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Chapter 759 Chapter 758, who was right and who was wrong

“Immortal Core…”

Chen Chen used the system to appraise it and quickly understood what it was in his hand.

Demonic Beasts’true spirits had inner cores, and inner cores like immortal spirits were called immortal cores.

This was Xuan Feng’s immortal core in his hand, which contained a large amount of spatial power.

Eighty percent of Xuan Feng’s cultivation base was probably in this immortal core.

“You’re really willing to part with it.”

With a chuckle, he placed the immortal core into his storage ring,

After doing all this, Chen Chen turned his head around. His expression became unfathomable as he slowly landed in the Qian Yuan sect.

As soon as he landed, a true immortal from the Qian Yuan sect flew over.

Although the Qian Yuan sect was saved, the true immortal’s face was as if he had lost his parents. After all, the immortal ascension platform had been destroyed. It was likely that he wouldn’t be able to create another one within a short period of time.

“Senior… What Happened Just Now?”

Chen Chen had a helpless look on his face as he replied, “The one who escaped just now was a ferocious beast from the immortal world. This ferocious beast is a bloodthirsty beast. Fortunately, I arrived in time. Otherwise, the Qianyuan sect would have been finished.”

The true immortal seemed to know something as well. He smiled bitterly and said, “Isn’t that an immortal from the lower realm?”

“A real immortal was swallowed. That was a ferocious beast. Also, the sect Master of your Qianyuan sect and many elders were swallowed by him.”


The true immortal turned pale with shock, as if he couldn’t believe it.

When the sect master left the Qian Yuan sect, he had called the true immortals who had stayed behind to look for treasures. Not long after he left, he… died.

“I wouldn’t lie to you. You’ve seen this flying ship before, right? I took it from the fierce beast. The fierce beast pretended to have a treasure somewhere and tricked the sect master and elders out. Then, it killed them.”

Chen Chen explained seriously.

The Elder was skeptical, but he did not dare to doubt it.

After all, the strength of the immortal in front of him could easily destroy their Qian Yuan sect.

Chen Chen added at this moment, “Now that the Immortal Ascension platform has been destroyed, the Immortals of the immortal world won’t be able to leave the realm for a short period of time. The Qian Yuan sect has also encountered a major incident and is without a leader. The most important thing now is for someone to step up and shout to stabilize the current situation of the Qian Yuan sect.”

When the elder heard this, a warm feeling immediately rose in his heart.

The strongest experts of the Qian Yuan sect had all died. Now, he was the strongest expert of the Qian Yuan sect. If someone became the sect master..

Without waiting for him to continue thinking, Chen Chen continued, “When the Qian Yuan sect was in chaos, you stood out to stabilize the situation. When the Immortal Ascension platform is built again, how much credit do you think you will have?”


The elder subconsciously looked at the cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect behind him.

He thought this in his heart, but it was not appropriate for him to say this. After all, other than him, there were several other true immortals.

When Chen Chen saw this, he smiled indifferently, he said loudly, “The master of the Qian Yuan sect and all the elders died at the mouth of the ferocious beast just now. Now that the Immortal Ascension platform has been destroyed, the most important thing now is to choose another person to reorganize the Qian Yuan sect. I think this elder is very suitable!”

After he finished speaking, Chen Chen pushed the elder out.

When the cultivators of the Qianyuan sect heard that their leader had died, they were all extremely shocked. No one objected at all. When Chen Chen saw this, he smiled.

Today, he had tricked this elder into becoming the sect leader with just a few words. In the future, this elder would have to stand on his side and report today’s situation to the Qianyuan sect of the immortal realm according to his words.

Even if he knew the truth, he could not deny his own words.

If he denied it, he would have to deny everything. That meant that this sect master’s name was not justified.

“Smelly brother, you still want to fight with


Chen Chen looked at the sky and sneered in his heart.

When Xuan Feng fled to the celestial world, his body had already lost more than half of it. Let alone any evidence, he did not even have any decent worldly possessions.

In addition, he had completely exterminated the sixteen people in the group, so there was no way to prove it.

Empty words. Who would have known that he was the one who killed the sect leader of the Qian Yuan sect?

“Thank you for your support, senior! If there’s a chance, I will definitely repay your great kindness!”

The elder’s grateful voice rang out in his mind.

Chen Chen smiled indifferently and casually took out a few pills that he had obtained from Pill King Xuan Huo and handed them to him.

“I was a little negligent when my immortal ascension platform was destroyed this time. These pills can be considered compensation.”

The elder took the pills and smelled them. He was immediately overjoyed. If it weren’t for so many people around him, he would have knelt down and thanked them on the spot.

On the other side, after Xuan Feng dragged his broken body back to the immortal world, he didn’t even think of complaining to the people from the Qian Yuan sect. He didn’t even dare to stay in the Qian Yuan immortal world for a moment.

At this moment, his strength was less than one-tenth of his original strength. He even lost the ability to transform. If there was a misunderstanding and he was killed, who would he go to to reason with?

Therefore, at this moment, he only thought of returning to the Nine Heavens Immortal realm and looking for the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

Right now, only the Nine Heavens Immortal King could give him a sense of security.

Fortunately, he was a kun. He flew stealthily and was not discovered by many immortals. After struggling for half a day, he returned to the territory of the Nine Heavens Immortal realm.

The moment he arrived at the Nine Heavens Immortal Realms, Xuan Feng couldn’t help but cry.

Initially, he was still hoping that this mission would go smoothly and he would soar to great heights in the future. Who would have thought that the outcome would be so miserable.

There was no need to think about soaring to great heights. Even his cultivation base had been lost by more than half. If he wanted to regain his glory, he would probably have to cultivate for another tens of thousands of years.

With this thought in mind, he felt sorrow from the bottom of his heart and actually cried out loud.

Just like that, as he cried, he flew in front of the Nine Heavens Immortal King.

When the Nine Heavens Immortal King saw such a miserable Xuan Feng, his eyes narrowed slightly.

“Who beat you up to this State?”

“It’s… It’s that traitor! Master, that traitor has the cultivation base of a gold immortal, and he also has the Nine Heavens Xuan Tower. He can summon the Great Void Divine Lightning. I’m not his match at all!”


The Nine Heavens Immortal King cursed in a low voice. Then, he realized that something was wrong and asked, “He can summon the Great Void Purple Mansion’s world-destroying Divine Thunder?”

“Yes, and he cultivates the Great Clarity Heavenly Dao!”Xuan Feng cried out.

“The Great Clarity Heavenly Dao…”the Nine Heavens Immortal King’s eyes turned colder.

No matter if it was the nine heavens mysterious tower or the great Clarity Heavenly Dao, they could not fall into the hands of others.

However, at this moment, he could not find anyone who could enter the lower realm and whose strength surpassed that of a gold immortal.

When Xuan Feng saw this, he immediately realized what the Nine Heavens Immortal King was thinking, he could not help but say, “Master, I think there’s only one way, and that is for you to personally destroy that person and the true nether world together! At that time, I will go to the endless void to search for the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.”

The Nine Heavens Immortal King was a little hesitant when he heard this.

Although he could not go down to the lower realm, he could still attack the lower realm. He was the one who had attacked the underworld realm previously. However, the situation was different now. After all, the true underworld realm did not belong to him but to Immortal King Beichen.

“Master, you can use other great worlds or other treasures to exchange for the true underworld realm. I think it is worth it for the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower!”

Xuan Feng spoke again. As he spoke, his body was covered in blood. His appearance was extremely miserable.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King sighed when he saw this.

“Forget it, I’ll go look for the Beichen Immortal King Now.”

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