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Chapter 702

Chapter 701, prophecy

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After a quarter of an hour, Saint King Luochen stomped his foot and left the divine turtle sanctum. Only then did Chen Chen return to the Great Hall.

At this moment, Yan Chen looked at Chen Chen with even more admiration. In this world, only immortals would dare to be so indifferent to Saint King level experts?

“Yan Chen, what do you think of this matter?”

Chen Chen looked outside and asked casually.

Yan Chen lowered his head and answered, “I will think whatever you think. I am just a mortal cultivator. I will follow your orders.”

Chen Chen glanced at Yan Chen.

TSK, TSK, tsk. Such a good talker. He had really picked up a treasure.

After Saint King Luochen left, Chen Chen stayed in the divine turtle sanctum for half a day to recuperate. Then, he brought Yan Gui and flew toward the Netherworld Sea. As for the divine turtle sanctum, he left it to

Yan Chen to guard.

The Netherworld Sea of the Netherworld Sea was very big, and its area was similar to that of land.

However, because there were a lot of true spirits living in the Netherworld Sea, and because the Netherworld Sea did not lack places, no one usually cultivated on the island of the Netherworld Sea.

Only cultivators who had offended the sanctum and could not survive on land would take the risk to enter the Netherworld Sea.

The Forgotten River Island that Chen Chen was going to was a rather famous island in the Netherworld Sea.

It was famous because it was said that immortals once lived here in seclusion.

Although eighty thousand years had passed since this incident, Chen Chen was still prepared to come and take a look.

After arriving at the river of Forgetfulness Island, Chen Chen realized that this place was different from what he had imagined.

Not only was it uninhabited, there was even a city.

This city was called the immortal relic city, and it occupied an area of only a hundred miles. Chen Chen used his spiritual sense to check and found that there were only a few hundred cultivators in the city. From the

way they dressed, they seemed to be from a clan.

At this time, Yan Gui explained, “Senior, when the immortals lived here in seclusion, they once took in a disciple. These people are the descendants of that disciple, and they are called the river of Forgetfulness

Immortal clan. For eighty thousand years, the river of forgetfulness immortal clan has been on the island.”

“A few hundred people in eighty thousand years?”

Chen Chen was a bit confused.

“I don’t know the details, but the river of forgetfulness immortal clan does have these people. I’ve heard of the name of the clan leader, Immortal River. His cultivation base is about the same as mine, early stage of the

Mahayana realm.”

Yan Gui scratched his head and said.

“Using the immortal as the surname… why do I feel that it’s a bit unreliable?”

Chen Chen muttered and then appeared in the sky above the city in a flash.

“System, are there any other immortals in the surrounding hundred miles apart from me?”


“System, are there any treasures in the immortal realm in the surrounding hundred miles?”


Well… upon hearing these two answers, Chen Chen wished he could turn around and leave with Yan Chen.

He even suspected that the immortal’s seclusion was a story made up by the river of forgetfulness immortals.

But at this moment, an aged voice came from below.

“Since senior is here, why don’t you come down and take a look?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen was somewhat shocked.

Although he didn’t deliberately conceal his arrival, it was reasonable to say that early stage Mahayana realm cultivators would never discover his whereabouts.

Could it be that the river of forgetfulness immortal clan was not as simple as he imagined?

With that thought, Chen Chen slowly descended and finally entered the largest mansion in the center of the city.

Soon, he saw the person who had just spoken.

This person was a drooping old man. His face was pale and his hair was white. His beard was extremely long and reached his waist.

When he saw this person, Chen Chen’s pupils constricted.

How was this an early-stage mahayana cultivator? This was a peak-stage mahayana cultivator!

“This junior immortal he greets the immortal turtle.”

The white-haired old man stood up and bowed to Chen Chen.

“You know me?”Chen Chen asked.

“Although the river of forgetfulness island is not close to land, it is not a place where information is limited. The immortal turtle has done a lot of great things on land. This junior has heard of it.”

Xianhe said respectfully.

Chen Chen carried the nine heavens mysterious tower with him. He was not a peak mahayana cultivator, so he spoke straightforwardly and did not hide anything.

“Fellow Daoist Xianhe, you are a peak mahayana cultivator. Why are you hiding in a small city?”

Xianhe hesitated for a while and said, “There is no harm in telling senior. There are some special things in our river of forgetfulness immortal bloodline. Once we leave the river of forgetfulness island for too long, our

lifespan will dry up and we will die.”

“Is ita curse?”Chen Chen asked again.

“Yes and no,”Xianhe said faintly.

Chen Chen didn’t have time to play mysterious with him. Anyway, there were no good things here. Even if he discovered some shocking secret, there wouldn’t be any gains.

In that case, farewell!

With this thought in mind, Chen Chen unconsciously looked outside.

Seeing this, Xianhe’s face became a little stiff. The Beard in his hand couldn’t help but be cut off.

Logically speaking, any normal cultivator should be very curious about what he had said before and want to probe further.

But this immortal turtle… how could he be so impatient!

This was something their clan had guarded for 80,000 years.

Seeing that Chen Chen was about to leave, xianhe hurriedly said,

“Senior, in fact, our clan has been guarding that Immortal’s tomb for 80,000 years!”

“Guarding the tomb? He died? I thought he had returned to the immortal world,”Chen Chen said casually. His tone was neither fast nor slow. He wasn’t that shocked

“Uh, he died, and naturally,”immortal river replied. After saying that, he began to carefully observe Chen Chen’s expression.

This time, he finally caught a trace of shock.

“Shouldn’t Immortals Live Forever? Why would they die naturally?”

Chen Chen was very surprised.

It was common knowledge that immortals could live forever. If not for that, why would they say that becoming an immortal was the ultimate goal of cultivation?

Immortal River replied, “That senior was proficient in divination. Because he revealed too much of the heavenly secrets, he was injured by the Great Dao. As a result, his lifespan was damaged, and he eventually died.

“Before he died, he once told our clan’s patriarch that in the future, an immortal from the lower realm would come to forget Chuan Island…”

At this point, he started to keep him in suspense again.

Chen Chen raised his eyebrows. An immortal from the lower realm definitely had nothing to do with him.

Whether he was from the lower realm or not, he had a good idea in his heart.

However, since this Immortal River liked to make things mysterious, then he would cooperate with him and put on a show. He couldn’t just ignore it forever.

When he thought of this, he squeezed out a trace of shock on his face and said, “Could it be me?”

Xianhe stroked his long beard and said, “Most likely, it’s senior. That immortal said that when the true spirit descends, there will be immortals from the lower realm coming. In the past, my race didn’t know what the

true spirit descends to the world meant. We only thought that it was an extremely powerful true spirit that appeared in the Abyss world.

But now, we understand that the true spirit descends to the world means that the true spirit world is connected to the Abyss World.”

“And then?”

Chen Chen continued to look surprised.

When Xianhe saw this expression, he became extremely satisfied. Then, he used his spiritual sense to transmit his voice, “The immortal prophesied that the true spirit will descend to the world, the Abyss will awaken,

and the Abyss God will return. The world will be turned upside down!

“He asked my clan to remind you to make preparations. It’s best for you to report back to the Immortal World!”

Chen Chen wanted to say something, but he hesitated. He was silent for a long time before he solemnly nodded and said, “I understand. Goodbye!”

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