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Chapter 624:

Chapter 622, confrontation in the hall

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“F * ck! Senior brother! The Divine Elegance Sect is really here!”

Yuan Qingtian’s expression changed as he transmitted his voice.

Chen Chen’s expression was calm as he replied, “Don’t panic. It’s not like your senior brother didn’t expect such a situation. Everything is going according to plan!”

Bei Xiu had already walked into the hall when he transmitted his voice. When he saw that there were people sitting in the seat of the Divine Elegance Sect, his expression immediately became extremely ugly.

Chen Chen was not afraid of his gaze and directly met his gaze.

This bei Xiu was a middle-aged male cultivator. His face was filled with malice. One look and one could tell that he was not a good person. As for his cultivation, it seemed like he had not reached the Mahayana stage yet.

Seeing that his cultivation was inferior to his, Chen Chen was completely relieved.

On the other side, Bei Xiu saw that Chen Chen did not have the intention of giving up his seat and quickly walked over. When he walked in front of Chen Chen, he subconsciously wanted to berate him.

However, he did not expect Chen Chen to be faster than him, he stood up abruptly and shouted, “Who are you? Why are you pretending to be the successor of the Divine Elegance Sect! Let me ask you, do you have the Divine Elegance Sect’s sect master token? Or, are you a spy sent by those super sects?”

Chen Chen’s stern shout carried a spiritual pressure, directly causing Bei Xiu to be dumbfounded. After he regained his senses, he took out the Divine Elegance Sect’s sect master token without even thinking.

“Slander! Did you see that? This is our Divine Elegance Sect’s sect leader token that has been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years! I think you’re the fake one!”

The two’s argument quickly aroused the interest of the cultivators in the main hall. Many of them had expressions of waiting to watch a good show, and the Sun Moon sect elder even laughed out loud in schadenfreude.

Chen Chen glanced at the token with disdain on his face. Then, he looked out of the hall.

“Bellow Daoist, you should be the World Wayfarer of the anti-heaven Alliance, right? Are you going to watch this imposter sneak into the hall and sit at the same table as us?”

As soon as he said this, all the cultivators in the hall looked out of the hall. After a moment of silence, a black-robed masked cultivator slowly walked in.

Seeing this black-robed masked cultivator, the Mahayana realm cultivators in the hall looked calm as if they had already seen him. However, some of the tribulation transcending realm cultivators were very curious and kept sizing up the black-robed masked cultivator.

“Since fellow Daoist was able to discover me, you must be a Mahayana realm expert.”

After saying this, the black-robed masked cultivator turned to look at the others and introduced himself, “I am the current World Wayfarer of the anti-heaven alliance, Xie Tianxing.”

Upon hearing Xie Tianxing say that Chen Chen was a mahayana cultivator, bei xiu panicked and said loudly, “Senior Xie, you have to make a decision for me. I am a genuine successor of the Divine Elegance Sect! This fellow is definitely a fake!”

Before he could finish his words, Chen Chen took out the same divine elegance sect token.

Although his divine elegance sect token was simple and unadorned, it had a restrained brilliance. As long as a cultivator with a strong spiritual sense sensed it carefully, they would be able to detect that this token was extraordinary. Compared to the token in Bei Xiu’s hand, the difference was obvious.

Upon seeing this token, Bei Xiu was stunned on the spot. He could not help but mutter to himself, “How can you have a token too? Before the Patriarch died, he clearly told me that our lineage is the Divine Elegance Sect’s inheritance…”

Upon hearing this, Chen Chen withdrew the token that was transformed from the myriad manifestation divine blade and said sternly, “Your acting is quite good!”

‘When Xie Tianxing saw this, he said indifferently, “The two of you can each tell us some things about the divine elegance sect so that we can distinguish the authenticity.”

Bei Xiu heard this and quickly said, “The Divine Elegance Sect was founded 390,000 years ago. The first sect Master defeated the Sun Moon Sect’s sect master, occupied the Sun Moon sect, and established the Divine Elegance Sect…”

Bei Xiu spoke for half an hour. He explained the major events that happened in the Divine Elegance Sect and the time of its destruction clearly.

