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Chapter 621:

Chapter 619, the traveling envoy

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“Why are you staring at me?”

Chen Chen turned around and looked at little nine.

Little Nine’s gaze was solemn as she said seriously, “The ancestor previously instructed me to keep an eye on you and not let you escape.”

Chen Chen could not help but laugh when he heard this, but he did not say anything.

He turned around and looked at the stone tablet in front of him. He was thinking about whether or not he should wait in the Brocade sect. If a world wayfarer really came looking for him, he might be able to take the opportunity to sneak into the anti-heaven alliance.


‘The Brocade sect was really too weak. There were only a few stinky fish and rotten shrimps. With such strength, entering the anti-heaven Alliance, he might not be able to come into contact with those powerful existences who could control the Mahayana.

After telling ao Yu about the current situation, Chen Chen subconsciously asked, “Brother AO, what do you think?”

Soon, Ao Yu’s voice sounded in his mind.

“Bellow Daoist Chen, how can a powerful sect be so easy to infiltrate? On the contrary, a small sect like this is easy to control.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen hesitated for a moment before making up his mind.

Since he had come, then he would take things as they came.

Coming to the Brocade Chicken sect and coincidentally encountering something like the sect master about to die meant that he and the Brocade Chicken sect were fated.

Then he would stay in the Brocade Chicken sect.

Time flowed like water. Without realizing it, Chen Chen had been in seclusion in the brocade chicken sect for more than three months.

During these three months, he had completely absorbed the soul beasts that he had obtained from the evil god Hall. His spiritual sense level had greatly increased, directly reaching the Mahayana level.

In addition, he had also brought Lian Yang from the golden saint sect to the Brocade Chicken sect to help him refine the ten thousand transformations divine blade.

However, the new ten thousand transformations divine blade was no trivial matter, and he had yet to complete the refinement.

“Senior brother Ji Dong, someone has come to join our brocade chicken sect again today!”

On this day, Chen Chen was sitting on the immortal condensation praying mat and cultivating when Little Nine’s excited voice came from outside the door.

When Chen Chen heard this, he smiled indifferently. The Brocade Chicken sect originally only had six disciples, and this number was really too small. Therefore, during these three months, he continuously arranged for his acquaintances in the lower realm to join the Brocade Chicken sect.

Now, Yuan Qingtian, Zhang Ji, and Zhou Renlong were all cultivators from the Brocade Chicken sect.

These people were people that he trusted. Other than that, they had never shown their faces in the true spirit world. If someone wanted to investigate them, they wouldn’t be able to.

“Got it.”

Chen Chen replied. At this moment, an unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Fellow Daoist, is this the Brocade Chicken sect? Your Sect’s seal is really valiant, especially that crest. It’s even more extraordinary.”

Hearing these somewhat awkward words, Chen Chen opened his eyes, and his expression became much more solemn.

It seemed that the person he had waited for three months had finally arrived.

“That crest was carved by me. Sir, please come in.”

Chen Chen replied. A moment later, a cultivator shrouded in black fog appeared in front of him.

This cultivator’s cultivation base at the peak of the tribulation was obviously not that of the legendary anti-heaven Alliance World Wayfarer. However, since he could sense the peculiarity of the crest on the Brocade Chicken sect’s seal, it must be related to the anti-heaven alliance.

“Who are you?”

After sizing up this black fog cultivator, Chen Chen asked calmly.

“Lam one of the eight envoys under the anti-heaven Alliance’s World Wayfarer. You may address me as Xing San.”

The black fog cultivator cupped his hands. Since he could not see Chen Chen’s cultivation base, let alone his face, he could only address him as ‘Sir‘for the time being.

Chen Chen was not surprised to learn of the identity of this black fog cultivator.

The ranks of the anti-heaven Alliance’s sects were uneven. If a small sect like the Brocade Chicken sect required the world wayfarer to personally make a trip, then wouldn’t the World Wayfarer be exhausted to death?

From the looks of it, the world wayfarer still had eight subordinates.

Chen Chen stood up and returned a bow. His eyes also became excited.

“It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting for this day for too long! If it wasn’t for this day, why would I endure that so-called sky snake sect!”

Xing san smiled and said, “Right now, the various super sects in the true spirit world are being threatened by external threats. It’s indeed a good time for our anti-heaven alliance to appear. The World Wayfarer asked me to inform you that in a month’s time, we will meet in the Great Snow Mountain of the

capital of heaven outside the Northern Region.”

“Great Snow Mountain of the capital of heaven. I understand.”

Chen Chen nodded slightly.

“May I know the original name of the Brocade Sect?”

Xing San asked again.

Chen Chen subconsciously wanted to answer the Brocade Chicken sect, but at the critical moment, he changed his mind.

There was nothing special about the mark left on the sect’s stone tablet. The anti-heaven Alliance probably didn’t know the original name of the Brocade Chicken sect.

Moreover, Ji Jin had said before he died that this secret could only be known by one person.

At the very least, so what if Xing San really saw through it? With Xing San’s cultivation level, he could kill him with a slap.

“Cough cough, our brocade chicken sect is the inheritance of the Divine Elegance Sect.”

Chen Chen thickened his skin and removed some subsidiary sect.

XING SAN’s expression changed when he heard this. He took out a jade slip and examined it. A moment later.., he could not help but exclaim in surprise, “I didn’t expect that a super sect that has been around for more than 300,000 years would actually be hidden in such an inconspicuous sect. If I had

known that this was the hidden place of the Divine Elegance Sect, the World Wayfarer would definitely have personally descended!”

Chen Chen’s face was suffused with endless bitterness when he heard this. His gaze also became ethereal, as if he was recalling the glorious history of more than 300,000 years ago.

After a long while, he sighed and said,

“Sigh, if it wasn’t for the sake of restoring the sect, why would our divine elegance sect hide to this extent!

“Iwon’tt hide it from you, sir. I’ve cultivated for 10,000 years, and I’ve already changed three to four identities in the Brocade Chicken sect. I’ve also experienced seven to eight sect masters. Three months ago, the previous sect master, one of my grand-disciple died.., “I clearly had the strength to save him,

but in the end, I chose to stand by and watch…”

Chen Chen spoke with sincerity, almost wiping away his tears.

‘When Xing San heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

The Mahayana cultivators of the anti-heaven Alliance’s sects couldn’t make a move unless it was a life-and-death situation. Otherwise, they would definitely be discovered by the top powerhouses of the super forces.

In order to hide better in the sect, some Mahayana cultivators usually acted as an ordinary disciple in the sect. After a few hundred or thousands of years, they would let this ordinary disciple die and then change their identity to enter the sect. This repeated over and over again, some unlucky Mahayana

realm cultivators would not even encounter an anti-heaven alliance incident in their entire lives. In the end, they could only put all their energy into cultivating the successor.

“Your Excellency has hidden up to this point. Now is finally the chance. I wish that your excellency can find those subsidiary sects of the former Divine Elegance Sect in a month’s time and revitalize the Divine Elegance Sect!”!

“Alright, I still have to contact other sects. I’ll take my leave First!”! “Your excellency must remember that in a month’s time, in the land of transcendence, the Great Snow Mountain of the capital, you can only bring two accompanying disciples with you!”

After Xing San said that, the black fog around him became denser. Then, his entire person melted into the black fog and disappeared.

After he left, Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Ina month’s time, he had to make preparations and hide his identity well.

After all, he was now a famous person in the upper realm, and there were many cultivators who knew him.

In addition, he had to investigate the information of the god show sect. When the time came, he would really go to the alliance and not expose himself…

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