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Chapter 244: High Leveled Cannon Fodder

“This is neverending! Peerless Lunar Shadow!” The Blood Crows charging him incessantly caused Murong Chong to lose his patience. He used one of Qingyun Peak’s seven Secret Techniques, Peerless Lunar Shadow

Two crescent moons appeared before Murong Chong. The crescent moons intersected each other, forming a cross as they silently slashed across.

In the next instant, a huge amount of blood spurted out, dyeing the two crescent moons scarlet. The surrounding Blood Crows all fell like rain.

The two scarlet crescent moons flew back, one was in front and the other behind, sandwiching Murong Chong in the middle. They turned into a full moon.

“Hu chi!”

The instant the crescent moons joined together, Murong Chong flashed by in the air. Blood spurted out from the middle of the Blood Crow King’s huge body; it was split in half.

Murong Chong’s handsome figure appeared behind the Blood Crow King. He was holding a bloody Demonic Core in his hand.

Behind him was a dark red full moon, slowly rising up and dyeing the sky scarlet. Under the illumination of the red light, Murong Chong stood upright holding his saber. There was a certain unspeakable beauty about it.

The corpse of the Blood King Crow fell from the sky with a ‘pu tong.’ The remaining Blood Crows immediately scattered. The other disciples on the ground immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

A Beichen Peak core disciple looked at Murong Chong in the sky and sighed, “He is already very close to having a Great Perfection mysterious phenomenon. Murong Chong is not the top ranker on the Wind Cloud List for nothing. It is likely an Inferior Grade Martial King would not be a match for him.”

Another person chimed in as well, “That is definitely so. The greatest advantage a Martial King has over a Martial Saint is the ability to fly. Since Murong Chong has a flying Martial Technique, this advantage is neutralized. Even in the face of a Medial Grade Martial King, he would be able to hold his ground.”

“Stop admiring him, he is of a different level from us. He strength is firmly within the top ten amongst the younger generation in the Great Qin Nation. All we can do is to try and compete for the top ten within Xihe Province.”

As the full moon slowly vanished, Murong Chong landed on the ground expressionlessly. His gaze swept passed the other nine people very quickly.

Everyone immediately felt a faint pressure and they stopped their discussions. A Qianduan Peak disciple walked over to Murong Chong and asked, “Senior Brother Murong, are you alright?!”

Murong Chong sheathed his saber and said indifferently, “They are just Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. What can happen to me?”

“Where should we be going to next?” this person asked with a doubtful expression as he took two steps forward.


Just at this person was only one step away from Murong Chong, Murong Chong suddenly shot out his hand, piercing into this person’s chest with his palm.

This person’s body started trembling intensely. A black figure came out from his body.

When the black figure revealed himself, he revealed an extremely pale complexion. Suddenly, he vomited a big mouthful of blood. His originally pale face turned even paler.

The black figure looked at Murong Chong incredulously and said, “How did you discover me?”

Murong Chong said indifferently, “Within the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, there is no core disciple who dares to be within three steps of me.”

“Pu ci!”

The black figure vomited another mouthful of blood. He looked at Murong Chong in horror. Then he quickly turned around and dashed off into the distance. His speed was as fast as lightning; in an instant, he was more than a thousand meters away.

Murong Chong looked at the fleeing black figure, but did not chase after him. After a moment, there was a loud bang. The fleeing black figure suddenly exploded into many pieces.

A core disciple revealed an alarmed expression. He asked, “What was that? How could it enter our bodies?”

“Shadow Demon!” Murong Chong said indifferently. “It is one of the subordinate clans to the Blood Demon Clan, who are one of the nine royal clans in the Demonic World Abyss. It can only enter into a dead body. You just have to be careful.”

“”Then, what about Senior Brother Cheng?” that person asked in a quivering voice as he pointed at the Qianduan Peak core disciple on the ground.

Murong Chong turned around and said indifferently, “Dead.”

After he spoke, everyone took a deep breath of cold air. This was the first time they had felt so close to death.

There were some who rejoiced and some who worried. Not all the teams were like Murong Chong’s and Yun Kexin’s teams. Their teams did not have too many casualties.

High in the sky, there was a huge Blood Crow carrying the corpses of ten Heavenly Saber Pavilion core disciples on its back. A Shadow Demon was standing on its head as he chuckled, “Ten fresh corpses. Master will be happy.”

On another battlefield, the ground was covered in Blood Crow corpses. A heavy stench of blood permeated the air.

The huge body of the Blood Crow King was lying on the ground in pieces.

Not far from the Blood Crow King, there was one person inspecting the Shadow Demon’s corpse. The other nine people were all releasing a heavy killing Qi.

Some were wiping their sabers, some sitting quietly, and some looked around their surroundings. All of them seemed to be very relaxed.

A man dressed in black walked to the side of the Shadow Demon. He said to the person inspecting the corpse, “Senior Brother Lu, can we start?”

