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Chapter 713 Chapter 712: those who believe in me will never die

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A loud sound that shook the heaven and earth was heard, and an extremely terrifying shock wave was immediately set off within a radius of a thousand miles.

Seeing such power, Chen Chen had no choice but to retreat another thousand miles.

From time to time, a few different lights would light up amidst the endless sword qi light. It seemed that some sacred kings had used their life-saving trump cards.

However, many of them were eventually annihilated by the Sword Qi.

Half a minute later, everything had calmed down.

At this time, not only had the falling dawn holy region disappeared, even the thousands of miles around the falling Dawn holy region seemed to have been plowed over, becoming extremely flat.

And in the center of the Falling Dawn Holy Region, two thousand miles away, only the white-robed immortal was left standing proudly with the immortal sword in his hand.

Not far away from the white-robed immortal, a few streaks of light were frantically fleeing. It seemed that they were the sacred kings who had survived the attack just now.

“You still want to run?”

The white-robed immortal sneered. Almost instantly, he flew in front of one of the streaks of light and slashed down with his sword.


With a muffled sound, the streak of light was directly chopped into pieces.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Chen Chen’s eyes twitched, and he hurriedly summoned the mung bean.

The Mung Bean’s small wings could travel through space. After hearing Chen Chen’s summoning, it quickly got rid of the Ming Peng and flew to Chen Chen’s side.

“Mung bean, the situation is not good. Let’s Retreat First!”

Chen Chen picked up the mung bean, then took out the sun-moon soaring shuttle and prepared to leave.

What a joke. More than half of the Abyss World’s sacred kings had died. What was he still doing here? He could not defeat that immortal.

He slipped away and ended up being a bystander!

However, it was good that these sacred kings had died. Without them leading the way, the war between the two worlds was basically impossible.

However, as soon as he entered the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle, a faint and deep voice sounded from the distant horizon.

“Those who believe in me will never die.”

As soon as this voice sounded, it resounded in Chen Chen’s heart like a great bell, causing him to freeze and unable to move.

Only after a moment did he suppress his emotions and regain his mobility.

He turned his head back with great difficulty and finally saw what was happening in the distance.

In the sky two thousand miles away, the statue of the underworld god that had cracks on it floated quietly, its lips moving slightly.

Clearly, the one who had just spoken was this statue of the underworld god.

“Are you willing to worship the underworld god?”

The battle Saint King, who had appeared out of nowhere, shouted loudly at the void.

Chen Chen did not hear any reply. He saw the corner of the underworld god statue’s mouth curling up slightly. Soon after, a red glow lit up in its eyes.

Under this red glow, the entire void began to distort. Not long after, the dozen over sacred kings who had just died reappeared in the void. It was as though time had been reversed.

Although these sacred kings still looked the same as before, Chen Chen discovered through his immortal dipper extreme vision that there was a tiny red line behind these sacred kings that led to the unknown void.

They seemed to have become marionettes.

“Is this the power of the underworld god?”

Chen Chen hesitated whether he should continue watching.

Before this, he dared to be a bystander because he believed that he definitely had the ability to protect himself. But now, the direction of the development of the matter had exceeded his expectations.

If he continued to watch, he might be in danger.

However, he soon discovered something strange.

Among the sacred kings who were resurrected by the mysterious power, there was no sacred king Yunqian who was killed by the small-scale heavenly meteorite.

This meant that there were two possibilities.

First, the power of the God of Hell had a time limit, and it was very likely that it could only resurrect a cultivator who had been dead for a few seconds.

Secondly, the power of the Heavenly Dao of the Taiqing Xuan contained in the small-scale heavenly meteorite directly disintegrated the cultivator. Under such circumstances, the power of the underworld god could

not resurrect him.

“He’s really resurrected!”

The Saint Kings who had been resurrected in the distance were all exclaiming in surprise at this moment, and they kept sizing up their bodies.

The battle Saint King watched this scene coldly from the side and said indifferently, “After becoming the believers of the underworld god, the Underworld God will not only give you eternal life, but also give you the

power to transcend the limits of this world!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the underworld god statue began to shoot out the power of law, branding it into the bodies of the Saint Kings who had been resurrected.

Chen Chen was very familiar with this scene, just like when he was in the underworld god Temple.

However, the power of law shot out from the underworld god statue was much stronger than what he had absorbed back then.

As a result, the strength of those Saint Kings was rising steadily, and soon they surpassed the limits of the peak of the Mahayana realm.

The expression of the white-robed immortal changed again and again when he saw this scene. He knew a little about the power of the underworld god, but hearsay and seeing it with his own eyes were not the same


n fact, these days, he had massacred wantonly not only for the sake of revenge for his junior sister, but also for the order he received when he came down to the underworld.

Before the underworld fully recovered, killing all the experts of the underworld would be the best way to curb the terrible influence brought by the Underworld’s recovery.

He originally wanted to end this battle once and for all, but now it seemed that… he had overreached himself.

Without waiting for him to continue thinking, battle saint king said coldly, “Kill him! As long as the statue of the Abyss God is here, you won’t Die! Go kill him!”

Hearing his words, the more than ten saint kings whose strength had increased explosively looked at the white-robed immortal once again.

ecalling the great terror they had felt when facing death, the Saint Kings felt endless resentment in their hearts, wishing they could tear the white-robed immortal into pieces on the spot.

Seeing this, the white-robed immortal took out another black sphere and said in a deep voice, “This is the treasure of the immortal world, heavenly fall. The cultivators he killed can’t be resurrected even by the

underworld god. If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try!”

Seeing the black sphere, the resentment in the Sacred Kings’eyes immediately turned into fear.

They had all noticed that Saint King Yunqian hadn’t been resurrected.

“He doesn’t have many of these things. If you let him go today, he’ll kill you in other places, and you won’t be able to resurrect him again.”

Battle Saint King said loudly, and then a huge blade flew out from behind him and directly slashed toward the white-robed immortal.

The other Saint Kings could only rush forward when they saw this, and the two sides soon fought again.

Hearing these conversations, Chen Chen did not continue to watch. Instead, he decisively fled into the sun-moon soaring shuttle and flew into the distance.

tt did not matter who won or lost between the two sides. What was important was that no matter who it was, he could not afford to offend them now.

Far away from the Luochen holy region, Chen Chen arrived near the Abyss sect in the Abyss world at high speed.

A group of Saint Kings went to exterminate the immortals. At this moment, the security here was especially tight. There were three or four layers of protective array formations.

Under such protection, even a peak mahayana cultivator could not shake the abyss sect in the slightest.

However, the formation was nothing to Chen Chen.

After summoning the green bean and breaking the formation, Chen Chen swaggered into the Abyss sect.

A few cultivators who had seen Chen Chen immediately flew over to ask when they saw this scene.

“Senior divine turtle, why did you come back alone? Where are the other Holy Kings?”.

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