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Chapter 134: Berserking Qi Deviation

Xiao Chen’s body slowly sank into the river and began flowing along with the river. The Azure Dragon was fond of the water; while Xiao Chen was unconscious, it automatically helped Xiao Chen breathe. Xiao Chen would not drown in the water.

This continued for three days. The resentment in Xiao Chen’s mind did not disappear. The reason he had not woken yet was the result of the resentment continually harassing his consciousness.

Finally, Xiao Chen flowed downstream to a pool of water before he stopped moving. In the cold pool of water, there was a special cold Qi.

As Xiao Chen laid underwater, the cold Qi entered through his skin and infiltrated Xiao Chen’s body. This cold Qi was different from the one the White Dragon Storm possessed; it was not as tyrannical, and it made one calm instead.

Under the nourishment of this cold Qi, Xiao Chen slowly opened his eyes. However, the resentment in his mind had not disappeared. It was torturing him continuously, causing him incredible pain; Xiao Chen was unable to move as a result.

Xiao Chen felt like he was going crazy. There were countless roars in his mind; it was like the white dragon was roaring into his ear. It was impossible to get rid of.

Xiao Chen did his best to calm down as he slowly circulated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation. He hoped to be able to alleviate this strange feeling. After some time, the Essence in his body started to slowly circulate. Xiao Chen’s mind immediately felt better; he could not help but feel joy.

“Pu Ci!”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to relax, the pain in his mind suddenly multiplied by several folds. It was so painful; he wanted to shout out. However, he was unable to say anything while underwater. The Essence in his body immediately went out of control.

The Essence started to circulate randomly; some of the Essence even broke free of control completely and went against the flow. A horrifying phrase appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind… Berserking Qi Deviation!

To every cultivator, Berserking Qi Deviation was a state of absolute disaster; it was a phrase that would cause one to pale just by mentioning it. If a suitable solution were not found, at best, the cultivator would suffer serious injuries, but the worst case scenario was death.

With Xiao Chen’s current cultivation, Berserking Qi Deviation should be something he should not have come in contact with. He was only a Superior Grade Martial Master; many of the meridians in his body had not opened yet. The routes Essence could take while circulating were limited.

It did not fit the conditions for Berserking Qi Deviation to occur. Normally, it would only be possible after one reached the Martial Saint realm, as they would have already opened at least half the meridians in their body.

However, because of the incomparably strange resentment in his mind, his Essence went berserk; flowing in reverse and resisting control. This was clearly the early signs of Berserking Qi Deviation.

Xiao Chen was very anxious, but he was not able to focus due to the pain in his mind. He was not able to do anything to the berserking Essence in his body.

“Pu! Pu!”

Just at this moment, a figure jumped into the water from above. Xiao Chen was able to make out a blurry figure through the hazy water.

It was a magnificent naked body swimming at the water surface. Xiao Chen, who had never seen such a scene, was immediately attracted by it. He immediately was able to focus.

After he was able to focus, he berserk Essence in his body started to calm down. The surprising thing was when the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated again, the pain in his mind started to vanish slowly.


There were splashes of water as the girl at the water surface closed her eyes and swam downward in a leisurely manner. Xiao Chen was startled; the girl was swimming in his direction.

As the distance closed, the view got clearer. The splendid naked body of the girl appeared clearly before his eyes. Xiao Chen could not help but show a reaction at a certain area.


The girl suddenly opened her eyes. Xiao Chen and the girl were almost face to face. The two of them looked at each other; both were very surprised.

The world went silent at that moment, leaving behind only their heartbeats. The two of them looked at each other without making any movements.

Suddenly, the girl reacted and blushed heavily. The Spatial Ring on her ring hand glowed, and a slender saber about two fingers wide appeared. There was a hot Qi emitted by it; the river water immediately started boiling, countless bubbles started to rise upwards.


The surrounding water seemed as though they were unable to restrain her movements. The saber blade sliced rapidly through the water toward Xiao Chen’s neck. Xiao Chen was startled. Under the threat of death, his previously immobile body suddenly dodged to the side.

The blade created a shockwave in the water and struck the mud at the bottom, creating a huge splash. The girl was like a fish in water; she instantly caught up with Xiao Chen and sent another saber strike his way.

After recovering his body movements, Xiao Chen immediately executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He soared out of the water like a flood dragon. Xiao Chen breathed in deeply, welcoming in the fresh air.

“Pu Tong!”

The girl also leaped out of the water, creating a huge wave. The wave was like a saber blade as it smashed toward Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen did not dare go head on with it. He pushed off the surface of the water and landed on the riverbank.

The girl took advantage of this opportunity to grab the clothes on the riverbank and quickly put them on. When she landed, she was properly dressed, covering all the important parts of her body.

When the wave crashed into the water, and the surface calmed, Xiao Chen finally saw what the girl looked like.

