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Chapter 623:

Chapter 621, there was still one more?

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After waiting for a while and seeing that the three stone tablets had completely stabilized, the archaic mysteries Daolord turned around and left the archaic mysteries sect.

On the other side, in the Brocade Chicken sect, Chen Chen put away the ten thousand transformations divine edge and looked at the group of “Brocade Chicken sect disciples”.

“Yuan Qingtian, Little Nine, follow me to the land of Hua Wai.”


The two of them responded and followed behind Chen Chen.

The three of them quickly left the brocade chicken sect and flew towards the Hua Wai land on the flying boat.

On the flying boat, Chen Chen saw little jiu looking at him with curiosity in her eyes and asked indifferently, “Little Jiu, are you curious as to why my temperament has changed so drastically and my strength has increased by a lot?”

Little Jiu lowered her head when she heard this. Other than being curious about this, she was also curious as to why so many experts had come to seek refuge with her during this period of time. Among them, there were actually four or five who were stronger than the old ancestor. This had completely

overturned her worldview.

When Chen Chen saw this, he laughed and explained, “Actually, our brocade chicken sect has always been hiding a big secret!”

Little Jiu raised her head and became even more curious.

“More than 300,000 years ago, our sect was called the Divine Elegance Sect and was the overlord of this northern region. Our status was about the same as the current Heavenly Devil City, but later on, we were replaced by other sects. However, over the past 300,000 years, we have never given up on

restoring our sect and recreating the glory of the past… in order not to let those super sects discover me, I have always hidden my character and strength…”

Little Nine’s face turned red when she heard Chen Chen’s Bluff. She was clearly extremely agitated.

However, she quickly realized what was wrong.

“Then why didn’t you save the ancestor?”

The smile on Chen Chen’s face disappeared and was replaced by a sorrowful expression.

“Before I was bon, if I revealed my strength, it would bring disaster to our divine elegance sect. The ancestor knows this very well. Before he died, I tried to save him several times, but he refused me sternly.”

Hearing this, Little Nine’s tears began to roll around in his eyes as he said sorrowfully,

“Senior brother Ji Dong, what about those senior brothers and Junior Brothers who ran away?”

“Let them go. Since they chose to leave at the most critical moment, it can be considered that they didn’t pass the test, and they will no longer be disciples of our Divine Elegance Sect in the future.”.

“As for those who have recently joined the sect, they are senior brothers and senior sisters who have been lurking outside for hundreds and thousands of years. They are the direct descendants of our Divine Elegance Sect. Little Nine, you didn’t leave during the most critical moment…” “Now, you can be

considered as a direct descendant of our Divine Elegance Sect.”

Yuan Qingtian, who was standing by the side, could not help but turn his head away when he saw Chen Chen’s deceit. He could not bear to watch any longer.

Half a day later, the flying boat entered the outer land of the northern region.

The outer land of the southern region was a stretch of desert, while the outer land of the Northern Region was a large expanse of ice plains. Beyond the ice plains were continuous snow mountains.

Most of these snowy mountains did not have a name. Only a few special ones had a name. The highest one among them was the great snow mountain of the Tiandu.

‘When they were about ten miles away from the Great Snow Mountain of the tiandu, a white-robed cultivator suddenly flew out from the snowy mountain at the side and blocked in front of the flying boat.

“Which sect is the newcomer from? Who is the escort?”

Chen Chen replied, “Ji Dong from the Divine Elegance Sect and his disciples were invited here. The escort is Xing San.”

‘When the white-robed cultivator heard this, he took out a communication token as if to confirm the identities of Chen Chen and the others. A moment later, he made way for them.

“Everyone, go in.”

Chen Chen continued to drive the flying boat when he heard this. It didn’t take long for them to arrive in the sky above the great snowmountain of Tiandu.

At this moment, the Great Snow Mountain of the capital had already been set up with an extremely complicated and complicated array formation. Although it had not been fully activated, Chen Chen could feel that this array formation was no weaker than the sect-protecting array formation of a few

super sects.

It was very obvious that the great snow mountain of the capital had been managed by the anti-heaven Alliance for a period of time.

