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Chapter 137: Saving a Beauty

Slowly, Xiao Chen saw the trick behind it. These four Martial Grand Masters was using a combination Martial Technique. Every move they made was connected to each other. Furthermore, they had practiced with each other for a long time and could cooperate very well together.

Sabers flashed, and energy waves flew around. There was a lot of shouting coming from the fight. Leng Liusu’s slender saber released off a horrifying saber light. The wind blew strong, and dust flew up. At the end of it, there was a fissure in the ground.

The fissure seemed to contain a Dao, radiating with the might of a Sage.

Leng Liusu weaved left and right amidst the four people, continually using the Sticky Character Formula. However, she was unable to break out of the encirclement.

However, there were no signs of panic on her face. She sent out a saber light using her saber again and blocked the combined attack of the four Martial Grand Master as she watched Leng Tianyue.

Her pretty face had a cold expression as she said in a low voice, “Leng Tianyue, you really want to kill me that much? Is the successor’s position so attractive to you?

“After everything you have done, are you not afraid your father will punish you after he finds out?”

It was impossible to see Leng Tianyue’s expression behind the mask. He did not answer Leng Liusu’s question. He said indifferently, “Are you all trash? Even after using a combination Martial Technique that can easily take down a Martial Saint, you are still unable to take her down, despite half an hour passing already.”

After the four people heard Leng Tianyue’s reprimand, they could not help but increase the amount of force they used. Leng Liusu received attacks that were even stronger.

“Phoenix Cry!”

“Dragon Roar!”

“Tiger Roar!”

“Black Turtle!”

After the four of them saw the battle was being dragged out, they unanimously made a decision and leaped while shouting.

This was the most powerful move of the combination Martial Technique. Four figures appeared on their weapons: Divine Phoenix, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Turtle. These ancient Holy Beast appeared within the formation as if they were alive.

“Four Beasts Combined To One!”

The Holy Beasts all cried out and the Holy Beasts’ might combined. It made one feel like they could not breath; the air seemed to solidify under this might.

Xiao Chen felt some shock as he stood on the bow, carefully observing the scene. He finally discovered the Martial Spirit of the four people contained a trace of the Holy Beast’s bloodline.

Although they were very powerful when released alone, it was even more horrifying when they were released together.

I wonder where Leng Tianyue found these four people. Watching the way they cooperate with each other, they should have trained together since youth.

Leng Liusu frowned slightly. Her red dress fluttered wildly in the wind. As she watched the Four Beasts Combined To One technique in the sky, she did not show any fear.

The wind blew strongly, and her fine black hair fluttered in the wind. Her long dress surged and moved like waves. All this, combined with her pure face and her excellent figure, made her look like an ancient war goddess as she stood her ground.

“Burning Soul, Sage's Rage — Fire Dance!”

Leng Liusu held the saber in her right hand and slowly slit her left palm. Fresh, red blood flowed along the saber blade and dripped onto the ground.

The blood seemed to have made use of the fissure containing the Sage’s Daos to summon the ancient Sage within the Holy Weapon.

“It is indeed a weapon the Sages used. What a strong Righteous Qi!” Xiao Chen, who was within the clouds, said in astonishment.


A flame rose up to the sky from the fissure on the ground. There was an angry roar coming from the red flames. It seemed as though it had transcended space and time, coming from tens of thousands of years ago.

Leng Liusu stood within the flames. The flickering light from the fire shone on her completely red face. She leaped high into the air, her saber carrying a boundless and limitless flame.


Like breaking a branch from a tree, the saber, carrying the flames of the Sage’s might, instantly broke through the Four Beasts Combined To One. The Divine Phoenix shattered; the black turtle fled; the Azure Dragon was chopped in half, and the White Tiger was burned to ashes.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The four of them landed heavily on the ground. Their Martial Spirits received fatal damage. Their faces were incredibly pale. They had temporarily lost all combat capability.

“Ka Ca!”

Just at that moment, Leng Tianyue suddenly made his move. A cold light appeared; there was only the flash of a saber. Leng Tianyue was now beside Leng Liusu.

The speed of the saber was extremely fast. The timing was also very good. He executed it as the Sage’s might Leng Liusu used diminished.

If he gave her time to recover, the odds of this strike injuring her would be low. Even if Leng Liusu already anticipated this attack, she would have no way to evade.

The saber slashed down, and it left a wound on Leng Liusu’s chest; blood spurted into the air. Leng Liusu frowned and revealed an expression of pain. The saber in her hand slashed out before her.

The saber landed on Leng Tianyue, but it felt as if it hit air. It was just an afterimage. Leng Tianyue already dodged to her side. He snorted coldly and kicked out, causing the injured Leng Liusu to fall.

The force of his kick was very strong. Leng Liusu skidded along the ground without stopping. She stuck her saber into the ground and created a long gouge before she managed to stand slowly.

Leng Tianyue said nothing; he did not wish to leave any opening for Leng Liusu. His figure flashed in the sky; as he was landing, there was a resplendent saber light on his saber, chopping towards Leng Liusu.

