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Chapter 242: Cruel Massacre

Seeing the killing power of this move, Xiao Chen felt somewhat astonished. He did not expect that after he had comprehended saber Qi that the attacks of the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years would reach such a level.

In the past, when he was a Martial Master, he could only send out limited saber light. At that time, he would not be able to bring out even a tenth of its might. When he became a Martial Grand Master and comprehended saber light, he was still only able to bring out under half its true power.

Now he had reached Martial Saint and could use Saber Qi. He could bring out the true might of Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years.

A heavy stench of blood permeated the entire area. When people smelled it, they could not help but retch. When even more Blood Crows in the distance smelled the stench, they flew over.

The whole sky was filled with Blood Crows. This made the already incredibly dark space become completely dark. Everyone’s vision was significantly impaired.

Xiao Chen looked at Yun Kexin beside him, “What should we do? I cannot use that earlier move too often. The amount of Essence exhausted is great. There are at least ten thousand Blood Crows here!”

The faces of the other eight behind them were somewhat unsightly. This was something no one had expected. The moment they arrived at this odd place, they had already run into such trouble even before they met any demons.

These Blood Crows were only Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. With the strength of their group, they were simply too weak. Any one of them would be able to kill at least ten Blood Crows easily.

However, when the numbers were high enough, they became quite horrifying. The most important thing was that the Blood Crow would explode upon death. The might from that explosion was equivalent to the full-powered attack of a Medial Grade Martial Saint.

Yun Kexin pointed to a huge Blood Crow flying in the sky. She said, “Look there; that Blood Crow should be the king of this group of Blood Crows. Once we kill it, the other Blood Crows will automatically disperse.”

Xiao Chen raised his head to take a look. He saw a huge Blood Crow about the size of an eagle. It had hidden itself behind several hundred Blood Crows, and if he did not look carefully, he could not see it.

Xiao Chen shook his head, “If it does not come down, we can’t do anything about it. Unless there is someone with a flying Martial Technique.”

Only when a cultivator reached Martial King could they fly. Other than that, they could only do so if they were a peak Superior Grade Martial Saint and had a wind attributed Martial Spirit.

Besides cultivation, if one wanted to fly without relying on an external object, they had to learn a flying Martial Technique. However, flying Martial Techniques were rare. Their value was higher than peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Techniques.

Of course, if Xiao Chen was here alone, he could summon out the silver warship. However, the silver warship would reveal Xiao Chen’s identity. He would not use it unless he had no other choice.

Yun Kexin pondered deeply as she said, “Leave the Blood Crow King to me. We will retreat first. With so many Blood Crows, the next wave of attacks will not be coming from just one direction.”

The two of them retreated, protecting the other eight people behind them. They waited for the next wave of attacks from the Blood Crow.

“Ga zhi! Ga zhi!” the Blood Crows in the sky cried out repeatedly. When the ten thousand Blood Crows all cried out together, the sound was sharp and piercing. Even before they attacked, they already made unsettled everyone.    

Nobody knew why, but the Blood Crows all turned patient. They cried non-stop as their blood-red eyes stared at the group without attacking. The birds were whittling away at their fighting spirit.

“Damn it! Can you be more straightforward?!” Gao Xiang could not resist cursing out at the Blood Crows. The characteristics of Qianduan Peak’s Martial Techniques were blunt and direct. They were famed for having a ferocious might.

Gao Xiang’s character was clearly in line with this. When he encountered Demonic Beasts that could explode like the Blood Crows, it was extremely agonizing. He had the strength, but was unable to utilize it.

Just as the group was about to run out of patience, the Blood Crows in the sky suddenly stopped their strange cries. The noisy space suddenly became quiet.

Only the sound of wind could be heard from the sky. It was extremely quiet, a very sharp contrast from earlier. This made the group feel anxious, they could not help but tighten their grips on their saber hilts.

Everyone knew, this was only the calm before the storm.

“Hu chi!” Suddenly, there were countless shrieks of the air being torn apart.

In the next moment, a strange red glow appeared on the Blood Crows. There were many bright spots in the sky, like thousands of houses lighting up lamps at night. It illuminated the sky with a crimson radiance.

There were layers upon layers of Blood Crows in the sky. They were like countless red arrows piercing through the air, and now they were rushing at the group at high speed.

Yun Kexin quickly said, “Aside from Ye Chen, the others are not allowed to draw your sabers from the scabbard. Zhang Lie, come to my side. We will make a move together. The other can only use their scabbards to attack the Blood Crows.”

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He moved quickly in an arc above the group and killed the Blood Crows from the first layer.

However, there were simply too many Blood Crows. The second layer of Blood Crows immediately flew over. With Yun Kexin’s instructions, the others did not dare draw their sabers.

They could only use the scabbard to knock the Blood Crows to the ground. They did not even dare to use too much strength. They were afraid of the Blood Crows exploding if they died. While their hands were tied by the situation, they were surrounded by peril.

Of the entire group, only Mu Heng was in a relaxed state. He circulated the Purple Jade Body Tempering Art and was covered in a purple glow. The Blood Crows were only Rank 4 Demonic Beasts, and were not able to break through his defenses.

The sharp long beaks that could pierce through iron gave off ‘ding ding dang dang’ sounds when they hit Mu Heng’s body. He remained unharmed, and instead, the beaks of some Blood Crows broke.

