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Chapter 602:

Chapter 600, putting one’s face on the line

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At this moment, you Ming only felt his body burning up, as if it was about to burst into flames.

He knew that this was not only due to the influence of the law of fire, but also due to the fact that the spiritual energy in his body was too abundant. And he was unable to squander so much spiritual energy at once.

If this continued, he was afraid that he would explode!

‘When he sensed that Zi Yue was swallowing a medicinal pill, he was extremely vexed!

If he did not have enough spirit energy, he could consume medicinal pills. However, if he had too much spirit energy, consuming medicinal pills would only have the opposite effect.

“Back then, we should have agreed not to consume medicinal pills!”

You Ming cursed angrily as he extended his other hand backward. One after another, shock waves blasted onto the protective array formation around the Cthulhu platform as if they were free.

Unknowingly, another two hours had passed. You Ming’s entire body seemed to have just emerged from a furnace, completely turning red. The protective array formation behind him was forcefully blasted out by him, leaving behind several marks.

Zi Yue was no better. After consuming five pills consecutively, she had finally run out of stock. Now, she could only rely on her willpower to support herself.

“For the evil god Temple! I can not lose!”

Netherworld, who was almost on the verge of collapse, threw his head back and roared. Large amounts of spiritual energy shot up into the sky from his seven orifices. Apart from that, spiritual energy continued to shoot out from behind him, the powerful impact actually left a deep mark on the Cthulhu

platform behind him!

Looking at Netherworld, who was like an old-fashioned steam locomotive, Chen Chen sighed with emotion.

“This Netherworld is a ruthless person. He can still be relied on at critical moments!”

To be honest, he definitely wouldn’t dare to make such a powerful fart in front of millions of cultivators and his fans.

However, the Netherworld was willing to do it just to release more spiritual energy and increase the odds of winning. The spirit of risking his face just to win was really admirable.

“Senior brother, I would like to call it the god of farts!”

Yuan Qingtian kept staring at the netherworld’s buttocks, where endless spiritual energy kept shooting out. If the Netherworld didn’t raise his head to the sky, a large amount of spiritual energy would also shoot out from his seven orifices to offset the impact, the Netherworld would definitely fly up.

However, the same thing was shooting out from his buttocks and mouth, which looked a bit… indecent.

“This netherworld is indeed worthy of being a first-class Heaven’s pride in the true spirit world…”

Zi Yue’s face was deathly pale as she muttered to herself. At this moment, she couldn’t hold on any longer. Even her divine sense, which was at the peak of the tribulation transcending realm, was almost exhausted after two hours of attacking at full capacity

“No… I Can’t lose! If I lose this battle again, how will I have the face to return to the Abyss World? How will I have the face to face my grandfather again?”

At this thought, Zi Yue raised her head to look at the sky. A shadow soon appeared in the sky.

It was an old man with white hair. At a glance, one could tell that he was an extraordinary expert. At this moment, he was looking at Zi Yue below with a resentful look.

This was only the beginning. Not long after, several phantoms appeared. These phantoms were whispering among themselves. Their faces were filled with disdain and disdain.

Seeing these phantoms, Zi Yue recalled the past that made her feel uncomfortable. Anger surged up once again. Her entire person instantly became spirited again and she began to blast the flames into the black hole with all her strength.

“This woman is really ruthless… at a time like this, she even diverted her mind to create an illusion array to stimulate herself…”

Chen Chen sighed again.

“Isn’t That So, senior brother? Look at the expression in that old man’s eyes. I can tell that he’s angry just by looking at him. My wife often looks at me with that expression!”

Yuan Qingtian cursed as if he was very unhappy.

Chen Chen did not feel anything. After all, he had never seen anyone look at him with that expression in his entire life. He had seen quite a number of gazes that looked like a lofty mountain.

However, there was one thing that he said. Zi Yue was able to turn this scene that happened in her own house into an illusion and reveal it in front of everyone. This was also because she had thrown all caution to the wind.

After all, there was a good saying that one should not reveal one’s dirty laundry to the public.

“I must not lose!”

On the other side, you Ming did not admit defeat either. He roared again. The spiritual energy that was released from his butt surpassed the spiritual energy from his seven apertures. His entire body gradually floated up.

Seeing this scene, Zi Yue’s face no longer had any color. She could not even stand steadily.

However, at this time, she still diverted her attention and created a phantom image in the air above the Cthulhu platform.

In the Phantom Image, a handsome man was eating the yellow essence stewed kui beef. His face was full of enjoyment. Seeing this phantom image, Zi Yue was greatly stimulated. Her eyes were red, and she actually pulled herself together again.

“Senior brother! Isn’t that shadow you?”

Yuan Qingtian clenched his fist in shock and shouted loudly.

At the same time, more and more cultivators around the Cthulhu platform recognized Chen Chen Chen.

As the city lord of Rising Dragon City, a well-known Heaven’s pride in the Southern Region, many people knew what Chen Chen looked like.

Not long after, Chen Chen felt hundreds of thousands of eyes looking in his direction. He was so scared that he quickly changed his appearance.

However, there were too many people paying attention to him at the moment, so he acted as if he had a guilty conscience.

At this time, the image in the sky showed Zi Yue eating a piece of kui beef. Her face began to flush red, and her eyes gradually became confused.

“Senior brother! I didn’t expect you to do such a thing! As expected of a role model of our generation! No Wonder Zi Yue hated you to the bone! Did you call yourself the Netherworld at that time?”

Yuan Qingtian looked at Chen Chen with admiration when he saw the scene depicted in the Phantom.

Only senior brother in this world could do such a perfect thing after taking such a huge advantage and then blaming the enemy!

“What are you thinking? ! She’s showing signs of Qi deviation! It’s nothing else! I’m a loyal man, and I didn’t do anything to her!”

Chen Chen explained loudly, afraid that the people around him couldn’t hear him.

However, more and more people were looking at him, some with disdain, some with anger, and some with envy..

Chen Chen felt as if a ray of light was on his back. At the same time, he was looking forward to the shadow continuing to prove his innocence.

However, Zi Yue suddenly couldn’t hold on any longer. The shadow exploded with a bang. At the same time, Zi Yue suddenly roared with extreme grief and anger!

“Netherworld! You and I can not live under the same sky!”


With a shocking explosion, scarlet flames suddenly erupted, turning into an incomparably terrifying vermillion bird that shot towards the black hole!


‘An extremely sharp hiss was heard. The incomparably huge black hole could no longer hold on any longer and started to turn red from the inside out.


There was another explosive sound. After the black hole completely turned red, it ignited and turned into a huge fireball,

netherworld, who was still spewing air, could no longer control himself. His entire body soared into the sky, and countless spiritual energies exploded from within his body. It was as if firecrackers had been set off, crackling all over his body.


A moment later, Netherworld fell to the ground. His entire body was twitching incessantly, and his consciousness was already completely blurred.

On the other side, Zi Yue knelt on one knee on the ground and struck the ground with her sword. A victorious smile appeared on her pale face.

She had finally avenged this great enmity today.

She had truly lived up to her one year of painstaking cultivation.

‘When the millions of cultivators around saw this scene, they were completely silent. What kind of tragic event had Zi Yue experienced that allowed her to erupt with such astonishing strength in such a short period of time?

‘What kind of enmity made her not hesitate to reveal what had happened in the illusion to the public so that she could defeat her opponent?

Actually, if one thought about it carefully, one could imagine the things that did not appear in the illusion.

Thinking of this, the millions of cultivators around the Cthulhu platform cast their gazes on Chen Chen.

In addition, there were more than ten powerful spiritual senses sweeping over..

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