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Chapter 714 Chapter 713, taking advantage of the weakness

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To be honest, Chen Chen refused to be addressed as senior divine turtle. He had only casually said it back then, but now it had become his nickname, making him look like a turtle.

“They will come back later.”

Chen Chen answered calmly.

After saying that, he walked to his cultivation place. The group of cultivators from the Abyss World did not dare to stop him. They could only send a few messages, but they did not receive any reply.

After returning to his cultivation place, Chen Chen released his true form and had his true form sneak out with the green beans.

Not long after, the man and the turtle arrived near the passage between the two worlds.

The array here naturally could not stop the man and the turtle. A moment later, the man and the turtle passed through the passage and returned to the true spirit world.

As soon as he arrived at the true spirit world, Chen Chen took out his communication token.

There were a few messages in the communication token, all sent to him by his master, the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

“Chen Chen, was your previous message true?”

Chen Chen shook his head when he saw this message. When he had followed a group of Saint Kings into the Abyss World, he had secretly sent a message to the Heavenly Devil City Lord, asking him to gather experts to

come outside the Abyss sect while the Abyss sect was empty, he was prepared to attack the Abyss sect in one fell swoop.

At that time, the opportunity was fleeting. How could he have time to explain it slowly?

Therefore, the heavenly demon city lord could not believe it for a moment, but he could understand.

However, the message that came later made Chen Chen Chen somewhat surprised.

“Chen Chen, I believe you. Within fifteen minutes, I will gather the experts of the heavenly demon city to go near the Abyss sect.”

“No one from the other major sects is willing to come… They are afraid of giving the Abyss sect an excuse to start a war early after failing.”

“The cultivators of Heavenly Devil City have already arrived a thousand miles away from the Dark Abyss sect. There is only one cultivator at the peak of the Mahayana realm, three at the late stage of the Mahayana

realm, ten other Mahayana realm cultivators, and 100,000 cultivators below the Mahayana realm.”

Chen Chen smiled when he saw the messages. Fortunately, the Lord of Heavenly Devil City was still reliable at the critical moment.

Without any hesitation, Chen Chen asked Mung bean to lead him out of the range of the Dark Abyss sect.

As soon as he left the Abyss sect, Chen Chen sent a message to the Heavenly Demon City Lord asking him where the cultivators of the Heavenly Demon City were hiding.

“We are now a thousand miles north of the Abyss sect.”

After receiving the message from the Heavenly Demon City Lord, Chen Chen immediately flew north. The distance of a thousand miles only lasted for an instant.

Soon, he saw a hidden formation. Without even thinking, he knew that the cultivators of the Heavenly Demon City were hiding in it.

As if sensing Chen Chen’s arrival, the hidden formation was immediately activated. A few figures flew out, and the leader was the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

He was first overjoyed when he saw Chen Chen, then shocked!

“Chen Chen… your cultivation…”

Chen Chen smiled indifferently and said, “I was lucky enough to get a bit of opportunity and stepped into the late stage of the Mahayana realm.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord’s eyebrows twitched when he heard that. The last time he saw this disciple, he was comparable to the Mahayana realm..

Oh, no, the last time he saw this disciple was an immortal body clone. Now, the person standing in front of him seemed to be his main body.

His main body didn’t seem to have reached the Mahayana realm before, right? Now that he was at the late stage of the Mahayana realm, how could this be a bit of opportunity? It was simply a huge opportunity.

At that time, he had thought that this disciple was very likely to be the son of fate. Now, it seemed that it was indeed so!

However, now was not the time to fuss over this. The Heavenly Devil City lord hurriedly asked, “Is the Abyss sect really empty at this time?”

“It’s absolutely true. Right now, there’s only a half-crippled peak mahayana cultivator inside. He’s definitely not your match, Master!”

Chen Chen said seriously.

When the Heavenly Devil City Lord Heard This, he wanted to take out his transmission token and persuade those experts from the immortal sect and the evil god Hall.