“Hu chi!”

Yun Kexin, who had been dodging, suddenly drew her saber. There was a flash of saber light and it pierced through a Blood Crow’s heart. It did not even have the opportunity to explode, it simply fell to the ground as a corpse.

Yun Kexin told Zhang Lie, “The reaction of the Blood Crow is very fast. They only need half a second to initiate an explosion. If you have the confidence of killing them in half a second, you may make a move.”

Zhang Lie had a calm expression, and was not in a rush to make a move. As he dodged the Blood Crows, he observed Yun Kexin’s movements very carefully.


After a while, Zhang Lie found a solution. He drew his scabbard and clouds appeared from nowhere. When the cloud scattered, the tiny saber Qi was launched into the air.

Everywhere the saber Qi went, it would pierce through all the Blood Crows instantly. In a short moment, several hundred Blood Crows died.

Zhang Lie waved his saber and the tiny saber Qi vanished. He shouted, “Everlasting Startling Cloud! Explode!”

The Everlasting Startling Cloud containing Zhang Lie’s Small Perfection saber intent suddenly exploded. The thin line appeared once again and turned into a boundless light spreading out.

Each tiny strand of light was actually saber Qi infused with saber intent. Its speed and strength had reached the limit of an Inferior Grade Martial Saint.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In the next instant, the groups of Blood Crows fell like rain. This attack had killed several thousand Blood Crows, and relieved the others

When Yun Kexin saw the situation, her expression did not relax. Instead, her crescent-shaped eyebrows were knitted tightly in a frown. She threw out a medicinal pill for recovering Essence to Zhang Lie.

“Don’t force yourself. Recover your Essence quickly. We have not reached the time to use our trump cards yet. Mu Heng, protect him for now.”

When Zhang Lie heard this, he felt slightly embarrassed. This move was indeed very Essence intensive. It had exhausted about two-thirds of his Essence. However, its killing power was clear to see.

He originally thought that even if Yun Kexin did not praise him, she would not criticize him. Who knew, he would still get criticized like this?

Zhang Lie threw the medicinal pill into his mouth. He immediately felt a cooling sensation. After a while, the Essence in his Dantian recovered quickly. In a short moment, he had recovered a third of his Essence.

This was the Rank 6 White Cloud Pill. It could instantly recover one-third of a cultivator’s Essence immediately. After that, it would replenish all the Essence in ten minutes.

It was worth five hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Zhang Lie did not expect Yun Kexin to be so generous. His impression of her could not help but change greatly.

“Ga zhi! Ga zhi!”

The huge Blood Crow King in the air let out two strange cries. All the Blood Crows immediately stopped attacking. They flapped their wings and returned to the sky.

Yun Kexin looked at Zhang Lie and said, “Unless you have no other choice, do not exhaust too much Essence at this time. There is still a long way to go.”

Zhang Lie did not dare to refute her. He knew he had been somewhat rash. He did his best to quickly replenish his exhausted Essence.

The Blood Crow’s attack only lasted about five minutes. However, the density of the attacks was too high. Everyone was feeling somewhat weary.


Suddenly, the Blood Crow King let out a long crow’s cry. Under the red moon, a large group of black dots could be seen in the distant sky. When they heard the cries, they flew over in a dense pack.

After a moment, there were another ten thousand Blood Crows in the sky. The sky was completely black, and when the group saw it, their scalps went numb.

Xiao Chen looked at the sky calmly. After thinking for awhile, he said, “We have to kill the Blood Crow King. Otherwise, this will never end. Everyone will be eaten alive.”

Yun Kexin said indifferently, “After this wave of attacks, I will deal with it. Every time it summons more Blood Crows, its strength will decrease.”

Without giving the group too much time, the next wave of attacks came very quickly.

This time, Zhang Lie did not use the Everlasting Startling Cloud. He infused his saber intent into his saber Qi. His saber kept dancing around, every saber Qi he sent out would kill one Blood Crow.

Xiao Chen, Zhang Lie, and Yun Kexin did their best to kill the Blood Crows. The others used their scabbards to block them. Occasionally, there would be someone in danger, but Mu Heng would rush over and block the attacks of the Blood Crow with his body, so there were no weak points.

As time passed, the corpses of the Blood Crows piled up on the ground.

“I can’t bear it any longer. This group of little things is too tiresome!” Gao Yang suddenly shouted and drew his huge saber. “I’ll smash you all to death!”


Hundreds of Blood Crows circulating in the sky suffered an attack from the horrifying huge saber. They were chopped into half and blood fell from the sky like rain.

When Gao Yang saw all these, he laughed out loud, “They are just Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. Yet, you all feared them so much. I can kill them all alone!”

When Xiao Chen turned around and saw all this, he was greatly startled. He hated that he could not use his saber to kill this wretch.

Yun Kexin’s previously calm face changed greatly. She shouted in a loud voice, “Quick, run!”

“Zi zi!”

The Blood Crow corpses chopped into two halves did not have any electricity suppressing their wounds. The black aura starting burning up.


More than a hundred Blood Crow bodies exploded. It created an intense shockwave. Gao Yang was blasted into the air. Then he vomited six mouthfuls of blood before falling back to the ground miserably.

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