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Chapter 757 Chapter 756, taking the initiative to attack

As soon as Chen Chen’s immortal body clone appeared, his powerful immortal Qi swept out in all directions. Under the terrifying pressure, the sixteen true immortals were pushed back uncontrollably.

Feeling the pressure, Zhang Yue’s face turned extremely ugly. He didn’t even have time to think before he took out the heaven origin bell.

The Heaven Origin Bell was the ultimate treasure of the Heaven Origin sect. With more than ten true immortals working together, it was enough to fight a mystic immortal. He couldn’t see through the cultivation base of the person in front of him. All he knew was that he was far stronger than them. At this time, he couldn’t hide anything. He had to do his best.

Chen Chen looked at the huge bell that was rapidly growing to the size of a mountain. He raised his eyebrows slightly.

This treasure was indeed not bad. It was comparable to the all-spirit cauldron.

However, that was all. It was far from enough to deal with him.

Shaking his head slightly, Chen Chen’s figure flashed and broke through the layers of obstacles. He arrived in front of the true immortal who was the first to make a move.

When the true immortal saw this, his eyes were instantly filled with terror. Under his strong desire to live, more than a dozen defensive magic treasures blocked in front of him.

Chen Chen didn’t even look at those treasures. He casually pointed out with his finger.

With this finger, all the obstructions were shattered like paper. Finally, Chen Chen’s finger pointed at the center of the True Immortal’s brows.

The true immortal’s body suddenly stiffened. His expression gradually became vacant. In the end, he silently disappeared between heaven and earth, as if this person had never appeared before.

After exterminating this true immortal, Chen Chen retracted his finger, and his eyes turned extremely cold.

“Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. It’s all your own fault. Do you really think that the true underworld is a place where you can come and go as you please?

Or do you think that I’m the kind of person who can fight if I can, but will let you go if I can’t?”

Looking at Chen Chen, whose entire body was covered in golden light and was awe-inspiring and inviolable, Zhang Yue’s face was as pale as a sheet. He knew that he had kicked an iron board today.

The aura of the person in front of him was not that of a true immortal or mystic immortal, but a gold immortal!

At this moment, recalling what Xuan Feng had said before, Zhang Yue suddenly realized that he had fallen into Xuan Feng’s trap.

But who could he blame? If it were not for his greed… how could he have encountered such a powerful enemy? “Senior… This is all a misunderstanding! Please listen to my explanation!”

Zhang Yue’s face was in a sorry state, and he couldn’t help but shout.

“It’s Too Late!”

“No, senior. We are cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect. Our Qian Yuan sect is connected to the immortal world, and it is the place where the Qian Yuan Immortal King makes his debut. Please… “Zhang Yue’s tone was extremely fast, and he still wanted to explain,


Chen Chen, however, snorted coldly and didn’t continue listening.

Then, he began to flicker in the void. After a few breaths, he walked out of the encirclement of these true immortals.

Behind him, the fifteen true immortals of the Qian Yuan sect, including Zhang Yue, were all frozen on the spot. Gradually, they turned into bubbles, and finally disappeared completely.

Boom! The lost control of the Qian Yuan Bell fell into the city below, creating a huge crater. It looked quite desolate.

When the cultivators in the city heard the commotion, they flew out to watch. Little did they know that they had just been through the gates of Hell.

At the same time, in the Qian Yuan world, Xuan Feng involuntarily took two steps back, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

This was because in the projection realm in front of him, Chen Chen was looking at him coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“I know it’s you. Don’t Let Me See You Again! Otherwise, you will die!”

In the mirror, Chen Chen’s lips moved slightly. Although Xuan Feng could not hear him, he clearly understood what the other party was saying “It’s him… that body from before was just his clone. This is his real body! The Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower is in his hands. He is either the traitor or the traitor’s descendant!”

Xuan Feng muttered to himself as if he had understood everything at once.

He was only afraid of the mysterious true underworld world’s realmlord and thought that the traitor might have some connection with the realmlord.

But now, it turned out that the two were actually the same person!

“The strength of a gold immortal, combined with the nine heavens mysterious tower… I’m not a match for them.”

Xuan Feng quickly compared the strength of both sides and came to this conclusion. “I’ll have to outsmart them. Perhaps I’ll have to borrow the power of the Qian Yuan sect.”

At the thought of this, Xuan Feng turned around and flew toward the Qian Yuan sect once again.

On the battlefield, Chen Chen put away the storage rings of the true immortals of the Qian Yuan sect and looked at the Void Ferry.

The Aura that the void ferry emitted was too familiar. It was the aura of the Kun.

Moreover, it came from the same origin as the Kun that had come to the true nether world.

With this thing around, it was easy to deduce why the true immortals of the Qian Yuan world would come to the true nether world.

“I killed sixteen true immortals of the Qian Yuan sect in one go. This time, I have a huge grudge with the Qian Yuan sect…”

Chen Chen muttered to himself, but he did not regret it.

Since he had killed one of them, he naturally could not let the rest go.

Killing one was also a grudge, killing all of them was also a grudge. It was better to kill all of them.

He could not endure everything and let a group of true immortals shit on his head after he had become a Gold Immortal, could he?

That was not in line with his cultivation status.

“You should not have let you off before you set me up!”

Chen Chen was furious again when he thought of the culprit, Xuan Feng. Previously, he showed up on his own accord because he was afraid that the war between the two gold immortals in the true nether world would cause irreparable damage to the true nether world. He also showed his strength slightly to warn Xuan Feng, he wanted Xuan Feng to know that he had to retreat no matter what his motive was.

He did not expect Xuan Feng to not only not appreciate his kindness, but also use the cultivators of the Qian Yuan sect to test him.

It seemed that he would not give up the mission easily.

Since that was the case, he naturally would not act according to common sense.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen suddenly threw a palm toward the crossing void boat.


With a crisp sound, a mirror on the crossing void boat turned into dust.

After destroying the mirror, Chen Chen did not stand on ceremony. He put away the void ferry and flew towards the passageway between the two worlds.

After a few breaths, Chen Chen passed through the passageway between the two worlds and arrived at the Qian Yuan world.

Rather than waiting for the mystic wind to attack again, he might as well take the initiative to attack.

It was better to fight in the Qian Yuan world than in the true nether world. After all, he had killed more than ten true immortals of the Qian Yuan world and offended the Qian Yuan sect.

After arriving at the Qian Yuan world, Chen Chen started to ask the system in his mind.

“System, is there any trace of mystic wind in this world?”

“Located 130,000 miles to the north of the host.”

“It’s So Close.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen took out the nine heavens mysterious tower without hesitation and started to activate it at full power.

Soon, the Supreme Purity Divine Lightning appeared on the third level of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Tower.


When the Divine Thunder was fully formed, Chen Chen extended two fingers and pointed at the void. The Supreme Pure Divine Thunder on the third level of the nine heavens mysterious tower disappeared into the clouds and shot toward the north.

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