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Chapter 195: Desperate Struggle

When Xiao Chew saw Mu Xinya’s expression, he felt a complex emotion. He hated this girl for being so ruthless yet he empathized with her situation.

From the beginning, she had fallen into the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s trap. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion only wanted to make use of her to destroy the Fiend Sealing Stone and release the Fiend King. After that, they wanted to kill the Fiend King to take his cultivation of a millennium.

The Fiend Sealing Stone was a mysterious natural treasure. It was formed from the natural Spiritual Energy of heaven and earth and contained a huge energy. Aside from the ancient forbidden weapons, probably nothing else would be able to break it.

At this moment, he understood—there was no such thing as absolute good or absolute evil in this world. In terms of ruthlessness, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion might possibly be even more so than Mu Xinya. In order to not alert their enemies, they abandoned all the miners in the Spirit Mines.

Xiao Chen could roughly understand why the Heavenly Saber Pavilion did this. After the calamity from twenty years ago, they were severely weakened. All the cultivators in the Martial Sage realm probably died then.

Thus, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion that had been passed down for ten thousand years had a huge gap in terms of strength. Within the strong Heavenly Saber Pavilion, there was not even a single Martial Sage.

In order to make up for this huge deficit, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion could only set their eyes on the Fiend King that had been trapped for a thousand years. Regardless of his inner core, skin, muscle, bones, or blood, they were all very valuable.

However, Mu Xinya was oblivious to all this; she was confused. Not only had she aided the Heavenly Saber Pavilion with their agendas, she even put her life at risk.

“No way, the hope of the Heavenly Wolf Race cannot end like this.” A resolute look appeared on Mu Xinya’s face. She did her best to raise her aura and prepared to step forward and make a desperate struggle.

Xiao Chen quickly pulled her back. Although he could not use his Essence, he still had his physical strength. Mu Xinya was not able to struggle free. “Are you sending yourself to your death? Quickly leave! The Heavenly Saber Pavilion already noticed your plan long ago. The results had been decided from the very start.”

Mu Xinya looked strangely at Xiao Chen. She did not except that Xiao Chen would hold her back here; he had wanted to kill her earlier.

She used some strength and freed herself from Xiao Chen. She smiled and said, “Senior Brother Ye, I told you before, my parents were the ones who instructed me to come here. Actually, I was not willing to do so. Everyone is afraid of death, since I came here, there is no escape for me; there is also no escape for the Heavenly Wolf Race.”

Her smile was as splendid and as beautiful as before.

She pushed her feet off the ground and flew over the river, arriving on the other side and instantly joined the battle.

On the other side of the river, Ye Wen was giving off a golden light from his entire body. He placed his hand on the wooden box as he stood his ground motionlessly. There was light emitted from the wooden box continuously.

The other nine Martial Kings behind him did not make a move. They only relied on the light from the Divine Weapon to kill the Running Corpse Sect’s forces. The result was that they could not proceed forward.

The first saber light that came from the wooden box had split the three important corpse kings into half. After that, the figure of light fired off countless saber lights; they flew around in the air and looked very bright.

The forces of Running Corpse Sect that managed to react were not killed in one move. However, all they could do was flee, there was no chance to make a counter attack.

As Supervisor Li dodged the saber lights that flew wantonly in the air, he made some hand gestures with his hand. He intended to fix the three corpse kings on the ground.

The corpse kings already had an undying body.  If they were not instantly smashed into bits, it would be very difficult to kill them for good. As long as their controller was not dead, the controller could use their Secret Techniques to revive them.

If the three corpse kings could be revived, they might be able to turn this around. He could tell that Ye Wen did not have control over the Divine Weapon.

The saber lights in the air were no longer as powerful as the first strike. This made the problem very clear.

It was not that the nine people behind him did not make a move. Instead, they were not able to make a move. Through the ground under their feet, they were sending their Essence to Ye Wen, allowing him to hold on.

Even so, Supervisor Li was very anxious. The black-clothed men that controlled the corpse king were very weak; they were all dead already.

He was the only one who barely held on. Because the strength of the corpse king was very horrifying, it required three people to control them. Now that he was the only one that remained, it would be very difficult for him to revive them.

“Hu Chi!”

A silver figure flashed by above everyone’s heads and headed for Ye Wen. A huge silver wolf appeared behind Mu Xinya.

This was the totem of the Heavenly Wolf Race; it had a horrifying might. The huge wolf howled angrily and a heavy sound wave spread out.

It smashed apart all the saber lights that flew at Mu Xinya. She quickly landed and swiped her hand in the air, her hand turned into five sharp claws and attacked Ye Wen.

The five sharp claws were as keen as knives. As they slashed down through the air, they gave off a ‘chi chi’ sound. In the blink of an eye, it turned into five streams of scarlet aura. The claws grew larger as it moved and it was soon just ten meters away.

YeWen did not dare to be careless. He pointed at the air with his other hand. A golden human figure materialized and came out of his body.

“Clone Chop!”

This was a Secret Technique of the Jade Maiden Peak; Ye Wen had learned it after leaving Qingyun Peak. With the Divine Weapon supporting him, its might was significantly more horrifying than usual.

