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Chapter 138: Stolen Kiss

In the middle of the night, as Xiao Chen sat on a tree branch; he heard some weak muttering. He slowly descended from the tree and walked to Leng Liusu’s side.

Leng Liusu’s face was very pale; her forehead was covered with sweat. She was frowning very hard, and her breathing was rapid and shallow. It was obvious she was having a bad dream and was currently under a lot of stress.

Xiao Chen stretched his hand out and placed it on her forehead. Then, he slowly sent a strand of gentle Essence into her. Because Xiao Chen cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, his Essence had some of the effects of Immortal Qi.

After a while, Leng Liusu’s expression slowly became soft. Her breathing turned calm and steady, and she stopped frowning. Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief and stopped infusing Essence into her. He withdrew his hand and prepared to leave.


Just as Xiao Chen pulled his hand away, Leng Liusu caught it. Her eyes were shut, and it seemed as though she was sleep talking, “Father, don’t go; don’t leave Liusu alone…”

Leng Liusu held Xiao Chen’s hand very tightly. Xiao Chen felt embarrassed in his heart. He smiled bitterly and thought to himself, Sister, you recognize the wrong person. Please don’t hold me so tightly. Xiao Chen did his best to pry her hands off, but he found that if he did not use Essence, he was unable to do so.

He was afraid that he would wake her up if he used Essence. Thus, he could only slowly sit and not make any big movements. He could not even sleep or cultivate. He kept his eyes open and guarded her.

The night was very dark in the quiet forest. When he stretched his hand out, he was not able to see his fingers. Xiao Chen sat beside Leng Liusu and listened to her breathe calmly. He did not move even though he felt uncomfortable.

When it was almost day, Xiao Chen finally felt Leng Liusu loosen her grip. He quickly pulled his hand away and inspected her wound once again. He discovered there were no major problems anymore. All she needed was rest now.

Xiao Chen stood up and felt his back ache. After spending the night without sleep, he was mentally fatigued. He slapped his cheeks and looked towards the brightening eastern sky as he prepared to leave.

“You have unintentionally saved my life. Now, I have saved yours too, as well as spent a night comforting you. We should be even now.” Xiao Chen faintly smiled and said as he looked at Leng Liusu.

After he took two steps, he suddenly stopped. He felt as if he had lost out on something. He muttered to himself, “Am I considered not even comparable to beasts? After stripping a great beauty and lying beside her for a night, I did not even react at all. That can’t do.”

Xiao Chen quickly came back and looked at Leng Liusu’s pretty face. He took a deep breath and then quickly kissed her on the forehead.  After that, he immediately dashed off.

The asleep Leng Liusu did not have any reaction. When the sky was bright, and the first rays of sunshine struck her face, she slowly woke up.

She slowly opened her eyes, feeling the sun was too bright. Leng Liusu then saw she was covered with some clothes. She revealed an expression of confusion.

“Did someone save me? Who did?” Before she fell unconscious yesterday, the last memory she had was of lightning falling from the sky. She was not aware of what happened after that.

She slowly stood up and pushed the clothes to the side. Finally, she discovered the upper part of her dress had been torn to shreds. She was revealing a significant part of her chest; she could not help but blush deeply.

However, she was surprised the wound on her chest healed within a night. It actually healed miraculously; the wound had already closed.

Although there was still some numbness, it was obvious it would no longer be a big problem. Furthermore, it was dealt with promptly; there would not be any scarring in the future.

Who in the world saved me? This person should not be from Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Leng Liusu’s mind was filled with doubt. If it were, then that person would still be by my side.

Suddenly, she thought of the dream she had last night. It felt like her late father appeared beside her. She even held his hand and told him not to leave. It felt like it was real.

Leng Liusu took out a set of clothing from her Spatial Ring. After she changed into it, she suddenly discovered the two bottle of pills. She bent over and picked them up, opening them to take a look. When she did so, a dense medicinal fragrance came out. It was obvious the rank of these Medicinal Pills was very high.

She picked up the note that introduced the pill and read it carefully. The questions she had in her heart increased. Who in the world saved me? Furthermore, he was so meticulous about it.

She walked around, searching her surroundings, but she did not find anything. She could not help but feel some regret. She lowered her head and leaned on the tree again. However, she was shocked to discover the marks of someone sitting in the spot beside her for a long time.

Heavenly Saber Pavilion was one of the three great sects of the Great Qin Nation. It had been around since the Tianwu Dynasty and had ten thousand years of accumulation. In the hearts of the people of the Great Qin Nation, they were an existence similar to the Holy Lands.

As its name implied, this was a sect that focused on the path of the saber. All the Martial Techniques, Movement Techniques, or Cultivation Methods were related to sabers. It was a holy ground for someone who cultivated the path of the saber.

The Misty Sword Sect was the same, just that it was for swords. They had always been in opposition to each other since the ancient times. Both sects erupted out in war multiple times throughout history. However, the strength of the two sects was similar; neither of them could stand ahead of the other.

