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Chapter 603:

Chapter 601: Great Joy and Great Sorrow

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“What does it have to do with me!”

At first, Chen Chen was a little embarrassed, but after a while, he got used to it and his expression became natural, as if nothing had happened.

Yuan Qingtian, who was at the side, had already crouched on the ground with his head in his hands and was shivering due to the numerous gazes.

He could not even bear the impact of the gaze. It was imaginable how much pressure his senior brother was facing at this moment?

But even so, his senior martial brother was still calm and composed. This level of calmness that didn’t change even when Mount Tai collapsed in front of him made him admire him endlessly.

As for his other little friends, they all looked around calmly, as if they didn’t recognize Chen Chen Chen at all.

Within the evil god Hall of the evil God City, a long sigh pulled all the mighty figures back to reality.

“AI, the heavens aren’t protecting our true spirit world…”

Upon hearing this sigh from Daolord Tianji, the other major powers all lowered their heads.

At this moment, it no longer mattered who had tricked ziyue. The important Netherworld had lost to ziyue, and the final hope of this battle against the true spirit world had been completely destroyed.

‘When he thought of this, the sect leader’s face turned gloomy, as though he had suddenly aged seven or eight thousand years. The eyes of the Lord of the Cthulhu Palace flickered, and no one knew what he was thinking about. The lord of Skyfiend city frowned, clearly feeling extremely heavy-hearted as


‘Who would have thought that the netherworld, whom they had high hopes for, could not even win a single battle? This was simply several times worse than the worst situation they had imagined!

Of course, they also knew that this matter did not harm the netherworld. The Netherworld had already done its best. They could only blame their true spirit world’s foundation for not being as strong as the netherworld, and the disciples they had nurtured could not compare to the disciples of the


“Everyone, this isn’t the time to be depressed. Next, we need to think of a way to interrupt this battle!”

Daolord Arcanum took a deep breath and said in a serious tone.

The others all perked up when they heard this. As major powers of a world, they still had a bit of self-control.

“Those few true spirits are already hiding a hundred thousand kilometers away from Cthulhu city. As long as they receive our orders, they’ll be able to arrive within fifteen minutes.”

The Lord of the Cthulhu Palace said.

Over the past year, apart from nurturing Netherworld and a few other young juniors, they had also persuaded quite a few powerful truesouls to join them in guarding the true spirit world.

Now, it was time to use those truesouls.

“In what name should we let them attack Cthulhu City? We can’t let ordinary cultivators of the true spirit world see that they have anything to do with us.”

The sect master of the immortal sect asked in a low voice.

Lord Daoist Tianji pondered for a moment before replying, “Just say that we’ll take revenge for the Water Qilin.”

Everyone nodded upon hearing this. The water gilin had been killed by the cultivators of the Abyss world, so it was normal for a few true spirits to come and take revenge.

Furthermore, since this matter had originated from the Abyss world, they couldn’t be blamed for interrupting the battle.

“If that’s the case, then it’s decided. I’ll contact those true spirits now and let them attack the evil god City!”

The evil god temple master immediately made the decision and took out a special communication token.

At the same time, on the evil god stage, Zi Yue was preparing to leave the stage. At this time, she was already at the end of her life and basically didn’t have much strength left.

As for the strange gazes of the countless cultivators on the side, she didn’t mind at all.

‘When she decided to create the projection, she had already predicted the current situation.

Now that she had obtained her revenge, her heart was filled with joy. She felt extremely comfortable, as if her soul was about to sublimate. Under such circumstances, how could she still care about those gazes?

“Fellow Daoist Yin Sheng, it’s your turn to send people, right?”Yuan Bai said with a smile.

The defeat of you Ming was already a foregone conclusion for the Abyss sect. All they had to do now was to guard against those old fellows from the true spirit world and prevent them from making any mischief.

Yin Sheng had already learned of the decision of the few almighty experts, so it didn’t matter who they sent next.

However, he still subconsciously looked at Chen Chen.

