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Chapter 193: Extreme Crisis

Relying on the strength of their bodies, the mutated corpses had a significant advantage over the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen. As time dragged on, their advantages grew bigger.

“Solitary Eagle Claw!”

The right hand of one of the corpse suddenly grew larger; its five black fingers were as sharp as a beast’s. There was a sonic boom, and the claws stabbed into one of the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen.

The Divine Saber Camp’s bladesman revealed a pained expression. There was a determined look in his eyes as he used the Bloodsucker Saber to chop at the mutated corpse’s neck.

The corpse’s withered face had a strange smile on it. It recklessly grabbed the Bloodsucker Saber with its right claw and clawed out the bladesman’s heart with the other.

“Pu Ci!”

The Bloodsucker Saber lit up with a scarlet glow. This final attack pierced the mutated corpse’s body, draining it completely.

A similar scene could be seen in other places. Occasionally, a Divine Saber Camp’s bladesman died. However, before he died, these Divine Saber Camp’s bladesman would take down a mutated corpse with them.

The battle was intense. There were many occurrences of mutual destruction. It was very bloody; it was hard to bear such a scene.

Mu Xinya, who was on the other side of the river, watched the battlefield as she fiddled with the arrow in her hand. She said in a low voice, “I’m going to make my move; cover me.”

The two Corpse Monarchs, who cultivated the way of the corpse, stepped forward when they heard this. They followed Mu Xinya, quickly heading to the other side.

The Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen wanted to block them. However, before they got close, they were sent flying by a palm strike from the two Corpse Monarchs. The wind from the palm strike carried a huge force, blowing away the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen.

The ten corpse kings of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion watched this scene coldly from a distance. They watched as Mu Xinya led the two Corpse Monarchs and got closer to the Nine Concealed Saber Demonic Formation.

Mu Xinya had a bad feeling in her heart, Why did it feel a lot easier than I expected? The defense of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion should not be this weak.

Never mind; as long as I can release the Fiend Ancestor. Given the strength of the Fiend Ancestor as a Sage, there will be no one in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion who can stop him. By that time, all schemes will be useless against absolute power; it will all be useless.

“Go! Demon Exterminator Arrow!”

The so-called ‘forbidden weapon’ referred to a Secret Treasure that could only be used once, sometimes up to twice or thrice. Blacksmiths from the Ancient Era refined them. Because of the limited number of times it could be used, they were mighty beyond compare; they frequently had an apocalyptic level of might.

As Mu Xinya was fiddling with the black arrow, it gave off a dazzling black light. The arrow emitted a destructive aura.

A strong wind blew around Mu Xinya’s body, surrounding her and the two Corpse Monarchs. The wind blew in all directions around her.

The mutated corpses and the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen were instantly blown away by the strong winds. Everything within a hundred meters was cleared out, leaving empty land.


There was the sound of something breaking through the air. It was accompanied by a flash of light; the arrow struck the Fiend Sealing Stone and caused a loud exploding sound. The huge rock cracked and turned into countless fragments.


The instant the Fiend Sealing Stone cracked, the entire underground cave starting shaking continuously. Even Xiao Chen, who was standing far away, was affected; the sudden shaking caused him to sway as well.


A loud roar came from underneath the Fiend Sealing Stone; it sounded very ancient. Suddenly, a huge beast claw extended out and smashed the ground violently.

It indiscriminately smashed the corpses and Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen who could not flee in time into pulp.

“Bang!” The ground shook again. Another huge beast claw came out and smashed the ground. Another batch of mutated corpses and Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen died.

When the ten Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Martial Kings hiding at the back saw the Fiend King about to come out, their expressions started to change. Ye Wen said, “The Fiend King is about to come out. It’s time to inform the seven Peak Masters and Supreme Elders.”

The other nine people nodded, and they all waved their arms. A jade strip shot out from their sleeves. The jade strips gave off a faint glow as they arranged themselves into a strange formation in the air.

Mysterious talisman scripts started to appear on them, one by one. They turned into bright spots of light; they were incomparably resplendent.

Xiao Chen did not pay attention to this with his Spiritual Sense. Instead, he was watching the Fiend Sealing Stone in horror. He saw the powerful Fiend King climbing out slowly from underneath.

At this moment, the Fiend King had stood up completely. It was a huge wolf who was fifty meters tall. Its white fur appeared very bright in the dark cave.

Two huge, sharp, protruding teeth could be seen, gleaming with a sharp cold light. There was an indistinct red glow in its red eyes. When the peerless Fiend King released its aura, all the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen and the long-dead corpses started to tremble. They could not help but prostrate themselves on the ground. It felt like there was a huge force on their shoulders; they were unable able to overcome it and get up.

“Roar!” The Fiend King roared angrily, resounding endlessly in the air; it was ear-splitting, causing one’s scalp to go numb.

The Fiend King grabbed a Soul Chain with a claw; the nine Soul Holy Weapons stuck in the ground could not help but shake. Finally, they could not resist the Fiend King and were pulled up. They were flung to a distant place.

“Pu Ci!”

