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Chapter 58: Chapter 58: Provocation

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On the square of the outer clan’s Tianqin Peak, a group of inner and outer clan disciples gathered together.

It was a special day today, as it was the day that the inner clan disciples would be imparting their cultivation experience to the outer clan disciples.

Such was a task for the inner clan disciples. If they completed it, they would be rewarded with Spirit Stones.

Compared to the demon-exterminating missions and medicine-hunting tasks, this task was considered the easiest. Hence, many inner clan disciples came to Tianqin Peak today, including Sun Tiangang and Senior Brother, the inner clan disciples.

The inner clan disciples were explaining their cultivation experience in the middle of the square while the outer clan disciples sat around and listened carefully. There was an outer clan elder watching the harmonious scene quietly from afar.

At that moment, Wang Feng walked to the entrance of the square with high spirits and immediately saw Zhao Xiaoya who was in the middle.

“This bitch is here? Hmph, I forgot that it’s the day where they will be imparting their knowledge and experience.”

After cursing secretly, Wang Feng sat straight down among the group disciples.

The outer clan disciples who knew him avoided him at all costs; the new disciples who were unaware of him continued sitting and listening with fascination.

Wang Feng ignored those who avoided him and began to observe the new disciples.

“Which weirdo is this? I give you 8/100.”

“Tsk, this one is not bad, but she’s a bit chubby.”

Wang Feng blatantly made comments about the disciples in the crowd, causing the female disciples to glare daggers at him.

A few hot-tempered female disciples even felt like cursing, but after being nagged at by a few older disciples beside them, they suppressed the urge.

“Oh, this one’s not bad, 93 points for her!”

Wang Feng ignored the gazes of the others as he spotted Murong Yunlan, who was sitting far away with a pen and paper in hand, listening carefully.

Like a cat that smelled something fishy, he moved towards Murong Yunlan.

“Junior Sister, may I know your name?”

“Murong Yunlan.”

Murong Yunlan was listening extremely intently. A look of displeasure formed on her face while she was suddenly interrupted but nonetheless Wang Feng answered and gave his name out of courtesy.

“Good name! My name is Wang Feng and I’m an exchange disciple from the Wuxin Clan who was sent to Tianyun Clan. To be honest, what kind of nonsense was that silly guy talking about? It’s really far worse than the Supreme Great Dao of the Wuxin Clan!”

Wang Feng casually pointed at Sun Tiangang who was in the middle of the square as he spoke in a contemptuous tone.

A trace of puzzlement appeared in Murong Yunlan’s eyes and she wasn’t very sure about the situation within the Tianyun Clan. She couldn’t understand why a disciple from the Wuxin Clan had appeared in front of her.

“Junior Sister, do you want to listen to the supreme Great Dao of the Wuxin Clan? Come to my place to look for me today. I’ll give you a lecture tonight, I promise you’ll ascend to an immortal immediately…”

As Wang Feng spoke, he grabbed Murong Yunlan’s wrist.


However, before he could touch Murong Yunlan, he got a tight slap on the face.

After being slapped, Wang Feng froze in place. A moment later, his eyes began to fill with anger.

Zhao Xiaoya was at the Foundation building realm after all. However, the girl in front of him seemed to be new to the sect. What gave her the courage to slap him?

‘It seems that the people of Tianyun Clan have forgotten how strong I am after I’ve been away for so long.’

Just as Wang Feng was about to throw a fit, he heard an outer clan elder’s icy cold voice echo from outside.

“Wang Feng, enough. Take these 50 Spirit Stones and leave!”

Wang Feng sneered at his words, “What? You won’t let me, an exchange disciple, study in Tianyun Clan? Do you think I want to be in your Tianyun Clan? If you have the guts, you can try sending me back!”

The outer clan elder grew absolutely infuriated having another Qi cultivator talk back to him. However, he dared not do anything to Wang Feng.

If the Tianyun Clan casually badmouthed the Wuxin Clan in front of a Wuxin Clan spy, the Tianyun Clan would probably have to fork out a large number of resources. Even on the battlefield, they would outcast from the others and end up suffering major losses.

Thinking of this, the outer clan elder humphed and said, “Study if you want but if I see you taking liberties with a female disciple again, don’t blame me for being unkind to you!”

Wang Feng ignored the elder and lied down on the ground to hum a merry tune.

After the inner clan disciples in the middle of the square saw this scene unfold, they were no longer in the mood to listen as they quickly sped up their speeches. All they wanted was to finish teaching as quickly as possible and leave the jinx.

The outer clan elders clenched their fists resentfully as they stood on the sidelines. If not for the fact that the bastardly scoundrel Wang Feng was often in the mortal world, he would really kill them.

While Wang Feng had ruined the atmosphere in the outer clan, Chen Chen was cultivating in a tranquil environment in the courtyard main peak where no one disturbed him. He had also put aside his thoughts about the Wuxin Clan.

