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Chapter 243: Blood Crow King

Yun Kexin's warning was too slow. There were a few who did not react in time. They were also instantly blasted into the air.

The force generated from more than a hundred Blood Crows exploding at the same time was equivalent to an Inferior Grade Martial King. Almost no one was able to escape completely unscathed.

Aside from Xiao Chen, Zhang Lie, and Yun Kexin, who were further away and had barely avoided the explosion, only Mu Heng did not seem to be severely injured after the explosion.

The remaining people all lost their ability to continue fighting. They were lying on the ground in pain, it was difficult for them to even stand up.

As for Gao Yang, who was the main cause of this disaster, he had already fainted; no one knew whether was he was dead or alive.

This was the terror of the Blood Crows. A Martial Grand Master would be able to kill a lone Blood Crow alone. Even if he was injured by the explosion, he would not be severely injured.

However, when there were many of this type of Demonic Beast and they exploded together, even a Martial King would find it difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, this type of Blood Crow would not explode for no reason. They would only explode before their death. Otherwise, if these ten thousand Blood Crows rushed down and exploded, even a Martial King would be blasted to oblivion, not even leaving behind a corpse. Of course, a Martial King could fly, so it would be easy for him to flee.

There were already six people who could not fight anymore. The Blood Crows above them still continued to attack incessantly. When Yun Kexin saw the situation, he said, "Ye Chen and Zhang Lie, don't hold back. We will kill this batch first before making further plans.

With the aid of the Rank 6 White Cloud Pill, Zhang Lie had already recovered his Essence to its peak state. When he heard what Yun Kexin said, he immediately obeyed.

Zhang Lie utilized his Small Perfection Saber Intent completely, infusing it into the Lingyun Saber Technique's aura. He shouted and executed the sixteenth move—Everlasting Startling Cloud.


Countless thread-like saber Qi flew everywhere. The horrifying scene appeared once again.

Instantly, thousands of Blood Crows ruptured without having the chance to explode. They were smashed by the saber Qi, turning them into a mess of blood. A large amount of blood rained down from the sky.

"Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!"

Xiao Chen pushed his feet off the ground and leaped into the air. This time, he did not hold back at all. He poured his Essence incessantly into his saber blade.

A pure lightning attributed energy was infused into the saber Qi. The berserk saber Qi flashed by at the speed of lightning, the corpses of the Blood Crows filled the ground.

When Xiao Chen landed, the number of dead Blood Crows on the ground was no less than Zhang Lie's Everlasting Startling Cloud.

"Heavenly Melody Explosion!"

Yun Kexin shouted and the slender saber in her hand trembled continuously.

The sound of the initial trembling was very soft, it could barely be heard. However, it slowly got louder. In the end, it was like thunder roaring, shaking the sky.

Many Blood Crows fell from the sky with seemingly perfect bodies. However, if they were sliced open, one would discover that their hearts were all crushed into powder.

Death by a shattered heart!

What a horrifying move, Xiao Chen thought to himself in astonishment. This move was likely to have the same effect at human cultivators. Using sound waves to attack the heart, they would not know how to defend against it.

The techniques of the three people killed the ten thousand Blood Crows in a short while. The Blood Crow King in the sky did not give up. He let out a summoning cry once more.

Yun Kexin made use of this time to take out a map to hand to Xiao Chen, "There is a forest on this map. Lead everyone there. I will lure this Blood Crow King away. I will join up with the group later."

Xiao Chen was not in a rush to take the map. He had a calm expression as he said to Yun Kexin, "Let me lure away the Blood Crow King. I am confident of a seventy percent chance of killing the Blood Crow King. I will meet up with the group after that."

"I know you can kill the Blood Crow King. However, you are not able to lure it away." Yun Kexin stuffed the map into Xiao Chen's hand. "Only the purest blood of a virgin can make these Blood Crows go crazy.

"You can indeed kill the Blood Crow King. However, that does not mean you can lure it away. If you are not able to lure it away and have to fight here, it would be difficult to keep the remaining six people alive."

Despite Yun Kexin's cold exterior, I did not expect her to have such a kind heart and consider details like this. Xiao Chen could not help but be somewhat surprised.

Xiao Chen put away the map and said sincerely, "Then you have to be careful. Remember, you have to meet up with us later."

