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Chapter 764 Chapter 763-revenge never comes for a month

In the Nine Heavens Immortal Realms, the nine heavens immortal king frowned when he saw this scene.

But he could do nothing to that strange creature. In truth, ever since this strange creature came to the three realms, these immortal kings had already sensed it. They even tried to subdue or kill this strange creature.

In the end, without exception, all of them failed.

After that, no one cared about this strange creature anymore.

They did not expect that this strange creature had forcefully swallowed an incomplete great world.

“If this is the case, wouldn’t the nine heavens mystical tower fall into the stomach of this great void Dragon Kun?” Thinking of this, the Nine Heavens Immortal King felt even more uncomfortable. It was as if he had eaten a fly.

Before he could continue thinking, in the endless void space, the great void Dragon Kun suddenly leaped. The barrier between the immortal realm and the lower realm seemed to not exist and was easily penetrated by it.

Seeing that the great void Dragon Kun had reached the boundary of the immortal world, the Nine Heavens Immortal King suddenly stood up and flew in the direction of the Great Void Dragon Kun.

On the other side, after the Great Void Dragon Kun entered the immortal world, it quickly roamed among the countless immortal realms.

It seemed to be extremely happy after gaining freedom, and its flying speed was also very shocking.

After roaming for three days and three nights, it finally stopped at the edge of the immortal world.

This place was called the Fallen Immortal Mountain, and it was a forbidden area of the immortal world.

Tens of millions of years ago, the immortal world and the underworld fought here, and countless super powerhouses perished.

The battle souls of these super powerhouses were indestructible for tens of millions of years. Eventually, they formed a special domain that covered the fallen immortal mountain.

Whenever an immortal approached the fallen immortal mountain, they would easily lose their mind due to the intense battle intent and eventually turn into demons.

However, this did not seem to affect the great void Dragon Kun. When it came to the sky above the mountain, the Great Void Dragon Kun let out a few excited cries. Then, it shrunk hundreds of thousands of times and fell into the mountain.

At the same time, in the world in its stomach, a continent floated quietly. It was the broken true underworld.

On the continent, Chen Chen sat cross-legged with a pale face. In front of him, there were piles of immortal stones that were being used up rapidly.


When all the immortal stones were used up, Chen Chen opened his eyes, and a trace of blood returned to his face.

Looking at the surrounding environment, Chen Chen said softly, “Senior Long Kun, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

The Great Void Dragon Kun squeaked twice as a response.

As soon as it spoke, a large amount of immortal qi poured into the world in its stomach. In just a few breaths, the true Netherworld continent was filled with immortal qi.

The surviving cultivators sensed the existence of immortal qi and cried out in surprise.

“This seems to be the immortal world!”

“That’s right! This is the immortal world! The land seems to have been brought to the immortal world by the Great Void Dragon Kun!”

“Then, are we considered to have ascended?”

“I don’t know…”

Listening to the discussions of the people around him, Chen Chen’s emotions were rather complicated.

The will of the Heavenly Dao of the true spirit world longed to take another step forward and become the immortal world. Who would have thought that it would be achieved in such a manner in the end.

“I originally thought that I would live a leisurely life in the lower realm, but in the end, I still came to the immortal realm.” Chen Chen’s heart was filled with disappointment.

After experiencing such a huge change, he could be considered to have deeply realized a truth.

That was that there was absolutely no truth in this world of cultivation.

When facing an immortal king, not only could he not afford to provoke him, he could not even hide.

The moment he obtained the nine heavens mystical tower, some things were already destined.

Even if he was willing to return the pagoda to the Nine Heavens Immortal King, the Nine Heavens Immortal King wouldn’t let him off. The reason was very simple. Killing you was a piece of cake. If he didn’t kill you, it would be a waste. Even if he killed you, it would be a waste.

As for the explanation, experts didn’t need to listen to it, nor did they have the time to listen to it.

Because the simplest method was to kill, to destroy.

“To hell with the Nine Heavens Immortal King! And that Celestial King Beichen is not a good person either. How dare he lie to me? Just you wait!”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart.

Just like that, Chen Chen rested in the inner world of the Great Void Dragon Kun for half a month, and he gradually recovered to his peak condition.

And during this half a month, whether it was the damaged true nether world continent or the surviving cultivators on the continent, they all underwent rapid transformations under the influence of the Immortal Qi. Some cultivators even completed the transformation and became immortals.

Chen Chen was rather gratified when he saw this scene.

After this period of time, his emotions had calmed down a lot, but there was still resentment in his heart. If he did not vent it out, he would not be happy. If he did not vent it out, he would not be able to cultivate in peace!

Thinking of this, he flew to the Great Void Dragon Kun’s mouth and asked, “Senior, do you think I can leave this fallen immortal mountain range?”

The Great Void Dragon Kun opened its mouth and Chen Chen immediately rushed out. However, just as he rushed out, an extremely overbearing spiritual pressure came crushing down from all directions.

In just an instant, Chen Chen’s consciousness began to blur.

He did not have time to think. Before he lost consciousness, he quickly retreated back.

“Senior, can you move forward?”

After returning to normal, Chen Chen smiled embarrassedly.

Wah Wah..

The Great Void Dragon Kun hissed twice, its gaze filled with disdain.

Chen Chen did not have time to react before he was sent to a special space by the Great Void Dragon Kun.

Within this special space, there were some shiny golden things. There were gold, gemstones, bright pearls, and some unknown glowing objects.

Chen Chen took a casual look and saw glass.

If he found these things in other places, he would definitely use the system to track them and see if there were any treasures.

But this time, he did not because the great void Dragon Kun had sent him here to tell him that he liked glowing objects. Therefore, regardless of whether these things were treasures or not, he could not touch them. Since he could not touch them, he would be asking for trouble if he followed them.

“I didn’t expect the great void Dragon Kun to like these things…”

A smile gradually appeared on Chen Chen’s face.

It was good that he liked them. He could only do what he liked if he liked them,

to be honest, if he did not have the protection of the Great Void Dragon Kun, the broken true underworld continent would probably be destroyed at any moment.

“Senior Dragon Kun, I understand what you mean.”

Chen Chen shouted to the top. Then, he took out all the glowing objects in his storage ring and placed them in this special space.

To be honest, he wouldn’t know if he didn’t take them. Once he took them, he was shocked. Even Chen Chen himself didn’t think that he had so many glowing treasures. It seemed that whether it was humans or other creatures, they more or less subconsciously liked these gaudy things.

The Great Void Dragon Kun saw that its storage had increased by a lot, so it let out a happy neigh. Then, it immediately moved its body and sent Chen Chen to the edge of the Fallen Immortal Mountain.

Chen Chen first followed it for a while, and after making sure that there was no danger, he flew out of the Great Void Dragon Kun’s body.

“Senior Dragon Kun, don’t worry. I’ll be back in a while, and I’ll definitely bring you treasures!”

After saying this, Chen Chen flew into the distance.

He was only a gold immortal now, and his cultivation base was far from that of an immortal king. However, this did not mean that he could not take revenge. After all, taking revenge depended not only on strength, but also on wisdom.

No matter what, he had to vent his anger first.

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