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Chapter 601:

Chapter 599, the law of Flames on the law of devouring (supplement)

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In the blink of an eye, it was the second day.

After a night of ferment, many cultivators realized the difficult situation in the true spirit world. Some of them had long-term vision and could even see the future.

There were so many mighty figures watching in evil god city that they did not dare to move recklessly and approach the Abyss sect. However, this did not stop them from spreading the news.

At this moment, in the five great regions of the true spirit world, many people had already traveled together after receiving the news and were hurrying towards the Abyss sect in the Southern Region.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Abyss sect had yet to grow, they could still receive some preferential treatment after entering the Abyss sect. In the future, they might not have such a good opportunity.

On the Cthulhu platform, Zi Yue stood silently. She had already made preparations.

Yin Sheng looked at Zi Yue and said loudly, “Shui Ze, come up.”

Then, a male cultivator in blue flew up onto the platform.

This male cultivator was not one of the original ten people. He had been found at the last minute and was very good at water-elemental laws. He could be considered to be somewhat of a counter to Zi Yue.

The group of top experts did not expect him to win. They just wanted him to use up more of Zi Yue’s energy to ensure that the Netherworld could win.

Seeing that it was not the netherworld, a trace of annoyance and killing intent flashed in Zi Yue’s eyes.

“This fairy, please enlighten me!”

After Shui Ze finished speaking, he set up layer after layer of water curtains around him.

Seeing those water curtains, Zi Yue smiled contemptuously. At the same time, a crescent moon rose from behind her.

‘When Shui Ze saw that crescent moon, his expression was absent-minded for a moment. By the time he regained his senses, his water curtains had already been penetrated one after another. Zi Yue was already less than a meter away from him.

Seeing this, Shui Ze was scared out of his wits, and he subconsciously wanted to admit defeat. However, he didn’t expect that a flash of light would disappear in an instant, and he would completely lose consciousness.

“What a powerful spiritual awareness, it’s probably at the peak of the heavenly tribulatio1

Yin Sheng’s expression was unsightly. He didn’t expect that not only was this female cultivator’s fire law extremely powerful, but her spiritual awareness was also extremely powerful.

It was just that the things that had been revealed now, none of the elites of the true spirit world could guarantee victory over this person.

It was truly a bit greedy to let the water swamp go up and exhaust this person.

“I’ve said before, if it’s not you Ming who comes up, I’ll definitely kill him.”

Zi Yue said coldly. At the same time, the water swamp behind her suddenly burst into flames and finally turned into ashes, fluttering on the evil god stage.


This time, without waiting for the Yin saint to speak, You Ming ascended the Cthulhu platform himself. At this time, he was already unable to contain his anger.

This female cultivator had been targeting him from the beginning to the end. If it was not for the sake of the overall situation, he would have already gone up on the platform to teach this female cultivator a lesson.

Now that the water swamp was dead, reality proved that the so-called exhaustion was useless. Everything still depended on him!

“Who are you? Are you here to court death?”Zi Yue frowned when she saw you Ming ascend the Cthulhu platform.

“Tm you Ming!”

You Ming was furious. This female cultivator had been targeting him for so long, yet she didn’t recognize him. Was she crazy?

“No, you’re Not You Ming.”

Zi Yue shook her head and denied it. The You Ming in her memory was a cunning person. One could tell from his face that he was full of evil intentions.

And the person in front of him was full of anger. It didn’t seem like that person’s style.

‘The Netherworld was completely speechless in his heart. I can’t even do it myself? What kind of world is this!

Fortunately, there were many people around him who proved it for him.

“Go, Senior Brother Netherworld!”

“Senior Brother Netherworld will definitely win!”

After all, this was the evil god City and the home ground of the evil god temple. Therefore, the evil god temple had the most cultivators. In addition, the Netherworld was quite good-looking and famous, so there were quite a few fans.

‘As soon as he stepped onto the stage, many cultivators cheered for him. It didn’t take long for the sound wave to reverberate in the sky above the evil god stage.

Zi Yue looked at Yuan Bai, her face full of confusion.

“Senior Uncle Yuan, is he really the Netherworld?”

“Yes, exactly.”

After receiving this affirmative answer, Zi Yue turned her head again. She was sure that the Netherworld back then was very likely to have changed its appearance, which was why it was different from today.

“Since you are the netherworld, then it’s time to end our feud today!”

After saying that, her gaze became incomparably cold. She recalled all the humiliation she had suffered back then, as well as the various criticisms she had received in the Abyss world, as well as her grandfather’s disappointed gaze, as well as the Natal Magic Treasure that had accompanied her for many

years, the hatred in her heart rose rapidly!

All of this was because of this person!

At the thought of this, raging flames rose from her body and soared into the sky!

Even Yuan Bai could not help but be secretly shocked when he saw this scene.

Zi Yue’s understanding of the flame law had actually deepened another level under the enhancement of the hatred and anger.

Netherworld looked at the Crimson Pillar of flames with a very grave expression. After he let out a low shout, a black hole suddenly appeared in front of his chest.

Then, the black hole grew larger and larger. Not long after, it became tens of thousands of meters large, so much so that it split the entire Cthulhu platform apart.

On the Cthulhu platform, a large amount of shattered rocks were swept into the black hole and eventually disappeared without a trace. Even the flames around Zi Yue showed signs of being swallowed by the black hole.

At this moment, Zi Yue seemed to have been completely blinded by anger. After letting out a soft shout, the flames above her actually swept towards the black hole like a raging sea of fire.


A large amount of flames were swallowed by the bottomless black hole. Netherworld stood behind the black hole with a cold expression. It seemed like he wasn’t affected in the slightest.

‘The surrounding cultivators around the Cthulhu platform thought that if Zi Yue’s one move wasn’t enough, she would change to another move. They didn’t expect that this burn would last for an hour!

During this one hour, Zi Yue continuously controlled powerful fire laws and blasted them into the black hole, as if wanting to burn through the black hole.

However, the black hole was like a giant mouth of the abyss, not affected at all.

After an hour of attack, Zi Yue’s face became paler. In contrast, behind the black hole, you Ming’s face became even redder.

“You want to Burn My Devouring Law? To think that you can think of it!”

You Ming roared angrily, and the Spirit Devouring Taotie Thom flew out from his body. Not long after, a Taotie Phantom appeared in the Black Hole.

The enormous Taotie opened its mouth, causing the black hole’s devouring power to increase by several times.

Seeing this, Zi Yue took out something from her storage ring. After swallowing it, her pale face actually recovered a lot.

Then, she continued to urge the flames with all her strength and blasted into the black hole.

“This woman is still as profound as before…”

Chen Chen sighed softly from below.

If he wasn’t mistaken, Zi Yue had swallowed a pill that could rapidly recover her spiritual sense. This kind of pill was extremely rare, and it was even rarer that it could allow a tribulation transcending cultivator to quickly recover their spiritual sense.

“Senior brother, these two people are really boring. One is crazily attacking while the other is crazily absorbing. Who will win?”

Yuan Qingtian asked in a low voice from behind.

Chen Chen shook his head and said, “How would I know? It depends on how many medicinal pills that Zi Yue has to recover her spiritual sense. It also depends on the desire to win and the willpower of both parties…”

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