A huge claw grabbed a Divine Saber Camp’s bladesman like it was catching a mouse. The Divine Saber Camp’s bladesman struggled very hard but to no avail.

“Pu Ci!” The huge claw clenched tightly, crushing all the bones of this Divine Saber Camp’s bladesman. He bled from his seven orifices and died. The Fiend King tossed the body into the air and tore it apart as it was landing, causing blood to rain down.

The huge wolf opened its jaws, and the blood was sucked in. “Bang!” It punched the wall, and the entire caving started to shake intensely again.

Rock keep falling from the ceiling as the cave shook. This was the strength of the peerless Fiend King. With a casual punch, it could shake the mountains and cause the earth to tremble.

A black-clothed man from the Running Corpse Sect in the distance revealed a very excited expression when he saw the mighty Fiend King. “It’s been more than a hundred years. We finally see hope! With such great strength, there will be none who can stop us in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

“It is destined for my Running Corpse Sect to rise in this era!”

Mu Xinya’s petite body knelt respectfully on the ground. She said in a deep voice, “Heavenly Wolf Race, the 180th Successor greets the Sage Ancestor.”

“It’s been a thousand years… a long thousand years… This king is finally out. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha…! I will wash the Heavenly Saber Pavilion in blood to take revenge for my thousand-year imprisonment,” the peerless Fiend King laughed maniacally.

After a while, he stopped. He said to Mu Xinya on the ground, “Get up, my descendant. I can feel the pure bloodline of the Heavenly Wolf. I will bestow a unsurpassable glory unto you.”

Mu Xinya stood and said, “To be able to rescue the Sage Ancestor is Mu Xinya’s glory. The Heavenly Wolf Race is currently in a desolate land. The environment is dangerous, and they are subjected to trials and hardships. In light of the bigger picture, I beseech the Sage Ancestor to leave this place quickly.”

The Fiend King snorted, “Not a problem. I have already recovered a fifth of my strength. No one can stop me from leaving the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. When I snatched away the Spirit Vein Origin and became a Fiend Emperor, the whole world will bow at the feet of the Heavenly Wolf Race.”

Just a fifth of his strength and he is so strong already. If he recovers all his strength, how strong will he be? Xiao Chen wondered in fear.


A shadow flew at Xiao Chen quickly. When he heard the sound of wind, Xiao Chen felt his chest tighten. He quickly executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and retreated backward.

However, just as Xiao Chen landed firmly, a withered claw burst from the ground and grabbed his right foot. The withered claw flugh him with an irresistible force.

Xiao Chen flew like a sandbag, smashing violently into the wall. He then fell heavily to the ground with a loud bang.

“I did not expect an ant-like person like you to be able to escape from hundreds of refined corpses.”

As Xiao Chen struggled to stand, he clearly saw the appearance of the person. He discovered it was the Corpse Monarch that knew the Earth Evasion Spell. He was wearing long golden robes and had a glittering crown on his head.

The Corpse Monarch’s strength was unfathomable; he had the strength of a Martial King at the very least. Compared to Xiao Chen’s Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master cultivation, he was much stronger. Xiao Chen probably did not even have the opportunity to run.


Just as Xiao Chen was thinking, the hard black fist of the Corpse Monarch was already flying at him. This was simply a plain fist without any tricks to it. It carried a huge force and punched towards Xiao Chen’s face.

This was just an ordinary punch that relied on his speed and physical strength; it was not a Martial Technique. However, when the Corpse Monarch punched out, it was full of vigor, breaking through the air.

Before Xiao Chen had time to think, the black fist was already before him. Relying on his reflexes, Xiao Chen clenched his right hand into a fist and punched out.


The two fists met each other; they both relied on the strength of their physical bodies. The huge force generated a spiraling ripple in the air that did not scatter for a long moment.

The opponent’s strength was much greater than Xiao Chen’s. This punch caused Xiao Chen to be blasted backward like a sandbag and crash into the wall behind him again.

The force from the corpse’s fist shook Xiao Chen’s internal organs; they all churned. Blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth; it was clear he was significantly injured.

This was the first time Xiao Chen was at a disadvantage when comparing the strength of physical bodies. He had tempered his body for ten-odd years since he was young. After that, the Seven Leaf Flower further tempered his flesh. It could be said it had been reborn; his old self had been cast off.

Xiao Chen’s punch carried a force of more than 1,500 kilograms. It was easy for him to split a huge stone.

However, the Corpse Monarch had a body that was especially refined; he turned his body into a corpse. After at least a hundred years of cultivating, a casualty punch from him would have 5,000 kilograms of force.

Five thousand kilograms of force versus 1,500 kilograms of force, it was clear which was stronger.

The Corpse Monarch watched as Xiao Chen struggled to stand. There was a look of surprise in his eyes. This may have been a casual punch, but the force it carried would be able the cripple the right arm of a Martial Saint easily. His opponent was only a Martial Grand Master; this punch should have ruptured his heart and lungs.


The Corpse Monarch moved in a flash and grabbed Xiao Chen’s neck with his claws, easily lifting him up. He placed his other hand on Xiao Chen’s chest.

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