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Chapter 765 Chapter 764: a few earth-shattering disasters

After leaving the Fallen Immortal Mountain, Chen Chen trekked through the Immortal Realms for a full month.

During this month, he passed through more than 20 immortal realms and met many immortals, gaining a deeper understanding of the immortal realms.

The Immortal realms could be said to be extremely large, each realm was comparable to a major world.

There were basically one immortal king in each of the 9000 immortal realms.

It was impossible for so many immortal kings to be in harmony. Some of them even had a gap between each other. If it wasn’t for the fact that there were many immortal kings above them, as well as that illusory immortal emperor whose location was unknown, these immortal kings might have started fighting long ago. Naturally, all of this had nothing to do with the current Chen Chen Chen.

He didn’t think of looking for the Nine Heavens Immortal King either. He was the enemy of the Beichen Immortal King. He wanted the two enemies of the Immortal King to help him look for trouble.

As they flew, Chen Chen was the first to arrive at the Beichen immortal realm.

It wasn’t that he had a huge grudge against the Beichen Immortal King, it was just that the Beichen immortal realm was closer to him.

After entering the boundaries of the Beichen immortal realm, Chen Chen used the system to quickly clarify the boundaries of the Beichen immortal realm.

At the center of the Beichen Immortal realm was the Beichen Celestial Court, which occupied half of the territory of the Beichen immortal realm.

And at the periphery, there were twelve great sects protecting the northern constellations immortal court.

The sect leaders of these twelve great sects were all immortal kings. They could be considered the Twelve Heavenly Kings under the command of the northern constellations immortal king.

Chen Chen thought about it and decided to come to the boundaries of the northern constellations immortal court.

There’s a head for every grievance, and there’s a debtor for every debt. He was only prepared to find trouble with the northern constellations Immortal King and wasn’t prepared to vent his anger on the sects below.

After entering the territory of the Beichen Immortal Court, Chen Chen found a place to lay low and began to vent his anger. “System, what are the great opportunities in the Beichen Immortal Realm?”

“1,200,000 miles in front of the host, there is a necessary ingredient to refine a rank eight golden core, the primordial Chaos Immortal Root.

“In the mountains 2,000,000 miles to the east of the host, there is the Heavenly Dao immortal gold, which is used to refine supreme immortal weapons…”

Hearing these answers, the corners of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched.

Originally, he had planned to find some great opportunities and spread the word, allowing countless experts to come to the Beichen immortal realm and make a mess of it.

But now that he heard the flowery names of these treasures, he was a little reluctant to part with them.

Wouldn’t it be good if he got his hands on these things?

“Forget it, carry out plan two!”

Chen Chen gritted his teeth and started to use the system to track it again.

“System, is there any earth-shattering disaster in the northern constellations immortal realm?”

The system paused for a moment. It was very common for the host to track down fortuitous encounters, but this was the first time it had seen such a thing, so it was unable to react for a moment.

After a moment, it finally gave an answer.

“In the depths of the mountains 500,000 Li to the west of the host, there is an immortal Lord level evil immortal hiding. If you approach him, he will kill you.”.

“In the water two million miles to the east of the host, there is an immortal-lord level ferocious beast sleeping. If you wake it up, it will most likely be devoured on the spot.

“Ten thousand miles to the west of the host, there is a strange demon embryo growing..

“Eight million miles to the north of the host, there is an immortal-lord level evil immortal spirit undergoing transformation. If you disturb it now, it will transform into a super ferocious beast and wreak havoc in the world..

The system listed nearly a hundred answers.

Chen Chen’s face could not help but Twitch after reading it.

Although there were many treasures in this world, there were also many dangers. If he did not have the system, if he were unlucky enough to encounter one of them one day, he would immediately be finished.

Looking at the hundreds of shocking catastrophes, Chen Chen thought for a moment and decided to first look for the evil immortal spirit closest to the immortal court. On the way, he could also obtain some treasures.

After making the decision, Chen Chen immediately began to move and flew north.

Although eight million miles was far, it was nothing to him at the moment. At full speed, he arrived at the location designated by the system in less than two hours.


This was on the premise that he got a bunch of treasures on the way.

This place was a mountain range surrounded by immortal qi, and there were some fierce beasts and immortal spirits among them.

Chen Chen flew carefully in it, and it did not take long for him to discover the target of this trip.

It was a nine-headed giant flood dragon that was completely black. It was hiding in the Great Swamp, and its entire body was filled with red light, as if it was shedding its skin.

Chen Chen used his immortal astral vision to investigate from afar, and when he looked at it, he could not help but break out in cold sweat.

The Great Swamp was hundreds of thousands of miles long and thousands of miles wide. If it was in the lower realm, it could barely be called an ocean.

However, the huge shadow that the nine-headed flood dragon was hiding in took up half of the Great Swamp’s length.

Such a terrifying existence couldn’t help but feel his scalp go numb just by taking a few glances at it.

Forget about it. More importantly, the nine-headed flood dragon seemed to have just slaughtered a lot of underwater creatures, so much so that the entire Great Swamp’s water had turned light red.

With this contrast, the nine-headed flood dragon became even more terrifying.

“How F * cking terrifying!”

Chen Chen wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and cursed in his heart.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the nine-headed flood dragon was transforming, he wouldn’t have dared to get close to this monster no matter what.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Chen mustered up his courage and flew towards the Great Swamp.

At this moment, there were no creatures within a radius of ten thousand li that dared to get close to the Great Swamp. The moment he appeared, it was as if a woman had entered a man’s bathroom. It was exceptionally eye-catching Within the Great Swamp, the nine-headed flood dragon seemed to have sensed Chen Chen’s existence and suddenly let out a furious roar!


This roar was emitted by the nine heads at the same time. It could be said to be earth-shattering. Within the Great Swamp, huge waves that were tens of thousands of meters wide suddenly splashed out!

Because of this, a rain of blood fell from the sky! A large number of plants were shaken into powder by the sound wave!

Chen Chen smelled the fishy stench that assaulted his face and almost spat it out on the spot.

Each of the nine heads had their own stench. When they were mixed together, the stench was indescribable. “Cough cough! You’re so smelly, you’re unworthy of being called an immortal spirit!”

Chen Ben could not help but curse.

The nine-headed flood dragon seemed to understand Chen Chen’s words. It roared again, accompanied by the extremely terrifying pressure of an immortal sovereign.

Chen Chen was not flustered. After sealing his sense of smell, he looked at the fallen creatures in the water, he said indifferently, “You killed too many people and were destined to be unable to achieve eternity. There should be a calamity in your life. Now, your calamity has arrived.”

After saying that, Chen Chen launched a series of attacks at the Great Swamp. After dozens of attacks, he did not look at the outcome and turned around to flee. At this moment, the nine-headed flood dragon in the Great Swamp was disturbed due to its transformation and underwent a drastic change.

Blood and flesh fell off its body, and countless bone spikes grew out of its body.

Its jade-green eyes gradually turned red, and in the end, blood-red flames burned in its



A roar that shook the sky and earth!

Nine heads that were only left with bones, but were burning with raging flames, broke out of the water! The blood-red aura was centered around it, covering a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles!

Just Like That, an evil immortal spirit that should have transformed into a higher existence mutated into a peerless ferocious beast that was ten times more terrifying than before!

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