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Chapter 575:

Chapter 573, fighting poison with poison

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“Collateral damage, I knew it!”

Chen Chen cursed loudly and subconsciously wanted to dodge, but that drop of black liquid chased after him as if it had eyes.

Seeing that he couldn’t Dodge, Chen Chen could only throw caution to the wind. He took out seven or eight decent magic treasures in a row to block in front of him.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle!

Another strange sound rang out. The seven or eight protective dharma treasures turned into ashes like paper. The protective light shield that was formed did not have any effect and was directly penetrated.

“It’s cold…”

Chen Chen muttered in a low voice, and the black liquid directly blasted into his body.

Almost in an instant, he felt an extremely powerful law of Nirvana destroying his body in all directions. His internal organs turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.

Although the law of Nirvana was extremely powerful, Chen Chen did not give up hope. He immediately used the law of life to regenerate his internal organs.

However, his newly regenerated internal organs did not last a second before they turned into ashes again.

Just like that, he went back and forth and was regenerated and destroyed more than ten times in a row. It made him feel like he was about to die. Only then did the law of Nirvana in the black liquid disappear.

‘Taking this opportunity, Chen Chen hurriedly used the power of the law of life to try to destroy the law of Nirvana in the black liquid. He was naturally familiar with the process.

However, at this moment, he was ten times more serious than destroying the law of Nirvana in the body of Scorpio.

Although he still had a good clone, his body was like his parents. How could he give up so easily?

Sigh, he had to use all his strength to deal with the missing drop of liquid in the magical equipment. Looking at Sky Scorpion who was facing the Black River in the sky, Chen Chen finally realized the gap between him and these top experts.

It was simply unreasonable!

It seemed that he still had a long way to go on the road of cultivation.

The battle between the sand sea and the Black River in the sky had reached a stalemate. Although the sand sea could be destroyed at the first touch, how big was the vast desert of the vast sea?

Even if it continued to be destroyed, it would probably take tens of thousands of years to deplete the sand in the vast ocean desert. This was the advantage of a home battle.

“This true spirit is hard to destroy. It’s not worth our time. Retreat!”

Sacred ancestor Nether River looked at the situation and said decisively. At the same time, the Black River had already started to flow back into the Black Bowl.

‘The other two Mahayana realm experts weren’t indecisive either. After hearing sacred ancestor Nether River’s words, they immediately opened a space passage and left this place.

With the three of Them’s strength, it wasn’t impossible for them to use their divine senses to completely wipe out this true spirit.

However, after paying such a huge price, they couldn’t obtain the true spirit essence soul. This wasn’t worth it.

Now that the situation between the two worlds was delicate and a war could break out at any time, there was no need for them to pay such a huge price just for a short period of time.

Seeing that the three of them had left, Sky Scorpion did not stop them nor did he chase after them. He just quietly looked in the direction where the three of them had left, and a pensive look flashed across his eyes.

“Senior Sky Scorpion! Save Me!”

When Chen Chen saw that the great battle had ended in such a anticlimactic manner, he no longer cared about his face. He opened his mouth and cried out for help.

This was because he sadly discovered that with just that drop of black liquid in his body, he would need at least a year to destroy it. Moreover, within this year, he would have to repeatedly endure the pain of his internal organs being destroyed.

‘When Sky Scorpion heard Chen Chen Chen’s cry for help, he slowly landed on the ground and tumed into a handsome man.

After checking the condition of Chen Chen’s body, he shook his head and said, “I don’t know how to save people.”

Just these five short words made Chen Chen’s heart turn cold.

If you don’t know how to save people, why are you still pretending to look at me? Isn’t this just deceiving people’s feelings for no reason?

“Then what should we do? Can We only use the law of life to slowly destroy this black liquid bit by bit?”

Chen Chen said with a bitter smile.

It was not impossible for him to endure that kind of pain for a year, but it was still good that he could not bear it, even if he had to pay some other price.

“The law of Nirvana in that black liquid is extremely overbearing. Not only does it destroy the human form, but it also destroys the human god. If the time is a little longer, your spiritual sense will be damaged. With your strength, before you destroy it, you will die and your soul will disappear.”

Sky Scorpion said calmly. His tone was as if he was talking about a very common principle. Hearing this, Chen Chen wanted to punch his handsome face.

“alright, senior, I understand. Right now, I should just eat, drink, and wait for death. Sigh, fortunately, I still have a clone.”

Chen Chen was sad for a moment before he calmly accepted reality.

At this stage in his cultivation, he was not the kind of person who liked to blame the heavens and the people.

If others could fall, he could also be unlucky. He could not just leave all the benefits to him.

“Actually, there is a way. We can try it,”Sky Scorpion suddenly said. At the same time, he turned into Little Red Scorpion and jumped into Chen Chen’s hand.

“What Way?”

Chen Chen looked at the Red Scorpio in his hand, and hope was ignited in his heart.

‘Without waiting for Scorpio to answer, he suddenly felt a pain in his palm. He looked down and found that Scorpio’s sharp tail was sticking into his palm.

It hurt!

An indescribable pain spread throughout his body, making Chen Chen tremble uncontrollably. Fortunately, there was no dirt in the self-cultivator’s body, or else he would have peed on the spot.

Although his internal organs were in pain, with his strength, he had long been able to block out part of the pain. The pain after being weakened was at most the same as when he broke his skin in his previous life.

But now, the pain was really like needles stabbing into the nerves of pain, almost to the bone marrow.

Fortunately, the pain was fleeting, but after a moment, it returned to normal.

Chen Chen sat on the ground and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

After carefully sensing the situation in his body, he realized that a strange red energy was flowing through his meridians. Soon, it encountered the black liquid.

“Senior, what did you do just now?”

Chen Chen asked in a low voice.

To be honest, he was afraid of this scorpion. It was fine if he didn’t say everything, but he did it so suddenly.

If it were not for the fact that he was not as strong as him, he would definitely have cursed.

“Lhave injected my poison into your body. My poison also contains the most powerful law of Nirvana in this world. Even a peak mahayana cultivator would die under normal circumstances if they were poisoned by my poison.”

“Then senior, do you mean to fight poison with poison?”

Chen Chen sensed the tension between the red energy and the black liquid, as if they were about to start a war. He vaguely understood something.

“Lwill give it a try. It might be useful. Since your main body will almost certainly die anyway, why not give it a try?”

Sky Scorpion explained.

Chen Chen’s face darkened and decided not to talk to this true spirit anymore.

He did not speak, but Sky Scorpion spoke again.

“If you can survive this calamity and carefully sense the power of the law of Nirvana in the two forces, you might be able to comprehend the law of life and death in the future. Yin and Yang will rotate, and you might be able to step into the Tribulation Realm..”

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