Seeing this, Chen Chen stopped him, “There’s no need for that. It’s just that our Sky Demon City’s strength is enough to destroy the current Dark Abyss sect. Moreover, time is tight. When the people from other sects

arrive, we might miss the opportunity.”

As soon as he said this.., an elder at the late stage of the Mahayana realm behind the sky demon city lord asked, “Chen Chen, no matter how empty the Dark Abyss sect is, they still have a peak Mahayana realm

cultivator. Together with the other Mahayana realm cultivators, their strength might not be inferior to our Sky Demon City. If we really fight, even if we can win, we will suffer heavy losses… at that time, our Sky Demon

City might lose our position as the overlord of the true spirit world.

“Moreover, the Abyss sect still has the ten thousand spirit cauldron guarding it. How can we break through the defense?

“Although we trust you on this matter, we still have to think twice!”

The elder’s words also represented the thoughts of most of the Heavenly Demon City’s cultivators. Many of the heavenly demon city’s cultivators looked at Chen Chen at this time.

“Leave the matter of breaking through the defense to me. As for the other cultivators below the peak of the Mahayana realm, don’t worry. I have already left a spy among them. If we really fight, my spy will take action.

At that time, we will definitely win!

“Elders, if our Heavenly Devil City can destroy the Dark Abyss sect alone and take everything in the Dark Abyss sect, including the ten-thousand spirit cauldron, then from now on, Our Heavenly Devil City will be the

sole overlord of the True Spirit World!”

Hearing Chen Chen Chen’s words, many elders’faces became excited.

What was there to be afraid of with a spy?

The sole overlord! The ten-thousand spirit cauldron!


“Chen Chen, let’s make a move now. The future of our Heavenly Devil City is in your hands!”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord patted Chen Chen’s shoulder and said solemnly.

Chen Chen nodded confidently and flew directly toward the Abyss sect that was a thousand miles away.

With this movement, the hundred thousand cultivators of Heavenly Devil City who were hiding in the array formation rose into the sky. They no longer concealed themselves and flew toward the Abyss sect like locusts.

The scene could be said to blot out the sky and cover the Sun.

At the same time, in the Abyss sect.

Saint King Demon Puppet, who had been quietly cultivating to recover his strength, suddenly opened his eyes and looked toward the north. He saw an incomparably huge dark cloud flying toward the Abyss sect at high

speed from a thousand miles to the north.

As a knowledgeable person, she naturally knew that it wasn’t a simple dark cloud. Instead, it was a strange phenomenon caused by a huge number of cultivators flying together.

At this moment when the internal defense was empty, a large number of cultivators suddenly flew towards the Abyss sect. The reason was self-evident!

“There’s a mole in the Abyss sect! Otherwise, this group of cultivators from the true spirit world wouldn’t dare to come here and seek death!”

This thought flashed through her mind, and Saint King Demon puppet subconsciously looked towards the spiritual master divine turtle’s cultivation place. She saw that the spiritual master divine turtle was also looking

towards the north with a surprised expression. Only then did the suspicion in her heart disappear by more than half.

As long as the mole wasn’t this spiritual turtle cultivator.

Although she had a deep hatred towards this person, she had to admit that this person’s strength was formidable.

With this person, coupled with the protection of the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron and her secret assistance, even if the entire true spirit world was sent out at this moment, the Abyss sect would be able to hold on

until the sacred kings returned.

Thinking of this, her heart calmed down, and her gaze couldn’t help but become fierce.

In this battle, she had to get a few more corpses and refine a new batch of puppets.

“Enemy Attack!”

At this time, some of the late-stage Mahayana realm cultivators in the Abyss sect also discovered the enemy, and their roars spread throughout the entire Abyss sect!

In just a few breaths’time, the hundreds of thousands of cultivators hiding in the Abyss sect flew out from their cultivation grounds and covered the sky above the Abyss sect..

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