before he said, “I seem to have heard of it before but I did not pay too much attention to it. I have almost forgotten about it. Are you thinking of going treasure hunting?”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “I don’t have the time for it now. My main goal is to grasp Listening to the Sword and Communicating With It. There is finally some progress in it, I do not wish to be distracted by other stuff.”


The two of them traveled for another three days. Because they were already near the edge of the Devil Savanna, the number of bandit encounters decreased. Instead, they saw an increasing number of merchants.

On this particular afternoon, the outline of a small village appeared in their vision. Liu Suifeng said excitedly, “We finally exited this Savanna. After traveling for another half a day, we will be able to reach Xihe City.”

Xiao Chen also felt a slight sense of relief. Although there were no physical problems with camping outdoors for several days, they were mentally fatigued.

The nameless village is front was specially set up for the merchants and cultivators passing through the savanna to resupply. There were inns and some markets around.

Many cultivators doing experiential training in the Devil Savanna would choose to peddle their wares in this place. Although this village was small, it was bustling and noisy.

The two of them found an inn. After a good meal, they both went to their rooms and rested.

Within the room, Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on the bed. The Qi whirlpool in his dantian spun slowly. The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated slowly in his meridians.

“Zi zi!”

Immediately, countless arcs of electricity appeared in the room, making non-stop crackling noises. A pure lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy poured into Xiao Chen’s body.

The density of Spiritual Energy below the Lingyun Mountain Range was very thin, it was not comparable at all. Xiao Chen felt the difference to be at least fifty percent.

There was such a large difference. No wonder the big sects were such a strong attraction for so many cultivators.

After four hours, Xiao Chen stopped circulating his energies. When he opened his eyes, the electricity in the room still had not faded yet, and was flickering occasionally.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, “The state of thunder seems to experience improvements almost every day. At this rate, I might not even be able to execute the Twisting Road Around Peak. I have to find a lightning-attributed Martial Technique.”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Knocking sounds came from the door. Liu Suifeng’s voice came from outside, “Ye Chen, I am going to go out to sell some Spirit Cores and other materials. Do you want to come with me?”

There were many merchants purchasing all sorts of Spirit Beast materials. Because they were dressed like cultivators, when they were on their way to the inn, many merchants enquired about it.

Because they were in a hurry to get some rest, they rejected them all. Now that they had rested for a while, it was not a bad idea to sell to them when they thought about it.

The Xihe City’s auction was going to start in three days. It would feel more assuring to have more Spirit Stones on hand.

Xiao Chen did not overthink it and simply agreed to the suggestion. They walked out of the inn and headed for the busiest area of the market.

“Purchasing all wind-attributed Spirit Cores at high prices. Only wind-attributed wanted, regardless of rank. I will take whatever you have. Open for business for two hours, so come quickly!”

“Selling ten Rank 5 Spirit Cores of various attributes. There are also high ranked Spirit Beast skins.”

“Purchasing ten stalks of Desolate Grass. Cultivators with this, please come to me quickly.”

The sound of people shouting out their wares entered their ears; it was extremely bustling. There were cultivators with stalls on both sides of the street. Merchants could continuously go around asking about the price.

Although the place seemed very messy, there was something managing the place. They did not allow people to set up stalls without permission. If they did so, they would be chased out by the managers.

Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng went to the management center and queued up for an hour before they obtained a spot to set up a stall. The manager handed the stall, a signboard, and all sorts of other tools to the two of them; their services were quite comprehensive.

However, the price was quite astonishing. Liu Suifeng even felt it was overpriced. “Setting up a stall for two hours was ten Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen used a brush and wrote on the signboard, ‘Selling Spirit Cores and all sorts of materials. All purchases to be done in Spirit Stones.’

After Xiao Chen wrote that down, he smiled, “Never mind, it is just ten Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. It is nothing to you. Let’s set up the stall first and hope there will be a big customer buying everything in one go.”

When they arrived at the stall, they changed out the signboard. After a while, a merchant in luxurious golden clothes walked over.

This merchant was about forty years old and had two Martial Saint guards. A wide smile filled his slightly plump face.

“These two brothers, are you selling Spirit Cores?” The middle-aged merchant said while smiling.

Xiao Chen nodded, “The Spirit Cores are all Rank 3 and above. There are about three thousand of them. Aside from those, there are some Spirit Beast skins, all also Rank 3 at the very least.”

Most of these Spirit Cores were obtained by looting the bandits that attacked them. There was also a small portion that was obtained by them hunting Spirit Beasts on their way.

Spatial Rings have limited space and after they tidied them up, they threw away all the Rank 2 Spirit Cores, keeping only Rank 3 and above.

Even so, they still accumulated more than three thousand; their value was considerable.

The middle-aged merchant was mildly startled. He had not expected to be able to make such a large transaction the moment he enquired. The expression on his face changed as he asked, “May I see the goods?”

Xiao Chen nodded and Liu Suifeng took out all the Spirit Cores they had from their Spatial Rings. They also took out all the materials they had.

The large pile of Spirit Cores filled up the entire stall. Immediately, countless gazes were fired over. Amidst the greedy and envious looks, Xiao Chen could actually feel some gazes filled with killing intent.

This was not very strange, the cultivators here were people who lived on the edge of a blade. All of them had blood on their hands. It was a common occurrence for a person to get killed for their wealth here.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and ignored them. He asked, “What do you think? Offer your price!”

The middle-aged merchant felt joyful in his heart but his expression did not change. He probed, “Do you accept gold? If you do, I can give you a better price.”

When Xiao Chen saw the usefulness of Spirit Stones, he no longer cared for gold. Hence, he shook his head decisively.

Liu Suifeng said, “Are you unable to afford it?”

The middle-aged merchant laughed loudly, “Just asking. I am able to afford this amount of Spirit Stones. Here is my offer, ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. I want them all. We can conclude the transaction here or you may choose another location.

The middle-aged merchant also understood the principle of not showing off your wealth. So he kindly offered two methods for making the transaction and allowed them to choose.

Xiao Chen thought for a while, This merchant has an unknown background. Although making the transaction here would reveal the wealth, if we make the transaction elsewhere, we still have to be on our guard against this merchant.

Both methods carried a certain amount of risk and should not be chosen lightly. Xiao Chen chose to make the transaction immediately. At least they would be able to obtain the Spirit Stones immediately, making them feel assured.

The middle-aged merchant did not hesitate and called over the guard beside him. Then, the guard brought up his Spatial Ring and bumped it against Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring.

In the next instant, Xiao Chen felt many Spirit Stones appear in his Universe Ring. When he counted them, it was exactly ten thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

The middle-aged merchant took out a business card and handed it to Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng. He smiled as he said, “The surname of this humble self is Guan. I work for the Yun Clan’s merchant association. I hope there will be more opportunities for us to cooperate again in the future. If you bring this business card to any Yun Clan shop, you can enjoy a ten percent discount.”

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