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Chapter 766 Chapter 765, chaos in the Celestial Court

Northern Star Celestial Court.

Immortal King Northern Star was drinking and having fun. In the middle of the banquet was the yin-yang Fusion Dao alchemy furnace that he had just obtained.

There were also a few immortal lords of Northern Star Celestial Court drinking with him. At this moment, they were all praising him.

“Immortal King is blessed to the heavens. That’s why he was able to obtain such a precious treasure!”

“It’s said that those who are virtuous will have heaven-defying opportunities. I think immortal king is such a person!”

“Haha, as long as there’s an immortal king, our Northern Star Immortal Realms will definitely prosper!”

Hearing these words of praise, the Northern Star Immortal King beamed with joy. His mood was extremely good.

After obtaining a treasure, he should announce it to the world so that everyone would know about it.

Hiding here and there, that was something only the weak would do.

As for him, the Northern Star Immortal King, as a supreme-being of the Northern Star Immortal Realms, even if he announced it, who would dare to have any designs on him?

Just as the northern constellations immortal King was feeling proud of himself, a faint roar rang out in his ears.

As an immortal king, his divine sense was sufficient to cover the entire northern constellations immortal realms. Hence, he could sense the existence of the mutated nine-headed flood dragon just by sensing it.

“When did such a vile beast appear in my northern constellations Immortal Realms?”

Although he was puzzled in his heart, he didn’t treat it as a major matter.

Because regardless of whether it was an immortal spirit or an extremely powerful fierce beast, they all had intelligence and knew how to avoid harm.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, no immortal spirit would dare to be impudent in his territory, unless they didn’t want to live anymore.

However, who would have thought that after another roar, that mutated nine-headed flood dragon instantly charged out of the Great Swamp and began to rampage within the bei Chen Immortal realm without restraint!

Once such an existence unleashed his full power, the destructive power could be said to be extremely great!

In just a few breaths of time, with the nine-headed flood dragon as the center, the area within a few million li turned into a mess.

“He’s really courting death!”

The Northern Star Immortal King suddenly threw his wine cup, his expression turning ugly.

At this time, the other immortal monarchs also felt that something was amiss. They all stood up, their expressions grave.

“Follow me and destroy that vile creature!”

Northern Chen Immortal King roared in anger before he disappeared from the immortal court.

The other immortal monarchs quickly followed behind him. A moment later, they arrived above the mutated nine-headed flood dragon.

Looking at the mutated nine-headed flood dragon that was hundreds of thousands of kilometers in size, leaving only its bones, the immortal monarchs were all extremely shocked.

This was because they could sense an extremely powerful pressure from this nine-headed flood dragon.

This meant that the strength of this nine-headed flood dragon far surpassed them. Even if it wasn’t at the Immortal King Realm, the difference between them shouldn’t be too great.

How could they not sense the birth of such a terrifying existence in the northern constellations immortal realms?

As though sensing the shock of his subordinates, the northern constellations immortal king calmly spoke, “No matter how powerful it is, it’s nothing more than a fool who has lost his intelligence.”

After saying this, he extended his finger, and a powerful destructive wave gradually appeared at the tip of his finger.

To deal with this kind of soulless beast, one should use the simplest and most obvious method.

No matter how strong this fool was, it was impossible for him to withstand his attack.

However, what was unexpected was that at this moment, the nine heads of the nine-headed flood dragon suddenly looked towards the north. Then, with a flash, they actually disappeared from their original location!

When Immortal King Beichen saw this, his expression changed completely. This was because the direction the nine-headed flood dragon was flying towards was actually his immortal court!

This scared him so much that he quickly retracted his finger.

This strike of his was extremely powerful. Once he blasted it out, the aftershock would probably destroy the immortal court along with it.

When he thought of this, he faintly regretted that he did not control that ferocious beast first.

But who would have thought that this fellow who seemed to have lost his intelligence would suddenly run away?

“Follow me! Control him first! Remember! If you can not destroy the things in the immortal court, try not to destroy them!”

As he spoke, only a shadow was left of him. The other immortal monarchs could only continue to follow him.

At the same time, outside the immortal court, Chen Chen was mixed in with a group of Immortals and was escaping. Although the Beichen Immortal King’s divine sense was powerful, it was impossible for him to know every single immortal.

Most importantly, the Beichen Immortal King did not realize that someone was controlling all of this, so he did not search for anyone. “These nine-headed flood dragons have lost their intelligence, yet they still remember me… how much hatred…”

Chen Chen cursed in his heart as he flew. Beside him, there was a panicking fairy who flew slowly. He even helped her out of kindness.

“Thank you for your help, fellow Daoist!”The fairy’s beautiful face was filled with fear.

That was because the nine-headed flood dragon had already arrived at the top of the immortal court. Its huge nine heads did not care about anything else as they opened their mouths and spewed out.

The outer array formation of the immortal court was instantly destroyed. Countless exquisite buildings were turned into nothingness in the blink of an eye. Only the protective array formation of some important buildings were still intact, resisting the terrifying attack.

The immortals who lived in these buildings could only choose to run away.

Chen Chen heard this and said righteously, “There’s no need to thank me. We are all people of the celestial court, we should help each other! There’s no time! You Go First!”

The fairy was extremely moved when she heard this. She wiped her tears and left.

Chen Chen saw that the nine-headed flood dragon was about to lock onto his position, and he was prepared to run away as well. However, at this moment, a furious roar suddenly came from the void!

“Vile creature! You are courting death!”


A shocking explosion followed. Before the Beichen Immortal King could fully show himself, one of the nine-headed flood dragon’s heads exploded in mid-air! An invisible ripple spread out in all directions, and a large number of immortals began to fly backward uncontrollably.

The nine-headed flood dragon that had suffered a heavy blow was also sent flying backward. With this flight, a large number of buildings were destroyed along the way, and it was unknown how many immortals of the immortal court had suffered.

Seeing that the nine-headed flood dragon was blocked, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief. Taking advantage of this time, he summoned green bean and quickly broke through the array formation of an important building nearby. Then, he fled without looking back.

Behind him, the nine-headed flood dragon and the Beichen Immortal King roared continuously. He did not even look back.


This was the painful cry of the nine-headed flood dragon after being hit by the heavy blow. “Vile creature! How dare you destroy the Celestial Court! Even if you have 9,000 heads today, you will only die!”

This was the Beichen Immortal King’s angry roar, but most of it was filled with heartache.


“Vile creature! That is my hidden concubine Palace! I will not live under the same sky as



“Bastard! That is my celestial orchard! Die, die, die, die!”


“There is only one head left. Your Time of death has come… What! You actually have an undying body, and nine more heads have grown out?”


Curses rang out behind him. Chen ran away with a muffled voice, hiding his achievements and fame.

Although he knew that the nine-headed flood dragon was no match for the Beichen Immortal King, he was satisfied that it could cause great damage to the Beichen Immortal Court.

What kind of immortal was the Beichen Immortal King?

He was an existence that could be shameless for the sake of treasures, and his immortal court could be said to be extremely luxurious. All the palaces were forged from high-grade immortal stones, and there were all sorts of treasures everywhere. Now, more than half of them had been destroyed.., it was enough to make his heart ache for hundreds to thousands of years.

“Humph! I’ll collect some interest today!” Chen Chen thought to himself. Then, he suddenly accelerated and completely disappeared into the distance.

When he reached a certain place, he quickly drilled into the ground. After drilling for ten thousand miles, he finally stopped.

This was also the place where the system had pointed out that there was a shocking disaster. It was said that there was some strange demon embryo.

Chen Chen released his spiritual sense and searched for a bit before he found his target.

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