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Chapter 194: Corpse King Imprint; Panic

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Interesting. There is still a cultivator that has specially tempered his body in this age. Such a good body is sufficient for refining a Golden Ancient Corpse.

“I will hand you over to my senior brother later. He will refine you into an undefeatable corpse. By then, you will become unrivaled under the heavens; consider it your glory.”

When Xiao Chen heard that the Corpse Monarch wanted to refine him into a corpse, Xiao Chen was startled. However, he was being grabbed by the throat. The hand was as tight as a vice; no matter how hard he struggled, he could not escape.

Xiao Chen could not use his Essence either all the cards he had to play were now useless. He could not do anything.

The Corpse Monarch smiled coldly. He punched the area of his Dantian and then he pulled his hand back. Strands of black Qi flowed out and slowly entered Xiao Chen’s body.

Xiao Chen felt a black Qi appearing in his Dantian, turning into a horrifying cage. It sealed up his Martial Spirit completely.

All the Essence in his body vanished. Xiao Chen was horrified to find that after he lost his connection to the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, he could no longer feel the Essence that filled his body; he was no different from an ordinary person.

“There is no need to think about escape. This Corpse King Imprint can both attack and defend. It is more than sufficient to deal with an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master like you. With a thought, I can make you explode and die.”

After the Corpse Monarch spoke, he carried Xiao Chen and went back into the cave. Then he tossed Xiao Chen over to Supervisor Li.

Supervisor Li felt suspicious as he received Xiao Chen’s body. After he clearly saw who it was, he smiled, “So, it is Young Master Ye. Why are you in such a miserable state?”

Xiao Chen remained expressionless and kept silent. He condensed his Spiritual Sense in his Dantian and carefully observed the Corpse King Imprint, looking for a way to break it.

A black cage was in that empty space. There was black Qi extending out from above. A black corpse was sitting there cross-legged above the cage.

He could vaguely see a surging river in the cage and a tiny Azure Dragon attacking the black cage continuously.

Before Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense got near, the Corpse King sitting on the cage suddenly opened its eyes. It fired a beam of light and eliminated a big portion of Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense.

Spiritual Sense could actually be destroyed. This was the first time Xiao Chen encountered such a situation. The Corpse King Imprint was truly outrageous.

“Senior Brother Li, take a look at this fellow’s body. It might be possible to refine him into a Golden Ancient Corpse.”

When Supervisor Li heard this, he revealed an astonished expression. He quickly inspected Xiao Chen’s body. After a while, his countenance grew joyful. However, the joy vanished after a while.

“This is not an innate divine body; he tempered it later. It is slightly short of the requirements of refining a Golden Ancient Corpse. However, it's pretty good. We will keep him first. There should be no problems with refining him into a Bronze Ancient Body after I soak him in Lunar Water.


While they were speaking, a few rays of light suddenly appeared on the Nine Concealed Saber Magic Formation across the river. Aside from the Qingyun Peak, the Peak Masters of the other six peaks had all arrived.

Behind the six of them, there were six old men standing quietly. Xiao Chen saw Shen Manjun amongst them. These were the Supreme Elders of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion; they were all Martial Monarchs.

When the Fiend King saw them appeared, he had a mocking expression on his face, “Just a thousand years and the Heavenly Saber Pavilion has fallen into such a state. There is not even a Martial Sage present. It looks like I can level the Heavenly Saber Pavilion today.”

A person walked out from the group; he was the strongest Peak Master of Heavenly Saber Pavilion, the Tianyue Peak’s Peak Master—Leng Tianzheng.

He looked at the fifty meters tall Fiend King and smiled faintly, “Even at the brink of death, you still can laugh. We have been waiting for this day for more than a hundred years. You think that without our permission the Fiend Sealing Stone could be destroyed so easily by a little girl?!”

Mu Xinya’s complexion paled. Could I have fallen into their trap? If it is so, I have become the sinner of my race.

“Hu Chi!”

A light flashed on the Heavenly Wolf King. All the bones in his body were cracking with a ‘pi li pa la’ sound. After a while, he turned into a stout man about two-meters tall.

He flung his silver hair casually behind him, and his muscles bulged; it was shocking to see. He looked at the crowd and revealed a gentle smile, “No matter what schemes you have, they are useless in the face of absolute power. Die now!”


Immediately after he spoke, Leng Tianzheng exchanged a punch with the Heavenly Wolf King. A strong shockwave broke the space apart, forming a black crack.

The crack expanded non-stop; it was like a black tentacle. The surrounding corpses and Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen who could not flee in time were instantly pulled into the crack.

“Rise!” A strong, yet gentle force enveloped Mu Xinya, gently throwing her to the other side of the river.

Leng Tianzheng somersaulted in the air and landed firmly. He said in a deep voice, “Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation, behead this Fiend and seize the Fiend Core; aid me in rising to Martial Sage.”

The nine Soul Holy Weapons immediately flew into the hands of the nine people. The remaining three people held onto the Soul Chains and sealed the surrounding space.

A small realm appeared in that space. Everyone could see only the blurry chains surrounding the space.

“Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation, kill!”

In the space sealed by the Soul Chains, shouting filling the air. Nine figures could be vaguely seen wielding Soul Holy Weapons flickering with light.