Wet long, black hair fell behind her back; she was dressed in a fiery-red dress. Two large mounds stood proudly on her chest, adorning her exquisite figure.

She was as pure as jade; her flesh was devoid of fat. Like a flower that just emerged from the water, she was untainted. This was a girl with the body of a demon and the face of an angel.

However, this girl was currently furious and completely red. Her eyes looked as though they were going to spit fire. Her lips quivered as her tiny mouth made a melodious sound, “Damn obscene bastard! How dare you peep at this lady while bathing!”

The saber in her hand trembled slightly and gave off a melodious cry. It was as though it felt the rage of its owner. It vibrated continuously, creating countless echoes in the air.

“Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It?” Xiao Chen was very astonished. This girl was actually like Ao Jiao. Her level of comprehension of weapons had reached the level of Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It. This was a level that many Martial Kings sought.

However, the current situation did not leave Xiao Chen any time to be astonished. This was because the girl already drew her saber and leaped across the water, arriving instantly before him.

There was a resplendent glow on her saber. This was a technique only Martial Grand Masters and above could perform. Infusing the saber with Essence and turning it into saber light.

“Drawing the Saber!”

Xiao Chen quickly drew his saber. His Lunar Shadow Saber clashed with the girl’s saber light, resulting in an explosion. The huge force carried by the saber light blasted Xiao Chen back.

Xiao Chen was incomparably shocked. This was the first time he lost regarding strength against a Martial Grand Master. Furthermore, he was using Drawing the Saber.


Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, and he stopped in midair in a strange manner. Then he changed his angle and disappeared.

It could be said this girl had saved Xiao Chen’s life. However, Xiao Chen was unable to explain it to her now. The girl was currently fuming and he would definitely not be able to explain it clearly. Seems like he would have to carry the name ‘Obscene Bastard’ temporarily and explain it at a later time.


Just when Xiao Chen thought he would be able to escape the girl using the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, he discovered the girl appeared right behind him like a ghost. She used a horrifying saber light to chop at him again.

Although Xiao Chen was astonished, he did not panic. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its extreme. His body soared into the air, zigzagging left and right, like a soaring Azure Dragon.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

However, the girl was like glue, she stuck to Xiao Chen tightly, sending out horrifying saber lights continuously. She struck Xiao Chen quite a few times.

“Damn obscene bastard! If you have the guts, stand still and fight me. If you are a man, stop running,” the girl cursed as she chased.

When the saber lights landed on the ground, they created a series of tiny gorges. When one looked at them carefully, one would discover they seem to contain a certain Dao in it.

Xiao Chen traveled for a few hundred meters, but he was still unable to lose the girl. Suddenly, he thought about one of the six secret formulas from the Battle Sage Origins — Sticky Character Formula.

No matter how fast is the opponent, as long as one used the Sticky Character Formula, they would be able to chase after them. It was the most miraculous Movement Technique in the world.

Xiao Chen could not help being astonished. If it were truly the case, then as long as his Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art did not reach the great perfection, he would not be able to shake her off.

This won’t do; she will catch up to me sooner or later, Xiao Chen thought to himself anxiously.

Xiao Chen avoided another saber light and thought of an idea. Suddenly, he turned around and looked at the girl. He said, “Look into my eyes!"

The girl suddenly stopped; it was obvious she was stunned by Xiao Chen’s suddenly actions. “Hu!” Suddenly, a purple flame shot out of his right eye.


After a moment of shock, the girl sent out a saber light at the purple flame. There was a loud explosion, creating a surging shockwave. The girl was forced back.

When the shockwave dissipated, Xiao Chen used the Lightning Evasion and reappeared hundreds of meters away. He summoned the silver warship and soared into the sky.

The girl thought of Xiao Chen’s previous actions and could not help but scold herself. He asked you to look, and you looked? You should have just killed him with a strike; why speak so much crap with him?

“I have offended you badly today. I will repay the gratitude of saving my life in future. Furthermore, I’m not an obscene bastard. Please do not misunderstand,” Xiao Chen’s voice came from high above.

The girl stomped on the ground violently; her face was completely red. She watched the leaving Xiao Chen and cursed, “You still say you are not an obscene bastard? Even your boat is silver. All I need is one glance to know it is not something good.”

[TL note: I’m not too sure of the implications of a silver boat, my guess is that silver sounds like evil in Chinese.]

“Young Mistress! What’s wrong? Are you alright?” Not long after Xiao Chen left, two female Martial Saints rushed over.

The girl looked in the direction Xiao Chen left and said, “I’m fine; I just ran into a rascal.”

Xiao Chen rode on the silver warship and flew high in the sky. He did not hear what the girl said; otherwise, he would have painted the silver warship another color.

Not long after, Xiao Chen saw a big road, and he stopped. Now that many people knew Xiao Chen possessed a silver warship, it was best not to use it unless he needed to.

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