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Chapter 701

Chapter 700, invitation

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An hour later, Chen Chen returned to the divine turtle sanctum and met the so-called Saint King Luochen in the Great Hall.

However, he did not expect that this saint king was actually a female cultivator. She was dressed in white palace clothes and had a rather graceful figure. However, she wore a veil and her face could not be seen clearly.

Since she was wearing a veil, Chen Chen did not use his celestial supreme vision to forcibly look at her.

After all, he cultivated this secret art and was not here to look at girls.

Upon seeing Chen Chen, Saint King Luochen’s eyes curved into a smile.

“Senior, you are indeed an immortal. Your temperament is indeed different from ordinary cultivators like us.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen could not help but become happy, and his favorable impression of Saint King Luochen began to grow.

At this moment, Yan Chen’s voice transmission rang in his mind.

“Senior, Saint King Luo Chen knows a special spell. Ordinary cultivators would be unable to help but feel close to her.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen’s heart trembled.

He could confirm that this female cultivator did not use any seductive spell just now. However, for some reason, he did have a favorable impression of this female cultivator.

Of course, this favorable impression was not the kind of favorable impression of a man having sex with a woman. Instead, it was a natural cordial feeling, as if this female cultivator was one of his elder sisters.

“Those who can become Mahayana realm cultivators are all extraordinary. We must not be careless. This woman is being solicitous for no reason. She is either a traitor or a thief!”

After silently reminding himself in his heart.., chen Chen said flatteringly, “I have long heard of the Luochen holy region. I just did not expect that Saint King Luochen’s temperament would be so extraordinary. To be

honest, I have seen many fairies in the immortal world. However, compared to their temperament, they are far inferior to you, Saint King Luochen.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s words, even sacred king Luochen, who was at the peak of the Mahayana realm, couldn’t help but cover his mouth and chuckle in joy.

“With just your mouth, senior, I’m afraid that you can make countless fairies in the immortal world dream about you, right?”

Chen Chen smiled arrogantly and didn’t say anything.

In terms of eloquence, he didn’t doubt anyone. In his previous life. With just his mouth, he had fooled countless girls.

Sacred king Luo Chen said, “Let’s get back to the main topic. I’m here to discuss something with you on behalf of Sacred King Nether River, Sacred King Ziwei, and a dozen other sacred kings.”

“About the true spirit world?”

Chen Chen did not need to guess to know what it was about.

Sacred King Luo Chen nodded slightly, “That’s right. In terms of inheritance, resources, and size, the true spirit world is not inferior to the abyss world. However, because the Ascension pathway was blocked, the true

spirit world’s overall strength is far inferior to our abyss world.

“Senior, discovering such a world is a great opportunity for the entire Abyss world.

“If we can annex this world, then all of our holy regions can expand our territory and recruit disciples. We can get rid of the restrictions that can not exceed a thousand miles.”

“You’re right, but what does it have to do with me?”

Chen Chen asked back.

He was now an immortal, and although the benefits sacred king Luo Chen mentioned were good, they were of little value to an immortal from the lower realm.

Sacred King Luo Chen had already expected Chen Chen Chen to say this, he said softly, “I wonder if senior can reveal the purpose of coming to the Abyss World? If we can help, we are willing to lend a helping hand. Or

if senior has any other needs, as long as we have it, we are willing to give it to senior.

“We only hope that you can move to the true spirit world. After the Great War between the two worlds, if you encounter any unforeseen circumstances, you can help us out once or twice to tide over the difficulties.”

“What? You Don’t have the confidence to take down the true spirit world?”Chen Chen asked.

“That’s not it. It’s just that this matter involves too much, and we can’t allow any mishaps to happen. So we can’t be too steady.”

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “It’s a pity that I don’t have any purpose in coming to the Abyss world. I don’t have anything that I particularly want in the Abyss World.”

Sacred King Luo Chen was a little unconvinced. He probed, “Does your lower realm have nothing to do with the Abyss World?”

After saying this, she thought that Chen Chen’s expression would change. However, she did not expect that Chen Chen’s expression would be quite indifferent when he mentioned the abyss world.

“It doesn’t matter. You Don’t have to guess. I’m not the same as those immortals from the lower realm, and I won’t go looking for trouble with Abyss.”


“If there’s nothing else, you can leave. As for participating in the War of the two realms, I’ll see how I feel then. If It’s interesting, I’ll go to the true spirit world.”

Chen Chen waved his hand and signaled sacred king Luo Chen to leave.

Sacred King Luo Chen did not expect this person’s expression to change so quickly. For a moment, she did not know how to respond and was actually frozen there.

After a moment, she said somewhat unwillingly, “Senior, do you really not want anything?”

Chen Chen smiled and said, “Yes, I want a good immortal world cultivation technique. Do you have it? I heard that the ten thousand spirit cauldron is not bad, and it can even be comparable to my magic treasure. Are

you willing to give it to me?”

“Ten-thousand spirit cauldron… Senior, you must be joking…”

The ten-thousand spirit cauldron was now the most important treasure of the Abyss sect. It was a super sharp weapon to ensure that the Abyss sect would not lose it in the true spirit world. How could they give it to

someone else?

“Isn’t that enough…”

As Chen Chen said this, he seemed to have suddenly thought of something. He changed his words and said, “The ten-thousand spirit cauldron came from a female immortal from the lower realm that battle Saint King

killed ten thousand years ago, right?”?

“The person who possesses such a treasure must be very rich. Perhaps, he has other immortal items with him. If you still have these immortal items, you can show them to me. If you really have something good, give it

to me…” “I can help you a few times.”

Luochen immortal king heard that there was a chance, he hurriedly said, “The myriad spirit cauldron was jointly kept by several Saint Kings and the immortal’s body was given to demon puppet Saint King. As for the

other items, they were initially with battle Saint King but were later given to Underworld River Saint King.

“Senior, if you want to see them, you can follow me to Sacred King Nether River’s place in the true spirit world. If they’re really useful to you, sacred king Nether River won’t be stingy!”

“Forget it. I don’t want to go to the true spirit world yet. Let’s talk about this later. There won’t be a war now anyway.”

After saying this, Chen Chen turned around.

To be honest, he really wanted to sneak into the Nether Abyss sect and see if there was a token that could trigger the heavenly fall in the immortal’s relic.

But all of this couldn’t be too deliberate.

After all, Saint King Luochen’s words just now were all probing. If he showed too much attention to the female immortal’s relic, it was inevitable that he would be suspected of being related to that female immortal.

When he went to the true spirit world.., what was waiting for him was probably a trap.

After all, after that female immortal died, not only Saint King Demon Puppet, but the other Saint Kings as well as the entire Abyss sect were the ones who benefited.

Because of the misunderstanding, he and Saint King Demon puppet had formed a deadly enmity. He did not want to go against the other Saint Kings of the Abyss sect in advance because of the misunderstanding.

“Senior! Wait!”

Saint King Luochen’s delicate voice came from behind.

Chen Chen waved his hand and said, “You can go. I’m tired.”

After saying that, Chen Chen’s figure flashed and disappeared in the hall, not giving Saint King Luochen any chance to show off..

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