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Chapter 715 Chapter 714, suppression

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On the other side, the cultivators of Heavenly Devil City finally saw the densely packed figures in the Abyss sect’s array formation due to the close distance between them. This made them want to turn around and run

on the spot.

There were only 100,000 cultivators on their side, and many of them were below the unity level to make up the numbers.

On the other hand, in the abyss world, all of them were at the unity level or above.

With this strength, beating them three or four times was enough.

The heavenly demon city lord frowned and said to Chen Chen, “Chen Chen, how many of them are our spies?”

Chen Chen said solemnly, “Don’t worry, master, we will win this battle!”

After saying that, he ignored the reaction of the heavenly demon city Lord and rushed toward the Abyss sect under the shocked gazes of the 100,000 cultivators.

That scene was like a small cockroach charging towards a pride of lions.

The first disciple of the Heavenly Demon City Lord, Xiao Ling, looked at Chen Chen’s back and said suspiciously, “Master, could it be that little junior brother defected to the Abyss sect and wants to set us up?”

“No… No, it’s not that bad.”

Although the Heavenly Demon City Lord said that he wouldn’t, he was also a little uncertain in his heart.

At this moment, Chen Chen had already rushed to the front of the defensive formation released by the Ten Thousand Spirit Cauldron and took out the green bean.

The coordination between the Green Bean and Chen Chen had reached a certain level. Without needing Chen Chen’s order, they directly opened a ten-meter-long hole in the formation!

“Follow me!”

Chen Chen shouted loudly and took the lead to rush into the formation.

Inside the formation, when the immortal demon puppet saw that the formation was broken so easily and the calmness from before disappeared in an instant, he stood up in shock.

Of course, the ones who were even more surprised were the hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators.

In their eyes, this formation was the strongest fortress in the Abyss sect.

“That seems to be the immortal turtle’s divine turtle! It’s the one who opened the formation!”

Some cultivators cried out in surprise.

As soon as they finished speaking, countless gazes turned to look at the place where Chen Chen’s clone cultivated.

Chen Chen’s clone knew that he couldn’t hide anymore. He stood up abruptly and said to the abyss sect cultivators, “Don’t worry, everyone! They’re just a hundred thousand cultivators. Open the formation and we’ll

rush out to destroy them!”

Hearing this, the profound abyss sect cultivators were completely stunned. They didn’t know what the situation was like now, nor did they know what to do next.

“Master, what are you still standing there for? This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity!”

Seeing that the Heavenly Devil City cultivators were still hiding outside the formation, Chen Chen didn’t dare to make any moves. He sent a voice transmission in a bad mood.

Hearing this, Heavenly Devil City Lord didn’t hesitate anymore and took the lead to enter the array. He had completed body refinement, so even if there were traps inside, they might not be able to do anything to him.

“Then where is the peak mahayana cultivator?”

Heavenly Devil City Lord asked.

“It’s her!”

Chen Chen pointed at the location of Saint Demon Puppet King.

As soon as he finished speaking, Heavenly Devil City Lord had already arrived in front of Saint Demon Puppet King.

Saint Demon Puppet King’s expression changed as he looked at the position of Chen Chen’s immortal body avatar.

“Master Divine Turtle, you block the Master of Heavenly Devil City! I will block the other cultivators of Heavenly Devil City!”

As he spoke, the Master of heavenly devil city also shouted, “Chen Chen, your spy can take action now!”


Chen Chen’s immortal body avatar replied and then flew directly to the sky above the Abyss sect, flying towards the direction of the Master of Heavenly Devil City and Saint Demon Puppet King.

Sacred King Demon puppet was slightly touched when he saw Chen Chen attacking decisively without any hesitation.

He didn’t expect that this spiritual master of divine turtle realm could put aside their grudges at the critical moment.

However, her expression changed in the next second because that spiritual master of divine turtle realm was attacking her!

Seeing this scene, her heart turned cold!

“Spiritual Master of Divine Turtle Realm! You really have a ghost!”

With an angry shout, sacred king demon puppet blocked it with his back hand.