With such an array formation, even a top-notch expert like the Heavenly Devil City Lord might not be able to break this array formation in a short period of time.

If nothing unexpected happened, there should be a few teleportation formations in the Great Snow Mountain of the heavenly capital.

With this double insurance, even if a few super factions discovered that the anti-heaven alliance was gathering here, they wouldn’t be able to wipe out the entire anti-heaven alliance in one fell swoop.

Chen Chen had originally been hesitating about whether or not to inform the Heavenly Devil City Lord about this matter. Now, there was no need to hesitate. After all, informing the Heavenly Devil City Lord was useless.

It was better for him to wait and see for now.

“Fellow Daoist Ji Dong, please follow me!”

The flying boat had just landed on the mountain peak when Xing San appeared in front of the three of them.

Chen Chen nodded and followed behind Xing San. A moment later, a void passageway appeared in front of them.

“Our gathering is taking place in a Small World?”

Chen Chen asked.

“That’s right.”

Xing San Said and entered the passage first, followed closely by Chen Chen and the other two.

As soon as they entered the passage, what appeared in front of them was actually a towering hall with a huge plaque hanging on it. Chen Chen could only recognize the first word, “Rebel.”It should be the word “Anti-heaven Alliance.”.

There were rows and rows of seats in the hall. There were more than a hundred of them, and more than thirty of them were occupied by people. Behind these people stood two disciples.

Xing San then introduced in a loud voice, “This is fellow Daoist Ji Dong. He is the successor of the overlord of the northem region, the graceful spiritual sect, more than three hundred thousand years ago!”

After the introduction, Xing San made an inviting gesture.

“Fellow Daoist Ji Dong, take a seat over there.”

Chen Chen nodded and walked straight into the Great Hall. At a glance, he saw the seats with the name of the “Graceful spiritual sect’engraved on them.

As he slowly walked over, he saw quite a few seats from other sects along the way. There were tiger roar sect, heavenly deity sect, Demon Emperor Hall, and many others. Many of them were sects that had once shaken the entire true spirit world.

Little nine looked at those experts with solemn expressions and felt somewhat nervous. Her face turned slightly pale.

Chen Chen’s expression was calm as he directly sat on the seat of the graceful deity sect.

As for Yuan Qingtian, as long as he followed Chen Chen, he would not panic at all.

Outside the main hall, envoys continuously brought people in. With each batch of people, they had to loudly state which sect’s inheritor they were from.

If it was a sect that was once famous, then everyone in the main hall would pay close attention to it. If it was a weak sect that they had never heard of before, no one would be willing to take a look at it.

“Senior brother, I don’t think the anti-heaven Alliance will be able to do much. They haven’t even made any moves yet, and they are already divided into different levels. How can they have a powerful envoy in the future?”

Yuan Qingtian transmitted his voice.

Chen Chen replied, “There are so many sects in the anti-heaven alliance. How can they all want to rise up?

“Everyone is just thinking of using each other. But in the end, who will use who will depend on their own abilities.”

“Sigh, senior brother, Look, why is that old man always staring at us, as if he wants to eat us!”

Yuan Qingtian looked at an old man sitting in the distance and muttered softly.

Chen Chen looked over and saw that the old man’s seat was engraved with the words “Sun Moon sect’, he could not help but smile and reply, “That was once the overlord of the northern region, but it was even older than our divine elegance sect. They were destroyed by our Divine Elegance Sect.”

“Forget it, they still have enemies. It’s already good enough if they don’t drag us down. What’s the point of forming an alliance?”

Just as the two of them were conversing in a low voice, the voice of an envoy suddenly rang out from outside the hall.

“This is fellow Daoist bei xiu. He is the successor of the overlord of the Northern Region, Divine Elegance Sect, which has existed for more than 300,000 years.”

‘The moment these words were said, the entire hall suddenly fell silent. Immediately after, everyone’s gazes simultaneously turned towards Chen Chen, who was sitting on the seat of the Divine Elegance Sect.

‘What was going on with the Divine Elegance Sect?

Asuccessor had just arrived, and now there was another one?

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