Leng Liusu did her best to raise her saber and block, but she was unable to do so. She flew backward like a cannonball, landing heavily on the ground.

Xiao Chen’s complexion changed; he did not expect the situation to change within such a short amount of time. Originally, he watched as Leng Liusu was about to deal with those four people alone and thought he did not have to interfere.

“Lightning Descend!”

A bolt of lightning descended from the sky and successfully interrupted Leng Tianyue’s advancement. Xiao Chen used the Changing Character Formula to imitate Ji Changkong’s Martial technique. He transformed into a meteor and flew downward rapidly.

Leng Tianyue looked at the meteor in the sky and frowned. The Nanling Province’s Ji Clan’s Martial Technique… is Ji Changkong here? That can’t be; this is not the pure Ji Clan’s Martial Technique.

“A Scammer, I will make you reveal your true self!” Leng Tianyue laughed coldly and leaped up. He left behind afterimages in the sky; he speed was raised to his peak. A bright glow appeared on his saber as it chopped violently at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen revealed himself and shouted lightly. A red firework soared into the sky. Before Leng Tianyue could understand what was going on, he had already been blasted, lacerating his flesh. His body was flung high into the sky by the shockwave.

“Purple Thunder True Fire! Shoot!”

Seeing Leng Tianyue in the sky, Xiao Chen felt he did not receive any fatal damage from the blast of the Rank 3 Exploding Talisman. He could not help but feel anxious. He revolved the purple flame around his finger and fired continuously at Leng Tianyue.

A protective barrier surrounded Leng Tianyue. The purple flames exploded on the barrier, their shockwaves sending him further up into the sky.

However, they were not able to damage him. Xiao Chen pierced through the barrier with his Spiritual Sense and saw a piece of jade on his chest. It was giving off a faint radiance; this should be his Secret Treasure.

The barrier should be a result of this Secret Treasure. When Xiao Chen landed, he saw Leng Liusu was extremely pale and had fainted from excessive loss of blood.

After hesitating for a while, he carried her on his shoulder and flew off into the distance. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to the extreme and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After a long while, Leng Tianyue descended from the sky. His clothes were tattered. He had a dark look on his face; his mask had disappeared long ago.

He struggled for a while before he managed to stand up. He watched as Xiao Chen left with Leng Liusu. His eyes revealed an extremely complicated expression. He muttered to himself, “Man proposes, but God disposes!”

He turned around and struck the four cultivators on the ground with his saber. Then he expressionlessly turned back and headed to Yunyang City alone.

Xiao Chen carried Leng Liusu and walked for a long time. He arrived at the forest and stopped when he felt there was no one chasing him.

He slowly placed Leng Liusu by a tree. He saw the horrifying wound on her chest and felt astonished. Leng Tianyue’s strike was vicious. Not only was it fast, but its might was shocking as well.

Even the golden armor Leng Liusu wore on her chest was broken. There was still blood flowing out of the wound, dyeing the armor red.

Xiao Chen pressed on a few acupoints on Leng Liusu’s chest, stopping the bleeding. Then he slowly removed her outer clothing.

Soon, he found his thought was not realistic. Leng Liusu wore a long red dress; the top was connected to the bottom. If he wanted to remove it, he had to remove everything.

Naturally, Xiao Chen was not able to do such a thing. He could only take out a small knife and cut the cloth from the top.

After the clothes were cut, large patches of snow white skin were revealed to Xiao Chen. It was very distracting, but Xiao Chen focused himself and carefully cleaned the wound.

There was some cloth stuck in the wound. When Xiao Chen slowly pulled it out, the unconscious Leng Liusu moaned painfully. Xiao Chen could not help but be more gentle.

After cleaning the wound, Xiao Chen took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and crushed it. He slowly applied the powder to the wound then took out another Blood Replenishing Pill and fed it into her mouth.

After doing all this, Xiao Chen slowly relaxed. It was a good thing her heart was not wounded. However, the wound was quite deep; with the medicinal strength of the Blood Replenishing Pill, there should not be too many problems.

He took out a set of clean clothes from the Universe Ring and covered her with them. Her pale face looked very gentle at the moment. Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt this scene to be very familiar.

He immediately thought of the time in Gloomy Forest. He had also met Princess Yingyue in such circumstances as well. Regardless of how strong a woman is, she would still have a gentle side.

He took out a bottle of Qi Returning Pills and a bottle of Blood Replenishing Pills. Then he wrote a note describing and introducing the Medicinal Pills. After that, he placed them at Leng Liusu’s side. Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and leaped up a big tree.

Xiao Chen sat down crossed legged and calmed himself. He entered a state of cultivation and released his aura completely, causing the nearby wild beasts not to come near.

Time flew by, and night approached. Although Xiao Chen was deep in cultivation, he kept a strand of Spiritual Sense by Leng Liusu, monitoring her condition at all times.

“Father, don’t go…”

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