Seeing this, Chen Chen smiled coldly. The ten thousand transformations divine blade whizzed out from his body and slashed toward sacred king demon puppet with lightning speed. The space along the way was

shaken by the huge amount of immortal qi.

Seeing this shocking sword attack, Sacred King Demon Puppet’s face turned extremely ugly.

Back then, the strength of this master holy turtle was only equivalent to a late-stage Mahayana realm cultivator. How long had it been now? He was actually stronger than an ordinary cultivator at the peak of the

Mahayana realm!

However, at this moment, she could only brace herself to resist.

At this time, the Heavenly Demon City Lord finally reacted. It turned out that the so-called spy was just this immortal body avatar..

However, this spy was really strong!

With just the power of this sword, he was qualified to fight with him. It had only been two years since they last met.

Without any time to think, Heavenly Devil City lord directly used his strongest attack and attacked sacred king demon puppet’s back. At the same time, he shouted, “Heavenly Devil City cultivators, Listen Up! Attack the

Abyss sect!”

After receiving his order, the Hundred Thousand Heavenly Devil City cultivators no longer hesitated and crowded into the array formation.

Sacred King Demon puppet was attacked from both sides, and the pressure was pushed to the extreme. He couldn’t help but say angrily, “A bunch of idiots, What Are You Waiting For? ! Spiritual master divine turtle is

from the true spirit world! Hurry up and use the myriad spirit cauldron! Suppress the cultivators from the true spirit world!”

Before she could finish her words, two attacks had already landed on her body.

At this point, there was no need to talk about saving. She directly used a precious substitute puppet to dodge the two attacks.

Hundreds of thousands of cultivators from the abyss world finally realized what had happened. Some late-stage Mahayana realm cultivators began to maintain order.

“Don’t Panic! With the power of the all-spirit cauldron, they might not be our match!”

At this moment, four extremely powerful late-stage Mahayana Realm Dark Abyss sect cultivators had already formed the four symbols heaven controlling formation and started to control the myriad spirit cauldron.

Seeing that the myriad spirit cauldron was about to shine and unleash its power, Sacred King Demon puppet hurriedly hid among the hundreds of thousands of Dark Abyss sect cultivators.

She knew that her only sacred king was the backbone of the hundreds of thousands of Dark Abyss sect cultivators. If anything happened to her, these hundreds of thousands of cultivators would immediately be


“Don’t Panic! Fight!”

Sacred King Demon puppet’s extremely calm voice spread throughout the entire Abyss sect.

Hearing her voice, the hundreds of thousands of Abyss sect cultivators instantly calmed down a lot.

At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of heavenly demon city cultivators had all entered the array formation and started fighting with a large group of Abyss sect cultivators.

As soon as the two sides started fighting, a group of cultivators began to die.

Chen Chen looked at demon puppet Saint King among the cultivators and took a deep breath. His cultivation base was pushed to the extreme at this moment. In the next second.., a huge palm that could cover half of

the Abyss sect appeared above demon puppet Saint King’s head.

His cultivation base was close to the peak of the Mortal Immortal Realm. In addition, he cultivated the supreme pure mysterious Heavenly Dao. Therefore, his immortal body avatar was no weaker than the peak of the

Mahayana realm.

This immortal technique was hundreds of times more powerful than before!

On the other hand, demon puppet Saint King had lost his most powerful immortal puppet and was once his defeated opponent. He was much weaker than him in terms of both strength and aura.

He probably didn’t even have the courage to fight back against him.

That was the truth. When demon puppet Saint King saw the huge palm above her head, the calmness that she put on earlier disappeared completely. She roared hysterically, “Block it! Block it for me!”

Around her, nearly 100,000 Abyss sect cultivators attacked at the same time. Countless rays of light shot toward the immortal Qi giant palm.

The scene looked magnificent, but in Chen Chen’s eyes, it was just a group of small fries. Although there were many of them, they were not enough to pose a threat.


With a low shout, the immortal Qi giant palm crushed the countless rays of light easily. It did not take long for it to reach the top of Saint King Devil Puppet’s head.

As for the nearly 100,000 Dark Abyss sect cultivators around Saint King Devil Puppet, they were crushed to the ground and couldn’t move under the immense pressure..

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