“Du-du-du! Master has been cultivating all morning, now it’s time to rest. Also, Sister Xian’er, go and cook.”

The little morning glory in the medicinal herb field spoke lightheartedly.

Chen Chen could not help but laugh out loud. After only a day, the morning glory managed to learn how to speak. Apart from that, it reminded him of very important tasks in a timely manner. It was already better than the AI speakers in Chen Chen’s previous life.

Chen Chen did not doubt that he could teach it to sing as long as he put in the effort to.

“Little morning glory, you have to speak politely. You should say, ‘Sister Xian’er, please cook’, do you understand?” Chen Chen said, teaching the flower to be polite as he was really bored.

“I understand. Sister Xian’er, please cook!” The morning glory answered.

When Hu Xian’er heard the order, she humphed and began making her way towards the kitchen unwillingly.

After half a day of painstaking cultivation, Chen Chen didn’t feel like he wanted to continue, although he wasn’t very tired. After he thought about it for a while and finished eating, he left the courtyard.

The main peak was large and other than the main hall, there was a large forest and bamboo forest, which he had not searched yet. Hence, he decided to take advantage of this time to go out and find some treasures.

After Chen Chen added the ten-thousand-year-old Ochre Yellow Spirit to the medicinal herb field, the ethereality in the courtyard increased by 50%. Chen Chen felt that as long as he found some more heavenly treasures and placed them in the courtyard, he could create an immortal realm out of thin air.

Doing such, he would be able to feed his cultivation needs and consumption just by absorbing the ethereality in the air.

He wouldn’t have to waste time crushing Spirit Stones like he was now.

“Host, there is an old bamboo shoot full of ethereality, which contains ethereality worth three low-grade Spirit Stones. Its location is right after the bamboo in front of you.”

“Host, two meters below your feet, there is a piece of mutated rhizome that contains the power of vitality. Swallowing it can increase your lifespan by one year.”

After digging up a bunch of things that were considered good, the overjoyed Chen Chen returned to the other courtyard and asked Hu Xian’er to make a pot of bamboo shoot and rhizome soup. He also added a piece of purple ginseng into it.

The steam of the soup was full of ethereality, which made Chen Chen stunned.

There were probably few who were as extravagant as him as to consume ethereality all day. Even mortals would become immortal if they did what he did.

At the mention of mortals, Chen Chen couldn’t help but think of his parents back home.

He had spent so many days in the Tianyun Clan and he reckoned that his parents probably still did not know about his current situation. He felt that he had to find a way to report his safety to them. It would be best if he could give some treasures to his parents too…


Chen Chen sighed softly and scooped a bowl of soup before heading towards the main hall belonging to the clan master.

Since his master treated him well, he ought to show him some filial piety.

As soon as he entered the main hall, Xiao Wuyou’s voice sounded in his ears.

“Disciple, what is your reason for coming to see me? Have you run out of Spirit Stones?”

Chen Chen’s face turned sullen when he heard his master’s words. ‘Do I only come here to ask for things? Master has underestimated me!’

“Ahem, Master, I dug up a spirit bamboo shoot and felt that it was good, so I decided to cook a pot of soup with it to show my filial respect to you.”

Moments after he spoke, Xiao Wuyou suddenly appeared. After seeing the bowl of soup that was giving off steam filled with ethereality, Xiao Wuyou’s face became a little peculiar.

“How is it? Master, is this bowl of soup superb?”

Chen Chen asked as if he was offering a treasure.

“Such waste!” Xiao Wuyou couldn’t help but burrow his eyebrows as he looked at the floating purple ginseng.

Hearing this answer, Chen Chen became a little embarrassed, so he hurriedly changed the topic.

“Um, Master, I have been out for so long but my family does not know…”

Xiao Wuyou smiled and remained silent as he grabbed the bowl of soup and drank it all before saying slowly, “Don’t worry, I’ve reported your safety to your parents when I sent someone to investigate your identity. I also informed the local city lord to take extra care of your parents.”

Chen Chen fell silent as he grew overwhelmed with emotions.

‘Master treats me so well. My soup didn’t go in vain.’

Just when Chen Chen was thinking of saying some mushy words to praise his master, a person suddenly entered. It was an outer clan elder.

He looked rather woeful and dropped to his knees as soon as he entered.

“Clan Master, Wang Feng is causing trouble at the outer clan lecture. Now, he is even threatening to challenge all the disciples of the Tianyun Clan… I can’t handle it. Clan Master please make a decision!”

“Oh? He’s only reached the sixth tier of Qi training and he wants to challenge all the disciples in Tianyun Clan?” Xiao Wuyou asked, his face turning gloomy as he heard the elder’s words.

The outer clan elder suppressed his anger as he responded, “Clan Master, he has a low status of cultivation, but no one dares to attack him. He challenged several inner clan disciples to a fight but they eventually lost to him. Now, he’s insulting and belittling the Tianyun Clan…”

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