This team was the elite team of ten Lu Chen was leading. Lu Chen smiled at the person behind him, “Brother Pang, there is no need to be anxious. This is the first time we have seen a Shadow Demon. It would be good to research for a little.”

Liu Ruyue walked over slowly. She said somewhat worriedly, “I suspect the Blood Demons sensed us the moment we entered this sub-space. I believe every team has been attacked like this.”

Lu Chen’s handsome face did not reveal any expression of astonishment. He said, “This space is the manifestation of the Blood Demons. It is not just a belief, everyone definitely was attacked.”

Liu Ruyue frowned slightly, “You do not seem worried. The Blood Crows are not your regular Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. Furthermore, the Shadow Demons are controlling them.”

Lu Chen muttered to himself for a while. Then he slowly took out a metal piece from the Shadow Demon’s heart. The metal piece was covered in black incantation words. There was a large amount of black aura surrounding it.

Lu Chen did not answer Liu Ruyue’s question. Instead, he revealed a smile of amazement, “Interesting… so that is how the Blood Demons control their subordinate clans.”

Lu Chen carefully put away the metal piece and stood up. He said, “Senior Sister Ruyue, you have given your disciple a Divine Flame Talisman. He will be fine. The other people were originally going to be used as high leveled cannon fodder. Why the need to worry about them?”

As Lu Chen said this, he had an incomparably calm expression on his face. It was as though it was normal, like he was speaking of an insignificant manner. The hundred core disciples were like ants in their eyes.


There were only several dozen kilometers to the entrance of the forest. However, Xiao Chen and the others walked for half a day before they arrived at the forest entrance with much difficulty.

They now understood why Yun Kexin said to never let their Essence be completely exhausted.

Along the way, they would meet a group of Demonic Beasts every ten minutes. The Demonic beasts were at least Medial Grade Rank 5 Demonic Beasts. They had strength equivalent to a peak Martial Saint.

Furthermore, the strength of Demonic Beasts was increased by one or two levels compared to the Tianwu Continent. They were very problematic to deal with.

That was not the most important thing. The most problematic thing was that there were five injured people in the team who had just recovered their ability to move and one unconscious person. In order to take care of these injured people, Xiao Chen, Zhang Lie, and Mu Heng had nearly lost their lives in the process.

Mu Heng tossed the unconscious Gao Xiang on the ground. He panted for a little and said, “We finally reached this stupid forest. I really don’t want to carry this rotten person anymore.”

“Ye Chen, thank you all.” the five injured people said in some embarrassment. On this journey, it could be said they were complete burdens, and they knew it in their hearts.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “We are all from the same sect. Now, we are comrades. There is no need to thank me for looking out for each other.”

To Xiao Chen, this was indeed something he did not need to be thanked for. Although he was not some noble person, if he was able to, he would not abandon this group of people.

Xiao Chen saw that Zhang Lie was recovering his Essence, so he did not disturb him. He told Mu Heng, “Look after them for a while, I will go and check out the forest.”

Mu Heng nodded, “Alright. Be careful though.”

The dense forest normally did not have any people walking in it. There were bushes and weeds everywhere. There was no complete path.

Xiao Chen turned his Spiritual Sense into a ring and expanded it out. As the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation advanced, his knowledge of how to use Spiritual Sense improved.

In an instant, everything within a thousand meters was scanned by Xiao Chen. There were no Demonic Beasts within a thousand meters.

He could not even feel the aura of a Demonic Beast. The surroundings were incredibly quiet. Even the air was not flowing.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense. Then he jumped down a tree and muttered, “That is strange. Why is it so quiet?”

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He decided to see for himself. There were some things that he had to see for himself.

He seemed to have turned into a flood dragon, piercing through the dense air. Xiao Chen moved around rapidly in the forest as he kept swinging his Lunar Shadow Saber.

Stands of saber Qi shattered the bushes before him into dust, carving out a path in front of him.

He did not cover up his presence, making a lot of noise. He was moving back and forth in this silent forest. However, there were no reactions from any Demonic Beasts.

Xiao Chen stopped and looked around again. There was still no activity. “Never mind. It’s good that there is no Demonic Beast. After the others rest for a night, they should recover their combat prowess.”

After Xiao Chen made up his mind, he executed the Lightning Evasion. A bolt of lightning flashed in the air. In an instant, he arrived back at the entrance of the forest.

When Zhang Lie, who had recovered most of his Essence, saw Xiao Chen coming out, he got up and asked, “How was it? What is the situation like in there?”

Xiao Chen shook his head, “A little strange. I did not see any Demonic Beasts. It is overly quiet. When we go in, we should be careful.”

Zhang Lie laughed, “Quiet is good. I am here to kill Demons. In the end, we did not even see any. I feel a headache every time I see a Demonic Beast.”

Under Xiao Chen’s lead, the team entered the forest. After they settled down, they quickly started treating their wounds.

After a long time, it should have been about midnight in the Tianwu Continent. In this strange space, the scarlet full moon hung high in the air all the time.

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