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Chapter 57: Chapter 57: On Orders To Create Trouble

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“And you’re not even going to help me up?”

Wang Feng immediately perked up when he saw the look of regret on Zhao Xiaoya’s face, and he extended his hand contemptuously.

However, Zhao Xiaoya was indeed not in a good mood. After seeing the expression on Wang Feng’s face, she was overwhelmed with fury and humphed coldly as she turned around to walk away, disappearing from Wang Feng’s sight in no time.

Seeing this scene, a tempestuous look flashed across Wang Feng’s face. He had been away from the Tianyun Clan for some time and the people of the Tianyun Clan had begun showing him less respect.

‘Seems like these people have forgotten how much of a tyrant I am!’

Just when Wang Feng began brainstorming ways to stir up trouble, the communication token in his arms suddenly vibrated. He noticed it and immediately took it out, only to see the aura on the token flowing and forming a sentence.

“Check out the new successor of the Tianyun Clan, Chen Chen.”

Seeing this sentence, Wang Feng’s eyes gleamed with surprise. A while ago, he had been in the mortal world and hence, had no idea that the Tianyun Clan had a new successor!

On the other hand, after Zhao Xiaoya left the courtyard of the main peak, Xiao Wuyou’s voice sounded in Chen Chen’s ears.

“Disciple, come to the main hall.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen had no choice but to quickly rush to the clan master’s main hall.

“Master, why are you looking for me? Do you really want to give me Spirit Stones?”

Looking at Xiao Wuyou who was sitting up high, Chen Chen jested.

To his surprise, Xiao Wuyou tossed a storage bag at him without saying a word. After receiving it, Chen Chen began sensing it and realized that there were really 1,000 Spirit Stones inside.

“I can’t accept it…” Chen Chen blushed.

Xiao Wuyou waved his hand as he couldn’t be bothered to hear his words. ‘This kid says he’s embarrassed but he placed the storage bag in his arms.’

“Enough, you don’t have to be polite with me. For the next few days, stay in the courtyard of the main peak to cultivate. It’s best that you don’t leave.”

“Okay.” Chen Chen answered.

“Aren’t you going to ask why?”

“You definitely have your reasons, Master.”

Hearing Chen Chen’s answer, Xiao Wuyou smiled in pleasure, thinking to himself, ‘This disciple is far more eloquent than I am.’

“Actually it’s not a big deal, it’s just that the Wuxin Clan has planted a small spy in the Tianyun Clan. Based on my speculation, he would probably investigate your qualifications and origin. You’d better not get in touch with him, let alone l about your constitution.”

Hearing Xiao Wuyou’s words, Chen Chen frowned slightly.

They were both clans of the 36 Clans of the State of Jin. Yet, the Wuxin Clan planted a spy in Tianyun Clan. It seemed that the conflict between clans within the State of Jin was much stiffer than he had imagined.

“Don’t worry, Master, I am now comfortable with controlling the absorption and release of ethereality at ease. Even the elders in the Foundation Building realm may not be able to tell my constitution. If I just stay away from him, will he give up?”

Xiao Wuyou shook his head after hearing Chen Chen’s question and answered indifferently, “He’s a wastrel and a good-for-nothing who is obsessed with fun and pleasure. He won’t be able to stay in the Tianyun Clan for very long. Soon he will go back to the mortal world again.”

Although Xiao Wuyou said so, Chen Chen’s expression still grew a bit more solemn.

‘Does Master mean that even though he’s the clan master, he can do nothing except wait for him to leave?’

‘Is the Wuxin Clan that powerful? They sent a random loser here and yet, the clan master doesn’t dare touch him at all?’

At a glance, Xiao Wuyou could instantly tell what Chen Chen was thinking. He then chuckled and said, “If you really do something to harm him, the Wuxin Clan won’t immediately fight against the Tianyun Clan, but when the time comes and we have to fight the demon clan, there will definitely be more casualties on our side. Besides, we will also have to hand in more resources than usual. It’s not worth going that far just for that good-for-nothing.”

“I understand.” Chen Chen responded solemnly.

However, he bore in mind the Wuxin Clan.

It was the clan that exploited his clan. He swore to make them pay for everything that they had done, sooner or later!

At the foot of the main peak, Wang Feng made his way towards the mountain with a grim expression, but before he could take a few steps, he was blocked by the old man who was sweeping the ground at the bottom of the mountain.

“Old fogy, I want to go up the mountain to meet that successor of yours. Get lost.”

Wang Feng saw someone blocking the way and instantly cursed.

“The successor is in seclusion. He’s not going to see anyone.” The old man said calmly with his eyes closed.

“Bullshit, what is a Qi cultivator doing in seclusion? Or do you think that I, an exchange disciple from the Wuxin Clan, am not worthy to see your successor or whatever?”

Wang Feng’s face boiled with infuriation. He was there to do something important and was not prepared to discover anything incredible. However, the Tianyun Clan’s refusal to comply and cooperate made him think that they were far more arrogant than before.

The old man remained still, as if he didn’t hear his words at all.

Wang Feng’s face instantly grew sullen and full of anger. He knew what the old man’s status of cultivation was like and was aware that it was impossible to force his way through.

“Are you really not going to let me see the successor?”

“The successor is in seclusion and will not come out anytime soon.”

“Okay then, give me 100 spirit stones, I’ll leave now.” Wang Feng stretched out his hand and placed it in front of the old man.

A moment later, a bunch of Spirit Stones was placed in his hand.

After receiving the spirit stones, Wang Feng turned around and left without uttering a word. It was not the first time he had bribed someone, and the old man had even formed a certain tacit understanding with him.

He was not that loyal to the Wuxin Clan and his main goal was to gain benefits for himself.

However, as he walked, he sensed that something was wrong.

The old man was being too compliant today. In the past, he would often hesitate.

‘Could it be that there is really something fishy about that successor?’

After thinking about it, Wang Feng fell into deep thought, and finally could not help but laugh out loud.

In actuality, he was scared that the Tianyun Clan would behave too well because that would leave him with nothing to do.

If they disobeyed, he would be able to seek more benefits from it.

As he thought about it, Wang Feng couldn’t help but be reminded of Zhao Xiaoya’s beautiful figure. Compared to the women of the mortal world, a female cultivator like Zhao Xiaoya was far more charming.

“Bitch! Nevermind that I have no evidence against the Tianyun Clan, but now that I have a hold on you, you still have the audacity to act arrogantly towards me! Hmph! Watch how I deal with you!”

After cursing, Wang Feng began making his way straight towards the inner clan of the Heavenly Sword Peak.

He wasn’t allowed to enter the main peak. If he wasn’t allowed to enter the Heavenly Sword Peak either, it would be overboard.

Overwhelmed with anger, Wang Feng walked extremely quickly. However, before he even took a few steps, he ran into a few female disciples, all of whom were fresh faces to him.

“Are those the new disciples of this year’s cohort? It’s a shame they’re ugly.”

Wang Feng frowned as he bypassed the few female disciples.

Although he was lecherous, he was still choosy with his women.

However, after taking just a few steps, he changed his mind and decided to go to Tianqin Peak where the outer clan disciples were to take a look.

Compared to the inner clan disciples, the outer clan disciples were much easier to bully, especially the ones who had just joined.

Thinking that there might be some pretty girls in the new batch of disciples, he decided that he had to take a look.

The thought of it made him grin widely. Before he went to the Tianyun Clan, he had been instructed to create trouble appropriately, so as to disrupt the order in the Tianyun Clan and hinder their development.

Hence, strictly speaking, he was ordered to cause trouble!

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