If it wasn’t for this kid conning you Ming and making Zi Yue Hate You Ming to the bone, Zi Yue might not have been able to unleash such astonishing strength and defeat you Ming today.

Therefore, this kid had an unshirkable responsibility for You Ming’s defeat today!

Since that was the case, it was better to let him go up. If Chen Chen was unlucky, he might be directly beaten to death by the cultivators of the Abyss sect. At that time, he could also be considered to have avenged you Ming.

He had always been a petty person, and You Ming was a junior that he thought highly of. At this time, he would naturally complain about you Ming’s injustice.

Thinking of this, he said lightly, “Chen Chen, come on up.”

Hearing his name, Chen Chen did not decline and jumped onto the Cthulhu platform.

Seeing the Dark Sage’s unfriendly gaze on him, Chen Chen was a little confused.

“Senior Dark Sage, why are you looking at me?”

‘The Dark Sage could not be bothered with him at all. He grabbed the injured youming and turned around to fly to the edge of the Cthulhu platform.

At this moment, Zi Yue, who was staggering down the platform, suddenly froze.

‘That voice just now… was too familiar! It had echoed in her mind countless times!

“Could it be an illusion?”

She didn’t have time to think too much. She turned her head with difficulty and saw that familiar figure.

“The… Netherworld?”

Zi Yue seemed to have been struck by lightning. She was completely stunned and her mind instantly turned into a paste.

“Ahem, I’m Chen Chen! I’m not some Netherworld.”

Chen Chen explained with an embarrassed smile.

“You… It was you that day!”

Zi Yue seemed to have realized what had happened. She pointed at Chen Chen and said in disbelief.

It would seem like a hypocrite to hide it at a time like this, therefore, Chen Chen simply said bluntly, “Well, that day, I accepted my eldest senior brother’s mission to capture a cultivator from the abyss world alive and hand it to her. That’s why I attacked fellow Daoist.”

Zi Yue’s fingers trembled, and her voice trembled even more.

“That day, you said… that you wouldn’t change your name or your surname. You’re the Netherworld…”

Chen Chen’s expression turned solemn when he heard this. He shook his head and said, “Fellow Daoist, you’re wrong. At that time, fellow Daoist was dying. In order to prevent fellow Daoist from seeking revenge on me in the future, I definitely had to give a false name. After all, I’m not stupid.”


‘When Ziyue heard this, she could only feel her blood surging up. She could not help but spit out a large mouthful of blood on the spot.

She had hated the Netherworld for so long in vain. It was actually a fake name!

She had just risked her life to defeat the netherworld. In the end, her true enemy was standing on the stage!

Also, what did Chen Chen mean by his last sentence, “After all, I’m not stupid”?

‘Was he saying that he was stupid?

With that thought, endless grief and indignation surged into his heart. His soul that had just been sublimated did not sublimate anymore. Instead, his hatred had sublimated to a whole new level.

The ups and downs of life were nothing more than this. Zi Yue actually disregarded her image and laughed loudly towards the sky.

It was just that her laughter was exceptionally mournful and melodious, causing those who heard it to be sad and those who heard it to shed tears.

When the millions of cultivators around saw this, they could not help but feel rueful. From the few words just now, they had obtained a lot of information.

‘This Zi Yue from the abyss world had actually been captured alive by Chen Chen!

Captured alive… Tsk Tsk Tsk, didn’t that mean she could do whatever she wanted? She could do whatever she wanted!

Look at how this girl was angered… sigh, this Chen Chen must have done something that normal people would do.

A Top-notch Heaven’s favorite of the Abyss world was probably not pure anymore.

At the thought of this, they actually felt a sense of honor. Regardless of whether they won or lost this battle, Chen Chen had harmed the female heaven’s favorite of the Abyss World, and it could be considered as bringing glory to the world.

“Chen Chen! You and I are irreconcilable enemies! Martial Uncle Yuan Bai! I want to continue fighting!”

Ziyue recalled the various experiences of being played, and the humiliation in her heart could not be expressed. Unconsciously, tears covered her face..

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