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Chapter 196: Divine Saber, Sneak Attack

However, it was different for his soul. In the past thousand years, the Heavenly Wolf King had nothing better to do so he had been training his soul strength.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with all this. He was currently busy doing his best to try to break the Corpse King Imprint. His Spiritual Sense turned into ten thousand arrows and fired at the cage in his Dantian.

As long as a single strand of Spiritual Sense entered there, he could connect to the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. He was convinced he could deal with the situation from the inside and destroy the Corpse King Imprint completely.

The black cave rotated slowly. The corpse king that sat on the cage from the start swept through the place with his gaze. All the arrows made from his Spiritual Sense completely disappeared.

Xiao Chen did not give up, he was looking for an opportunity; his Spiritual Sense was playing a game of hide-and-seek with the corpse king.

Meanwhile, Supervisor Li saw the situation in the cave and revealed a maniacally smile. He controlled the Corpse King and rushed at Ye Wen with the ten Corpse Monarchs; their momentum was incredible.

The remaining Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen all rushed over and the battle turned chaotic. Sand flew and rocks rolled and the wind blew manically. The scene turned intense once again.

On the other side:

Amongst the twelve Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Supreme Elders, the person with the highest cultivation was Shen Manjun. She said, “There is no need to worry, he cannot bring out the strength of the Divine Weapon. The damage that his soul received is even greater than we thought.”

An old man beside her pitched in, “That’s right. Let’s continue attacking; there is still a chance.”

The Heavenly Wolf King laughed coldly and used some strength to tear the wooden box apart. “Then, let me draw this Divine Weapon that nobody can wield. Let’s see who can stop me then!”

The wooden box broke into pieces and a simple saber appeared. The saber was about 1.4 meters long. There were simple talisman scripts carved on the scabbard. The saber had a reserved glow and was overflowing with Spiritual Energy.

The Heavenly Wolf King’s face turned cold. He grabbed onto the hilt with his right hand and used a lot of strength to draw it.

“Ka Ca!”

The gaze of the group from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion revealed their shock, the Divine Saber was drawn out by an inch. The Heavenly Wolf King was overjoyed. If he was able to draw out this Divine Saber successfully, he would not fear the Heavenly Saber Pavilion even though his soul was significantly damaged and he could only use a fifth of his strength. If he had the Divine Saber, he would not feel fear even if the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion came at him together.

“Stop him, we cannot let him draw the Heavenly Universe Saber. Otherwise, the entire Spirit Mines would be destroyed,” Leng Tianzheng roared out.

The twelve people all executed their best moves as fast as they could at the Heavenly Wolf King.


Before the Heavenly Wolf King’s smile could fade, the part of the saber blade that was revealed suddenly released an intense dazzling light. An apocalyptic energy was released from the saber blade.

It seemed as though time had stopped in the underground cave; their bodies all became completely frozen. Their minds were clear but they were not able to move their body.

A faint blue ripple spread out in the air. The Heavenly Wolf King bore the brunt of this irresistible energy as he was in the front. Despite his strength, he was instantly blasted back.

He vomited a mouthful of blood after he landed on the ground. The energy of the Divine Saber poured into his body, resulting in a ‘pi li pa la’ sound.

His body rolled continuously on the ground. After a moment, he turned back into a fifty meters tall giant silver wolf.

No one could have expected such a result. The insufferably arrogant Heavenly Wolf King was actually struck back into his original form by the ripples given off by the Divine Saber.

If the Divine Weapon was pulled out of the scabbard, how mighty would it be!

After the Heavenly Universe Saber released an intense light, the part of the blade that was unsheathed immediately sheathed itself and floated quietly in the air. The horrifying energy also vanished instantly.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The broken bits of the wooden box quickly flew into the sky and joined back together and stored the Heavenly Universe Saber inside. The aura of the Divine Weapon instantly vanished.

All their bodies returned to normal. Shen Manjun extended out her hand and the wooden box returned to her hands. She gave the Heavenly Wolf King on the ground a glance and said expressionlessly, “I forgot, the Divine Weapons were forged in the Ancient Era with the purpose of eliminating the Fiend Race.”

“As a Fiend, without having the strength of a Fiend Emperor, you actually dared to draw a Divine Weapon of the human race. You overestimate yourself. There is no need to bother with it, he has suffered the backlash of the Divine Weapon. He would not be able to utilize his strength for a period of time.”

Leng Tianzheng nodded and said, “Let’s deal with the survivals of the Running Corpse Sect first. Then we can come back and discuss how to deal with this beast.”

With the intervention of the twelve Heavenly Saber Pavilion Supreme Elders, the Running Corpse Sect lost all their ability to resist. They were not able to do anything as they were beaten into retreat.

One of the Corpse Monarchs wanted to use the Earth Evasion Spell to flee but he was discovered by Leng Tianzheng. Leng Tianzhen snorted and stomped on the ground. The ground rippled like the surface of water and the Corpse Monarch was thrown out.

Mu Xinya took advantage of the chaos to sneak her way to the side of the Heavenly Wolf King. The people of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion were in a chaotic battle, they did not discover Mu Xinya’s petite figure hidden by the huge body of the Heavenly Wolf King.

“Sage Ancestor, Sage Ancestor, are you alright?!” Mu Xinya concealed herself by the Heavenly Wolf King’s ear and called out anxiously.

Blood was flowing out of the Heavenly Wolf King’s mouth non-stop. His eyes were full of dissatisfaction. He was clearly a step shy of obtaining the Spirit Vein Origin; a step from propelling himself to Fiend Emperor.

