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Chapter 135: Xihe Province, Yueluo Prefecture

“I do not know where is this. Have I reached Xihe Province yet?” Xiao Chen said to himself after he landed on the ground. He saw there were no one on the road.

Xiao Chen looked carefully at the surface of the road; there were fresh footprints and wheel marks on the ground. This meant people frequently used this road. It was just that there was no one on it now.

He carefully inspected the condition of his body and did not find any major problems. Then he decided to continue walking forward. The previous experience created a great fear in his heart; he did not dare to be careless.

He had, unfortunately, run into the White Dragon Storm that had not appeared for decades. Xiao Chen was not able to understand what was going on. The surging resentment and bone piercing pain he experienced led him to feel this was perhaps not a coincidence.

White dragon, Azure Dragon? Are they related? Xiao Chen was filled with doubt as he thought. He still did not completely understand the Azure Dragon in his body; he did not know what abilities it had.

Seeing there was nobody around, Xiao Chen stopped. The Azure Dragon in his body slowly came out of his Dantian with a thought. It moved along the meridians and came out of Xiao Chen’s palm.

Everywhere it passed, Xiao Chen could feel a horrifying energy. Under Xiao Chen’s control, it came out with a ‘hu’ sound and coiled around his wrist.

After a cultivator became a Martial Master, they would be able to make the Martial Spirit leave the body. It would be possible to obtain unimaginable results in a fight.

However, after a Martial Spirit left the body and got injured, it would be possible the cultivator could be crippled. Unless they were desperate and pushed to a corner, no cultivator would release their Martial Spirit.

Not until they became a Martial King. By then, the Martial Spirit would have been cultivated till it became undying. Even if it were destroyed outside the body, it would be able to regenerate inside the body.

Xiao Chen looked at the tiny Azure Dragon coiled around his wrist. He thought for a long time but did not understand anything. “Aside from providing me with energy and being slightly stronger than other Martial Spirits, I don’t see how are you different from other Martial Spirits, even though you are an Ancient Holy Beast.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and recollected his thoughts. He withdrew the Azure Dragon into his body and stopped thinking about the problem. Everything would be fine when the time came. The inheritance of the Azure Dragon had been broken for thousands of years. It was impossible for him to understand everything. There was no use thinking too much.

Xiao Chen continued walking forward, and after an hour, he finally met someone. He quickly enquired where he was, and if he had reached Xihe Province already.

That person was dressed in white and carried a sword. There was not a speck of dust on him. He did not even turn his head as he answered, “Xihe Province, Yueluo Prefecture, Yunyang County, Capital City.”

Xiao Chen was not bothered by this person’s attitude. He recalled the maps he saw previously in his mind. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion was situated in the Yueluo Prefecture. It was not too far from Yunyang City. Even if he walked, it would only require two weeks.

An expression of joy appeared on his face. Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense to look around. Finally, at the limits of his Spiritual Sense, he saw a magnificent city. There were two huge bold ‘Yun Yang’ words on the city gates; they seemed very ancient.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and pushed his feet off the ground. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and created a cloud of dust. He dashed forward, quickly catching up with the person he spoke with earlier in the blink of an eye before overtaking him and kicking up a large cloud of dust.

“Did not expect him to be an expert,” the white-clothed person said indifferently as he looked in the direction Xiao Chen traveled.

This person did not make any movement; the dust that landed on his clothes automatically slid off. He slowly walked forward, coming out from the cloud of dust that filled the air; his white clothes remained clean, without a speck of dust on them.

Xiao Chen felt a strong gaze sweep past him before vanishing quickly. When he turned his head around, he did not discover anything. He only saw the cloud of dust he left behind as he dashed forward.

Yunyang City was already within his vision. Xiao Chen slowed and walked slowly. When he arrived at the city gates, he discovered many young women filled the front of the city gates. They were all standing there, chatting with each other. It was an incredible view.

“Is this a custom of Yunyang City?” Xiao Chen asked in confusion. With so many girls here, it was possible all the young girls of Yunyang City were here.

When the group of girls saw Xiao Chen’s figure, they were initially filled with joy and ran over. When they saw Xiao Chen’s appearance clearly, they will all filled with disappointment, cursing as they left.

Xiao Chen did not understand what was going on. When the guard saw the situation, he smiled, “Don’t be angry. The girls have waited here for a whole morning. It is no wonder they are in a bad mood.”

Xiao Chen paid the entry fee and could not help but find it funny when he heard that. This was very similar to the female fans of his previous life. He did not expect such a thing to happen in this world, as well. He could not help but ask out of curiosity, “Just who has such great charms, to be able to get all the young girls of Yunyang City to come out here to wait for him?”

The guard looked at Xiao Chen in shock. He said, “You don’t know this? Today is the day of Mu Chengxue’s and Leng Liusu’s annual battle. These girls are here to see Mu Chengxue.”

This was not the first time Xiao Chen heard this name. When he heard this name again, he could not help but be interested. He started to enquire for more information from the guard.

The city guard was very chatty. When he saw Xiao Chen asking for more information, he began telling him everything.

Mu Chengxue came from Nanling Province’s Night Spirit Palace. He was the successor of the Night Spirit Palace. Together with Ji Changkong, they were known as the Nanling Twin Stars. They both had extremely good talent and became famous when they were young. By the time he was 12, he was unrivaled within the generation. Aside from Ji Changkong, he had no opponents.

