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Chapter 136: Accidentally Heard Secret

Yan Qianyun frowned slightly, as though he found something strange. After some time, he threw down a banknote and said, “My apologies; I believed I recognized the wrong person.”

After Yan Qianyun and his group left, the second floor bustled again. A kind-hearted cultivator helped Xiao Chen up and said, “Little Brother, are you alright?”

Xiao Chen picked up the banknote and smiled faintly, “I’m fine. Despite being hit for no reason, it is still pretty good to pick up a banknote for a thousand silvers.”

On the third floor, in front of a hidden window, Yan Qianyun watched as Xiao Chen got up. He said, in a manner filled with doubt, “Could I have seen wrong? However, I am sure of those eyes.”

He observed for a long time, but he was unable to discover anything wrong in the end. He shook his head; he felt as though there was something he was missing. He spoke to the person beside him, “There was something wrong with that person earlier. You guys follow him and check it out. I still have some business with Young Master Leng.”

Xiao Chen had been observing Yan Qianyun with his Spiritual Sense. At this moment, he withdrew his Spiritual Sense. He could not help but sigh. It looked like the mental trauma this fellow suffered was too much for him. He already changed his appearance so much, and yet he was still able to recognize him.

Not long later, the cultivators on the second floor all left. Xiao Chen knew Leng Liusu’s and Mu Chengxue’s duel was going to start. This was something these people anticipated for a year; there was no reason for them not to go.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush to leave. He did not wish to watch the duel between them. Mu Chengxue gave him a very dangerous feeling, a feeling that he only felt from Chu Chaoyun. As for Leng Liusu, there was no need to speak of it.

After finishing his food, Xiao Chen casually took a look at the third floor; he revealed a mocking smile. He called the waiter over to pay the bill and leave.

On the third floor, Yan Qianyun’s followers were watching Xiao Chen closely. As the waiter was collecting payment, he happened to block Xiao Chen’s figure. When he collected the payment, cleared the table, and left, the few people watching discovered Xiao Chen was missing.

“Where is he? Where did he go to? I saw him clearly there earlier. How did he disappear after the waiter went over?” Seeing Xiao Chen disappear right under their noses, they panicked and rushed down.

One of them grabbed the waiter’s clothes and shouted, “Where is he? Where did that person from earlier go?”

The waiter rolled his eyes and looked at them in disdain. He said, “Of course, he left after eating and paying!”

“I’m asking how did he leave.”

The waiter pushed his hand away and said, in a bad mood, “I’m only going to say it once; he walked off on his feet. Stop disturbing me; thank you!”

The attitude of the waiter made him anxious. He wanted to make a move on the spot, but the people around him stopped him. They explained Liushang Pavilion’s background to him.

The few of them searched around, but they could not find Xiao Chen. They believed Xiao Chen had left Liushang Pavilion. They thought of Yan Qianyun’s instructions and quickly went down.

Using the Shapeshifting Spell, Xiao Chen shrunk himself and hidden under the table. Watching the four men leave, he quickly came out. His bones cracked as he recovered his normal height.

He extended his Spiritual Sense and discovered Yan Qianyun and a black-clothed man seated on the fifth floor. The black-clothed man seemed very strong.

His aura was much stronger than Yan Qianyun, like a treasured sword drawn out of its sheath. Xiao Chen did not dare go too close to him with his Spiritual Sense.

Thinking for a while, Xiao Chen headed directly for the fourth floor. He flashed the VIP card the fatty gave him. No one obstructed his path.

Xiao Chen was surprised the third and fourth floor were void of people. It seemed the duel between Leng Liusu and Mu Chengxue was very attractive.

Xiao Chen arrived at the staircase between the fourth and fifth floor and inspected it carefully. It was only the area leading down to the fourth floor. He took out two Rank 3 talismans from within the Universe Ring and placed them down before smearing them with some Spirit Beast saliva.  

This kind of saliva was very sticky. Once it is stuck to something, it would not come off easily. After doing all this, Xiao Chen found a private room on the fourth floor and sat down.

“Brother Leng, is the news this time reliable? Are there only two Martial Saints with Leng Liusu?” Yan Qianyun asked the person across from him with a grave expression.

Xiao Chen frowned, What is he trying to do? Is Yan Qianyun trying to do something to Leng Liusu? With a thought, he focused his Spiritual Sense.

The black-clothed man seated across had a grave and stern expression as he replied,”I, Leng Tianyue, have prepared many years just for this day. Do you think there would be any mistakes?”

Yan Qianyun laughed dryly, “This matter is very important; of course, I have to make sure. However, let me say this first. I am only responsible for sending people to lure away the two Martial Saints. You are responsible for the rest.”

There was no expression on Leng Tianyue face as he said indifferently, “All you have to do is lure them away. There is no need for you to concern yourself with the rest. As for the benefits you obtain after it is done, I have already told your father about them.”