He would be the first person in thousands of years to lead the Heavenly Wolf Race to dominate the land, to spring the entire Fiend Race to power.

However, he failed at the last step; he made the wrong move and stepped into a deep abyss. He was left with nothing.

The Heavenly Wolf King’s huge head tilted slightly to the side. He looked at Mu Xinya and raised his left paw slowly. He made a crescent-shaped wound between Mu Xinya’s eyebrows with his sharp claws.

Blood spilled out from the crescent-shaped wound. She was startled but she knew what the Heavenly Wolf King wanted to do. She said, “Sage Ancestor, you can’t…”

On the other side of the battlefield, the forces of the Running Corpse Sect were almost all cleaned up. Only a few Corpse Monarchs resisted stubbornly.

The corpse king that Supervisor Li controlled was blasted into powder by the Martial Monarch Supreme Elders, this made it impossible for it to be revived again.

Suddenly, countless black Qi poured out from Xiao Chen’s pores. When the black Qi finished pouring out, the Corpse King Imprint instantly vanished.

It seemed like the Corpse Monarch who placed the Corpse King Imprint was killed by one of the Supreme Elders. Naturally, the Corpse King Imprint it placed had instantly scattered.

When Essence returned to his meridians, Xiao Chen’s face lit up with joy. His body had already completely recovered. He thought to himself, Since I no longer have to worry about future consequences, it is time to leave here.


Just as Xiao Chen was ready to leave, a figure broke through space and arrived before Xiao Chen at lightning speed. He did not say anything and immediately made a move.

This person was Biyun Peak’s Peak Master—Song Que. He had coincidentally seen Xiao Chen and his killing intent immediately spilled out. He immediately gave up on his fight and made a beeline for Xiao Chen.

With Xiao Chen’s cultivation, he was unable to see a trace of Song Que’s Movement Technique and he could not react to the speed of a peak Martial King either.

He was immediately punched at the location of his Dantian. Song Que bore a very deep grudge, he did not pull his punch at all.


Xiao Chen’s eyes were filled with fear. His body flew through the air like a kite with a broken string. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit which had just regained its freedom was smashed into bits by this peak Martial King’s punch; it turned into a ball of green light and scattered in his body.

The Spiritual Energy leaked out of Xiao Chen’s body like flowing water. Xiao Chen thought in terror, I’m done for… my Martial Spirit is destroyed. I am crippled for life.

This was Xiao Chen’s final thought; before he could think about anything else, he had fainted. He fell into the river with a loud ‘pu tong’. The gushing river immediately washed Xiao Chen downstream.

“Ye Chen!” Ye Wen smashed a corpse flying with a palm as he cried out. He was completely thrown off by the sudden change of the situation.

He looked angrily at Song Que as he revealed a ferocious expression. He said, “How dare you kill a disciple from my Qingyun Peak. I want your life!”

Ye Wen pushed his feet off the ground gently and he immediately leaped across the river and arrived before Song Que. The small saber in his hand created a cool breeze. His saber was hidden amongst the cool breeze as it slashed towards Song Que’s chest.

Both of them were Martial Kings. Originally, Song Que’s cultivation was much higher than Ye Wen’s. However, Song Que had just suffered the backlash of the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation. He had used all his strength in his previous strike; he was currently short on Essence.

A Clear Wind Chop at the great perfection was executed. The saber blade could not be seen at all; it was impossible to guard against. Song Que dodged the chop miserably; he was not able to resist. To think he could be beaten up so passively like this.

“Go die!”

Suddenly, Ye Wen roared loudly. The blade hidden in the cool breeze drew near Song Que. It quickly started to spin; it was another Secret Technique of Qingyun Peak—Profound Wind Chop!

Song Que thought this strike was the Clear Wind Chop and was caught off guard. The spinning saber caused numerous air currents; it was very fast. At such a close distance, it was impossible to dodge.

Damn it! I was too careless. I actually allowed him to execute the Profound Wind Chop at such a close distance. Song Que felt very vexed. Actually, he did not expect that Ye Wen would attempt to kill a Peak Master over Xiao Chen.

Even though Song Que already threw himself backward very quickly, the Profound Wind Chop was too fast; Song Que was not able to dodge it.

“Pu Chi!”

One of Song Que’s arms was immediately chopped off. His arm was instantly sliced into bits by the Profound Wind Chop; blood and minced meat rained down.

“Ah!” Song Que cried out painfully. He saw his minced up left arm and revealed a horrified expression. He could not believe what he was seeing.


Ye Wen turned and gave the distracted Song Que a roundhouse kick. Then he swung his small saber and several saber images appeared in the air.

Ye Wen’s saber pierced towards Song Que’s heart. Just as he was an inch away from Song Que’s chest, a few Supreme Elders who saw the situation quickly rushed over.

A Martial Monarch Supreme Elder quickly made a move. He stretched his hand out and caught the saber blade with his fingers. He roared angrily, “Ye Wen! What do you think you are doing, committing such a sin? Are you tired of living?”

Ye Wen used a little strength and pulled back his hand, he withdrew his small saber from the fingers of the old man. He said indifferently, “Killing someone from the same sect without any reason at all. Even if he was a Peak Master, he has to die.”

“Are the matters of a Peak Master something for an insignificant elder like you to make a judgment on? We will have the Law Enforcement Hall investigate the truth; to get justice for your Qingyun Peak disciple.” A Supreme Elder at the side said.

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