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Chapter 758 Chapter 757 interception

Xuan Feng was currently flying towards the direction of the Qian Yuan sect. As he was scheming in his heart, he was not flying very fast. However, at this moment, he felt a sense of foreboding in his heart. Immediately after, his expression changed drastically! Without any time to think, his entire body instantly turned illusory. This was his innate divine ability.

As a kun, he could enter some unknown space and use it to dodge some attacks.

However, before his body could completely enter the unknown space, a golden divine lightning struck his tail.

An indescribable pain accompanied it. Xuan Feng grunted and turned around to take a look. He could not help but gasp! His tail and one-fifth of his body had been destroyed. Green blood was flowing like a fountain.

“Humph!” A Cold Humph came from the void. Chen Chen suddenly appeared and slapped Xuan Feng’s head.

At this moment, Xuan Feng did not have time to say any nonsense. He did not have any thoughts of resisting. Seeing the powerful palm attack, he shrank his head and entered the unknown space.

Chen Chen watched Xuan Feng disappear and frowned slightly.

This was not a simple escape into void space, but like the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle, he broke through the world wall and arrived outside the world.

“He can hide.”


Chen Chen muttered and activated the nine heavens mysterious tower again. He blasted out several great void divine lightning bolts and chased into the unknown void space. After that, he flew directly towards the Qian Yuan sect.

If Xuan Feng wanted to return to the immortal world, he had to go through the immortal ascension platform of the Qian Yuan sect. As long as he stayed there, it was equivalent to cutting off Xuan Feng’s path of retreat.

After a few breaths, Chen Chen arrived above the Qian Yuan sect. This time, no cultivators from the Qian Yuan sect found any trace of him.

After using his spiritual sense to roughly investigate, there were still six true immortals left in the Qian Yuan sect. As for the Mahayana realm cultivators, there were countless of them.

Chen Chen did not have the intention to kill all of them. He just hid in the void, concealed his figure, and waited quietly.

After waiting for about two hours, he tracked Xuan Feng through the system.

It seemed that Xuan Feng could not stay in the endless dark space forever.

After discovering Xuan Feng’s tracks, Chen Chen was not in a hurry to make a move. Instead, he continued to wait, like a very patient hunter.

Just as he had imagined, Xuan Feng flew in the direction of the Qian Yuan sect after circling around a few times and finding no movement. Chen Chen curled his lips and started to activate the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.

When Xuan Feng was less than a thousand miles away from him, he suddenly launched an attack. Several streaks of great void divine lightning intersected and shot towards Xuan Feng, sealing off all escape routes for Xuan


Thinking that he had escaped danger, Xuan Feng, who was still in shock, sensed the sudden attack and was scared out of his wits. He quickly took out his most valuable treasure and blocked the surroundings.


A thunderous explosion sounded. In his eyes, the most valuable treasure was instantly blasted into dust. The remaining great void divine lightning struck his body.

Crack! Crack!

There was a crisp sound and countless blood spurted out. In just this round of attack, hundreds of holes were opened on his golden immortal body.

It was only because he had reached the golden immortal stage and had a huge immortal spirit body that he did not die on the spot.

If it were an ordinary golden immortal, he would have been scared out of his wits.

“You… Don’t go too far!”

Xuan Feng shouted angrily and rushed toward the immortal ascension platform at the same time. At this time, he did not care about the mission or not. He just wanted to leave this damn lower realm and return to the immortal realm.

“It’s not that easy to leave!”

Chen Chen had long anticipated Xuan Feng’s escape route. When Xuan Feng had just arrived at the Immortal Ascension Platform, a palm that he had been preparing for a long time descended from the sky and pressed down on Xuan Feng’s head.

Feeling the terrifying fluctuations above his head, Xuan Feng truly felt a life-and-death crisis.

At this moment, he no longer cared about anything else. The most important thing was to save his life.


With a mournful roar, a golden ball shot out from his mouth and headed toward the huge palm above him!

That was his natal immortal core. He would not use it unless it was absolutely necessary.


The two attacks collided and the entire world was instantly enveloped by a strong light. The Immortal Ascension platform, which was more than 100,000 meters tall, was instantly blasted into ashes.

The cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect below were all extremely shocked when they saw this scene. They did not dare to delay at all, and they activated their sect’s defensive array formation to the maximum.

However, even the defensive array formation of their sect could not withstand the aftermath of the two gold immortals’full-force attack.

Seeing that the array formation was about to be destroyed and the aftermath was about to hit the Qian Yuan sect, Chen Chen raised his eyebrows and waved his hand to block the aftermath.

After all, there were more than ten million cultivators in the Qian Yuan sect. If they were to be affected by the shockwave, they would all be turned into ashes.

He was not a person who liked to kill. Because of the greed of the leaders of the Qian Yuan sect, he could not destroy the entire Qian Yuan sect.

Seeing that Chen Chen had blocked the shockwave in the air, the countless cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect heaved a sigh of relief. The true immortals with higher cultivation shouted, “Thank you for your mercy, Senior!”

Chen Chen did not respond. At this moment, most of his attention was still on Xuan Feng.

Seeing that the golden sphere had blocked his attack, Chen Chen waved his hand again.

The three-headed Dragon Immortal Spirit on the second floor of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower roared suddenly and rushed out of the tower, biting towards Xuan Feng.

Xuan Feng had just broken through the palm force and was preparing to block the supreme purity divine thunder with all his strength. When he saw the three-headed dragon attack again, he could not help but complain in his heart.

Although his immortal core was powerful, it could not defend against all the attacks.

And if he hesitated any longer, he might really die here.

“I don’t care anymore! I’ll go all out!”

Xuan Feng roared furiously and immediately sent his immortal core towards the Supreme Pure Divine Thunder. As for his actual body, he ignored the three-headed dragon’s attack and flew towards the immortal world.

The three-headed dragon stood on the path that Xuan Feng had to pass through and suddenly opened its three big mouths.


With a series of bites, half of Xuan Feng’s body was bitten off.

However, at this moment, he did not dare to retaliate at all. He continued to use the remaining body to fly towards the immortal world.

In the blink of an eye, he dragged the remnant body and rushed into the Ascension Passage.

“What a decisive kun.”

Chen Chen said coldly and withdrew the supreme purity divine thunder at the same time.

It had to be said that if Xuan Feng had been a little hesitant or a little reluctant, he would have died here today.

Although he was miserable now, at least he had saved his life.

“You are lucky, HMPH!”

With a cold snort, Chen Chen stretched out his right hand. A powerful suction force burst out from his hand, and the golden sphere in the sky fell into his hand uncontrollably.

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