That year, they both left Nanling Province and started to challenge all the young experts around the world. Ji Changkong went to the Imperial Capital, and Mu Chengxue went to Xihe Province and Dongming Province.

Within the same generation, these two were practically unrivaled. There was no one who was an opponent to them. However, they both each lost to a woman. Ji Changkong lost to Princess Yingyue; Mu Chengxue lost to Leng Liusu of Heavenly Saber Pavilion, who was also known as Little Heavenly Saber.

One year later, Mu Chengxue came to Nanling Province again to duel with Leng Liusu. The two of them exchanged more than a thousand moves and ended in a draw. They then made arrangements to duel again the next year.

Just like that, it became a tradition. Every year, Mu Chengxue would come to Yunyang City to duel Leng Liusu around this time of the year.

Aside from having a monstrous talent, Mu Chengxue was very handsome as well. After coming to Yunyang City a few times, all the young girls in the city knew of him.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and thanked the guard before walking into Yunyang City. Regardless of the world, the young girls all seemed to have the quality of chasing after their idols.

Leng Liusu… could that be her? A pretty figure appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. After a moment, the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was likely to be so.

He could not help but feel a headache coming on. His purpose in coming here was the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. In the end, before he entered it, he had already offended the beloved youngest daughter of the Pavilion Master.

“Mu Chengxue is here!” As Xiao Chen walked on, there was a clamor of joy coming from behind him. Xiao Chen turned around and saw a male dressed in white holding a sword. He was surrounded by girls. He revealed a faint, mild smile as he dealt with them one by one.

Xiao Chen could not help but feel astonished. This Mu Chengxue was actually the person he asked for directions from. He could not help but smile faintly, “This world is truly strange.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he turned around. In that instant, Xiao Chen felt a strong gaze observing him again; this time it was not hidden.

That gaze came from Mu Chengxue. Xiao Chen resisted turning around. He asked around for the location of Yunyang City’s Liushang Pavilion and quickly left.

Mu Chengxue, who was surrounded by girls, watched Xiao Chen leave. The corners of his mouth curled up to reveal a strange, faint smile.

There was a purple copper mirror floating in the boundless void in his left eye. The light the copper mirror gave off seemed as though it would be able to see the truth of everything in the world.

No one noticed anything when the copper mirror flashed in his eye.

After asking around, Xiao Chen found out Liushang Pavilion did indeed have a branch in Yunyang City. Xiao Chen took out a diamond VIP card the fatty handed to him before he left. He could not help but sigh, “This fatty was not bragging indeed. No matter where it is, there will be a Liushang Pavilion.”

The Liushang Pavilion in Yunyang City was exactly the same as the one in White Water City. Its business was booming as well. Its basic structure was pretty much the same too. Xiao Chen went past the first floor and headed to the second floor. There was a group of cultivators discussing the duel that was going to take place today.

“Last year, the two of them fought to a draw. That was the third time they drew. In the end, Mu Chengxue lost once before. He is not able to defeat the top expert of our Xihi Province.”

“That might not necessarily be so. The previous few times, Leng Liusu had the weapons advantage. This time, I heard Mu Chengxue has completed the Heavenly Pass Trial in the Night Spirit Palace and obtained a damaged Holy Weapon.

“I know about this. It is a Holy Sword known as Beauty Under the Moon. During this period, Mu Chengxue had tested the sword out and killed a Martial Saint personally.

“From the look of things, Beauty Under the Moon is comparable to Leng Liusu’s Burning Soul. They are both incomplete Holy Weapons. It’s getting more interesting now.”

On the second floor, there were some extremely knowledgeable cultivators. When Xiao Chen heard what they said, he could not help but slow down to listen.

“Make way! Make way! Our Yan Clan’s Young Master is coming. Why are you still not giving way?” Just at this moment, Yan Qianyun led a group of servants up the stairs quickly. The people around swiftly moved to a side.

Seeing Yan Qianyun, Xiao Chen’s eyebrow could not help but twitch. He did not expect to meet him here.

Xiao Chen remembered a certain legend about the fatty. He looked at his crotch area and could not help but smile.

Xiao Chen did not wish to seek trouble. When Yan Qianyun came up, he moved to a side to let him pass. Yan Qianyun led a group of people and walked pass him. He threw a hurried glance at Xiao Chen and walked away. After two steps, he turned back.

“Why do I feel you are familiar? Have we met?” Yan Qianyun asked carefully as he stared at Xiao Chen’s eyes.

Xiao Chen was not worried. Aside from changing his appearance, the Shapeshifting Spell could change his aura and voice as well. Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Perhaps we saw each other in a crowd before; there is nothing strange about being familiar.”

Yan Qianyun smiled faintly. He thought for a while and said, “Maybe. Probably just a face in the crowd, or it could be that I recognized the wrong person. Goodbye!”

“Boom!” Yan Qianyun who turned around suddenly turned back and kicked Xiao Chen’s chest. Xiao Chen’s mouth curled up in a cold smile and did not resist; he sucked in his stomach slightly.

“Bang!” Yan Qianyun put a lot of force behind this kick and knocked Xiao Chen flying back. However, because Xiao Chen had made preparations earlier, he only suffered some minor injuries.

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