This figure of light was like a real person. After it dodged Mu Xinya’s attack, it nimbly turned around and made a counter attack. Mu Xinya changed her position in the air three times but she was still unable to shake off the attacks of the figure of light.

Mu Xinya slowly calmed down and did her best to focus. While in the air, she released her perception. After a while, her face lit up in joy. She said, “I found it!”

Mu Xinya somersaulted in the air and waved her hands in a criss-crossed fashion. A few invisible threads of light were instantly broken. The Clone Chop that Ye Wen had executed, the figure of light, immediately fell.

So this was the secret behind the Clone Chop attacking so nimbly. It was related to these invisible threads of light. Once they were broken, the figure of light could no longer be controlled.


As Mu Xinya was able to land, she howled like a ferocious wolf and leaped higher into the air. She leaped over Ye Wen’s head and headed towards the nine Martial Kings behind him.

Oh no! Ye Wen exclaimed in his heart. Although Mu Xinya’s cultivation was not high, if she managed to land there, the nine people would be in trouble.

These people needed to transmit Essence to Ye Wen, they were not able to make a move. Anyone would be able to easily kill these insufferably arrogant Martial Kings.

Currently, he was able to barely control the Divine Weapon. However, if one person died out of the nine, his control would immediately collapse; he would instead suffer a backlash from the Divine Weapon.


Thinking of this, Ye Wen’s expression turned serious. He inhaled deeply and slapped the wooden box violently with his right hand. A ripple immediately spread out. With a loud boom, Mu Xinya was bounced right back.

Mu Xinya vomited a mouthful of blood as she landed on the ground heavily. Ye Wen, who executed the move, had an unsightly expression on his face. The figure of light that came out from the wooden box also slowed down significantly.

The Running Corpse Sect who were stretched thin finally had an opportunity to catch a breather. Supervisor Li took advantage of this to continuously make hand seals. The two halves of a corpse king started to slowly merge together.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Suddenly, just at this moment, there were a string of explosion sounds from the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation. Cracks appeared in the space locked up by the Soul Chains, then it completely shattered.

The Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation was broken!

Everyone looked at this in shock before they quickly reacted. They immediately pulled back and retreated, fleeing from the area.

The destructive force generated by a small realm falling apart was very horrifying. It was not something that even a Martial King would dare to go head on against.


There was a very loud sound as space broke. The entire cave shook non-stop, the underground river tossed and turned and rocks fell continuously from the ceiling.

Xiao Chen gingerly dodged the huge rocks falling from the ceiling. He did his best to keep his balance, at the moment, he was not able to use Essence. If he fell, it was possible that he would be crushed by a rock before he could climb up.

“Hu Chi! Hu Chi!”

Twelve figures came flying out from the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation. The Soul Holy Weapons and Soul Chains in their hands were broken. All of their faces were incredibly pale.

“Hahaha! The Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation is only so much!”

A bleak laughter came from the cloud of flying dust. When the dust cleared, the stout figure of the Heavenly Wolf King slowly appeared. His body did not seem to have any other injuries on it; his silver hair fluttered in the air and his aura was as wild as it was before.

The Soul Holy Weapon specialized in attacking the soul. After a soul was destroyed, it would only leave behind an empty shell. Naturally, there would be no possibility of that people living.

That was why Leng Tianzheng and the other chose to use the Soul Holy Weapon to attack the Heavenly Wolf King. His body was much stronger than regular people, much more resilient. If they used a physical weapon, the effect would not be good.

However, they had not expected that even though the Heavenly Wolf King had only recovered a fifth of his strength, the strength of his soul was much stronger than his body.

The Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation could condense 81 battle arrays and was able to execute 9,999 killing moves. Even when coupled with the Soul Holy Weapons, they still could not do anything.

After he attacked for a long time without success, the Heavenly Wolf King finally managed to find the weak point of the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation. He attacked with all his strength and broke the small realm.

The Heavenly Wolf King’s aura was very bright and covered the sky. His gaze was like a lamp staring down the earth. Everyone he looked at felt fear in their hearts.

“Hey! The Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Divine Weapon?” The Heavenly Wolf King noticed the wooden box in Ye Wen’s hands. His face lit up with joy as he said, “With this Divine Weapon, I am even more assured that I will obtain the Spirit Vein Origin.”


The Heavenly Wolf King opened his fingers and a strong suction force was stretched out for a distance of about 33 meters. Ye Wen felt his grip loosen and the Wooden Box flew into the hands of the Heavenly Wolf King.

The situation turned around in an instant. Xiao Chen looked at all of this in shock. He originally thought the twelve Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Supreme Elders would be able to easily deal with the Heavenly Wolf King. The Heavenly Wolf King had been weakened after being locked up for a thousand years and they had even joined hands to execute the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation.

However, he did not expect for the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation to be broken. Although the strength of the Heavenly Wolf King’s soul was weakened, the twelve people had to endure the rebound from the formation breaking; they were severely injured. For the time being, they had no way of dealing with the Heavenly Wolf King.

They could only watch the Heavenly Wolf King snatch the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Divine Weapon.

Actually, if the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation was used with physical weapons, there might have been another result. After not moving his body for a thousand years, his body would have been definitely weakened.

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