After the two of them continued chatting for a long while, a messenger pigeon landed on Leng Tianyue’s hand. He retrieved the note on its leg and smiled after a while, “It is a draw again. Haha. I am starting to suspect Mu Chengxue’s motivation. Brother Yan, let’s go. It’s time we made our move.”

The two of them got up and headed downstairs. The instant they went down, they stepped on talismans. The talismans that stuck were very light; they did not feel anything at all.

Watching the two of them leave, Xiao Chen smiled faintly and got up slowly. He turned his Spiritual Sense into a thread and tied it around them.

“Should I try taking advantage of this situation?” Xiao Chen pondered as he considered the situation. This person was clearly someone from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. The fight in front of him was likely to be a fight for to be the successor of Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

In the strong powers of every place, there would be countless talented people trying to stand out and take over. Xiao Chen did not find this strange. Even if he saw such a situation, he would not bother with it.

However, if Leng Liusu were the girl from during the day, it would not do for him not to help out. Finally, Xiao Chen made his decision, “If she really is that girl, we can consider it quits after this.”

Xiao Chen followed behind them, separated by a certain distance. Because Xiao Chen had the assistance of his Spiritual Sense, he was able to follow them easily. After a while, he followed them and left the through the East city gate.

The further they went, the more desolate the area became. Finally, Xiao Chen could no longer see anyone on the big road. Xiao Chen felt something was wrong and hesitated on whether he should continue.

After walking for a few more steps, he discovered Leng Tianyue and Yan Qianyun waiting there and smiling at him. Leng Tianyun slowly walked over; there was no expression on his face. He asked coldly, “Who sent you?”

Yan Qianyun stood to the side and smiled, “Brother Leng, leave this person to me. He is after me. Just take the token and go inform them.”

Leng Tianyue glanced at Xiao Chen. He saw Xiao Chen was only a Superior Grade Martial Master and he relaxed. With Yan Qianyun’s cultivation as a Medial Grade Martial Grand Master, he should be able to kill this person easily.

“Finish this quickly and gather as soon as you can.”

After Leng Tianyun left, Yan Qianyun slowly walked over to Xiao Chen. He smiled coldly, “Xiao Chen, I did not expect to see you there. I have waited for this day for a long time. How do you want to die?”

Xiao Chen muttered for a while before saying, “I have a question… how did you recognize me? I believe I have hidden very well; how did you discover me?”

Yan Qianyun laughed and replied, “I will never forget the look you gave me that day. I suppose I should enlighten you before you die. Leng Tianyue has a Secret Treasure. The moment you left Liushang Pavilion, he discovered you.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head. So that was why. I wonder what kind of Secret treasure it is, to actually be able to detect me from so far. However, this was no longer important. Xiao Chen said quietly to Yan Qianyun, “Thank you for your explanation. You can die now.”

Yan Qianyun snorted coldly and found it funny. He said, “You think you are a match for me? I…”


Before he finished speaking, Xiao Chen made a hand seal, and the Rank 3 Fire Cloud Talisman stuck under Yan Qianyun’s foot loudly exploded. A flame, along with a surging shockwave, spread out. The huge power sent Yan Qianyun flying into the sky.

A Rank 3 offensive talisman was the equivalent to the full powered strike of a peak Martial Grand Master. Yan Qianyun was caught off guard, and he immediately lost all his fighting capability.

“Drawing the Saber!” Xiao Chen leaped high into the air. His saber flashed, and Yan Qianyun’s head separated from his completely burnt body. It fell to the ground with a thud.

Xiao Chen landed firmly on the ground. He looked at Yan Qianyun’s body without any expression. He removed his Spatial Ring and took out everything in it.

Tens of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, some Medicinal Pills, and a stack of banknotes fell to the ground. Xiao Chen also saw an old yellow book, “Inherited Martial Technique — Dragon Seizing Hand.”

The so-called inherited Martial Technique was something only people who inherited a certain Martial Spirit could learn. However, Xiao Chen had the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula and was able to imitate it. He took a quick look and placed it into the Universe Ring.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and felt the talisman stuck below Leng Tianyue’s feet. The talisman contained some of Xiao Chen’s Essence Blood. Even from thousands of kilometers away, he could feel it clearly.

A faint yellow dot appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and he summoned the silver warship. He leaped onto it, and it transformed into a silver flash of light.

After a short period, Xiao Chen rushed to Leng Tianyue. Because he was wary of his Secret Treasure, Xiao Chen hid in a cloud above, observing the situation on the ground.

Leng Tianyue was wearing a black mask standing still. In front of him, there were four Martial Grand Masters wearing similar black masks surrounding Leng Liusu.

While in the cloud, Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to watch the fight. After he looked carefully at the girl’s appearance, he was able to verify the person being surrounded was the same person as the one he met in the pool of water.

“This does not seem sufficient to kill a peak Martial Grand Master with an inherited Martial Spirit.” Xiao Chen stood on the bow and said with some doubt. “There need to be at least two Martial Saints to be assured of success.”

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