Yun Kexin nodded and said, "When I was training outside, I met with this kind of Demonic Beast before. I am very familiar with their habits. I will be fine. I will leave first."

"Pu ci!"

After Yun Kexin spoke, she placed her left palm on the sharp saber blade. She leaped high up into the air and slit her left palm, causing some blood to spurt out in the air.

The thick smell from Yun Kexin's blood seemed to contain some kind of magic.

"Ga zhi! Ga zhi!"

The remaining Blood Crows in the sky all turned berserk. They all flew wildly towards the blood.

Even the Blood Crow King stopped his summoning. It flapped its wings wildly, creating a strong wind. It left behind a series of red after-images in the air as it chased after Yun Kexin.

The dense group of Blood Crows all flew away. The red moon reappeared above them once again. The danger was temporarily averted.

Xiao Chen took out his Blood Replenishing Pills and give all the injured people one. The Blood Replenishing Pills had very good effects on internal injuries. Furthermore, it took effect very fast.

Xiao Chen refined them specially for use during combat. Although this Medicinal Pill was not of a high rank, it was sufficient even for a Martial King to use.

After consuming this pill, they would be able to recover the basic ability to move around very soon.

After Xiao Chen distributed the pills, he looked at the unconscious Gao Yang. When he did so, he immediately felt his anger flaring up.

If this fellow had not done such a stupid thing, everyone would not have gotten injured. Yun Kexin would not have to put herself in danger.

The current situation was not exactly safe either. Based on Yun Kexin's tone, everywhere in this strange space was dangerous.

There was danger everywhere. The Blood Crows were simply the appetizers. It would only become more and more dangerous. They had to move steadily and surely, preserving their strength at all times. Only then could they walk to the end.

Xiao Chen recollected his thoughts. Although he did not like this person, he was one of his comrades after all. He could not simply leave him behind. He said to Mu Heng, "Carry this fellow."

Mu Chen said in dissatisfaction, "No way, I feel pissed simply looking at him. There is no way I am carrying him."

"If you don't carry him, then who will?" Before Xiao Chen could finish speaking, Zhang Lie smiled and said, "I have exhausted too much of my Essence. The others are injured. Xiao Chen is the vice-captain and has to lead the way. Aside from you, who else can do it? Furthermore, you have the greatest physical strength."

Mu Heng was helpless, he could not find a reason to reject the order. Hence, he could only agree to this menial task.

Xiao Chen did not harp on the issue. He told the injured people to treat their injuries quickly. Then, he took out the map and looked at it carefully.

The map was very detailed, it encompassed the entirety of this space. Xiao Chen looked for where they were now, before starting to look for the forest Yun Kexin mentioned.

The black forest took up a very large section on the map, almost half of it. Behind the forest was a mountain range. There was a palace on top of an overhanging cliff,  specially demarcated with a red dot.

Xiao Chen looked at the map and muttered to himself, "Looks like our final destination is this palace. However, in order to get to the palace, we have to go through this forest. We should go to the forest first. Hopefully, Yun Kexin can return safely."

After Xiao Chen put away the map, he called everyone together. After he pointed out the direction, they all rushed toward the forest with all their might.

After they had gone far away, a strange black aura came out from the ground where they had fought. The black aura gathered together and eventually turned into a human-shaped figure. It was a man who was extremely pale.

He looked at the direction Yun Kexin left in and stuck out his tongue greedily. He laughed sinisterly, "I have not smelled such a fragrant virgin's blood for a long time already. No wonder the Blood Crows I reared disobeyed."

At this moment, a similar situation was happening to the other teams. Each team encountered the attacks of a large flock of Blood Crows.

Murong Chong shouted and move quickly in the air. He dodged a red blood arrow the Blood Crow King spat out.

With the aid of the flying Martial Technique, Murong Chong could fly freely in the air. Each time he dodged, his intense speed would cause friction in the air, creating a piercing sonic boom.

"Pu ci!"

Murong Chong swung his saber casually and several Blood Crows were chopped into half. The Blood Crow King was aware of the terror of Murong Chong. Hence, it had been controlling the Blood Crow to harass Murong Chong incessantly. This created a significant obstacle for him, and he could not find an opportunity to make a move.

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