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Chapter 243: Blood Crow King

Yun Kexin’s warning was too slow. There were a few who did not react in time. They were also instantly blasted into the air.

The force generated from more than a hundred Blood Crows exploding at the same time was equivalent to an Inferior Grade Martial King. Almost no one was able to escape completely unscathed.

Aside from Xiao Chen, Zhang Lie, and Yun Kexin, who were further away and had barely avoided the explosion, only Mu Heng did not seem to be severely injured after the explosion.

The remaining people all lost their ability to continue fighting. They were lying on the ground in pain, it was difficult for them to even stand up.

As for Gao Yang, who was the main cause of this disaster, he had already fainted; no one knew whether was he was dead or alive.

This was the terror of the Blood Crows. A Martial Grand Master would be able to kill a lone Blood Crow alone. Even if he was injured by the explosion, he would not be severely injured.

However, when there were many of this type of Demonic Beast and they exploded together, even a Martial King would find it difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, this type of Blood Crow would not explode for no reason. They would only explode before their death. Otherwise, if these ten thousand Blood Crows rushed down and exploded, even a Martial King would be blasted to oblivion, not even leaving behind a corpse. Of course, a Martial King could fly, so it would be easy for him to flee.

There were already six people who could not fight anymore. The Blood Crows above them still continued to attack incessantly. When Yun Kexin saw the situation, he said, “Ye Chen and Zhang Lie, don’t hold back. We will kill this batch first before making further plans.

With the aid of the Rank 6 White Cloud Pill, Zhang Lie had already recovered his Essence to its peak state. When he heard what Yun Kexin said, he immediately obeyed.

Zhang Lie utilized his Small Perfection Saber Intent completely, infusing it into the Lingyun Saber Technique’s aura. He shouted and executed the sixteenth move—Everlasting Startling Cloud.

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