However, in recent years, about twenty years ago, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion experienced a mysterious disaster. Many of the experts of the senior generation were severely injured or had perished. This resulted in their strength being decreased.

Even so, no one dared to look down on the strength of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It had not lost the Martial Techniques it passed down for tens of thousands of years. With the system in place, they would raise back to the peak again someday.

It was located in Lingyun Mountain Range. Lingyun Mountain Range was one of the Great Qin Nation’s four great mountain ranges. There were seven huge peaks, and it was one of the places within the Great Qin Nation with the most concentrated Spiritual Energy.

When one cultivated there, their cultivation realm would rise much faster than others would. Furthermore, there was a comprehensive Martial Technique program and limitless cultivation resources. This resulted in many people wanting to join the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

At the foot of Lingyun Mountain Range, there was a city no smaller than White Water City. It was called Saber City. Saber City belonged to Heavenly Saber Pavilion. All the land, shops, auction house, and markets belonged to Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Saber City was also known as Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s outer sect. Every year, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s inner sect would use a month to recruit talented disciples.

If they missed this window, they would not have an opportunity to enter the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s inner sect. They could only enter the outer sect and wait for the exam. There would be one such chance every six months.

Even though it was only the outer sect, not just anyone could enter. If one had not become a Martial Master before the age of 15, they would not be given a chance to take the exam.

The threshold of the outer sect was already so high; one could only imagine how much stricter the entry requirement to the inner sect would be. Even so, there would be throngs of saber users coming to this place.

This was already considered the holy land for saber users. If one did not go to Saber City and try out the famous Heavenly Saber Mourning Soul Formation or live in seclusion there, then as a Saber User, they would be filled with regret.

After Xiao Chen had been parted from Leng Liusu for half a month, he finally arrived at the famous Saber City. Because he had suffered from plenty of injustice along the way, he had been delayed.

Saber City was already within his vision. Along the way, there were many cultivators carrying large sabers. Some of the cultivators even carried several sabers. Xiao Chen even got to see several Earth Ranked Spirit Weapons.

Before he entered Saber City, he could already feel the atmosphere; the love saber users had for their sabers. In this place, if you did not hold a saber, you would be too embarrassed to walk the road.

Because Xiao Chen walked empty-handed, he was despised. Everyone gave him strange looks; there were even some who felt he was disrespecting Saber City. Killing intent appeared in the gazes of those people.

Xiao Chen felt extremely depressed. For the sake of convenience of battle, Xiao Chen never made a scabbard for the Lunar Shadow Saber. If he had to take the Lunar Shadow Saber out now, it would be too inconvenient.

Finally, Xiao Chen could no longer stand the gazes everyone gave him. He was preparing to make a scabbard for his Lunar Shadow Saber. If this was the level of disdain he experienced before entering the city, he was afraid he would be challenged to duels the moment he entered.

Before entering Saber City, countless weapon stores filled both sides of the huge road. There were several large sabers placed in front of these shops. Xiao Chen asked around and found if one could pick them up with just their strength, they would be able to obtain the saber for free.

After Xiao Chen heard that, he smiled, “This is interesting. How many sabers would I be able to obtain by relying on by body’s strength?”

However, Xiao Chen currently did not have the time nor the interest to do so. He casually walked into a weapon shop and looked around. The shop was filled with sabers, no other weapons.

There were all sorts of sabers: cavalry saber, broad saber, short sabers, long sabers, and all sorts of other types of sabers Xiao Chen could not name. It was an eyeopener for him.

What was surprising was all these sabers had some Moonstone in them. They were all Spirit Weapons; some of them were even Profound Ranked.

This was very shocking; an ordinary shop in Saber City actually sold so many Spirit Weapons. Spirit Weapons, here, were like common commodities.

There were not many people in the shop; business was clearly not very good. Xiao Chen looked around for a while and came up with a business idea. There were so many Spirit Weapons here; if he casually purchased some and sold them later, he would earn a large sum.

Xiao Chen looked at the owner and asked, “How much are the sabers here?”

The shop owner was an old man in his seventies. His slim face was covered in wrinkles, but he did not look like he was declining; he looked very alert.

The old man sized up Xiao Chen and smiled warmly, “Distinguished guest, you have not become an outer disciple yet, right? In that case, you do not have the rights to purchase the sabers.”

Xiao Chen was stunned, he did not expect there to be such a rule. He felt like the old man had seen though his plan and smiled awkwardly, “In that case, I wonder if you can make me a scabbard?”

The old man smiled, “This I can do. Take out your saber and show it to me!”

This old man’s attitude was very gentle; it caused one to feel relaxed with hearing it. Xiao Chen did not hesitate, and he took out the Lunar Shadow Saber and handed it over.

The old man held the Lunar Shadow Saber and his hand, gently caressing it. The expression on his face did not change as he smiled lightly, “This is a good saber. I have not seen such a design for a long time. The arc of the blade is somewhere between that of a great saber and a medium sized saber. Its streamline shape is close to perfect.”

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