After he finished speaking, chen Chen said calmly, “The last sect master actually had three dao partners. In the end, he lost to the Samsara sect because one of the dao partners colluded with the Samsara sect and plotted against him, causing him to suffer heavy injuries at the critical moment…”

Chen Chen actually said this for a quarter of an hour. These were all very secretive things.

Of course, these were all made up by him.

But even if it was made up, who could prove that what he said was fake?

After all, that was more than 300,000 years ago.

“There’s actually such a thing…”

Bei Xiu’s face turned even paler. What Chen Chen said was unheard of, but it didn’t sound fake.

Chen Chen laughed in his heart. He had prepared for a month before he came. How could there be any loopholes in the story that he had made up?

Some things were even made up by him with the history of other sects. If he really looked into the current information carefully, he could still find some clues.

For example, he said that the last sect master of the Divine Grace sect had three dao partners. The information about the divine grace sect did not mention it, however, the information regarding the sect of destiny, the overlord of the central region at that time, recorded that the Holy Maiden of the sect of

destiny often went to the Heavenly Grace sect to challenge them.

With this information, anyone with a heart could imagine things and prove that what he said was true.

The other fabricated stories were mostly like this.

When Xie Tianxing heard this, his heart was already leaning towards Chen Chen.

It was not because Chen Chen’s cultivation level was high, but it was because what bei Xiu said was too similar to what he had memorized. It was far from being as vivid as what Chen Chen said.

“The patriarch would not lie to me. Iam the inheritor of the Divine Elegance Sect!”

Bei Xiu said with difficulty. Although he said so, in his heart, he already had a trace of suspicion towards his own lineage.

At this moment, the words of another emissary came from outside the door.

“Lord Advisor, the inheritor of the Divine Elegance Sect’s direct subordinate sect, the Divine Elegance Sect, Zhong Xu, has arrived.”

“Just in time. Let him in.”Xie tianxing waved his hand and said.

A moment later, an emissary led three people in. The leader was an old man with white hair. His cultivation base was at the early stage of the tribulation. It had to be said that he was much more promising than the patriarch of the Brocade Chicken sect.

“Zhong Xu, these two people call themselves the successors of the Divine Elegance Sect. As the successor of the direct descendant of the Divine Elegance Sect, what do you think of this matter?”

Xie tianxing pointed at Chen Chen and Bei Xiu and said to Zhong Xu.

Zhong Xu was dumbfounded. The Divine Elegance Sect was a sect from more than 300,000 years ago. What did he know.

Before his death, his patriarch only told him that the Divine Elegance Sect was a subsidiary sect of the Divine Elegance Sect.

Presumably, the patriarch’s patriarch only said this point. As for the Divine Elegance Sect’s matters, how could a subsidiary sect like him manage it?

However, at this moment, he did not dare to say that he did not understand at all. If he could not explain what had happened in front of him, he might be burned by the fire and expelled from the Divine Elegance Sect.

Just as he was racking his brains and unable to come up with a solution, a disciple’s voice transmission came from his mind.

Although this disciple’s cultivation was low, he was extremely intelligent. It was precisely because of this that he had brought him to the great snowmountain of the heavenly capital.

“Master, before the destruction of the Divine Elegance Sect, they would definitely hand over the Divine Elegance Sect’s treasury to the inheritor. You just need to let them compare their foundations.

“No matter what, it’s not wrong for our divine elegance sect to follow those with deep foundations.”

Hearing this, Zhong Xu was suddenly enlightened and immediately spoke out the disciple’s words.

Bei Xiu finally regained his senses upon hearing this and his heart was filled with confidence.

That’s right, he had inherited the divine good sect’s treasure trove from generation to generation. How could it be fake?

Even if there were less than one-tenth of the resources in the treasure trove over the past 300,000 years, it was still far from being comparable to the wealth of a few Mahayana realm cultivators.

Thinking of this, he immediately echoed, “Fellow Daoist Zhong is right. The successors of large sects like us all have the heritage left behind by our sects. Ji Dong, do you dare to compete with me?”

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