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Chapter 760 Chapter 759, compromise

Time flowed like water. In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

During this month, mung bean had used the power of the immortal nucleus to step into the peak of the Mystic Immortal realm.

Chen Chen’s immortal body clone stayed in the Qian Yuan world to build a closer relationship with the Qian Yuan sect. As for his main body, it remained in the true nether world.

On this day, an unusual fluctuation suddenly came from the sky above the Dragon Kun Plain. Soon after, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky above the Dragon Kun Plain.

As soon as this person appeared, he began to look around

Chen Chen’s true body naturally sensed this person’s tracks.

This person was only a true immortal. He was not surprised by this.

Now that the immortal ascension platform of the Qian Yuan world had been destroyed and the space passage of the true nether world had been blocked, the immortal world could only send a true immortal down through special means.

This was how Xin Heng had come down to the world.

Since he had sent out true immortals, it was obvious that he wasn’t here to fight.

Chen Chen Thought for a moment and still appeared in front of this person.

Seeing Chen Chen’s sudden appearance, the true immortal was greatly startled. He couldn’t help but take two steps back, raising his orchid finger and asking, “Who are you?”

Seeing his attitude, Chen Chen frowned slightly and asked, “And who are you?”

Facing Chen Chen’s question, the true immortal puffed out his chest and proudly said, “I am Mo he, the personal attendant under Immortal King Beichen.” “Under Immortal King Beichen… What are you doing in the lower realm?”

Hearing that he was under Immortal King Beichen, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Mo he said unhappily, “This true underworld belongs to Immortal King Beichen. If I go down to the lower realm, it will be like returning to my own backyard. But you, who exactly are


“I’m the sect master of the only sect in the true underworld. You can tell me directly if you have anything to say.” Chen Chen replied calmly.

After learning Chen Chen’s identity, Mo he rolled his eyes and started to size Chen Chen Up. After looking at him for a full minute, he covered his mouth and laughed, “Since that’s the case, you have the final say in this true underworld!”!

Then let me ask you, what treasure does the true underworld have that actually caused the nine heavens immortal king to use two major worlds to exchange for the true underworld?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen’s heart pounded.

The Nine Heavens Immortal King used two major worlds to exchange for the true underworld. This wasn’t good news and there was a high chance that something big was about to happen.

Evidently, he had completely angered the nine heavens immortal king by severely injuring Xuan Feng

“Then what does the North Star Immortal King Mean?”Chen Chen asked.

“The North Star Immortal King isn’t stupid. If he really has a treasure, he naturally wouldn’t exchange it with the Nine Heavens Immortal King. In fact, he would even protect the true underworld well.

“The reason why he sent me to the lower realms is to allow me to study the true underworld well.

“But now, I see that there’s nothing special about the true underworld. In fact, there’s even this damned Kun blocking the Ascension Pathway.”

Just as Mo he finished speaking, the Great Void Dragon Kun’s screeching sound came from the sky, scaring him into hiding behind Chen Chen.

Chen Chen’s mind was currently filled with thoughts.

No matter what, he had to think of a way to stop this transaction.

However, he had to take out treasures that could move immortal kings in order to have this possibility.

Right now, he had a lot of treasures on him, but the only thing that could move immortal kings was probably the nine heavens mysterious guardian tower. This made him quite conflicted.

“What exactly is there? Tell me!”

Mo he couldn’t help but ask when he saw Chen Chen’s expression change again and again.

Chen Chen pondered for a moment and took out an alchemy furnace from his storage ring.

This was pill king Darkfire’s alchemy furnace. It was called the yin-yang Fusion Dao Alchemy Furnace.

In terms of value, it should be something that was second only to the nine heavens mystical tower on him.

“It’s like this. Previously, I obtained the inheritance of a certain alchemy almighty in the immortal world… This is his pill furnace. I don’t know why, but the Nine Heavens Immortal King found out about this. Perhaps he covets this inheritance?”

Chen Chen said very seriously.

At this moment, he could only lie like this.

Who knew that after Mo he saw the yin-yang Fusion Dao pill furnace, he actually turned pale with fright. He hurriedly circled around the yin-yang fusion dao pill furnace a few times, then, he muttered, “It really is the yin-yang fusion path pill furnace… the third-ranked pill furnace in the immortal world, a supreme treasure that has disappeared for millions of


Hearing his words, Chen Chen’s brows twitched, but he quickly returned to normal.

“This pill furnace is really a supreme treasure?”

“Of course it’s a Supreme Treasure!”! In the time of Hong Meng, the Supreme Immortal had nine pill furnaces, and this yin-yang fusion path pill furnace was one of them. It was rumored that the pills refined from this pill furnace would have a special attribute, and sometimes it would even give birth to a heaven-defying attribute…”

Mo he explained as he fumbled around with the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace. His eyes were filled with brilliance.

Although he was only a true immortal and could not be ranked in the immortal world, he had been by Immortal King Beichen’s side all year round. His experience was first-class in the immortal world.

“So this pill furnace is so powerful…”

Chen Chen echoed from the side.

This was a pleasant surprise to him. If he could use this pill furnace to solve the problem, that would be the best.

After all, no matter how heaven-defying this pill furnace was, he wasn’t a proper alchemist. It wouldn’t be of much use to him.

“Hehe, what do you know? Such a treasure isn’t something that you and I can possess. How about this, you hand this pill furnace over to me and bring it to the immortal realm. At that time, the Beichen immortal king will naturally not hand over the true underworld.”

Mo he laughed. After that, he wanted to keep the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace.

Chen Chen saw this and quickly stopped him, “Wait, you have no proof. Why should I believe you?”

Mo he smiled disdainfully and took out a decree from his pocket.

“You still doubt my identity? Look, this is the decree personally given by the Beichen Immortal King! He wants me to go to the true underworld to investigate the situation!

“As for a treasure like Tan Mo, don’t worry. No matter how bold I am, I won’t be this bold.

“Since Lord Immortal King Beichen sent me down to the lower realm, he must believe in me.

“I can swear on the Great Dao that I will definitely hand this pill furnace over to immortal King Beichen. Otherwise, I will be destroyed in body and soul!”

Chen Chen received the decree and took a look. Although he had never seen an immortal king’s decree before, he could feel a special aura from the words.

It seemed that the immortal king’s decree was correct.

After handing the Immortal King’s decree to Mo he, Chen Chen took out a few medicinal pills and handed them over.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll have to trouble fellow Daoist to speak up for the true underworld when you return to the immortal world.”

Mo he put away the Yin-yang Integration Dao pill furnace and took a few more medicinal pills. He couldn’t help but smile.

As for the other heaven-defying treasures that Chen Chen had, he had not thought about it.

It was already heaven-defying luck for a gold immortal to obtain the yin-yang Fusion Dao Pill Furnace. How could there be another one?

“You’re too polite! Fellow Daoist, don’t worry! Immortal King Beichen and the Nine Heavens Immortal King are actually not that close. There’s no need to give the Nine Heavens Immortal King face!”

“That’s good.”

Chen Chen said with a smile.

Actually, he had no choice but to hand over the yin-yang Unity Path Pill Furnace. At this moment, he only had one choice. He could only choose to gamble once.

If he were to watch helplessly as the ownership of the true nether world fell into the hands of the Nine Heavens Immortal King, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Fellow Daoist, just wait for my good news in the lower realm!”

Mo he flew up into the sky as he spoke and took out the decree.

A strange power shot out from the decree, and immediately after, a large immortal qi hand stretched out from the void and grabbed him up.

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