They were changing their position continuously, condensing the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation and trapping the Heavenly Wolf King. Angry, torrenting roars could be heard coming endlessly from the formation.

It was clear the strength of the Heavenly Wolf King was suppressed in the formation; he was now disadvantaged.

Mu Xinya stood and walked to Supervisor Li anxiously, “Sect Leader Li, I will increase the payment by another half. Please go and help quickly. Otherwise, everything will be gone.”

The Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation, Nine Concealed Saber Demonic Formation, and Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation were the three great formations of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion; they required nine people to execute them simultaneously.

The Nine Concealed Saber Demonic Formation was especially used to suppress the enemy. When used together with the Fiend Sealing Stone, it could even suppress Martial Emperors. As long as the Fiend Sealing Stone was intact, the person inside could never escape.

The Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation was specifically used to punish the enemy. It was a formation that allowed nine people to combine their strength. They could kill enemies two cultivation realms higher.

As for the final Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation, it was the strongest formation out of the three. However, it required nine Martial Sages to execute it at the same time. According to legend, after the Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation was executed, it could vanquish the heavens and destroy the earth, kill gods and exterminate demons.

However, this formation had high requirements of cultivation realm. In the history of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, there had never been nine Martial Sages at the same time. Thus, this formation had never been executed before.

Whether this Nine Saber Heavenly Exterminating Formation really existed was frequently debated; no one could verify the authenticity of it.

Supervisor Li saw the might of the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation and had heard about it before. He saw the situation was dire and no longer dared be careless, “Senior Brothers, whether our Running Corpse Sect can regain its glory will depend on this battle. Victory means life, and defeat means death!”

After he spoke, he led the black-clothed man controlling the three five-meter-tall corpse kings and the other ten Corpse Monarchs quickly across the river. He wanted to break the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation from the outside.

At the back of the cave, in the distance, the thing Ye Wen and the other nine Martial Kings were summoning using the jade strips slowly materialized.

It was an ordinary wooden box about one meter tall and five centimeters wide. Its black exterior made it look ordinary. Written on the front of the box in calligraphy were the words ‘Like the Emperor Arriving Personally.’

Ye Wen grabbed the wooden box and advanced forward. He led the group of Martial Kings and went through the Nine Saber Demon Punishing Formation, blocking Supervisor Li and his group.

Supervisor Li laughed coldly, “You want to obstruct us with only ten Martial Kings?”

Supervisor Li indeed had the power to back up his words. The three corpse kings had the strength of Martial Monarchs; add in the ten Corpse Monarchs walking the way of the corpse, even ten peak Martial Kings would not be sufficient to deal with them.

Ye Wen smiled faintly and released the wooden box, dropping it heavily on the ground. He looked mockingly at the crowd; he simply did not care at all about Supervisor Li and his group.

Supervisor Li saw the words ‘Like the Emperor Arriving Personally’ on the box. He was stunned for a while, and then he laughed, “Just a wooden box. You really think that by writing the words ‘Like the Emperor Arriving Personally’ you will become a Martial Emperor? Even if a Martial Emperor came, I will refine him into a corpse.”

“A group of creatures, neither dead or alive, boasting!” Ye Wen had a mocking expression on his face. Then he read out in a soft voice, “Like… the Emperor… Arriving… Personally…!”

As Ye Wen read out each word, the words on the wooden box would give off a dazzling, resplendent, golden light. After he read the four words, his aura rose non-stop.

A golden light enveloped Ye Wen’s entire body. Every strand of his hair, every inch of his body, they all gave off a pure golden light.

He was like a god descending to earth; his aura rose to the peak. It was as though a Martial Emperor was arriving.


A golden figure of light flew out of the wooden box, holding a saber in his hands.

In that instant, a dazzling resplendent light lit up the entire cave. It was so piercing that no one could open their eyes; they all felt an intense pain in their eyes.

The figure of light dashed by and the three corpse kings were split in half. Their black blood filled the air.

Mu Xinya reveal a pained expression on her exquisite face as she watched the resplendent golden light. She muttered, “We’re finished. That is a Divine Weapon. The Heavenly Wolf Race’s hundreds of years of hope has been extinguished.”

Divine Weapon! Xiao Chen was extremely shocked. This was not the first time he saw this wooden box. The wooden box he saw in the shop outside Saber City, as well as at the foot of Qingyun Peak, they all should be the same box.

There were only ten Divine Weapons in the world. However, no one knew where the ten Divine Weapons were. Whether they were sabers, spears, swords, axes, or halberds, most people would not be certain of them.

However, the strength of a Divine Weapon was indisputable. Words like ‘splitting the mountains,’ ‘overturning seas and rivers,’ ‘obliterating the void,’ ‘destroying heaven and earth…’ were all insufficient to describe the might of a Divine Weapon.

Back then, the Thunder Emperor searched for all sorts of treasures in the world, but he was only able to create a Sub-Divine Weapon—the Thunder Wood Sword. He searched all over the world, searching for the Battle Sage Origins so he could make a Divine Weapon. Unfortunately, he did not manage to do it before he died.

If this wooden box were really a Divine Weapon, it would be too shocking. It had to be understood that when he saw this outside of Saber City, it was in possession of an old man lacking a Martial Spirit.

If he wanted it, it would have been possible for him to have obtained it then.

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