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Chapter 622:

Chapter 620, Demonstration (supplement)

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Half a day later, Chen Chen returned to the Heavenly Devil City and met with the Heavenly Devil City Lord.

“Master, is there any magic treasure that can hide my aura? My immortal qi cultivation is really too eye-catching.”

Chen Chen immediately asked for something. What he wanted to do now was to sneak into the anti-heaven Alliance. No matter what the result was, it could be considered as helping the true spirit world. Therefore, he was very confident when he asked for something.

Hearing this, the Heavenly Devil City Lord didn’t think too much. After searching his storage ring, he took out a black cloak and handed it to Chen Chen.

“This is a magic treasure that the previous Heavenly Secrets Daolord refined with a rare Mirage Beast True Spirit Skin. Not only can it change one’s aura, it can also block the heavenly secrets. Such a treasure is useless to me. Since you need it, I’ll give it to you.”

Chen Chen was overjoyed when he heard this. He took the cloak and asked, “Master, if I wear this cloak, can you see my cultivation level?”

The Skyfiend City Lord shook his head. “I can’t. Only someone like Daolord Tianji, who specializes in divine sense and is proficient in divination, can see my flaws.”

“That’s enough! Thank you, Master!”

Chen Chen thanked him and tured to leave.

With this treasure, he would have more confidence when he went to the great snow mountain.

Looking at Chen Chen’s back, the Heavenly Devil City Lord smiled faintly.

“I wonder what Chen Chen is going to do…”

After leaving Heavenly Devil City, Chen Chen returned to the Brocade Chicken sect. Then, he gathered a group of his trusted cultivators to discuss the various changes that he might encounter after heading to the Tiandu Mountain. He also discussed the corresponding countermeasures.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. Chen Chen thought that he had already made very good preparations. It was enough to deal with all the difficulties that were about to come.

On this day, just as he was about to bring Yuan Qingtian and little nine to the heavenly capital’s Great Snow Mountain in the north, the brocade chicken sect suddenly lit up with a bright light.

Seeing this scene, Chen Chen’s expression changed. He hurriedly activated the array that he had recently set up to cover up everything.

“Brother Chen, your new magic treasure has been refined again!”

The excited voice of Lian Yang came from the depths of the sect’s mountain. Chen Chen was delighted when he heard this and quickly flew over.

Not long after, he saw Lian Yang standing in front of the refining furnace.

At this time, a square golden metal object was quietly floating above the refining furnace.

The golden metal object looked very dim, and it did not look like an overly powerful magic treasure.

Chen Chen didn’t care about it. Lian Yang had forged divine metal several times. Now, in terms of refining skills, he wasn’t inferior to the top refiners of super sects. He believed that Lian Yang wouldn’t lie to him, let alone cripple the ten thousand transformations divine blade.

“Brother Chen…”

Lian Yang was about to speak at this time, but the golden metal object flew into Chen Chen’s hand. Then, it bent slightly and made a gesture of touching.

Chen Chen laughed out loud. Then, with a thought, the golden metal object directly changed into the original appearance of the ten thousand transformations Divine Blade. Then, it changed again and turned into a rather ancient-looking longsword.

Chen Chen was very satisfied when he saw this.

He was not only happy that the ten thousand transformations divine blade could change its appearance at will and cooperate with his operation. He was even more happy that the ten thousand transformations divine blade could not only display the power of spiritual qi, but also perfectly accept immortal


In terms of the degree of absorption of Immortal Qi, it did not belong to that pair of immortal qi gloves.

“The ten thousand transformations Divine Blade is my Natal Magic Treasure. In My Hands, its power is definitely stronger than that pair of gloves. With this treasure and the enhancement of my spiritual sense, it should not be a waste for me to meet the New Year that tried to assassinate me.”

Chen Chen smiled, then tumed to Lian Yang beside him and thanked him, “Thank you for your trouble, Brother Lian.”

Lian yang waved his hand, “I should be the one thanking you. If not for you, brother Chen, how would I be able to come into contact with so much divine gold?”

The two looked at each other and smiled, not saying anything more.

At the same time, in the archaic mysteries sect, the Archaic Mysteries Daolord was in closed-door cultivation. At this time, the weapon refining list not far away lit up again.

Sensing the changes in the weapon refining list, the archaic mysteries Daolord slowly opened his eyes.

“It should be that Kid Chen Chen who has fused with the indestructible divine gold, right? Three types of divine gold, plus a top-tier truesoul essence soul. This time, he’ll probably be ranked on the blacksmithing rankings.”

After muttering to himself, he began to carefully observe the changes in the blacksmithing rankings.

The truth was just as he had thought. The one that had changed was the myriad incarnations Divine Phoenix Sword, which was ranked third.

The name of the magic treasure gradually disappeared, then turned into a ray of light that rose upwards. Not long after, it surpassed the second place, and then immediately surpassed the first place, the myriad incarnations True Dragon Indestructible Sword.

Just as Daolord Tianji was waiting for the light to disappear and the name of the new magic treasure to appear, the white light suddenly flashed, and it actually charged out of the blacksmithing rankings and disappeared.

Daolord Tianji was stunned when he saw this, and it took a long time for him to regain his senses.

The blacksmithing rankings were extremely powerful magic treasures in their own right. They could sense the secrets of the heavens, and at critical moments, they could even communicate with all of the Magic Treasures on the rankings. It was precisely because of this that they were able to fight against

the allspirit cauldron.

However, there were some magic treasures that the blacksmithing list couldn’t sense. The first type was magic treasures that weren’t born in this world before the blacksmithing list appeared.

The second type was magic treasures that surpassed the blacksmithing list in quality.

“Chen Chen controls immortal qi, so it’s indeed possible for him to create some strange treasures… I just didn’t expect that he would actually surpass the blacksmithing list that master spent his entire life to create.”

Lord Tianji was quite shocked. Just as he calmed down a bit, the first heavenly stone tablet changed again.

This time, he stood up.

The cultivators on the list were the top 100 cultivators in the true spirit world. The top 10 were all at the peak of the Mahayana realm, and there was no ranking, Ever since the Azure Immortal betrayed the true spirit world, the peak of the Mahayana realm had been reduced by one, since then, the list of

cultivators had never changed.

He paid more attention to the list of cultivators than to the list of weapon refiners.

The list of cultivators flashed with light, and a name appeared at the bottom of the list. It was Xu Hui, who was at the middle stage of the Mahayana realm.

Before the Lord of Heaven’s secrets could recall who Xu Hui was, the list of cultivators flashed again, and then another cultivator at the middle stage of the Mahayana realm appeared.


The light flickered non-stop, and after fifteen minutes, the list of cultivators underwent an earth-shattering change. Apart from those at the peak of the Mahayana realm, the rankings of those below all changed drastically.

Ten people whose names had never been heard of suddenly appeared on the list of cultivators, and the strongest one was actually right behind the nine at the peak of the Mahayana realm.

This person’s name was Xie tianxing, and his cultivation base was at the late-stage of the Mahayana realm.

However, for him to be ranked tenth, he was obviously a terrifying powerhouse who could step into the peak of the Mahayana realm at any time.

Seeing these names that suddenly appeared, the face of the Heaven’s fate Daolord turned somewhat ugly.

“Two at the late stage of the Mahayana realm, eight at the middle stage of the Mahayana realm, and the anti-heaven alliance. It must be the anti-heaven Alliance. These guys who have been hiding for God knows how many years have appeared again, and at the same time, they released their auras,

causing the cultivators on the list to sense them!

“Are they trying to show off to me and tell me that they have contacted me?”

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