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Chapter 675:

Chapter 673, entering the Nether Abyss

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Half a month later, in the Ziwei Holy Region.

Chen Chen sat cross-legged under the Ziwei Imperial Flower, cultivating. Yin and yang qi swirled around his body, and his expression was quite calm. Under the contrast of yin and yang qi and Purple Qi, his main body also had some potential as an immortal.

‘The Immortal Body Avatar was still running away. On the first day, he still had the time to quarrel with the demon puppet Saint King. After three days, he began to be silent and focused on running away, but his expression was still a bit conflicted, he was also a little depressed.

After ten days, he had completely gotten over it and was mentally prepared to keep running.

“Fellow Daoist, you seem to be in good shape recently. Have you gained some insights?”

Not far away, Ziyue asked.

Chen Chen looked at ziyue, he calmly said, “That’s right. The most important thing in cultivation is to be calm. No matter what, no matter what situation you encounter, or what bottleneck you encounter, you can not be impatient. Only when you have a calm heart can you touch the Great Dao.”

Zi Yue smiled slightly when she heard that. Under the Purple Micro Emperor Flower, she looked particularly beautiful, like a pair of peach blossoms reflecting each other’s beauty.

This anti-heaven Alliance’s Zhang Qingtian’s words made her recall some of the past.

When she first went to the true spirit world, she met with Chen Chen and got into trouble. Later on, she became extremely impatient, eager to take revenge and prove herself. This kind of mentality lasted until the battle between the Dark Abyss sect and the true spirit world, and she was ruthlessly

defeated by Chen Chen, only then did it end.

After that battle, her state of mind completely collapsed and she had nothing to live for. It was not until the news of Chen Chen’s death came that she broke her state of mind and stepped into the Mahayana stage.

Thinking back to the past, she had to admit that she was too immature at that time.

If she was given another chance, she would definitely do better than before.

She had such an experience to gain such an understanding, Could it be that the person in front of her also had it?

But this person had always stayed in the Ziwei holy region and had never gone out.

“Fellow Daoist, you’re right. No matter what happens, we should be calm.”

Although it was a little strange, Ziyue still politely echoed with a gentle and tactful tone.

Chen Chen despised her in his heart. If he had not seen her hysterical appearance with his own eyes, he might have thought that she was a fairy who had descended to the mortal world.

Cough, cough. However, he had to admit that his appearance did have an advantage. In addition, he had also comprehended an incredible law of Chaos Yin and yang. Any female cultivator would pretend to be very dignified in front of him.

Sigh… This was the trouble of being handsome. One couldn’t see the real world.

This group of foolish women always subconsciously wanted to leave a good impression on an outstanding person like him.

“Right, fellow Daoist Ziyue, do you know the law of Karma?”

Chen Chen asked intentionally or unintentionally.

Ziyue shook her head and said, “Not really, but I do know that Saint King Demon puppet has this law. Because of this law, very few people in the Abyss World Dare to provoke him. There was once a late-stage Mahayana realm cultivator who offended him, and he chased him until there was no way out. In

the end, he escaped into the abyss, and that was the end.”

Chen Chen’s expression changed when he heard this. He continued to ask, “What happened after that?”

Zi Yue was a little surprised. “After that? that cultivator at the late stage of the Mahayana realm never came out again. He should have fallen in the abyss. Why? Fellow Daoist, don’t you know the abyss of our Abyss World?”

“Te heard of it, but I don’t now much about it.”

Chen Chen replied thoughtfully.

The Abyss. He had forgotten about this abyss world’s Danger Zone.

Half a day later, Chen Chen’s immortal body avatar rode the Sun Moon soaring shuttle to the sky above the abyss.

Looking down, he couldn’t help but shiver.

It was endless darkness below. He couldn’t see what was inside clearly, and his soul consciousness couldn’t detect anything. Only a gloomy aura came from below.

Looking further ahead, he could see nothing but the Dark Abyss.

Just looking at this scene, Chen Chen could not help but wonder if there was hell below.

After arriving here, Sacred King demonic puppet and sacred King Tianming were not in a hurry to attack. Instead, they flew out from the spatial tunnel and quietly floated behind Chen Chen.

Chen Chen turned to look at them and asked, “If you continue chasing me, I will go in.”

“Go ahead.”

Sacred King demon puppet’s expression was calm.

Sacred King Tianming’s expression was somewhat unsightly. He was chasing after this immortal for benefits. If this immortal entered the abyss, how could he have any benefits?

“There are terrifying existences below the abyss. If you go down, your fate will be ten thousand times more miserable than falling into our hands!”

A cold smile appeared on Chen Chen’s lips as he moved closer to the bottom.

“system, is there a safe place a hundred miles down there?”


The system’s reply was simple and concise. The smile on Chen Chen’s lips became a little stiff.

This abyss was a truly dangerous place. Even the system was unable to find a safe place from it.

It looked like this abyss really couldn’t go down. Those who should escape had to continue escaping.

“So what if it’s miserable? I Won’t let you off easily anyway. If you have the ability, you can continue chasing. Whoever leaves will be the grandson!”

Chen Chen cursed and then drove the Sun Moon Soaring Shuttle to cross the sky above the abyss.

Saint King Demon puppet and Saint King Tianming quickly chased after him, but they didn’t dare to act rashly in the sky above the abyss. They flew extremely carefully.

“system, is there a safe place a hundred miles below?”


Chen Chen asked as he flew. Unknowingly, he flew for thousands of miles, but he still didn’t fly out of the Abyss.

It was not until he had flown nearly ten thousand miles that he saw the edge of the abyss.

At this time, the system finally gave a different answer.

“There is a safe place ten miles down.”

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen’s eyes lit up and he began to gather his emotions. When he turned around to look at Saint King Demon puppet and Saint King Tianming, his expression had become resolute, as if he was ready to face death.

“You forced me! If you have the ability, you can continue chasing!”

With that, he suddenly flew toward the Abyss below.

The two saint kings were shocked when they saw this. They never thought that this person would really dare to enter the abyss.



However, Chen Chen didn’t listen to them. His body flashed and he entered the abyss.

Soon, he arrived at the so-called safe place that the system directed him to.

It was a small cave on the cliff of the Abyss. It was only about five to six square meters in size. The surroundings were pitch-black, so he could not sense anything.

Chen Chen walked into the small cave and took out a bright pearl to illuminate it.

There were some strange plants growing inside the cave. The leaves of these plants were very big, about half the size of a human, and the color was actually black.

Other than that, there was nothing else in the cave.

This cave was ten thousand meters below the abyss, but no one knew the true depth of the abyss. Anyway, according to Chen Chen’s calculation, it was normal for the Abyss to be tens to millions of meters deep.

Therefore, strictly speaking, the location of this cave was only the outermost part of the Abyss.

After staying in the cave for half a day and seeing that no one had caught up, Chen Chen guessed that the two saint kings should have given up.

However, he still could not go out. Once he went out, he would definitely be discovered by sacred King Demon Puppet, and then he would have to run away endlessly.

“Forget it, I’ll just cultivate here in the future. I didn’t expect to be chased into such a remote place not long after coming to the Abyss World.”

Chen Chen laughed at himself and hid in the yin-yang palace.

Unless his main body came up with a better solution, he was not prepared to go out.

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